Hello my friends. Yup – been AWOL again! For a month this time! Sorry. Thought I had better post this week or you might have given me up for lost without trace. So, firstly… my desk this evening (Tuesday)


The empty green cutting mat is not, as you may think, a sign that nothing has been going on. On the contrary. You can see a duster brush, waterbrush, scissors, glasses, family photo, chamois for cleaning off stamps ( useful for fingers too!), a box of peel-offs, an open folder of dies, and a pile of finished cards – that red picture with the postbox is the top card of a pile of 15 – only another 15 to go and the commission is complete. Sorry I haven’t photographed those yet – but I have taken pictures of these…


So a bit of fun there. I realize I have made other cards too, but can’t find pictures of those either… oops! However… something I have been doing in the past month is a couple of jigsaws. You will no doubt be mightily relieved that this one took me three weeks – YES three weeks!


Whilst this one, on the other hand, took me less time to do than it took Mark Selby to beat Shaun Murphy in the World Snooker final this weekend!!!


I find it a little worrying that I remember most of these items!

So that’s it on the North Wales coast this week – not a lot going on really, a car awaiting repair in the garage; a potential water leak awaiting a little man to come tell me if the leak, or broken meter, is on my property or Dwr Cymru’s; a grandson awaiting an op; and me awaiting a kind guy from church to come help me carry the right sized fence panels to replace the storm damaged ones. So, to cheer us all up… a photo from a few years ago. This past weekend should have been the Llandudno Victorian Extravaganza – cancelled for the second year – understandable as it would have meant 100,000 extra visitors each day over the weekend!!!!! This steam engine which was part of the daily parade.


So that’s it for this week, folks. Take care each of you. God bless you.


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27 Replies to “WOYWW622”

  1. Glad to see you back Margaret. Hope all goes well with your grandson’s op and that the water leak is repaired soon. Cool jigsaws – can’t say I remember many of those brands though. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  2. Gosh your cards are so intricate and pretty. And I am impressed with your puzzle skills. Nice to see you back in the list this week and as I see in Sarah’s comment, fingers crossed for the op and the leak too!
    Happy Woyww
    Mary Anne

  3. Good to seeyou back, was wondering what was keeping you from us again! glad all is (almost) ok! hope your grandson’s op goes ok. Take care. happy WOYWW Helen#4

  4. I often wonder, once a year at least, what happen to Tide and Omo . The last time I saw Tide, was in a deserted shop in the middle of nowhere, up in Scotland, thirty odd years ago. I wonder if its still there? Hubby loves steam engines. Even our main New Forest Show is still not on this year. But looking forward to next year! Your cards are lovely. For some reason, my Bigshots aren’t cutting out some dies., love the dolphins. Stay safe. Have a Great crafty week and a Happy WOYWW!? ((Lyn)) #6

  5. I wondered if you were head down making a load of something. Quite the contrary to my last couple of weeks! The snow puzzle is the sort that makes me walk away in disgust. Couldnt leave the products puzzle alone though, such a fun thing to do as it came together quickly. There wasn’t much on there that we didn’t know either!, lovely cards Margaret, making me feel itchy to gentle back to the desk, so thank you for that! I hope the upcoming stuff goes smoothly for everyone, and that you’re managing a bit more freedom with enjoyment.

  6. Happy WOYWW. Beautiful cards as always. That dolphin die is gorgeous. Hope you get your fence panels up this week before Saturday, when the next storm approaches. All of the annual events in Pembrokeshire have been cancelled again this year, well the big events anyway. So much income lost. However, we know it is for the best long term. It would be wonderful to meet up with you in the summer. Perhaps we can divert when driving up to see family in Warrington. Ali x #15

  7. Wow! Those jigsaws are beyond me although I must admit to enjoy doing smaller ones with the boys . . . . I think 50 pieces is the largest one!!
    Love your cards. Hoping to use my dies up a bit more.
    I never think to use my dies on cards so I have joined a card making swap group that just swaps cards with diecuts.
    What a super traction engine . . . . . .
    have a good week
    God Bless
    Christine #18

  8. Gorgeous cards and well done with the jigsaws too, what fun. Sadly there are many events like that cancelled and I just hope it doesn’t put an end to them for good, fingers crossed. Have a lovey creative woyww, Angela x19x

  9. Nice to see you back on the desks – I have been missing the last couple of weeks too. The snow jigsaw looks fiendish and I love your cards. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#9)

  10. Nice to have you back Margaret! I’ve indulged myself in a jigsaw as well – out of schedule as I normally only do them around Christmas. Three weeks actually sounds pretty fast to me! Lovely cards and the steam engine looks wonderful! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #20

  11. love the card, anyone would love to receive it, I love a jigsaw but waiting to get sorted here before getting on,

    Take care ands stay safe,

  12. Glad you are back! Lovely cards Margaret – I’ve been busy with my little ATCs so hope we can post out soon. Annie and I will post together. xx Jo

  13. Your cards are gorgeous – I am in love with the wisteria die, I do have a soft spot for that beautiful plant. I had to smile when you said the jigsaw was faster than the snooker – it feels like snooker has been on the TV forever (and that is said with great feeling as my husband follows it, and I don’t!!).
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana xx #24

  14. Glad to see you back. Great puzzles. I can understand why the one took 3 weeks! Have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #27

  15. Good to see you back. Well done with the card making and the jigsaws. We still have a tricky jigsaw on the go but it’s slow going. I’ve been too busy sewing and having painty fun to feel like doing jigsaws. Hope the grandsons surgery is nothing serious and it’s soon done an£ healing goes well for him.
    Annie x #11

  16. I love your die-cut cards, Margaret – very striking and stylish. Your desk does look very tidy! The jigsaws both look fiendishly difficult, and I’m with you on remembering most of those products! That does date us somewhat, doesn’t it! Mum always used to use Omo and Lux flakes.

    Thank you for your visit and for your good wishes re my boob lump. I’ve got an appointment tomorrow afternoon with the nurse practitioner at the surgery and she will decide whether it warrants being referred on. It’s just been one thing after another with my health in recent years…

    The kitty throw has to be pretty huge (8 x 10 squares) to provide ample coverage of my hubby’s new chair. It’s getting pretty unwieldy to work on now! I added another four squares (column 8) this p.m. while he was out, and hope to do some more tonight.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #16

  17. Love the dolphin card but then I love dolphins. I see them sometimes swimming past, one of the joys living on the coast. Congrats on the jigsaw, I have given up on one somehting I don’t think I have every done before. Ani #26

  18. Fabulous cards and impressed by the amount you are making. You have reminded me that I still have a jigsaw half finished in it’s carrier bag – better get on with it! Hugs, Chris #32

  19. Hello Margaret, I often seem to lose a week or two – how does that happen – but it doesn’t seem possible you haven’t been here for a month! Looks like you have been busy with your card making though. Love both the puzzles – and I think I remember most of the stuff on the second one as well! Have a good week, stay well, stay safe, Cindy #14

  20. Oh, and to answer your question – ‘bottomless’ just means unlimited, usually within a time frame ie a 2 hour slot and for a fixed price. Doesn’t have to refer to alcohol though TBH it usually does. Cx

  21. Hi Margaret, Lovely seeing your work space and cards etc. I am back on WOYWW after being missing for 8 years – am looking forward to catching up with all the talented people moving forward. Stay safe & well Maurs #33 xxx

  22. First of all I hope the grandson’s surgery is nothing too serious and all will be well with him. Secondly what a lovely photo that is of the family.
    My you have been busy again with card making and that die cutting machine has been at it working hard for you.
    Love the jigsaws, can imaging the advert one was the easier to do and what fun spotting all of those different products from times gone by.

  23. Trying to catch up on commenting – it is already Friday! The problem is because we are 9 hours in front I can’t manage it on Wednesday and then the time just flies!
    Love that dolphin card! I think I remember all those products in the jigsaw too…

    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #25

  24. you referring to to the snooker match made me giggle…. I watched the match and spend an awful lot of time in front of the telly indeed! I love your jigsaw puzzle too, with all those colours. Your cards are fab also, great job! Thanks for visiting my blog the other day, enjoy your weekend. Hug from Holland, Marit #28

  25. Happy belated WOYWW, Love seeing what’s on your desk and that jigsaw with all the old products on it looks like maybe it could be tricky or maybe not. Thanks for dropping by Elle #32

  26. HI Margaret, Sorry I’m so late. Sometimes I feel like going AWOL too, but then I worry no one will miss me! Tuesday snuck up on me so fast, for some reason my days are so busy, I don’t spend a lot of time at the computer anymore. Your cards are beautiful, I’m very impressed! I’m sad to say I haven’t stepped foot in my craft room this week, only one more day till WOYWW for this week, so I better do something! Take care, Lindart #34

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