Month: April 2021



Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and having enjoyed Easter this year. I certainly did – taking the opportunity after being with my church family in a service of Resurrection celebration, to head off into the sunshine and the mountains. Saw all the tops with beautiful blue sky…. and five minutes later…. down came the cloud cover and they all disappeared! How fast things change there in the mountains – no wonder people train there for climbing in the Himalayas! So, what else have I been up to in the past fortnight? Not a huge amount is the answer… but here are my efforts…


… made a birthday card


… finally gave the poor wee lad on the right a head, hat and bobble! Then finished the boy on the left. Really getting somewhere now.


… agreed with Julia when she sent me this jigsaw, that it was incredible fun to do! It was. If anyone in Britain fancies having a go at this… let me know and I will post it on to you.

… and that, folks, is about the sum total of my creativity this past two weeks. I have managed to do a bit of knitting, but not a great deal – back and front of the sweater are done, and I am halfway up the first sleeve. A lot of my time has been spent with my head in study books, as I was asked if I could expand the devotions I had done, to become more “chapter ” than two pages… phew! It was like writing my thesis all over again – and that was done 50 years ago!!!

So that’s me done this week, folks – just a photo of this glorious country where I live!! NOT taken last Sunday, but a couple of years ago. A small waterfall dropping down from the mountain into Llyn Ogwen.


Do take care of yourselves. I will endeavour to visit everyone. I do come peek at those on twitter… but am unable to comment because I don’t do the social media thingies – but I assure you I peek! God bless each one of you.


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