Hello my friends. Another week has gone by. I didn’t make it to the crop last Saturday – it just felt too far to drive – 80miles each way, plus what would have been a fabulous day with you all. I was sorry to miss out, but covid left me feeling rather wiped out. However, things are improving. Today I actually feel as though I have achieved quite a lot! My desk has seen some action – at last, I hear you say – and quite rightly too.

I have been making some thank you cards so I can write to folk who sent or gave me gifts for my birthday. So, you can see open inks (they are safely shut and away now), blending brushes, metal ruler, pile of scrap paper for stamping on, box of closed inks, specs, DST, scissors, cutting plates for the Big Shot, and the finished cards. I have rather stolen Brahms’ idea when he wrote his Variations on a theme of Paganini!!! In other words – one idea, a dozen cards!

Very simple, but I’m reasonably pleased with them.

Also this week, as I have been watching more mindless tv, I have done another jigsaw…

I really enjoyed doing this one – easy to do as it broke conveniently down into small blocks. A bit of fun.

And so that’s me this week. I will visit – but Wednesdays are going to be busy from now on. Food Share North Wales – a sort of food bank, but folk have the dignity of paying something toward the cost – has opened up in our church building. When the idea was mooted within the church it really struck a chord with me, so I have volunteered to help. Tomorrow will be my first day. I imagine it will be a busy day!!! Tea and Toast (the post-covid smaller answer to Step Inside) runs alongside Food Share. So the main church room, and the back room where we held our crop some years ago, will be filled with people and food. That is just so encouraging.

So take care, my friends. God bless you.


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  1. It was a shame you couldn’t make it, but driving that far both ways would have been too much I think maybe next time!! The cards look fab, and so does the jigsaw. Hope the Food Share goes well. Take care Helen #2

  2. SOrry you weren’t there Margaret but totally understood why. Glad you are feeling up to crafting again. Good luck with the first food bank session. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  3. Those cards are lovely and it makes sense to do batch cards, they all go to different people so who is to know (apart from us now).
    Wow, that is some jigsaws, glad it helped you get through Covid – and that you have got through it. Hope you feel better each day.
    What a lovely thing your church is doing – no surprise to me having met some of the congregation. It really is a welcoming and thoughtful church to belong to.
    Blessings, Neet 5 xx

  4. Oh my, not another COVID case, I’ve been COVID positive the past week or so, just coming out of it now but still coughing. Hubby has had it as well despite him being vaccinated (his first time my second). Love the thank you cards, really effective and the jigsaw – need to get back into jigsaws myself but not been up to much with feeling so horrid. Think we missed a super crop too, just seeing it all on other blogs was in such a blur I’d forgotten it was even on! BJ#6

  5. Lovely cards! I missed the crop too (and lucky thing as DD turned up positive for covid, likely contagious if we drove the long way north, and me then possibly harboring it on Crop day. EEK. Food banks are sadly depended on by so many people. When The Hubster shops he usually tries to buy a few of the listed as most needed items to pop in the bin on the way out. If everyone who could, did, it would help, but then if the Gov’t policies supported those in need better well… Trickle down NEVER works. ’nuff said on that point. Well done you for the volunteering.
    Happy WOYWW, on time!
    Mary Anne (1)

  6. Feel better soon Margaret 🙏⭐ So glad that Nathan’s doing well, that must be such a relief for you all. In loooove with your thank you cards 💖❤💟 whoot whoot on finishing the jigsaw … it’s huuuuge ⭐ Hope all goes well at the food bank🤗 I’ll be down in Wales with Alex on Friday for a wee escape … haven’t been since covid and missing it we are … our favourite place to be . You take care, sending love and hugs Tracy #13 xxxxx

  7. We missed you, the consensus was that you were right not to come and the proof is that here you are four days later starting to feel more up to it. Just as well, I fear Tea and Toast and FSNW might well do you in for a couple of days! What a fab day you’ll have though, no doubt. Love the rainbow cards, what a great idea – and as an aside, what a marvellous collection of ink pads a you have! I’m love the shaft of light that’s ended up on your scrap paper too, it’s just lovely! Please can I attempt to copy? And I mean attempt, first I’ll have to corral some decent colour ink pads. Don’t hold your breath!

  8. We did miss you on Saturday but I completely understand about the driving when wiped out. I am glad that you are recovering from covid and hope you really enjoy your time helping out with the food share. It sounds like a wonderful initiative. Love your clean and simple cards – that is definitely my style of card. Happy WOYWW. Take care, with love & God Bless, Caro x (#14)

  9. Hi Margaret, lovely to see you with a busy desk. You were missed but I totally get it and you made the right decision – you come first! The Food Share initiative sounds brilliant, though it saddens me that it is necessary. Hope it goes well. The puzzle looks rather good and I like the idea of the little sections!! Might be time to start getting the puzzles out again soon. Happy WOYWW love n hugs Cindy xx #8 (ps did you see my previous message?

  10. Hope you have fun volunteering, always a good thing. Great puzzle fun. love the theme. Would be fun to copy those squares and use in creative art. Your thank you cards are really nice. Love the strip of colors. Enjoy a great weekend and FALL

  11. Hi margaret sorry you couldn’t make it Saturday but I understand your reluctance with the driving, it’s 147 mile from Lincoln and I couldn’t have managed it without hubby especially as the weather was awful friday when we went over. Loving your thank you cards and that gorgeous jigsaw. Hoping your woyww is a happy one. Hugs. Angela x12x

  12. Yes, the crop was fabulous, so sorry you didn’t make it. Loving these cards. I was thinking it’s getting to jigsaw time – yours looks interesting , Happy WOYWW, hugs, Chrisx

  13. Glad you’re feeling better Margaret. I didn’t make the crop either. Next year maybe?
    Your cards look lovely.
    Good luck with volunteering at the food bank. It’s something ve thought of doing after retirement but I m still shielding.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 13

  14. Glad to hear you’re recovering from the virus and feeling better. Great jigsaw puzzle! Sorry you weren’t able to make the crop but I’ve seen some great photos so far!
    Carol N #18

  15. Sorry you missed the crop too (been lovely seeing the photos though). Hope the food share day went well for you (its a great idea, we have a community fridge in the next town). Love the thank you cards, especially the one with the rainbow streak, may have to use this idea as really effective.
    thanks for visiting my desk already
    kyla #16

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