Colour, needle, art techniques and work schedule books

These four books were integral to the City and Guilds course, and were rather like a diary – not complete until the course was finished! The lecturer suggested we make them special – not just a collection of bits, but rather, books filled with pieces of art in themselves!!

I don’t need to explain about colour! It is everywhere around us – colour, hue, tone… they just fill our senses every day.
I confess I bought this little book itself, rather than handmade it, but each techniques page was filled with handmade samples and then a description.
I admit to really enjoying making this little book – which is around 5×3 inches. I loved sewing the front cover with as many stitch types as I could think of, then making each page. The inside pages were marbled, then a sample of each type of sewing needle added, with a description of its use. Beads, long stitch, couched work, french knots, bargello – you name it, there it was!
The work schedule book was made from my own handmade paper – died for the cover, plain for the inside. Leaves and seeds were added to the pulp