Let’s celebrate indeed. 12 years this blog group has been running now. And it’s all down to our lovely Julia who thought it up in the first place – and to all of you who contribute week by week. What’s this? Try going to https://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ and faithfully, each week, Julia gives us all the opportunity to simply show off our workspace. It’s great fun. Friendships are forged. Folk share their ideas for art and craft. People all over the world join in. Occasionally some even meet up “in real life”. Thanks folks for all the comments, fun, craziness, and the “and finally” comments which make us laugh or cry together. You are a great bunch of friends.

I wasn’t expecting to join in today – I was supposed to be on holiday. Life sort of happened and I am still here on the North Wales Coast – but I get to hitch up the caravan next Monday. Whoop whoop! Honestly, I’m like a kid let loose in a sweetie shop. I haven’t been on holiday since I went to Cornwall, Devon and Gloucestershire in September 2019. Didn’t go anywhere last year – and really missed being in the caravan. So, I shall be AWOL for several Wednesdays. So many wished me well with all the issues which caused my plans to change – yes, the car is now safe again. Yes, the water leak is sorted – cost me the excess on my house insurance, but was worth it. Thank you, too, for everyone who wished my grandson well for his forthcoming op. It is scheduled for June 2. It’s major. 5 years ago he was diagnosed with cancer at the back of his eye. After radiotherapy all went well. Until earlier this year when it became obvious it was growing. There is no treatment now, other than eye removal surgery. It’s hard but necessary. He’s young – just 18 – to be going through this; but we as a family all have a faith in Jesus to help and bring healing through this experience.

So, my desk this week reflects the fact that I have been working hard to clear everything before going away. This afternoon – Tuesday – I achieved just that. The craft bit on my to-do list is all done. SO…


… scary isn’t it. Everything put away in readiness for my holiday. All commissions completed – all birthdays and anniversaries in May and June dealt with. Phew! I’m sure things will be put on there when I start to pack… but essentially that is it!

Apart from my own “and finally” contribution…


… The world famous Laburnam Arch at Bodnant gardens, a mere 7 miles from my home. My postcard to you all today. This was taken 2 years ago, but it won’t be long before this year’s display is fully open. The arch is 100 yards long, and over 100 years old now. It’s glorious, but only lasts about a week in its full glory

So that’s it folks from North Wales on this celebration day. I will be around to visit everyone – but it may take a few days. I will put an asterisk beside my name in the link up – so have my postcard at the ready – but I’m afraid I have not made lots of spare ATCs this year so can’t swap any. Sorry. Thanks to you all for the love you share around the internet through this blog group. Thanks for those praying for me and mine. We, as a family, appreciate that support.

Take care. God bless you.


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  1. I’m wishing you a happy woyww anniversary and an even happier holiday when it comes.
    We have a static caravan in the Lake District and have yet to go there. Fingers crossed for some warm weather and happy days.
    Take care
    Lynn xx 21

  2. Happy 12th WOYWW!! So glad our paths crossed via the desky madness, we probably woudn’t have met otherwise and my life would have been poorer for that. You sound as if youv’e had lots of trials this weeks, I’m glad they all got sorted, at least you’re in a good place to go off on your travels next Monday. The weather is promising to pick up anyway so it’s probably a blessing!
    Thinking about your Grandson, hope all goes ok xx
    Hugs LLJ 3 xx

  3. Bore da Margaret
    Happy WOYWW anniversary
    Lovely picture of the laburnum arch, we have only once seen it in full bloom
    Bless you for sharing
    Chris #13

  4. Happy 12th anniversary! . Annie and I have just had a coffee to celebrate and sort our ATCs to post. Enjoy your break away – you deserve it. Will be thinking about your Grandson and hoping all goes well. I chuckled at the lovely “Arch” photo – we came to Bodnant in 2019 but we were about 2 weeks too soon! just my luck. We will come again when we feel able. xx Jo

  5. So glad you are getting the caravan out and going off on your travels – it’s been a long time coming. I hope you have a lovely time. The photo of Bodnant is fabulous – what a magical walk under that stunning canopy.
    I am thinking of your grandson, and hoping it all goes well on the 2nd.
    Happy 1`2th Anniversary,
    Diana xx #18

  6. I hope your holiday is wonderful and that your grandson’s op goes perfectly. The arch is stunning and your desk? Well that is worthy of high praise indeed. I love sharing a mess, but I also love sharing – and seeing – a spotless space every now and again.

    Happy 12th Anniversary to all my desk-hopping mates!
    Mary Anne (7)

  7. I’ve had a really manic morning with sewing so am late in the day joining in the celebrations. Thanks so much for your love and friendship for all these years my friend. Really hope you have a wonderful holiday.
    Annie x # 19

  8. Sorry to read you had to put your trip on hold, but it appears to be back on track for next week. Sorry to also read about your grandson. I’m always amazed at how cancer can attack anyone at any age. Your desk looks clean and wonderful. all ready for your time away. Happy 12th Anniversary from # 10.

  9. Goodness that IS a tidy desk! Your specs look so forlorn there. I hope everything goes as well as it can for your grandson. I’m told that our brains adjust very well to only having one eye and I hope this really kicks the cancer up the backside. Anyway, happy anniversary! Lisa-Jane, #2

  10. Happy 12th anniversary Margaret! Sounds like you’ve been having a week of it – hope your well deserved trip goes smoothly. I am really sorry to hear about your grandson, that is almost too much to bear but I hope the surgery goes well. The laburnum arch is so pretty – I’m in yellow mode at the moment as well so it really speaks to me. Love n hugs, Cindy #17 xx

  11. Happy 12th anniversary! Thanks for inviting me and visiting my place. Here’s to 12 more!
    Robyn #6

  12. Sorry to hear of all the dramas you have been facing and I am so sorry to hear about your grandson I will add him to my prayers. I hope that you manage to have a lovely holiday. Happy 12th WOYWW Anniversary. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#15)

  13. Happy anniversary and have a great holiday. Know just what you mean as soon as the borders opened I was with my daughter in her new place in Spain. Thank you for your friendship and I pray your grandson will heal well after his op. God bless. Ani

  14. Happy WOYWW Anniversary.. have a great holiday, that walk will be amazing when fully in flower. Angela #23

  15. I was only thinking about you and your caravan the other day, and am glad you’ll be able to get away for a trip – have fun. What a scary, sad thing for your grandson to have to go through, but hopefully he will recover. well. Happy WOYWW and thanks for being a friend on the desks (and in the flesh!!) Helen #11

  16. Happy Anniversary Margaret,
    I am praying for a speedy recovery for your gs. (( HUGS )) that is so exciting that travel will be allowed soon. Love that arch shot too. ~Stacy #35

  17. Hi Margaret, how wonderful that you can get around again in your caravan! Do take care on your travels. I was so shocked to find out about your grandson and I’m so sorry that he has to go through this at such a young age. I trust everything will go well and he will adjust well to his new circumstances. Life is unfair that’s all I can say. The Laburnam Arch looks amazing. We used to have one of those trees in the garden – huge big tree, must have been decades old, but it got damaged when the neigbours built their septic tank right next to it over the fence and we had to cut it down. We got two little ones growing in pots to replace it but they’re still too small to plant out and we probably won’t live long enough to see them reach the size of the one we had to cut down. Oh, well, it was only a tree – in the scheme of things insignificant, but we still had a sense of loss. Happy anniversary, Margaret and thanks for visiting! Happy travels too! xx zsuzsa #17

  18. What a tidy desk, Margaret. I hope you enjoy your holiday. I am so sorry to hear about your poor grandson – that’s totally awful, and what a thing to have to face, especially in one so young. I pray that the operation will be successful and that he will have a positive outcome – both physically and psychologically. It’s traumatic to lose any part of one’s body to cancer, as I know, but somehow easier to lose something internal than an eye… The poor lad. My heart goes out to you all as a family, but praise God for your faith in Him.

    Thank you for your visit and good wishes for Monday. My hubby is absolutely thrilled with the kitty throw! He was out and about for most of today but I think he had a nice day.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #29

  19. Hello Margaret – what a stunning photo – reminded me of a Lavinia style scene – I hope your holiday goes well – nice to get out and about! thanks for popping by my space – I am so far still not getting any crafty stuff done – but its nice to see others are. See you at next WOYWW Cheers Maurs xxx #26

  20. So glad you are finally able to get out in the caravan and that the water leak damage and the car are both sorted Margaret. I will pray for your grandson. Stay safe and happy 12th anniversary WOYWW. Sarah #9

  21. Hello Margaret … thank you for popping by my blog yesterday & for your very kind comments. I can explain the spanners … due to my tummy troubles I find it hard to sit comfortable at the table so use the board with my mat on top and pull it forward off the edge of the table – but, of course, if I lean on it then everything topples off. The spanners were daddy’s and the big one is so heavy i can’t even lift it. I always intended to art up the small one but I find i quite like them sitting together as they do as I use them as a counter-balance to stop the board tipping. It means I always have daddy with me too which I find comforting.
    Am envious of you off in your caravan – we didn’t get to Scotland last year as normal and certainly won’t be going this year … since Phil retired we have always spent seven or eight weeks touring the Highlands in the autumn and we can’t wait to get back up there – next year hopefully.
    What a dreadful worry about your grandson … I wish him nothing but the best as he faces such an operation and such changes & I hope all goes well for him. Much love to you from Debbie 14 xXx

  22. Happy Anniversary!

    So sorry to read of all your troubles – but hope you have a lovely time away and sending healing thoughts to your grandson.

    I have so many photos of me under that Laburnam Arch. Bodnant is one of my favourite places!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Susan #31

  23. Margaret, your introduction this week was just precious!! I feel the same and just so happy to be a part of all of you crafty folks and sharing!! I’m so glad that everything has gotten sorted with the car and leak. It sounds like you have been going rounds!!! I’m so saddened by your grandson’s outcome, but like you, I believe our Father in Heaven can heal all things and especially through unseemingly impossible experiences. I will lift he and the family up for just that!!! I know that you will be like a kid in a candy store with the upcoming trip! I pray that you have the most amazing time! I love ANYWHERE with a caravan and here’s to new and wonderful memories in spite of it all!!! Thank you for stopping by my desk and it sounds like we both have sheet misadventures and succumb in the end! LOLOL I did however drift peacefully off to sleep!!!! Happy 12th and many blessings to you Margaret! Felicia #34

  24. Hi Margaret, happy anniversary! You sum up the spirit of WOYWW beautifully. Sorry to hear of your car and house troubles, and glad it is all sorted, and you can hook up the caravan and drive off into the sunset… That’s such awful news for your grandson at such a young age, but if he is anything like you, his faith and spirit will keep him safe and see him through this with his family by his side. I wish him a successful op, and a speedy recovery. Your desk has never appeared so bare – I wasn’t sure I was on the right blog! Enjoy your holiday, and safe travels. Take care, Heather xx #20

  25. OOh Margaret, it’s marvellous to hear that the caravan can be dusted down and that you’re off; that means that you’re fixed in the house and happy to leave. Good stuff. Can’t believe how fast time has raced around to almost surgery time for your brave grand boy. I hope his exams are over and he’s had a bit of a breather. Lovely postcard of the arch at Bodnant. A friend and i were at aheale Gardens a couple of weeks ago, listening to the gardeners bemoaning the effects of the late and persistent frosts on the wisteria tunnel. It was a tad too early for it to flower anyway, so we couldn’t really tell what the damage was like, but it’s a shame isn’t it. Totally don’t blame you for clearing the decks and not getting too bogged down with multiple ATCs, now you’re allowed to get out and about, life is to be ensured and you have a heck of a pace to yours!

  26. Happy WOYWW 12th ANNIVERSARY! and, sorry I’m late! What a lovely picture postcard of the laburnam arch! I think I might have that one somewhere! We had a small laburnam tree and its seedlings, when we first moved in to our bungalow. it was beautiful even though the rest of the garden was completely over ground! Because it’s all totally poisonous and very close to the house it had to go as the girls were very young and we had rabbits and guinea pigs running free. Even then, one guinea pig found a tiny bit moths later 🙁 The vet was quite impressed that I knew what was wrong with him…the guinea pigm that it…not the vet!
    Hope you have a great crafty week. Stay Safe. ((Lyn)) #5

  27. HI Margaret! Happy 12th Anniversary! Sorry I’m so late, the days just get away from me somehow. Thank you for your visit to mine, and for all the congrats about the new Grandbaby. She is so cute, and already giving her Mama all sorts of trouble (well, she’s a Taurus!) I’m so sorry your grandson has to go through that ordeal, I hope that he recovers quickly and can assimilate with no problems. Have a good trip, and I hope there are no other problems on your journey! Have a wonderful week, Lindart #36

  28. Hello Margaret, I am so sorry I am so late, where does time go ? Happy 12th Anniversary, its an amazing achievement and thank goodness that Julia started it and we have had chance to meet with each other.
    I do hope you have a wonderful holiday, it is exciting to be doing things again isn’t it,
    I visited Bodnant Gardens, quite a few years ago now. I remember it being very lovely.
    My best wishes to your grandson, so young to be going through this. My Aunt had the same thing happen – a few years ago now. She had to have her eye removed. Sadly her remaining eye was not good ( macular degeneration) however she is still managing, lives independently ( has some help going in during the day) she will soon be 97. It’s strange how things work out. My Aunt had her operation in Sheffield. I had been in contact with Caro via her blog at the time. She works at the hospital and went to visit my Aunt. We took her in, then travelled on to our son’s for the night and then Caro visited her the next day and we went and collected her the next day, that’s when I first met Caro. My mum ( her sister) went and stopped with her for a few days, she recovered well.
    Gosh I have rabbited on. Safe travels to you, enjoy. Anne x 30

  29. So where are you headed off to? Several weeks sounds like an awfully big adventure.

    The laburnum arch is lovely and I will have to add it to my list of things to go see… My parents had one growing outside their front door, so I have a fond affection for them. So pretty.

    Happy WOYWW 624 (bit late getting round!)


  30. Hi Margaret just “happened” to come over on the day that your grandsons eye is on,!! Who else but God?!
    And so adding my prayers to yours for Gods guiding hand on it and many healing mercies and covering grace through it all.
    Pray too you’re journeyings are safe ones.

    Actually popped over to give you heads up for Iris’s 89th birthday on June 27th I think it is, not in near calendar but think that’s it.

    Just doing prayer when thought must let you know.
    Still so grateful to have met you and had that crazy but amazing week with you, so memorable. Ever thankful.
    Blessings dear Sis, and Gods keeping always. Chris is on my heart too in prayer for some reason. … must pop over to hers too but nit tonight too too late,
    Prayer hugs
    Shaz. Xxx

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