Hello my friends. It’s been a busy week here on the North Wales Coast – the cross stitch has moved forward by quite a huge chunk (but not yet phottographed); I have actually made a couple of cards (but only one photographed); finished a jigsaw (sorry folks – it’s just the way my brain works which means I do them quickly); sorted all my dies out so they are more logical; been back to worship in our church building (which was precious); contemplated getting some plants for my garden (but not actioned yet!). and thought about going away for a few days soon (but not until I can cross the border and pick up the caravan). The things that haven’t altered at all are the scraperboard and the desk on the landing – nothing more has been done, and there is nothing different about the desk – hence no photo. So here are my efforts…

Sorry about the shadow bottom left!

And quite honestly – that’s it this week – so let’s see if I can find you a Welsh view…


A view, taken some time ago, from Conwy town walls, looking toward the castle and the bridges over the River Conwy. The walls were built in the shape of a Celtic harp around the town, and it is possible to walk right the way round, looking down into the houses and gardens.

So there you have it folks. Do take care of yourselves. God bless you.


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  1. Yes things are moving forward slowly, lets hope people are sensible so it can continue as planned. Love the jigsaw view and of course your photo of Conwy, I’m looking forward to seeing that view again for real, beautiful place.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #12

    1. You’ve had a busy week, Margaret, I’m glad things are slowly moving forward as well. We’d love to get away for a few days too, but it’s fantasy for us at present.
      Your view of Conwy is lovely
      Take care, stay safe and happy WOYWW
      Lynnecrafts 17

  2. It looks so beautiful up there! We’d love to be able to get to North Wales and we might even attempt it this summer – we’ve got to make the most of the Welsh house until we can put it back on the market (west Wales though so still a long way from you!) Sending Spring blessings, Lisa-Jane #7

  3. Now look I’m feeling all guilty again as I still haven’t made room for my new jigsaws. The photograph is gorgeous, it’s a lovely part of the country. Take care my friend and have a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  4. I love Conwy, it’s one of my favourite little towns in Wales and that’s a really great photo! Glad you’re thinking about resuming normal service (well, I say normal….. *grin*), definitely a glimmer of hope on the horizon. I’m good after my jab yesterday, no reaction apart from a slightly achy arm!
    Hugs LLJ 10 xxx

  5. Love the birthday card, and the jigsaw is a beautiful image but looks a bit of a nightmare to do with all that sky and the similar colours! So glad you have got back to your Church, it’s nice that things are slowly moving forward and we can start tentatively planning ahead.
    Hope you have a good week,
    Diana xx #24

  6. Oh that snowy photo is breath taking – lovely card. I hope you are soon able to get out and about a bit more – it would be lovely to get back to a bit of “normality”. xx Jo

  7. Such a beautiful photo of the town. You have been busy creating and I am always impressed with how quickly you can put a jigsaw puzzle together.
    Sandra de @23

  8. You do complete those puzzles remarkably quickly, Margaret! Just as well, as you’ll need to move on to something more “Springy” now! Great photo – if Wales has anything plenty of, it’s historic castles! I love them all and the history behind them! Hope you can soon start doing all the things you’re planning to do! Happy Wednesday! xx zsuzsa #28

  9. Margaret, you are the Puzzle Guru!!!! You get those guys put together at Marvel speeds!! LOL I love puzzles too, but it takes me a bit longer! I love the snow scene in that card! I know a lot of folks are ready for the snow to go away, but as we don’t get any here, it looks so inviting!! I always love your “dreamy” shots of Wales. It’s on my Bucket List, that will probably remain there, but your pictures make me want to go even more! Who knows, mayble I’ve have some long lost Auntie leave me some money and I can take a trip! LOLOL Until then, keep the photos coming! Blessings to you and thank you so much for stopping round at my desk! Felicia #25

  10. Great jigsaw, Margaret. You’ve got a lot more patience than me – I’m hopeless at them!! Thank you for your visit, and — thought not!!! Hahaha!!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #22

  11. So glad you have been able to get back into church Margaret. Our church building opens on 18 April so until then it is all online still. I can’t wait until we are able to actually all sing together again, but a while to wait for that. Great jigsaw and lovely card. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  12. That was an interesting fact about the wall around Conwy . Our church opens this Sunday too, but they don’t want too many to go. No singing of course.. that is a lovely card, love the birthday die. Have a great week and happy WOYWW Angela #3

  13. It’s been a busy day for me so I’m late doing my visits…better late than never eh?
    It’s good to hear life is returning to a little nearer normal for you…please stay safe.
    Annie x #13

  14. HI Margaret, ooh that puzzle is beautiful, challenging but beautiful. Love the view of the countryside too 🙂 that is a very pretty card. ~Stacy #31

  15. Wow, such a beautiful view! I am so impressed with your puzzle skills! My brain just can’t focus for that long! Your card is beautiful, did you take the photo? It must feel so good to start getting back to “normal”! Yes it sad that Hibiscus flowers only last one day, but it has already gifted us with another one! Thanks for your visit, have a great week, Lindart #30

  16. Hello Margaret. I’m late again, sounds like a broken record doesn’t it. Would love yo be able to come to Llandudno again and walk along the prom! Have fond memories of Conwy as well. Not been since we came for the crop. Happy days. Take care. Anne x #26

  17. Oh my goodness the walls in the shape of a harp!! Must go google that. I’ve nearly finished my jigsaw too, know when I start I can’t stop, but not done one since January and have one lent to me by a friend the day before lockdown still to do, so thanks for the offer but not right now.

    God is saying, stop and smell the roses, wait a while and then regroup, Personally I haven’t found this past year too bad, getting back out there might be more of a problem for me. Oh so precious to be back at church for you. I’ll be going along for our church’s Holy Spirit Evening on Tuesday having done the Alpha course online. Done it before but asked husband and son to sit in on the You Tube talks each week even though they wouldn’t join in on the zoom discussions afterwards. Hubby has done it before as well. I have put my name down to help at the new baby toddlers and also the children’s Sunday ministry both now my shoulder is mostly mended. My son has just got his first job. God is certainly working.

    Sorry I’m a bit late this week but I was digging a pond Wednesday then food shopping and trying to source some plants yesterday whilst the boys replaced some fence panels then I had to go clear up the garden AGAIN. Thanks for the visit BJ#9

  18. Sounds like things are slightly opening up over there. It’s the same here. We’re still staying home for the most part but considering doing some travel over our Spring Break. We’ll see. Sorry for the late visit. I hope you have a great week. Dorlene #33

  19. Good morning, Margaret!
    Sitting with a cuppa and thought I’d get my visits round before I start my day. Maybe not a desk but lovely what you’ve shared. The scenic photos you ladies share make me want to visit your countries even more. The Irish wanderlust in me, I guess., or maybe just my love of history and all things well-preserved. My sister has been doing lots of puzzles recently. Something she really enjoys since no longer having to wear glasses. I love puzzles just not enough hours in the day. Hugs & Creative Blessings! ~Kelly #29

  20. Sorry I am so late but back is really bad plus I have had 267 spam comments to delete since Wednesday. So time consuming, especially when you don’t feel like bothering. Someone obviously is targeting me.
    Thanks for the info about the castle walls being in the shape of a harp. All the times I have visited and never knew that.
    Lovely jigsaw, would take me ages – I just do little ones on the internet. Sometimes struggle with those.
    I bet Emmanuel was as pleased to see you as you were to see it. How lovely when yu can go back properly – such a lovely lot of people.
    Take care and get that caravan and start to travel.
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  21. Our first year for not doing Jigsaws, never ordered or shopped for a few new ones and the ones I have are still together waiting if I’ll frame or box up. I love seeing photos of the areas. I’d love to visit. A little late with the visit, but between 2 days of router issues and time away I’m still trying to get printers in sync. Thanks for your visit. . Enjoy the weekend.

  22. Hello Margaret!! Love that photograph, what a beautiful view. Hubby has done a few jigsaws this last year, he’s on a very difficult one at the moment and keeps moaning about it. Guess who bought it? hee hee. Where jigsaws are concerned I have discovered I don’t play well with others – it’s my jigsaw or I’m not interested. Oh to go on a trip!! Trying to arrange a couple of days with my friend who has been on her own all this time – she’s desperate for a change of scenery!! Happy belated WOYWW, stay well, stay safe, love n hugs, Cindy #27

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