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Good grief! two consecutive weeks – whatever is the world coming to? However… hello, my friends. My workdesk this week is…

Yes – I have been working hard on my computer – not been near my craft desk except for sorting out a whole heap of old magazines, pulling out things I may one day make and getting rid of the rest. But here on my computer I have been working REALLY hard on my website. It’s not completely updated yet, but I am getting there. I have been making the extra pages look good, adding photos, descriptions, explanations… and even getting to put a load of my City and Guild work up there. I realized last night that the page marked “scraperboard” still needs doing, too – so bear with me if you can. But if you have a bit of time – please do fuddle through the pages – there’s John’s art work up as well as some of mine.

And that’s about it this week. I have finished knitting a sweater which I wore yesterday on a trip to Abakhan Mills (you just HAVE to…), and started to knit some clothes for the most lovely dark-skinned doll I think I have ever seen. The owner of said doll asked if I would do them as she loves the doll and it reminds her to pray for the children we support in Uganda… so a gorgeous baby pink dress is on its way!

I have finally taken my decorations down – the cards have only come down today, I loved them all so much, I couldn’t bear to take them down sooner. Thank you SO much to those of you who sent lovely hand-made cards to me. I have really appreciated them.

I will be MIA next week as I am spending a few days in the Lake District with friends who moved up there just before Christmas. It will be good to see them settled in their new home after over 13 years running a local hotel. Time for them to relax (although I don’t think they have done a lot of that yet!)

Take care of yourselves. Stay safe and healthy. God bless you.


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