Hello everybody and congratulations to the whole body of people who make up WOYWW! What an amazing milestone we are passing today – and all due to our illustrious Julia – who thought it up, and has faithfully followed through every week for the past eleven and a half years. Thank you Julia! I haven’t been here for the whole of the 700, but a fair few – and it’s so good to know there are like minded arty crafty people out there across the world who visit and comment. It’s so good that everybody’s style is different, too. There’s never a dull moment here. So… where IS here? Our workdesks – that’s where – and here is mine for today…

My dining table. Completely ready apart from 3 birthday cards and a box to be made for a 3-D Christmas card. Ready for what, I hear you ask. A trip around half of Britain!! Leaving after church on Sunday (got to be there, cos I’m playing this week!), I drive from the North Wales Coast across country to Lincolnshire, visit friends and take their Christmas and birthday gifts; then move on to Buckinghamshire to visit my younger daughter, see friends and deliver more Christmas gifts; then it’s on to Warwickshire to see my brother and LOTS more friends – and yes – deliver more Christmas and birthday gifts; then, lastly, to go to Nottinghamshire to visit my elder daughter and go to a concert in which one of my grandies is playing clarinet. I have been to other concerts she has played in – and they are fantastic. This might be the last one, as she is due to head off to university next September. So there was no way I was going to miss out if at all possible. I’m trying to make best use of the fuel by doing all the Christmas visits in one trip. It’s going to be a busy, but great, week. So I confess I will be AWOL next Wednesday.

So, short and hopefully sweet this week – there are likely to be a lot of folks to visit on this special day. I will get round to you – but it will be after Food Share. Yes, you are all right – it’s already growing as need arises!

Take care each one of you. God bless you richly.


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  1. Good luck on your travels next week Margaret – you are supremely well organised. Concerts are always fun so enjoy your granddaughter’s. Stay safe and Happy WOwyw. Sarah #1

  2. Hi Margaret, short and sweet is good for me as I can here the dogs begging to go out. Looks like you’ve been busy getting those cards and pressies ready. Hope you have a good trip. Wishing you a happy 700th and a very creative woyww, Angela x8x

  3. Jiminy! If you are delivering Xmas gifts in very early November you are so organized and prepared I think I am in awe. I don’t even THINK about Xmas till after my birthday and Thanksgiving and it bites me n the butt every year. But no chance to change the habit of a lifetime LOL! Have a wonderful trip round the isles, and Happy 700th WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (4)

  4. Happy 700! I love your top nagger, it fits the brief perfectly. Have fun on your Grand Tour seeing everyone, friends and family. May the roads be stress free for you!
    HUgs LLJ 6 xxx

  5. O my goodness Margaret!!! What a road trip but so rewarding . . . I will pray for journeying mercies for you.
    Love what you and Camilla have created towards the glass painting, very brilliant idea and also encouraging to try it out.
    Must admit that being single does have its advantages . . . ..
    Safe journey and may God go with you, keep you safe and bless you all the way to a wonderful concert and home again.
    Christine #19

  6. Happy 700! I think you are Wonderwoman – how on earthy do you manage all those journeys? Well done you and so glad you get to see so many friends and relatives. xx Jo

  7. I hope Food Share has gone well. shame that it is so necessary in this day and age but you’re doing a great service. You have a marathon trip ahead of you – and are so organised, I’ve done nothing to prep for Christmas yet! happy 700 and see you when you’re back. Helen #3

  8. Wishing you safe travels and much joy on your trip around your loved ones … you are so organised Margaret ⭐️ you’re amazing ⭐️ soak it up, enjoy every second. Sending love and hugs Tracy #15 xxxx

  9. Aw, lovely banner for your opening salvo, isn’t this a great community. 700 weeks is slightly mad, but then, if the cap fits…! excited for you to see all your friends and fam, and give thanks that you are up for it all, that’s quite a zig zag course across the country! Have a marvellous time,

  10. Oh My loads of travelling, I’d be a wreck after one visit let alone the humungous amount you have planned! Safe journeys.
    Yes I will be carrying on with the journaling both in my Bible and Journal, needed a kick re-start. The actual Bible journaling is fairly new to me so I was great to follow along to videos using free printables, learning water colouring as I go. I still need a bit more finesse but getting there slowly. I am finding listening to worship music as I craft and pondering the Words in the verses I am concentrating on is really inspiring all round. BJ#5

  11. Happy 700th woyww! I am late with my visit but I managed to squeeze some time to look at desks this morning, and I like what I see: wowzah, so many bags and gifts, great job! Your post reads like ‘escape to the Country’ – I watch that UK program on the telly and am always curious to see the regions and cottages they visit. Have a lovely trip and wonderful days with friends and family dear. Love from the Netherlands. Marit #2

  12. How wonderfully organised are you – I haven;’t even given it a thought as yet but not much for me to do as it will just be the two of us again.
    You will have a lovely week visiting friends and family and I think you have got the right mind set for it – and you are saving on fuel too. Take are driving and enjoy all the love and friendship as you go around.
    Blessings, Neet xx
    ps a new blog layout?

  13. Gosh Margaret you are well prepared and organised, All ready with Christmas presents and a few birthdays thrown in also. Plus all that driving. Use to love driving but not anymore. Take care. Ani

  14. Hi Margaret, sorry I am so late! You are super organised being able to do your Christmas deliveries, will be a few weeks before I am anywhere near that organised!! Happy 700. enjoy your travels and I’ll see ya in a couple of weeks!! Love n hugs, Cindy xx #14

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