Oh my word! It is 22 weeks since I last posted. I can’t quite believe that. However, like the proverbial bad penny, here I am today. First… my desk…

Yes. My hall stairs and landing have all been decorated. NO. I didn’t attempt it! I phoned a friend!! Of course, wonderful as the thought of new colours etc is, it involved completely emptying the areas! I needed to still be able to do some work, so it all had to be moved logically. EEK!!!

One side of my bed… two shots

And the other side?

And even in front of the wardrobe!

Then, of course… new flooring before everything was put back. First the underlay…

Then the most fabulous, lustrous, glitzy flooring. Glossy, textured, vinyl click flooring which has mica in it! I love it.

My next move was to pay the men who did all the work… only to find out that I had been quoted for the study as well. I’d thought the quote was good just for the one room, to find it included a second was a tremendous blessing!

Of course…. it now all became a bit like the Flanders and Swann song “Twas on a Monday morning, the gas man came to call…” The study was John’ space. He loved it in here, and I never sorted it after his death… just piled stuff on top. So, after putting a few bits on the landing so I could work again in more space, I have started on the study, delving deep into my husband’s past! He had SO many art books, I had no idea. The local Christian bookshop had just started an “Arts and Crafts” section, so they are the new owners of all the ones I will never use. The paints have added to the things in my bedroom, as has the document unit. What a wonderful sort out I had in that! Still shreddding all the stuff that needs it – my recycling box for paper will only take a certain amount before overflowing! Now I just need to find a place to sell all the vinyl records – so many – and some amazing box sets. Anyone help me there???

So that’s my reason for being AWOL, my friends. No room in the inn for crafting. I did spend a few hours yesterday making cards and taking them round to the church to sell for our charity. Of course, needless to say, I forgot to photograph them – sorry folks. So I’ll say that’s it from me. I will do my best to get round everyone – I have popped in each week, just not left any messages.

Take care. God bless you all.


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  1. So good to see you back again, Your decorating looks good, how I hate moving everything though, I also have my husbands vinyl records all classical, operas, etc and don’t know what to do with them as I brought them to spain with me. Hope you stay with us now. Ani

  2. Oh itis good to see you – and that flooring is fabulous! the sorting of John’s study sounds a big task ! Lots of love, hope to see you again in less than 22 weeks!! Helen #2

  3. Well, Hello. it is lovely to have you back with us all. I didn’t panic like I used to as I decided you were enjoying yourself as where you were – thinking of you travelling to see family and friends.
    Love the way your photos are displayed in this bog – nice and large enough to be able to see clearly – and the shape is eye catching.. Love also the new look – the men certainly seem to have done a great job for you – and the price was right! Added bonus.
    Take care, and have a lovely blessed week.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx

  4. Good morning 🤗 Margaret, wow you have most definitely been busy ⭐ I was smiling thinking I can’t see a desk at the start 🙃 toooooo reading, following the photos … oh my first you are soooo organised despite having to move everything 😍 toooo that floor … whoot whooot just perfect for a Craft space ⭐🥰🤩 toooo getting the study included in the cost ⭐ Too spending time in your John’s space 🤗 pretty sure he will be sat right by your side holding you close as you delve into his past … treasures and memories to be found. Sending lots of love and hugs your way as I type Tracy #9 P.S you are a marvel! Xxxx

  5. Good to see you Margaret. Good luck getting the rest of John’s study sorted so that the new floor can be laid and getting your work space back too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #15

    1. Glad to see you back Margaret and that your house improvements are going well. It x xxx sun be a hard thing to do to sort out your late husband’s stuff so I’m sending big hugs
      You’ll have it all sorted your way soon.
      Take care and happy WOYWW
      Lynnecrafts 14

  6. I smiled when I saw your name on the list this morning! So glad to see that you’re ok, just been having a busy time! The decorating looks great and yay for having a really good sort out, I love doing that! Even better that some charities benefited as well!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  7. I think we can all see why you’ve not been around here for a while and it’s all looking good. Have a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x12x

  8. Lovely to see yu Margaret – sorting and moving stuff is what puts me off decorating!! That flooring is stunning, you are really getting yourself ship shape. It all takes time. Hope to see you again next week? Have a good week, love n hugs Cindy xx #16

  9. Well dear Margaret, I’ve looked in many a time on you (and also in on Chris too, as missed her too) to see if you’d posted, I’m semi irregular in my visits, though did have a two month hiatus.
    Your landing truly is transformed and love the new look on floor and to think study was included too!
    Just goes to show… it’s hard choosing things as I’m having to do some choosing as finally house repairs from deluge in beginning of year is moving along to choosing stage, many long months of wondering what will happen and when.
    I love the painting you restored too not sure now which post it was in, but it’s so atmospheric, beautiful. Thanks for showing all your different activities chez vous!

    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  10. Hi Margaret! I’ve noticed you’ve been absent. Glad everything is going well. Are you going to move your craft room back on the landing? It looks ok in your bedroom, but I guess you don’t have enough room to move around. At least you can start with a blank slate – that’s what I would need too – move everything out and only move back the stuff that I need. Oh well, perhaps one day! Have fun on your new floor! Perhaps dance around and film it! LOL! xx zsuzsa #19

  11. Lovely to see you and you newly decorated home. Have you been to Abakhan recently? Last time I went the craft shop had gone and the space was a wedding shop. Don’t know if there have been any more changes, I haven’t been back for a year. Happy WOYWW. Angela #17

  12. It is great to see you. And that rather sexy flooring isn’t hard on the eye either! Get you with an easy to clean mica sparkly landing strip to work on! Gosh, hard enough work moving all your stuff and neatly redeploying it to your bedroom, but argh, the study too! I hope the going through of it has been a pleasure, however bittersweet, rather than something you’ve put off because you couldn’t face it – suddenly having to do it would have been hard under those circs. Super impressed that you’ve had the mind set and the patience to make even a few cards for church…it all being in another room, however neatly, would be just the excuse I’d need to put it off! Did you know we are hoping to have a a crop on October 1st? a sounds like you’ve had a busy run again Mrs. xxx

  13. WOW! That is gorgeous flooring! Definitely quite the labor to move stuff but we know all about that from early this year when we painted and refloored. Glad you don’t have to rush on the study.
    Have a great week!
    Carol N #21

  14. They decorating is going swimmingly! Mica eh? Beam Me Up Scotty! We had a new electic loft ladder put in (hubby did it) and we are still playing with it, pushing the button and watching it go up and down. Hubby sez, the next thing to do, is the kitchen, YAY! bout time too! Have a great week! Happy Late WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #23 last again! (I don’t think it posted last week…. here goes!}

  15. Wow, Margaret, that’s a lot of work! Are you going to use the study as your art room? Reminds me of when I cleaned out the garage, so much work, but so worth it! Well, you have been in the Canada that I haven’t yet! I have not been to the west coast even though we talk about taking the train through the mountains, and my Dad lives in Victoria on Vancouver Island. It would be very nice to go! My best friend’s son is getting married on Vancouver Island next month. It would be nice if we could go. Have a great week, thanks for your visit, Lindart #22

  16. Just a quicky as I’m off to badminton. Hubby sells his stuff on EBay, including vinyl. I can find out more if you wish. He seems to have a “shop” of stuff he sells! Mystery to me. Welcome back BJ#8

  17. Nice to see you after long absence! And with floors full of glitter too – and not because you dumped a pot off your desk! Will we see more in the coming weeks?
    Happy Woyww!

    Mary Anne (4)

  18. Oh my life defo commented quickly before going to badminton on Thursday but can’t see it here??? Anyway I suggested Ebay for selling the vinyl, as what my husband uses.

    Loving the new flooring and with sparkles too, how amazing is that! We’re in upheaval here as expecting sofas which should have come yesterday and now not till Tuesday, moved old ones ready to get sent to our son in Cambridge and doors off too, right pickle.

    Hope this comment registers. BJ#8

  19. Welcome back and how fabulous that the quote was for both rooms too! Not easy, I remember clearing my dads workshop when he died, he also had so many art books and kit some great memories though. thanks for visiting my desk already this week

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