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Hello again – this time from our new site. This is what I have been busy working on since I last saw you all. Some Christmas cards for Parental Care Ministries. batch making of cards isn’t my preferred method – but doing so many, then it has to be! 2 dozen of each design, and hopefully PCM will make some much needed money to help build a girls’ dormitory and fit it out with new beds for the children at Kyehimba school.

We hope you like our new site – and that it is easier to read than the last one. If you take note of such things – do see that the web address is different. We shall try to get things working well, add details as we go along. It’s completely different to work on, so more learning.

We have really missed you over the summer – although I have popped in for a sneak peep most weeks, I haven’t had the opportunity to leave any comments.

That’s me done – if you have found your way here by accident – pop over to Julia our lovely hostess, and find out all about What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Take care.

God bless.


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Welcome to our newlook site

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Hello. Welcome to our new website. For those who have visited our old site, you will recognise all the changes. They have been a long time coming – and we hope this will be easier for you to read and see. It will hopefully be a fairly regular blog posting, with especial Wednesday posts linked to WOYWW – the weekly, worldwide get together of crafters and artists hosted by the lovely Julia. WOYWW stands for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday – and is a lovely way to make friends around the globe.

Hopefully we can manage to understand the new settings with this website, and make it pleasing to view – for those who have visited us before, please note the new web address.

This really is a practice blog post – it has just taken me an hour and a half, plus two phonecalls to my webhosts to achieve getting the picture in!! But – I’ve done it. Maybe it will be easier next time!!!

Take care.

God bless,

Margaret and John

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