Month: August 2022



Oh my word! It is 22 weeks since I last posted. I can’t quite believe that. However, like the proverbial bad penny, here I am today. First… my desk…

Yes. My hall stairs and landing have all been decorated. NO. I didn’t attempt it! I phoned a friend!! Of course, wonderful as the thought of new colours etc is, it involved completely emptying the areas! I needed to still be able to do some work, so it all had to be moved logically. EEK!!!

One side of my bed… two shots

And the other side?

And even in front of the wardrobe!

Then, of course… new flooring before everything was put back. First the underlay…

Then the most fabulous, lustrous, glitzy flooring. Glossy, textured, vinyl click flooring which has mica in it! I love it.

My next move was to pay the men who did all the work… only to find out that I had been quoted for the study as well. I’d thought the quote was good just for the one room, to find it included a second was a tremendous blessing!

Of course…. it now all became a bit like the Flanders and Swann song “Twas on a Monday morning, the gas man came to call…” The study was John’ space. He loved it in here, and I never sorted it after his death… just piled stuff on top. So, after putting a few bits on the landing so I could work again in more space, I have started on the study, delving deep into my husband’s past! He had SO many art books, I had no idea. The local Christian bookshop had just started an “Arts and Crafts” section, so they are the new owners of all the ones I will never use. The paints have added to the things in my bedroom, as has the document unit. What a wonderful sort out I had in that! Still shreddding all the stuff that needs it – my recycling box for paper will only take a certain amount before overflowing! Now I just need to find a place to sell all the vinyl records – so many – and some amazing box sets. Anyone help me there???

So that’s my reason for being AWOL, my friends. No room in the inn for crafting. I did spend a few hours yesterday making cards and taking them round to the church to sell for our charity. Of course, needless to say, I forgot to photograph them – sorry folks. So I’ll say that’s it from me. I will do my best to get round everyone – I have popped in each week, just not left any messages.

Take care. God bless you all.


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