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WOYWW 422 – again – I think it’s right

Hello my friends. July already – oh my word! Without further ado – my desks this week – filled with all-sorts as usual, and somewhat arranged for you, I’m afraid!

Your comments last week about the ribbon weaving cards were so beautiful – thank you! It inspired me to do a few more for the coffee morning a week on Saturday.

I’ve also made a few lantern boxes for the morning – which will have the option of a night light in them. I would like to decorate some of these a little further – just haven’t got around to it yet. I hope to cut a few more out as well.

I realised last week that there were three ATCs which arrived and I had not acknowledged them. I am really sorry – and here they are!! Front left from Kyla; front and back right from Kim Young; back left from Christine. Also is the birthday card I have made for my eldest grand daughter – she will be 16 this next week. Where, oh where, do the years go???

The team leave here for Uganda tomorrow (Thursday), so I rapidly sewed together the next selection of squarish squares.

Remember this?

I made this blanket in March – and it fitted right over a single bed. Well, on Sunday the team learned that while they are in Uganda, they will be attending a wedding. They wish to bless the couple by taking them a gift. This is what they have decided to take – I feel really chuffed that they have chosen something I have made – but of course – it needed to be a bit bigger…. So, today, I have spent the day in front of Wimbledon (OH, what a sacrifice!!!), and have put lots of extra rows down the sides, then one final row all the way round…

It now fills a king sized bed!

So that’s me this week folks. Thanks so much to everyone who left comments last week – they were so special. I managed to visit everyone last week – I’m only sorry I didn’t manage to leave comments on quite all the posts. I love seeing what you are all up to in your space. I’m off out Wednesday morning to help the team with their “pre-packing” – ie., taking wrappers, packaging, etc., off everything going out to Uganda – making the most of the luggage allowance! – So I will be back later to visit.
Take care all. God bless.


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Well, hello my friends. I cannot believe it is four weeks since I last posted.. Where on earth did the time go? However, hello from a currently cooler North Wales. Being a red-head, I really don’t do heat very well, so this week has been much easier for me. I confess to having been somewhat busy since my last post – card making fests, trips to stay with both halves of my family, Step Inside getting busier each week, leading worship at church. Time has flown, and my desk has alternately been completely empty and tidy (the night before going away), and heaped up to the rafters (around an hour after I started each card making session). The end results, though, have been positive. The hotel keeps asking for more cards, and now I am also preparing for a Coffee, Cake and Craft morning for a local charity.

So, my desk this evening – it’s what we are all here for…

This is the aftermath of this morning’s efforts. Part of a pile of cards is front right, clutter and useful bits and bobs in the middle, black folder which holds my stencils on the left. On top of the clear box of inks on the shelf is the bottom half of a made box – I hope to make lots more little gift boxes for the craft stall. On the desk are some small die-cut Christmas trees. I rather like the samples I have made – so hopefully can make a few more. Far left, on top of the printer, is the plastic box where the cards all go when finished, bagged and priced – beginning to look satisfactorily stuffed!

I have also made a couple of blankets since last posting…

Thought I would gloat a little with a few pictures of cards I have made this past three weeks. Couldn’t possibly show them all – and the images are not brilliant as I suddenly found myself with over 70 photos to take! Had to rush somewhat!! However..

Woven ribbons:-


Using some photographic images:-


Texture paste with some gold glitter glue on the white areas:-


Glittery texture paste:-


And finally, a digital image which I added a little colour to, and used a die cut layer or two and a velvety thread I dyed ages ago:-


Just a small sample!! I hope you have stuck with it this far – take a gold star or two! So that’s me late on Tuesday evening – ready for bed, things strewn everywhere, having to be up early tomorrow to do the shopping for Step Inside, so I have no idea when this will be linked… but I’ll do it somehow!

Take care my friends. God bless you.


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