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Hello my friends. Already it is Tuesday evening – so time to write a post and tell you about my workdesk this week! As usual the work area has moved around the house … and further afield. Let’s start with the bedroom wall!

This is the gorgeous oil painting I have been attempting to get the dirt off. I think, if the cotton wool balls are anything to go by, I am succeeding. This is just SO Wales! I only wish I knew if my maternal Grandfather had indeed painted it – but there’s no-one to ask now. If he did paint it, then he would have done it around 100 years ago.

This is the photo I showed you a couple of weeks ago… taken from a slightly different angle, but so very similar.

So, from the bedroom wall to the sewing table. I took one of the silk paper sheets I had made and have done a little sewing into it in order to show the participants a possible use of the paper at the Crafternoon a week on Saturday. I used some rayon sewing threads because they have such a lovely sheen to them. Didn’t do a great deal, just enough to show folks that a) it’s possible; and b) it’s not easy to keep the sheet flat! it gets all wrinkled as I didn’t dare put it into an embroidery hoop.

From the sewing table to the dining table. I wonder why I so rarely get to eat there???! A 3D piece now. The surprise activity for the Crafternoon. I’m just waiting for it to dry. Shaped over a 2 pint pudding basin, the crinkles will even out a little when I remove it from the former.

And so, from the dining table to Martin Meer. A Wildlife and Wetlands Trust venue up in Lancashire. My 2 pairs of binoculars (one was John’s father’s pair and one his grandfather’s!) have recently died. They refuse to focus on anything – near or far. So, it was time for a rethink. I checked that Martin Meer sold a decent selection and headed North to find an expert. A lovely man called Jim spent ages helping me to find a pair suitable for someone who simply wanted to look a bit further afield and identify birds and animals, but wasn’t a birder!!! Then, armed with new binoculars, camera, zoom and macro lenses, I set off around the centre. The weather was just glorious – I had taken coat and cardigan with me, and needed neither! Most creatures there turned their backs on me the instant I lifted the camera to my eye… but…

So that’s it, my friends. A full and lovely week. I’m completely ready for the church’s charity re-launch afternoon tea this Saturday apart from making some cakes on Friday. Their brochure which I designed is with the printer, and their website (including blog) is completely up and running. I’m nearly all set for the Crafternoon with Camilla a week on Saturday, just a case of checking the cross stitch patterns I need to use, and then putting my embroidery silks all ready – Remember those glorious rainbow coloured boxes the other week? I am trusting they will inspire folk! Then I am greatly looking forward to seeing my entire family over their Easter break, and spending some time with them all.

Take care my friends. Thank you so much to those who visited and commented last week. God bless you.


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I think it only fair to warn you that this post is just a tad photo heavy!!! Oops – sorry Julia. I hope I am forgiven.

Hello my friends. I trust this finds you well and enjoying your art times. My desk this week has been moving around the house – nothing unusual there I hear you say. So… firstly, the dining table has been covered in all manner of silk fibres, wool fibres, angelina fibres… yes. I have been making lots of silk paper sheets for whoever comes to the Crafternoon next month. I’m not sure what got into me last Wednesday when I told you we are going to do silk painting… we’re not! We are doing silk paper making!!! Just a bit of a difference! Anyway, as I set to, I discovered that by the time I had made a sheet for everyone and a couple for myself as demonstrator, I was going to be running very low on silk and wool tops. Oh, what a sacrifice – I had to get on the phone and order some more. I have always used Winghamwoolworks for these, and they certainly excelled themselves this time. Ordered Friday lunchtime, Monday morning this gorgeous parcel of loveliness arrived…

I am positively drooling over these – 28 balls of wool tops, 3 bags of silk fibres, and 2 of angelina fibres – copper and silver. Our plan for the crafternoon is that everyone can start off by making a couple of sheets each, which can then be drying whilst we all make something 3D using the sheets I have already made. Thus far, I have made 16, roughly circular and nearly A4 in length. I have had SUCH fun!!! Here’s a few…

From the dining table to the kitchen worktop and on to the armchair and tv! In the evenings I have been greatly enjoying myself making a zigzag crochet blanket…

It fits a full size single bed. I will probably give it to charity as I don’t need it, but I have had loads of fun counting!! From the armchair my next desk was the open air. Friday morning was absolutely stunning weather here on the North Wales coast – so, after a load of household tasks I decided to go out to Bodnant. Bodnant Gardens is a NT place around 7 miles from my home. When I went two weeks ago there were 2 daffodils out! Yes, you read correctly – 2. I thought the sun might have opened a few more… arrived to find there wasn’t a car parking space left! Went home in a huff! However, undeterred I went back on Saturday morning. Oh my goodness – what a feast for the eyes and the soul! I leave you today with a few snaps from the many I took that time!

There were millions – everywhere you looked. Up hill and down dale. It was the most glorious sight. Colour was everywhere. Azaleas, primroses, magnolias, even rhododendrons were opening up.

Enjoy gazing. Enjoy the beauty of creation. Take care my friends. God bless you.


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Well, hello my friends! I cannot believe I have done it again – gone AWOL for so many weeks. Tuesday evenings seem to come round when I am least expecting them, and consequently, I miss yet another week. However… today I have made it! So, my desk this week is in two very distinct halves – useable… and not! Here’s the useable half. Handcream and glue to the fore; heat gun; a little Chinese take-away container that has water with washing up liquid in it. You see, I have this gorgeous oil painting which came to me after my mum and dad died. It’s a mountain scene with a waterfall – and it lived above the dining table in my parents’ home for donkey’s years – with a coal fire – so it is pretty mucky. I am trying to clean it a bit, and bring up the colours somewhat. I watched “The repair shop” one time and this is the solution they used to start the process. I think it’s working. I have no idea of the artist, I just know I love the view. It is almost exactly the same as a place I stood and photographed the other day in Snowdonia, so it may have been painted by my grandfather.

This is the view I photographed – the waterfall coming down from Llyn Idwal to Llyn Ogwen. I reckon the artist probably was on the left of this picture looking up the valley and waterfall. The cleaning of the painting has a long way to go yet, so I will just enjoy the photo in the meantime. Anyway – on to the un-useable half of my desk! That blue box contains 150 cards, made for the launch event of our new charity at church – 125 are my own designs, and 25 are cards made using old cards which had the charity’s previous logo and details on them. So some cutting, pasting, layering, ribbon jobs were involved. Behind the blue box are a basket full of little gifts donated to sell, and the big Welsh bag contains some handmade boxes holding tealights.

One of my own designs using Brusho inks and a stamped image.
Isn’t she just beautiful! One of the re-purposed charity cards

So, apart from making cards, what else have I been doing in my absence? Travelling the nations – I visited Mr and Mrs D, where we went on a craft shop hunt! I then went on to see my elder daughter and spent an entire day helping my grand daughter make her first ever dress. Then travelled down to see my younger daughter who had booked tickets for us to go to Kew Gardens for the Orchid exhibition. Storm something or other put paid to that! Kew closed the gardens for the day. So, instead we went to her village Community Choir rehearsal. What fun!!! I thoroughly enjoyed a vocal workout. A fortnight later I was back with my elder daughter and family to attend my grand daughter’s first concert since lockdown. A fabulous venue in Nottingham, 175 musicians – from 5 to 18 years old. Three string bands, and two wind bands. The standard of musicianship was amazing. A beautiful event. I’m so glad I went to it.

So, I leave you with a picture from a day out to which I treated myself. The weather was so glorious, I simply couldn’t stay in, but drove into Snowdonia. Lambs filled the fields, daffodils, snowdrops and primroses covered the roadsides. It was good for the soul. Like having a holiday! So – my favourite view in the world… Snowdon herself with her acolytes! Snowdon is third from the right, and yes, honestly, the sky was that blue and so was Llyn Mymbyr! – in February!!!

So that’s me done today – just about prepared for the charity launch. Already thinking of a Crafternoon Cam and I are running at church – silk painting, scraperboard and cross stitch. We are looking forward to it! We already have some folks booked in – and we only started to advertise it last Sunday!! So take care my friends. God bless you.


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Hello my friends. Here we are again – another week passed us by and it is now February! How??? January seems to have simply slipped past me! However… there has actually been some action on the workdesk this week – so…

… a picture from both ends of the desk today. I have actually been making a few cards. My efforts are always really simple compared to so many of yours, but I do what I do, and struggle with anything more (maybe it’s my age?!) Sitting there are some stamp sets, and at the other end of the desk are a pile of inks. The actual workspace is empty as I had just finished one card ready to photograph things. As you can see, it didn’t take me long to make a complete mess of the landing following my sorting from last week – more of that in a moment – there are two boxes of ribbons on the floor, a drawer with all glittery things in, sitting on a stool, a nearly full (again) waste bin, and John’s old computer. I still have to use that for a couple of bits that won’t transfer properly to my new one. And this is what I have been up to this fine morning…

A few cards for charity – the start of what I hope will become a good pile!

Last week I was sorting my threads out into some logical order. I couldn’t quite believe how much discussion they prompted. The boxes were bought from a company called Lovecrafts – £3.99 each and they hold about 100 threads. The boxes come with the little cards for each thread – time consuming to wind them on, but well worth it. I have over the years taught people different craft skills, and one person used to hand me back any unused threads all in a jumble. Eek! That was when I started to keep them ready wound like they now are. Each little card has the make and the number on it, so it’s an easy task to simply lift out the ones I need for a project. Now they are done – and the boxes look like they are holding jewels. I mainly use DMC threads, and the shimmer on them is gorgeous!

Since finishing that, I decided to carry on with a bit more sorting – and now all my cross stitch patterns are neatly organised. I went through about 20 years of magazines and simply kept the designs I thought I might one day do. I did, manage to salvage and keep my 15 minutes of fame – the page in December 2004 of Cross Stitch Crazy, where John and I were featured!! Then I did the same with my pergamano mags too. Oh boy!! ! Of course, once I had pulled out projects from the magazines, there was an incredible amount in the recycle bin… oops! No good passing on to charity shops when so many pages are missing.

So, that’s me this week – still tweaking the charity’s website and trying to make it look good to encourage folks to meander through it on whatever computer, i-pad, phone… they use for browsing. Here it is if anyone wants a gander through! No pressure.

And so, a final picture – taken some time back from my landing window! Sunset in North Wales.

That’s it, folks. Take care of yourselves. God bless.


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Hello my friends. It’s good to be back home, despite having a wonderful time away last week with my friends in the Lake District. The weather on the first day was incredibly cold – but oh, so sunny and beautiful. We went out for a drive, a walk, saw Windermere lake in all its glory, had a meal… and generally had a load of fun. The second day we couldn’t see a hand in front of our noses – the cloud base had come down. So, a trip to the local garden centre… But, the request was for pictures… so…

What a morning view from my bedroom!
Looking down on Lake Windermere

So, home again and, as promised, a photo or two of the lovely doll I have been “dressing”! Can you believe it is virtually impossible to buy a knitting pattern for a traditional matinee coat?!

A dress and a little pillow. Isn’t she just gorgeous? The owner hasn’t seen it yet, but it will go to church with me on Sunday ready to give to her. I hope she likes it all!

And finally, my desk today. I have been doing cross stitch for around 45 years – so I am sure you can imagine that I have built up quite a stock of threads. You see, I don’t normally stitch kits – but buy the pattern and then the appropriate skeins of thread – so with each new pattern I do, the number of different threads gradually increases. I decided it was time to have a real sort out and tidy up!! I have at least three pictures to stitch this year, so thought a clean start would be good. So my desk? Aaaarrgh!!!! Chaos! Nothing more need be added…

And that’s me done for the day. Apart from endeavouring to neaten everything up I have been working hard on a new website for the charity our church supports – never too old to learn new tricks, apparently!

Take care, my friends. God bless you.


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Good grief! two consecutive weeks – whatever is the world coming to? However… hello, my friends. My workdesk this week is…

Yes – I have been working hard on my computer – not been near my craft desk except for sorting out a whole heap of old magazines, pulling out things I may one day make and getting rid of the rest. But here on my computer I have been working REALLY hard on my website. It’s not completely updated yet, but I am getting there. I have been making the extra pages look good, adding photos, descriptions, explanations… and even getting to put a load of my City and Guild work up there. I realized last night that the page marked “scraperboard” still needs doing, too – so bear with me if you can. But if you have a bit of time – please do fuddle through the pages – there’s John’s art work up as well as some of mine.

And that’s about it this week. I have finished knitting a sweater which I wore yesterday on a trip to Abakhan Mills (you just HAVE to…), and started to knit some clothes for the most lovely dark-skinned doll I think I have ever seen. The owner of said doll asked if I would do them as she loves the doll and it reminds her to pray for the children we support in Uganda… so a gorgeous baby pink dress is on its way!

I have finally taken my decorations down – the cards have only come down today, I loved them all so much, I couldn’t bear to take them down sooner. Thank you SO much to those of you who sent lovely hand-made cards to me. I have really appreciated them.

I will be MIA next week as I am spending a few days in the Lake District with friends who moved up there just before Christmas. It will be good to see them settled in their new home after over 13 years running a local hotel. Time for them to relax (although I don’t think they have done a lot of that yet!)

Take care of yourselves. Stay safe and healthy. God bless you.


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Well, hello my friends. I have finally managed to get my act together for a Tuesday afternoon ready for WOYWW on a Wednesday!! Wahoo!! I can’t quite believe that the last time I posted was AUGUST. Ridiculous. What on earth have I been doing since then? What excuses or reasons do I have for not being amongst you each Wednesday? Purely excuses, I fear!! So just what have I been up to in the intervening months?

– Preparing the church and the reception venue for a dear friend’s wedding… here we are awaiting the arrival of the happy couple. We, as a team, reckoned it a success when the bride was heard to say “It’s just how I have always imagined it”.

Remember this photo from July 2020? My daughter and grand daughter… well…

… September saw this gorgeous happy event!! This was the young lady on the right of the above picture! Yes, two years later I travelled the length of Britain to attend her lovely, lovely wedding day! Now married to a very fine, and utterly crazy, young man

– and yes! She still has that long, glorious hair – right down to her waist now! And her younger sister’s hair is heading in the same direction looking at the left hand side of this photo!

I have managed to make over 150 Christmas cards…

… and believe it or not, this is the only photo of any of them!! I cannot believe I didn’t photograph any. What is the matter with me?! Careful how you answer that one… These were examples of the cards three of us made to send out to all the church members. They were well received, especially as we are still not back to “normal”, with some people still not regularly attending worship. Camilla and I made 50 8x5inch boxes, too, filled with Advent activities for each family group within the church. But, yes, you’ve guessed… no photos!

Since August I have done jigsaws, helped friends, read books, sat in front of my computer surrounded by books, Bibles. commentaries and ideas, as I wrote 14 Advent devotions for the church, scouring Youtube for appropriate music to go with each one. We studied the carol “Hark the Herald Angels sing”, looking at each line and seeing what theology is in it. Packed full is the answer!! I have travelled the width of Britain to see family and friends not seen for two years, taking their Christmas presents and cards. I have spent 3 glorious days the week before Christmas with my entire family – both girls, their hubbies, my five grandchildren and one new grandson by marriage! The first time we had been together since the wedding in September. I have knitted and crocheted, and I have made a second Advent calendar as my elder grandson has now gone off to university after some cracking A level results. So, two large cross stitch pictures have been covered in chocolate!

This first one now lives in GlenCoe, Scotland, and was greatly enjoyed!

And the second one went to York University. I am so incredibly proud of the young man who now owns this. Through lockdowns, eye removal surgery, and fitting of a new bespoke eye, he has in the past two years achieved three A level A*s and one A; and is loving his new life – fully embracing it – by joining the scuba diving club!!! I know….

So that’s me at the start of 2022, folks. Busy, looking to the New Year with excitement, and having a long list of things I really hope to achieve in the next 12 months!

I wish you a happy, healthy and fulfilling year.

May God bless you richly.


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Good grief! The girl has done a re-appearance! Yes, I have been AWOL for a good number of weeks – mostly because I have been away, but also because absolutely NO activity has taken place on my workdesk on the landing. I have been very remiss, doing preparation for a friend’s wedding decorations, travelling Britain, visiting family, seeing Mr and Mrs D, doing jigsaws, gardening, collapsing in a heap in the heat… you name it – anything except being creative.

So, no workdesk picture, purely a photo from the day I spent with Mr and Mrs D in Northumberland – one of the water features in Alnwick Gardens – great fun – showing the power of centrifugal and centripetal forces as a circular stainless steel pool filled and emptied again and again.


That’s me done this week. Take care, everyone. God bless and keep you.


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Let’s celebrate indeed. 12 years this blog group has been running now. And it’s all down to our lovely Julia who thought it up in the first place – and to all of you who contribute week by week. What’s this? Try going to and faithfully, each week, Julia gives us all the opportunity to simply show off our workspace. It’s great fun. Friendships are forged. Folk share their ideas for art and craft. People all over the world join in. Occasionally some even meet up “in real life”. Thanks folks for all the comments, fun, craziness, and the “and finally” comments which make us laugh or cry together. You are a great bunch of friends.

I wasn’t expecting to join in today – I was supposed to be on holiday. Life sort of happened and I am still here on the North Wales Coast – but I get to hitch up the caravan next Monday. Whoop whoop! Honestly, I’m like a kid let loose in a sweetie shop. I haven’t been on holiday since I went to Cornwall, Devon and Gloucestershire in September 2019. Didn’t go anywhere last year – and really missed being in the caravan. So, I shall be AWOL for several Wednesdays. So many wished me well with all the issues which caused my plans to change – yes, the car is now safe again. Yes, the water leak is sorted – cost me the excess on my house insurance, but was worth it. Thank you, too, for everyone who wished my grandson well for his forthcoming op. It is scheduled for June 2. It’s major. 5 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer at the back of his eye. After radiotherapy all went well. Until earlier this year when it became obvious it was growing. There is no treatment now, other than eye removal surgery. It’s hard but necessary. He’s young – just 18 – to be going through this; but we as a family all have a faith in Jesus to help and bring healing through this experience.

So, my desk this week reflects the fact that I have been working hard to clear everything before going away. This afternoon – Tuesday – I achieved just that. The craft bit on my to-do list is all done. SO…


… scary isn’t it. Everything put away in readiness for my holiday. All commissions completed – all birthdays and anniversaries in May and June dealt with. Phew! I’m sure things will be put on there when I start to pack… but essentially that is it!

Apart from my own “and finally” contribution…


… The world famous Laburnam Arch at Bodnant gardens, a mere 7 miles from my home. My postcard to you all today. This was taken 2 years ago, but it won’t be long before this year’s display is fully open. The arch is 100 yards long, and over 100 years old now. It’s glorious, but only lasts about a week in its full glory

So that’s it folks from North Wales on this celebration day. I will be around to visit everyone – but it may take a few days. I will put an asterisk beside my name in the link up – so have my postcard at the ready – but I’m afraid I have not made lots of spare ATCs this year so can’t swap any. Sorry. Thanks to you all for the love you share around the internet through this blog group. Thanks for those praying for me and mine. We, as a family, appreciate that support.

Take care. God bless you.


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Hello my friends. Yup – been AWOL again! For a month this time! Sorry. Thought I had better post this week or you might have given me up for lost without trace. So, firstly… my desk this evening (Tuesday)


The empty green cutting mat is not, as you may think, a sign that nothing has been going on. On the contrary. You can see a duster brush, waterbrush, scissors, glasses, family photo, chamois for cleaning off stamps ( useful for fingers too!), a box of peel-offs, an open folder of dies, and a pile of finished cards – that red picture with the postbox is the top card of a pile of 15 – only another 15 to go and the commission is complete. Sorry I haven’t photographed those yet – but I have taken pictures of these…


So a bit of fun there. I realize I have made other cards too, but can’t find pictures of those either… oops! However… something I have been doing in the past month is a couple of jigsaws. You will no doubt be mightily relieved that this one took me three weeks – YES three weeks!


Whilst this one, on the other hand, took me less time to do than it took Mark Selby to beat Shaun Murphy in the World Snooker final this weekend!!!


I find it a little worrying that I remember most of these items!

So that’s it on the North Wales coast this week – not a lot going on really, a car awaiting repair in the garage; a potential water leak awaiting a little man to come tell me if the leak, or broken meter, is on my property or Dwr Cymru’s; a grandson awaiting an op; and me awaiting a kind guy from church to come help me carry the right sized fence panels to replace the storm damaged ones. So, to cheer us all up… a photo from a few years ago. This past weekend should have been the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza – cancelled for the second year – understandable as it would have meant 100,000 extra visitors each day over the weekend!!!!! This steam engine which was part of the daily parade.


So that’s it for this week, folks. Take care each of you. God bless you.


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