Both hubby and I have really enjoyed photography over the years. Hubby is more likely, but not exclusively, to take wide shots – views and landscapes; whereas, I am often to be found putting on a macro lens and grovelling on the floor to get inside a flower. Having said that, we do both take other sorts of pictures; and both love to try and get photos of our grandchildren without them realising what we are doing.

We have been extremely fortunate to both have good cameras. I use a Sony α200 DSLR camera and hubby used a Sony a290 DSLR. We have several lenses, taking the focal length from 28 up to 300mm. We have always used a uv filter on the camera, but apart from using the odd coloured filter, do no other tweeking. We have never used photoshop, but try to use different settings on the camera to create the effect we want. here’s a little of what we have been up to over the years. I have all hubby’s photos and use many in my papercraft, often printing them out to use direct on cards.

One of the water features at Alnwick Gardens, Northumberland
The laburnam arch in Bodnant Gardens
Waterfall above Llyn Ogwen
The Snowdon Horseshoe
Sunset from my bungalow
A stormy reflected sunrise
The Minack Theatre, Cornwall
Friendly Tern on the Farne Islands
The Garden House, Devon
Lady’s Smock
The Red Arrows in flight
The Red Arrow flight team