Pergamano is the ancient art of paper pricking and stretching to produce beautiful delicate patterns and pictures. It requires lots of patience – not something I am good at – to gradually build up the patterns by rubbing the back of the parchment to produce a white image. Colour can be used, producing differing effects, and the parchment is pricked with a sharp tool to produce geometric patterns. The finished results are incredibly dainty and beautiful. There are lots of books with patterns “out there”, giving inspiration and encouragement! The pictures below are all ones done in the last few years, and most of the patterns are commercially available. The delightful Advent calendar pyramids are a design by Alison Yeates, and hang each year at Christmastime in our home. The cracker pattern I have in my folder- but have no idea to whom to give the credit (sorry), likewise the Christmas tree. The rectangular design I made up myself, using parchment grids.