Hello my friends. I didn’t make it here last week – too many things to do, and not sufficient hours in which to do them. I had all the photos ready… but I knew I wouldn’t have time to come visiting – so opted not to even post.

However. I do trust this week finds you well, busy, and enjoying life. My desk this past fortnight has undergone several re-makes! Kevin was able to come round, fully masked up, to work on my old computer and John’s. So, from having a posh new one in the study plus two on my desk on the landing – suddenly it was purely one old one on the landing. Then this morning (Tuesday) I was able to remove that one as well, clean everywhere, and put my Gemini and dies where only a few days ago sat two ancient computers. Wahoo!! This means the study now is scarily clean, too, and empty!

Last week!
The study
This week

This is the landing desk today. I am still trying out some of the things John used to do – and to that end, I recently bought a scraperboard kit. Have been having a bit of a go… not sure I like the kit, but am learning the techniques – so that’s good. We await the results! Also on the desk are the binoculars and a bird book. Some unusual birds the past few weeks – so I have been checking them out. We have at least 2 little egrets, herons, many curlews, oyster catchers, buzzard … glorious to stand there and watch them all. Don’t know what the folks in the bungalows below me think… oops.

So, what have I been up to the past two weeks, apart from gazing out of the window! I have a commission for 50 cards – so have been tackling those, nearly up to 40 so far. I have done a couple of jigsaws. And I have had mixed success with the cross stitch. Week 1 Day 1 – put a load of stitches in for the little dog. Day 2 – took them all out. Day 3 – put them back in the right place! This week has been more successful, and the dog is complete, some of the boy far left has been started, and the poor wee lad on the right still has no head, but is beginning to have a hat.


So that’s about it from the North Wales coast this week everyone. We are now permitted to take our car to exercise – so long as we keep to about 5 miles driving. So yesterday a friend and I went up the Little Orme (hill not mountain), to Angel Bay, and watched the seals. Then today I headed off to Llandudno’s West Shore, walking in a fair old gale – no good showing you the photos – they would make you seasick! Couldn’t hold the camera still enough to get a decent shot. So, instead… here’s a photo of the Ffestiniog Railway and the Welsh Highland railway – not running at the moment – but I do hope it will soon be able to re-open. Taken a couple of years ago at Porthmadog Station, the green engine is coming round to hitch up to our carriages and we will be heading North to Caernarfon, whereas the red engine will soon be heading off for Blaenau Ffestiniog. So many of you comment on these photos of Wales – they seem to bring back many happy memories for you – I’m thrilled – ‘cos I LOVE it here!!! I feel very blessed to live in such a glorious part of Wales.


So that’s it this week, folks. I will be round to visit – it may take a few days, but I’ll get to you! Take care everyone. God bless you all.


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  1. I remember taking our boys to the slate mines at Blaenau having taken the train from Porthmadog Margaret. you have been busy! Good luck with the last 10 cards. Stay safe. Sarah #6

  2. The desks are looking great. I love the jigsaws too. My in-laws live not far from the little Orme (almost at the foot of it) so when I go and see them next (whenever we are allowed), maybe I can pop over and say Hi! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#11)

  3. Good grief that snowy jigsaw looks tricky! The bottom one is much more my type. I’ve got my bag packed and ready by the door for the moment we are allowed back into Wales. Our poor cottage needs to go back on the market after last year’s disaster of going on 3 weeks before lockdown. Loving the work on the cross stitch – I have a very old large one that went badly wrong and I just don’t know what to do with it! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

  4. Good that you have the IT sorted – not much point keeping old computers – I struggled with an old laptop still running Windows 7 just trying to use it in the conservatory for streaming – I gave up before I lost all my hair LOL. The cross stitch is taking shape nicely now – I can see the scene emerging! You must be spending a lot of time on those jigsaws – or perhaps you’re just very quick! Good that you can get around now – to be honest, I don’t see much evidence of a lockdown around here – roads are as busy as ever! Have a lovely week Margaret and congrats on snatching the #1 spot – something I’ve never even attempted LOL! xx zsuzsa #21

  5. What a busy fortnight you’ve had. Lovely to hear the lockdown rules are reducing so you can get to your favourite places. Pleased for you that the computers are sorted and you’ve now got spare spaces to fill….I’m sure you will soon fill them .
    Annie x #14

  6. The gales were bad down here too, the seagulls were going past backwards!! :-D. Glad you managed to get out, we haven’t as yet but it’s a trip down to Cefn Sidan beach this afternoon. Hooray to having one new computer up and working and for all that space, that was a bit scary! There is nothing so frustrating than unpicking cross stitch, it’s so fiddly but sometimes it’s just gotta be done. Hope the rest goes ok!
    HUgs LLJ 2 xxx

  7. Hi Margaret. Love the bottom jigsaw, it looks like my ideal home, a fireplace I love; dogs and cats; a big room , Welsh dresser in the hall and wooden beams. Looks a perfect place to me! I didn’t realise we could drive 5 miles for exercise. That means my sister and I can resume our walks together. Although she is in the middle of moving house at the moment! That’s a big commission- 50 cards! Have a great week Angela #17

  8. Hello Margaret good to see you. How tidy is that work space? I hate cleaning per se, but I always think a good old tidy up, re-organisation and clean is good for the soul. Gets the positive chi flowing!! Great railway pictures, Wales does look so lovely, it’s on our list when we can start planning trips again. Happy WOYWW, have a good week, stay well, stay safe, Cindyxx #22

  9. Knowing you you will have the other ten cards finished by now – you really have quick and nimble fingers.
    Love the jigsaws you do, I could never attempt one that size, only do the smaller ones on the internet but they keep me busy just before I go to sleep.
    Glad to see the IT side of things has been sorted, you should have saved some bits from the old computers, I had a great time doing some mixed media bits with some green things (not a clue what they were but I liked them).
    Take care and enjoy your walks now.
    Hugs, Neet 15 xx

  10. Me again! Meant to answer your question – yes I am very relieved to have done all those WIPs and as I have decided not to run classes any more hopefully I won’t get in such a state again! Mind you, the NBUS are weighing on my mind now!!

  11. Wow! 50 cards is an undertaking ~ good for you!1 The jigsaw puzzles are pretty too. It’s terrific to get rid of old stuff and have more room on your workspace to enjoy. I find it really interesting to hear the different restriction levels around the world ~ I hope you have more freedom soon ~ Blessings to you! Karen#29

  12. Hi Margaret – your post about trips out reminded me of this https://www.plasbrondanw.com/open-again/ .Maxine had her wedding in the Orangery here. It was a pretty little place and a nice cafe if you are out and about and want somewhere to call off. I guess its a bit too far afield for you just now though. You sound to have been very busy and will be glad to get your computers sorted. All looking neat and tidy there. xx Jo

  13. Margaret, my goodness, you are a busy lady!! I don’t know how you keep it all sorted and get it all done!! 50 cards????? EEEEEK! That makes me sweat just thinking about it!! I do have two commissions on the schedule that I haven’t even started……much less 50!!! LOLOL So glad you were FINALLY able to get your workspace sorted!! I know it’s been a long time coming!! And it looks wonderful! I laughed out loud about the poor lad without a head! LOL Your puzzles are gorgeous! I would love to get back into puzzling, but I have absolutely nowhere to put one together!! They are so much fun!! Your pictures of Wales are always gorgeous and so glad you are able to get back out there even if it is only a short minute away from you! Simply beautiful, your country! Blessings for the rest of your week! Felicia #27

  14. Hi Margaret, busy lady!. I used to buy the scraperboards but I never really felt comfortable with them Your jigsaws are great and well done in completing them. Beautiful photo of the trains too. Have a happy woyww, Angela x18x

  15. How nice to be able to spread out on your desk! No idea what a scraperboard is, I’ll have to search it out. Great puzzles and looks like you’ve been keeping very busy.
    Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #23

  16. Oops…. I realized I answered LLJ’s comment about daylight savings here by accident. Oh well. I bet that confused you for a moment!
    Carol N #23

  17. It sounds as if you’ve been really busy lately, Margaret. Always good to send the old computers to the place the computers go to die… Lots of nice space to use for other things now!

    Thank you for your visit – yes, still a fair bit to do on the throw but it’s been fun, fun, fun all the way through this particular project so it’s no hardship.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #20

  18. Wow! That is a space! I had a quick look back through your posts – what a difference! Time is flying – although pleased to say we have been out for a few walks lately – out for our first National Trust visit tomorrow ! Looking forward to going further afield one day!
    We’ve been enjoying jigsaws too – that snowy one of yours look really difficult! Hugs, Chris#33

  19. Hi Margaret, love the pic of the train. We took that rail trip last time we were in Wales and we loved it too. Living your very clear desks but wondering how long they will stay like that, especially when you are so busy cardmaking. I remember trying out scraperboard art at school many decades ago. I managed a tree scene – trees were my strength back then. Thanks for the reassurance re the EM’s scooter. I’m hoping it will help us visit our favourite places when the restrictions are eased. Have a lovely week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #22

  20. HI Margaret, goodness you’ve been busy – so much going on and still a tidy desk! Well done for getting all those cards done, trying new things and still finding time to get out and blow the cobwebs away. Sometimes it feels like the more you squeeze in the more time you have – on the other hand, sometimes it feels to me like I spent a whole day doing nothing. I’ll get the hang of this retirement business eventually 🙂 Have a good week, Annie C #25

  21. Hi Margaret! It’s exactly one year today for me, when I left my job at my doctors request. I did sleep in a hotel for a few nights at my DD’s wedding, but that’s it. And no one other than hubby and I have entered my house in a year! Hopefully all this will be over soon.
    So nice to get such big birds! And to go and see some seals! Awesome! Your puzzle ability amazes me. We haven’t finished the one we started in December 2019, LOL! Your desk looks lovely and clean, hopefully you can fill it up with crafty things! Thanks for your visit, Lindart #31

  22. So glad to hear the computer situation is finally sorted and that you were able to have help too. Look forward to seeing the scraper board results.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#9

  23. I have to laugh! Our house is where old technology goes to die. We have some crazy old stuff but hubby is always loathe to get rid of it, mostly cause he finds it hard to make time to properly wipe the hard drives so no data is recoverable or take the hard drives out. I cannot wait for the lifting of restrictins – I got my letter to say from 1 April I no longer have to shield ! Yay, Already checking the weather reports to plan a garden meet up with a knitting buddy. Love the train – spent a LOT of time at train place with my son the Thomas fan. It brings back such memories.

    Crazy week, so late..
    Mary Anne (4)

  24. Sorry I’m late! I have been and riden on the fes..fff frestiniog Railway a few times, lovely country, Many a happy camping holiday! But it did rain a lot! I have a friend who would love your puzzle with the collies, she has one and I’m sure I remember she had a puzzle laid out…but knew one was missing because the dog had eatten it!! Well, I’m off to do a tiny bit of gardening before dinner! Stay Safe! Keep crafting. Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #19

  25. Sorry I am so late visiting. Lovely to see your tidy desks, the jigsawas and one of the great little trains of Wales!
    You have been busy!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #11

  26. Hello Margaret, I am so very late visiting. You have certainly been busier than me! Lost my mojo a little. Though today I have done lot of preparation for my Easter cards. Take care. Anne x 28

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