Well, hello my friends! I cannot believe I have done it again – gone AWOL for so many weeks. Tuesday evenings seem to come round when I am least expecting them, and consequently, I miss yet another week. However… today I have made it! So, my desk this week is in two very distinct halves – useable… and not! Here’s the useable half. Handcream and glue to the fore; heat gun; a little Chinese take-away container that has water with washing up liquid in it. You see, I have this gorgeous oil painting which came to me after my mum and dad died. It’s a mountain scene with a waterfall – and it lived above the dining table in my parents’ home for donkey’s years – with a coal fire – so it is pretty mucky. I am trying to clean it a bit, and bring up the colours somewhat. I watched “The repair shop” one time and this is the solution they used to start the process. I think it’s working. I have no idea of the artist, I just know I love the view. It is almost exactly the same as a place I stood and photographed the other day in Snowdonia, so it may have been painted by my grandfather.

This is the view I photographed – the waterfall coming down from Llyn Idwal to Llyn Ogwen. I reckon the artist probably was on the left of this picture looking up the valley and waterfall. The cleaning of the painting has a long way to go yet, so I will just enjoy the photo in the meantime. Anyway – on to the un-useable half of my desk! That blue box contains 150 cards, made for the launch event of our new charity at church – 125 are my own designs, and 25 are cards made using old cards which had the charity’s previous logo and details on them. So some cutting, pasting, layering, ribbon jobs were involved. Behind the blue box are a basket full of little gifts donated to sell, and the big Welsh bag contains some handmade boxes holding tealights.

One of my own designs using Brusho inks and a stamped image.
Isn’t she just beautiful! One of the re-purposed charity cards

So, apart from making cards, what else have I been doing in my absence? Travelling the nations – I visited Mr and Mrs D, where we went on a craft shop hunt! I then went on to see my elder daughter and spent an entire day helping my grand daughter make her first ever dress. Then travelled down to see my younger daughter who had booked tickets for us to go to Kew Gardens for the Orchid exhibition. Storm something or other put paid to that! Kew closed the gardens for the day. So, instead we went to her village Community Choir rehearsal. What fun!!! I thoroughly enjoyed a vocal workout. A fortnight later I was back with my elder daughter and family to attend my grand daughter’s first concert since lockdown. A fabulous venue in Nottingham, 175 musicians – from 5 to 18 years old. Three string bands, and two wind bands. The standard of musicianship was amazing. A beautiful event. I’m so glad I went to it.

So, I leave you with a picture from a day out to which I treated myself. The weather was so glorious, I simply couldn’t stay in, but drove into Snowdonia. Lambs filled the fields, daffodils, snowdrops and primroses covered the roadsides. It was good for the soul. Like having a holiday! So – my favourite view in the world… Snowdon herself with her acolytes! Snowdon is third from the right, and yes, honestly, the sky was that blue and so was Llyn Mymbyr! – in February!!!

So that’s me done today – just about prepared for the charity launch. Already thinking of a Crafternoon Cam and I are running at church – silk painting, scraperboard and cross stitch. We are looking forward to it! We already have some folks booked in – and we only started to advertise it last Sunday!! So take care my friends. God bless you.


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  1. It’s good to see you back! Firstly, love all the glorious pics of North Wales, how amazing to see Snowdon like that – so gorgeous. I’m pleased all your travelling went ok and that you had such a good time with friends and family. I’m impressed you’re having a go at cleaning the painting, good for you, it sounds as if you’re having some success there! Well done on all those cards as well, you do so much for the church xx
    Hugs LLJ 6 xx

  2. Oh what a lovely, busy time you have had! Well done on the card making and your Crafternoon sessions sound fab. Enjoy! You last photo of Snowdonia is stunning and as you say – so blue for February. xx Jo

  3. Great cards and photographs this week – the weeks do come round so quickly! How lovely to have a sing with the choir, it must have been so wonderful to be with your grandchildren. They grow up so quickly don’t they. Happy WOYWW and have a great week, Angela #13

  4. I was wondering about you the other day and meant yo email . You must have caught the vibe! Glad you’ve been keeping busy though !! Shame you’d booked foe kew and got caught by storm eunice which is why they had to shut .. they had some damage so it was a wize decision. Lots of love. Helen #2

  5. I just love to know now and again what you have been up to on your travels. So good to know you saw Chris and Adrian whilst out and about as well as your lovely family.
    Must say I am thoroughly enjoying the large photographs on your blog, how interesting do the various shapes make them.
    As always you have been a busy busy bee making things for Uganda and your lovely church. Not quite ready for travelling up and down and all that but when I do you can be sure I will come to Emmanuel for lunch in Llandudno.
    Blessings, Neet 5 xx
    ps the Free Show is Sincerely Yours – just the one with it being the first, then they revert to around £4 advanced tickets, £4.50 at the door. There are others I have heard about but not sure what and when. xx

  6. How great to see you, I do love to read that you’ve been a-travelling and a-visiting, that picture of Snowdon is sublime, it looks like a summer’s day, all the better for the eyes today, it hasn’t stopped raining proper stair rods since I opened the curtains this morning. It’s cold and grey and very bleh! Good luck with the new charity launch, of course you’ve worked very hard at it, so I don’t doubt it will go really well.

  7. Good to see you back Margaret and to hear that you have had fun gallivanting. What a fabulous haul of cards for charity – I do hope they sell well and raise lots of money. Have a great craftanoon! Stay safe, and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  8. Always lovely to see you – and I have to say well done on all the charity efforts. We are such a lovely giving bunch. You scenic photos make me happy – I love waterfalls and it’s such a boring view from my window. Enjoy your travelling and maybe see you again next week, who knows?
    Happy late-in-the-day WOYWW
    Mary Anne (1)

  9. Wow, what a lovely blog post, it’s so nice to hear about your travels and I just love the Welsh views – they have brightened up a very wet dull day! What a shame about Kew but it sounds like you more than made up for the disappointment! Good luck with your new charity launch, and I hope you have a lovely week,
    Diana xx #16

  10. Hellooo Margaret, what a beautiful time you have had travelling, spending time with family … treasured moments they are ? The photo of the waterfall is gorgeoys … the blue in tge dky a joy to behold⭐ Wishing you all good things for your charity launch , you’re doing amazing!!
    Thank yooou so much for your visit and your lovely words … We love Wales and have missed visiting since Covid … hopefully soon ?you live in such a beautiful part of the world. Have a gorgeous week in all you do, sending love and hugs from Scotland Tracy #17 xxxxx

  11. What a grand time you’ve had! And hope the charity does great! 150 cards! You’ve been busy. Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week and hpe the painting cleaning goes well!
    Carol N #19

  12. What an interesting post today – so many lovely photos! (and reminders of places I know!)
    It is Thursday morning here in Melbourne and I have just discovered my link isn’t on Stamping Ground so here I am at #22!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Stay safe and keep well!
    Calling All Crafters! – My Blog!

  13. I’m a bit jaleous that you can go to Snowdonia in an instant… I would LOVE to go there one day. (I’ve been to Wales and lost my heart to the region, but that was 25 years ago already….) Good luck cleaning the painting, it must be so special! Thanks for stopping by my desk yesterday, have a good week dear! Love & peace from the Netherlands! Marit #4

  14. How wonderful to see you back on the desks again… I am not able to join in with WOYWW this week, but popped in to say hi! I hope that all is well with you and that you have a wonderful week. The amount of cards you have made is amazing, and I really hope that the charity does well. Good luck with the painting cleaning. Caro xxx

  15. ooh my you have been busy but sounds like some great catch ups with family and loving all those cards ready for the charity sale too. Hope the cleaning of your oil painting goes well, I love watching repair shop when they clean pictures-the colours suddenly pop
    Thanks for visiting my desk already

  16. So sorry to be so late this week, or was it last week! Son gone, feeling a tad better so loads to catch up with.

    I might have managed to do a post the past couple of weeks but I have not really done the visiting! Eeeeekk. Hence really really late this week but determined. I hope the oil painting scrubs up well, can’t wait to see it. Hope the charity event goes well too, so many cards made! Can’t believe you have been out so much, I’m finding coming out of restrictions quite challenging especially as I went to church last month and promptly caught COVID, still coughing but able to do stuff again.

    Thanks for visiting me BJ#8

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