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I’ve a story to tell you. Are you sitting comfortably – then I will begin. Let me explain… I’m joining with a wonderful group of artists and crafters who weekly show their desk – in all states! – Julia, our hostess will tell you more here.

Firstly – let me show you my desk this late Tuesday evening! All sorts just dropped on it. A box of embossing folders, the pergamano box with the start of John’s Christmas card – as yet unfinished!, two mug trees found in a charity shop I thought may be useful for hanging arty things, to mention just a few.


It has a distinct air of neglect and abandonment – that’s basically because it is neglected and abandoned – but I’ll tell you why shortly…

have been busy though, since I last posted at the beginning of November – and I’ll show you what I’ve done recently.

I made lots of little gift boxes and filled them…

 Oops – the candle is all wobbly in its holder!! Don’t the little boxes look great now they are finished, filled and labelled? The large boxes at the back are John’s Christmas presents to me – they sat there on the chair for some time waiting for him to wrap them – in the end, I have had to wrap them myself – I do promise I didn’t peek!!

I then made 20 more boxes for charity…

…and completed all my Christmas cards. Altogether this year I have done over 300 – most for charity, then our personal ones. Here are a couple..


Then, of course there were birthday cards to make. We have about 6 family birthdays in January, and they all need cards – not that they are all made yet. Still, I have a few more days til Christmas when they need to be given to the appropriate parents…

 and……all incredibly simple designs, but time constraints meant no more could be done.

A real highlight this past fortnight has been our eldest grand daughter’s baptism. She is 14 and had come to a decision for herself to follow Jesus and so wanted to go through total immersion baptism. Such a thrill for us as grandparents. Unfortunately, John couldn’t make it, but I travelled the length of Britain, had a weekend away, delivered all the family Christmas gifts and cards, saw lots of friends… and watched Beth being baptised. 6 of the church’s young people went through that water that day – including Beth and her cousin. Cards were needed!!

… and for Sophie…

The church was packed, much rejoicing as these young folk stood and stated why they wanted to do this, and much splashing as they went through the water. Excuse the quality of this next picture – I couldn’t get close so had to take the photo of the projected video image!!

So, having achieved all that, why the neglected desk? Because I have hardly spent any time in the house this past three weeks!  Because John has been seriously ill. He has been in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd for the past three weeks, and a week ago I was called to the hospital at 10 o’clock at night because he was very close to death. The senior nurse on the ward that night was a young lady our daughters grew up with. Amazing, hey? When I got to the hospital she said “When I found him I jumped on his chest”!!! I had phoned our elder daughter and had to ask her to speak to her sister – a horrid thing to ask of her, but unavoidable at the time. Both of our girls sorted their children and travelled the length of Britain that night to be with their dad. What a blessing to have family like that! They arrived safely, and were pleased to see that John had survived. He is very slowly recovering. He was literally choking to death that evening. He has no memory of it all – for which I am very thankful to my Father God – although he has since asked me to keep explaining what happened. He is regaining his strength, and his will to live. Today (Tuesday) I took him off the ward down to the little café for a drink and change of four walls, and he stated that he is beginning to feel better – sometimes! I have no idea yet whether he will be home for Christmas, or whether I shall be holding the fort here at home on my own. I look back on this past week with an enormous range of emotions. Thoughts of dismay as I contemplated a funeral and completely different life on my own after 43 years of marriage; unbelievable thankfulness at God’s compassion that the nurse found him when she did. Another 2 minutes would have been too late; the ridiculous pleasure of knowing my nature is to always get things done well in advance – Christmas can happen, I’m all set!!; the depths of pain as I watched him fighting for his breath that night; the thankfulness for friends who dropped everything to go to the hospital with me so I wouldn’t need to face the ultimate time on my own should John have died; thankfulness for staff with incredible compassion and for a nearby hospital with so many facilities; tears of desperation as I tried to give him into God’s hands and pray for His will to be done in our lives. A very steep roller coaster ride! I know John is in God’s hands. I know that God sets the span of our lives. Obviously John’s mansion isn’t quite ready for him!!! There is still a purpose for him here on earth.

Well, my friends who regularly read this blog, I hope that this finds you well and rejoicing at this time of year. I hope I haven’t taken an edge off things for you!! I hope I shall be able to post again next week – if only to wish you a happy Christmas…

Take care of yourselves as we are in this time of Advent- a time of preparation for the coming of the King.

God bless.


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Well, hello my friends. I’m somewhat later to the party which is WOYWW today as John and I have been trying out different routines with all the extra care he is currently needing. Which is the best order for everything that needs to be done, etc. However – here I am at last.

My workdesk today is in manic mode. You can see evidence that we have been ordering presents – hence the brown cardboard in the waste bin. There on the floor is my new big shot plus. On the desk is the back of the arran cardigan I am knitting for John ready to be photographed, the Christmas card list with pen, the piles of Christmas cards waiting to be written, the notepad giving me details on how to contact our motor insurance company to change our policy. John has taken the momentous decision to relinquish his driving licence as he feels he could be a danger on the road if a breathless attack happens whilst he is driving. A hard decision as he has always enjoyed driving. There is a plastic box bursting at the seams with my dies and stencils, some half made boxes awaiting finishing, and piles of clutter. Get Christmas done and I really MUST tidy the whole area!!!



A close up reveals the designs – very simple!! – of our Christmas cards this year. I have made around 330 cards, so the designs HAD to be simple. I still have the close family ones to make – and they will be more detailed and complex.


Some asked last week what John’s arran was going to look like…. so…ta-da…. not a complex pattern, but one he liked. So, above, is the back. I’ve now completed the back, both fronts and the first sleeve – so I’m getting there. He’s going to have to model it when finished!

If this is the first time you have arrived at this place, and think I have completely lost the plot by showing you my workdesk… well, you may be right. But – there is a purpose. What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday is a globe-wide group of crazy arty folks. Join in? Simply go to http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ Julia will give you the hows, whys and wherefors.

That’s me this week folks. Apologies to any who left comments last week that I didn’t get back to – I can’t often comment on Google+ blogs – sorry. I do visit.

Take care my friends. God bless.



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Mystified why I should be talking about my workspace? Pop along to Julia – our hostess – at http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ and see how it all works.

Hello my friends. My workdesk this week has been the driving wheel of the car. John has felt well enough to be out and about – so… out and about we have been. Sunday, he managed to get to church for only the fourth time this year, and then we headed off to Anglesey in the most wonderful, warm, sunshine. A meal out was a real treat for me, the views of the mountains were tremendous, and the drive home awesome as we hit the mist roaring down from the tops.

So, having had such a great time out, we decided to repeat it on Monday. The weather forecast was great, John was able to get up fairly early, so we set off to go to Martin Mere. For those from other lands, Martin Mere is a wetland conservation site, where otters, beavers, birds of all varieties from sparrows to swans live, nest, and overwinter. Some of the migrating birds were there as they travelled south for the winter. But, oh, what a contrast from the day before. The fog and mist never really lifted, and the air smelled of Autumn. But the colours were still there. We had a good day out despite the change in the weather.

So, some proof of our time… a lot of fun with the camera. I love to take photos – especially (in good weather!) to have the macro lens on and be grovelling around trying to get inside a flower. Monday, though, was more of a “stand at a distance and use the zoom” type of a day!

A huge fungus growth on this tree stump. It was about 35cm across – incredible.

This tree was covered with these gorgeous shaped cones – a real sign of Autumn.

By one of the ponds were these lovely rushes.

These berries were about the brightest thing we saw all day.

And finally – an attempt at a little arty type of photo!!

So that has been my workspace this week – a few more boxes made, a lot of knitting – I’m making John an Arran cardigan – lots of homemade soups are now in the freezer to have a go at when we fancy soup for lunch, and great fun with the camera.

Take care, my friends. I’ll do my best to visit folks.God bless you.



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Hello my friends. Welcome to this week’s offering of What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday. Want to know more? Then go to http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ Find a world of artists and crafters willing to show the mess/creative order on their desks.

My desk this week has been spectacularly uncreative – a little work on some boxes for Christmas, but that is it. The  reason? Well, having had a glorious day out last Tuesday, I was dialling 999 again by Thursday morning. John was admitted over the weekend – but not with another infection – for which we are both very thankful. No, he was so clogged with phlegm one side of his lungs couldn’t get any air. It was scary – for us both. However, he is home again – and I have learned a further life skill – Physiotherapy! Whilst he was being safely cared for in hospital, I had a sleepover with my grandchildren – awful journeys as the whole of the British population seemed to be on the M6 motorway at the same time as me; great fun; lots of noise and chatter; disastrously hilarious when the airbed deflated in the middle of the night (and I didn’t dare re-inflate it ‘cos of the noise the pump made!) – but I really enjoyed myself.

So, not a lot of crafting done – but some asked last week to see a close-up of the boxes I have made. They really are not difficult to make, take most of a 12 by 12 inch piece of thick paper or thin card, and have a variety of insert shapes for a trellis work pattern in the sides or top. A gift inside the box, ribbon to tie through the slots at the top, and there is the most delightful Christmas gift.

So that’s me this week, folks. Not much to report. I did my utmost to reply to all who visited last week – but, I’m really sorry, Sophie, I just couldn’t manage to comment on your post. I don’t do Google+, so it doesn’t let me comment 🙁 Take care my friends.

God bless.



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Hello, my friends. Yes, I’ve been AWOL – again! John was not discharged from hospital until last Tuesday, late afternoon, and to be honest – by the time I had him home, we had sorted out all the medication the hospital had sent him, had a meal, and got him settled back in…. well, yes, the time had gone.

My desk, as you see, shows very little sign of a great deal of activity – and much sign of being a dumping ground. The Christmas present list, my specs, pens and paper, CDs, instructions on how exactly to insert the above photo(!), and a gorgeous Autumn photo on the computer, are all  that is going on. The photo of the berries was actually taken one day just down the road from the hospital. The colours were so glorious that I took my camera, parked up and went snap-happy. Also on my desk is an ever increasing number of these lovely lantern boxes. I saw the tonic die set on C&C – so approached my own craft store for them. Took ages for the store to be able to get them – but get them they did! Considerably cheaper than C&C and no postage! They are all coming together and looking great.




And this is a photo to prove hubby and I are still in the land of the living. Here in Britain the Autumn colours have been stupendous this year – so we decided that, as John felt somewhat better, we would go explore them. So yesterday we set off from North Wales and actually crossed the border into England (scary!!), and went for a wonderful day looking at the colours. A treat was in store at Bowness on Windermere, with the local Owl Sanctuary out in force. They had 9 owls there, and this great one was being popped onto people’s wrists for photographs. He was gorgeous,and John really enjoyed the experience. They are just so very soft. Beautiful creatures! And what is more – you learn something new every day! Black eyes mean the owl is nocturnal, orange eyes mean they are awake during the day. Never knew that! Honestly, the colours of Autumn really were glorious, but part of the day was somewhat overclouded, so they look quite muted in the photo!



Close ups were much better!!

So, that’s us at the moment – living day to day, going at John’s pace. If you want to find out quite  why I should be showing off my untidy workspace, then go to http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ The lovely Julia will explain all about What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Take care, my friends.

God bless.


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Hello everyone. Lots of photos today of what is, and has been, on my workdesk. It was my birthday last Saturday, and Mrs D gave me two beautiful stamps – the Peace one and the bird one. Tuesday we went out for coffee and cake to Anglesey, and just HAD to go into the craft shop where some of my birthday money was spent on a couple of inks, a cosmic shimmer paint and some glitz. Also on my desk is a Christmas card made with a die John treated me to a couple of weeks ago, a border die which came in a package, and the Tonic Lantern box die. I have had this on order at my local craft centre – and finally it has arrived.

And this is how it looks when made up. I’m thrilled with it – even  if the ribbon isn’t the best for the job. This was just a trial run to see how the die worked. I used heavy paper rather than card – and it folds easily.

So, what else have I been up to? A dear friend’s birthday happened last week, too. I made a little pergamano box and popped her gift inside it. It is only about 2 1/2 tall by 3 inches long, so packing the little gift into it was quite a puzzle – but we got there! The card was also for her.

So that has been my somewhat unproductive workspace this week. I had all sorts of exciting things planned – a weekend away visiting friends and our family, a lot of time doing jigsaws and art work – but none of it materialised, I’m afraid – as I spent Saturday sitting in the A&E department of Ysbyty Glan Clwyd. Yes, John is back in hospital with yet another infection! I do trust they really get to the bottom of things this time – so that we can actually go to see our family and friends!! Preferably before winter sets in.

That’s me this week folks. Why not join in the fun of WOYWW – What’s On Your Workdesk Wednesday? Go to http://stamping-ground.blogspot.co.uk/ meet Julia our very efficient hostess, ands find out all the hows and whys.

Take care, my friends. God bless.


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Hello again – this time from our new site. This is what I have been busy working on since I last saw you all. Some Christmas cards for Parental Care Ministries. batch making of cards isn’t my preferred method – but doing so many, then it has to be! 2 dozen of each design, and hopefully PCM will make some much needed money to help build a girls’ dormitory and fit it out with new beds for the children at Kyehimba school.

We hope you like our new site – and that it is easier to read than the last one. If you take note of such things – do see that the web address is different. We shall try to get things working well, add details as we go along. It’s completely different to work on, so more learning.

We have really missed you over the summer – although I have popped in for a sneak peep most weeks, I haven’t had the opportunity to leave any comments.

That’s me done – if you have found your way here by accident – pop over to Julia our lovely hostess, and find out all about What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday.

Take care.

God bless.


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Welcome to our newlook site

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Hello. Welcome to our new website. For those who have visited our old site, you will recognise all the changes. They have been a long time coming – and we hope this will be easier for you to read and see. It will hopefully be a fairly regular blog posting, with especial Wednesday posts linked to WOYWW – the weekly, worldwide get together of crafters and artists hosted by the lovely Julia. WOYWW stands for What’s on Your Workdesk Wednesday – and is a lovely way to make friends around the globe.

Hopefully we can manage to understand the new settings with this website, and make it pleasing to view – for those who have visited us before, please note the new web address.

This really is a practice blog post – it has just taken me an hour and a half, plus two phonecalls to my webhosts to achieve getting the picture in!! But – I’ve done it. Maybe it will be easier next time!!!

Take care.

God bless,

Margaret and John

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