Hello my friends. I do trust you are well, and seeing the beginnings of Spring where you live. It has been utterly glorious here, and a real pleasure to be outside. I do thank you all for your concern last week, over the fact that I had not had my vaccination. It was so precious of you to be so concerned for me. Take heart! I had been in touch with both my local booking hub and my surgery – and was finally given a date for last Friday. So, number 1 achieved!

However, you are here to see what is on my desk – and… good grief… the mojo is beginning to return! Work has been done on the desk on the landing. I have made my portion of the Easter cards assigned to me. I have now passed on the stamp for the inside sentiment to our Camilla for her to stamp hers, then it will go on to the third friend to finish all hers. So, my desk on Tuesday…


… from the right to the left… some peel-offs that had hearts on them, transfers of phrases, one finished card – a test run to see if my idea worked! – brushes, inks, baby wipe, sentiment stamp, and at the far left, a pile of ready cut watercolour paper. So, what was I making?


I used a metal ruler as a mask, and used the dib, dab, dust method of marking the cross on the watercolour paper. The texture on the paper made it actually quite effective! A small heart was placed in the centre of the cross, with appropriate words beneath. This was all mounted on gold card, then put onto the card base. The sentiment we decided on for the inside was the beautiful Aaronic blessing. The company Circa design had made this stamp when I asked if they had one. It works well. They are a great company and always looking for new sentiment ideas from their customers. They have actually produced two stamps for me now, which they have added to their website.

It is my youngest grandson’s 15th birthday next week, so as well as making Easter cards, I have had the challenge of a birthday card. When John was alive he would have made the most beautiful pyrography design, or scraperboard… but I have never done those. However… I suddenly decided that if I was going to continue to keep all John’s art materials, then I had to get my act together and try them out! So….


Not the best of photographs, but my very first effort at Pyrography!!! I confess I chose a design which didn’t involve too much shading, but am reasonably enough pleased with my effort to actually send it to him! Let me show you some of John’s work, and you will see what a hard act I have to follow – hence my hesitation in even trying this art form!

The three round pictures are 10inch place mats, the two square ones are 4inch drinks coasters. Brilliant work. He made so many things over the years. I must do some more – I enjoyed it!

Just a little something to titivate the senses… A view, taken some years back on an afternoon in Conwy – a small town about 7 miles from my house. Taken from the harbour wall, looking across the estuary to Deganwy. Just so lovely…


So, that’s it folks, here on the North Wales coast. Not a lot more cross stitch done – too many internet hassles with one of the devotions I have prepared (our Camilla and I reckon it is now sorted, fortunately!) – and not a lot more knitting achieved. Oh well – there’s always this coming week.

Do take care of yourselves, and stay safe. God bless you all.


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