Month: November 2022



Hello everybody and congratulations to the whole body of people who make up WOYWW! What an amazing milestone we are passing today – and all due to our illustrious Julia – who thought it up, and has faithfully followed through every week for the past eleven and a half years. Thank you Julia! I haven’t been here for the whole of the 700, but a fair few – and it’s so good to know there are like minded arty crafty people out there across the world who visit and comment. It’s so good that everybody’s style is different, too. There’s never a dull moment here. So… where IS here? Our workdesks – that’s where – and here is mine for today…

My dining table. Completely ready apart from 3 birthday cards and a box to be made for a 3-D Christmas card. Ready for what, I hear you ask. A trip around half of Britain!! Leaving after church on Sunday (got to be there, cos I’m playing this week!), I drive from the North Wales Coast across country to Lincolnshire, visit friends and take their Christmas and birthday gifts; then move on to Buckinghamshire to visit my younger daughter, see friends and deliver more Christmas gifts; then it’s on to Warwickshire to see my brother and LOTS more friends – and yes – deliver more Christmas and birthday gifts; then, lastly, to go to Nottinghamshire to visit my elder daughter and go to a concert in which one of my grandies is playing clarinet. I have been to other concerts she has played in – and they are fantastic. This might be the last one, as she is due to head off to university next September. So there was no way I was going to miss out if at all possible. I’m trying to make best use of the fuel by doing all the Christmas visits in one trip. It’s going to be a busy, but great, week. So I confess I will be AWOL next Wednesday.

So, short and hopefully sweet this week – there are likely to be a lot of folks to visit on this special day. I will get round to you – but it will be after Food Share. Yes, you are all right – it’s already growing as need arises!

Take care each one of you. God bless you richly.


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