Month: February 2022



Hello my friends. Here we are again – another week passed us by and it is now February! How??? January seems to have simply slipped past me! However… there has actually been some action on the workdesk this week – so…

… a picture from both ends of the desk today. I have actually been making a few cards. My efforts are always really simple compared to so many of yours, but I do what I do, and struggle with anything more (maybe it’s my age?!) Sitting there are some stamp sets, and at the other end of the desk are a pile of inks. The actual workspace is empty as I had just finished one card ready to photograph things. As you can see, it didn’t take me long to make a complete mess of the landing following my sorting from last week – more of that in a moment – there are two boxes of ribbons on the floor, a drawer with all glittery things in, sitting on a stool, a nearly full (again) waste bin, and John’s old computer. I still have to use that for a couple of bits that won’t transfer properly to my new one. And this is what I have been up to this fine morning…

A few cards for charity – the start of what I hope will become a good pile!

Last week I was sorting my threads out into some logical order. I couldn’t quite believe how much discussion they prompted. The boxes were bought from a company called Lovecrafts – £3.99 each and they hold about 100 threads. The boxes come with the little cards for each thread – time consuming to wind them on, but well worth it. I have over the years taught people different craft skills, and one person used to hand me back any unused threads all in a jumble. Eek! That was when I started to keep them ready wound like they now are. Each little card has the make and the number on it, so it’s an easy task to simply lift out the ones I need for a project. Now they are done – and the boxes look like they are holding jewels. I mainly use DMC threads, and the shimmer on them is gorgeous!

Since finishing that, I decided to carry on with a bit more sorting – and now all my cross stitch patterns are neatly organised. I went through about 20 years of magazines and simply kept the designs I thought I might one day do. I did, manage to salvage and keep my 15 minutes of fame – the page in December 2004 of Cross Stitch Crazy, where John and I were featured!! Then I did the same with my pergamano mags too. Oh boy!! ! Of course, once I had pulled out projects from the magazines, there was an incredible amount in the recycle bin… oops! No good passing on to charity shops when so many pages are missing.

So, that’s me this week – still tweaking the charity’s website and trying to make it look good to encourage folks to meander through it on whatever computer, i-pad, phone… they use for browsing. Here it is if anyone wants a gander through! No pressure.

And so, a final picture – taken some time back from my landing window! Sunset in North Wales.

That’s it, folks. Take care of yourselves. God bless.


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