Cross Stitch

Over the years we have done many hundreds of Cross stitch pictures – some for ourselves, some as commissions, some we have sold. They have all been precious to stitch, as I felt I was giving something of myself as I worked them. I have taught several people to do this, including hubby! – and have revelled in seeing them unfold as a person, as they learned how to relax and stitch.

We have used several designers’ patterns – Paula Vaughan, Jayne Netley Mayhew, Stoney Creek, and precious Moments, amongst others. We even became bold and designed some of our own. The large, “seasons” picture with the Ecclesiastes passage in it is a compilation of elements from about 6 different patterns. “Blessed is the man” is one of hubby’s designs; and the bird in the cage is my own effort. I found a picture in a Victorian children’s book, and simply stitched it from there – matching colours and size as I went. The pattern was drawn as I went along!!

The picture taken from the Victorian Children’s book and simply translated onto canvas
Hubby designed it, I stitched it.
This, believe it or not, was the first cross stitch that hubby ever did! I know, complicated and big!
These two Paula Vaughan images were stitched as part of a large “commission”. We were given the opportunity to create all of the artwork for a large missionary school building. Folk were there to learn more of who God is and who they are in Him. Thus, individual art pieces were appropriate rather than mass produced copies. It was a tremendous opportunity for us both as it included the teaching room, dining room, and pictures all the way up the stairs! Oil paintings, cross stitch, silkpaintings and scraperboard work were all produced.
The main teaching text of the training school – God’s revelation of His name.
I loved working this piece – it was part of a series of the four seasons, all the others being depicted in silk paintings, after one of the student missionaries was mystified by the fact of 4 seasons! They hung in the student lounge at the centre.