Hello my friends. I do trust you are well, and seeing the beginnings of Spring where you live. It has been utterly glorious here, and a real pleasure to be outside. I do thank you all for your concern last week, over the fact that I had not had my vaccination. It was so precious of you to be so concerned for me. Take heart! I had been in touch with both my local booking hub and my surgery – and was finally given a date for last Friday. So, number 1 achieved!

However, you are here to see what is on my desk – and… good grief… the mojo is beginning to return! Work has been done on the desk on the landing. I have made my portion of the Easter cards assigned to me. I have now passed on the stamp for the inside sentiment to our Camilla for her to stamp hers, then it will go on to the third friend to finish all hers. So, my desk on Tuesday…


… from the right to the left… some peel-offs that had hearts on them, transfers of phrases, one finished card – a test run to see if my idea worked! – brushes, inks, baby wipe, sentiment stamp, and at the far left, a pile of ready cut watercolour paper. So, what was I making?


I used a metal ruler as a mask, and used the dib, dab, dust method of marking the cross on the watercolour paper. The texture on the paper made it actually quite effective! A small heart was placed in the centre of the cross, with appropriate words beneath. This was all mounted on gold card, then put onto the card base. The sentiment we decided on for the inside was the beautiful Aaronic blessing. The company Circa design had made this stamp when I asked if they had one. It works well. They are a great company and always looking for new sentiment ideas from their customers. They have actually produced two stamps for me now, which they have added to their website.

It is my youngest grandson’s 15th birthday next week, so as well as making Easter cards, I have had the challenge of a birthday card. When John was alive he would have made the most beautiful pyrography design, or scraperboard… but I have never done those. However… I suddenly decided that if I was going to continue to keep all John’s art materials, then I had to get my act together and try them out! So….


Not the best of photographs, but my very first effort at Pyrography!!! I confess I chose a design which didn’t involve too much shading, but am reasonably enough pleased with my effort to actually send it to him! Let me show you some of John’s work, and you will see what a hard act I have to follow – hence my hesitation in even trying this art form!

The three round pictures are 10inch place mats, the two square ones are 4inch drinks coasters. Brilliant work. He made so many things over the years. I must do some more – I enjoyed it!

Just a little something to titivate the senses… A view, taken some years back on an afternoon in Conwy – a small town about 7 miles from my house. Taken from the harbour wall, looking across the estuary to Deganwy. Just so lovely…


So, that’s it folks, here on the North Wales coast. Not a lot more cross stitch done – too many internet hassles with one of the devotions I have prepared (our Camilla and I reckon it is now sorted, fortunately!) – and not a lot more knitting achieved. Oh well – there’s always this coming week.

Do take care of yourselves, and stay safe. God bless you all.


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  1. Love those Easter cards Margaret – so simple but meaningful. So glad you have had your fisrt jab finally. Great first attempt at pyrography too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  2. Elegant simple but lovely cards! How nice to find a company so receptive to customer ideas. Glad you managed to get your jab! Your card for your grandson is beautiful. Best of luck to you in carrying on John’s craft. I am sure you will improve with time – his work is lovely, and that butterfly is stunning for sure, so give it time.

    Happy desk hopping’ day!
    Mary Anne (1)

  3. Well done on the pyrography…and super Easter cards. What a lovely design! Have always liked to visit Conwy…
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susna #2

  4. Oh my, work on the landing! A deadline is always the best motivation! I love your idea for the cards, very successful, and a lovely text for the inside too. Great idea to keep the insides the same across all the cards,m,pmakes a good and doubtless connection to church. Your members will love them. Well done on the pyrography, I think you’ve done an amazing job. John’s work has that skill in it that makes you think it must be relatively easy, but I’ve tried it and I know it isn’t! Wonderful picture of the harbour at Conwy, what a little gem of a place. Won’t it be lovely this summer when we can select a place to stroll around.

  5. Crikey Margaret you’re on fire woman. Send some of that fizz upto Lancashire will you..
    Well done on the pyrography. Another string to your bow.
    You’ve made me smile this morning. Thank you.
    Lynn xx 15

  6. Glad to see that mojo kicked back in and so happy to read about the vaccine, here’s to the second!! Loving the pyrography, always loved those clean lines, great work Margaret.
    Your Easter cards are fab, the cross design is very clever.
    That pic of Conwy brought back very happy memories, I spent my 40th Birthday in Conwy with my family, happy days.. Safe Hugs & Happy WoywW Tracey #14

  7. I love Conwy, it’s such a pretty and interesting little town to walk around – that’s a really nice pic! How lovely that you’ve been jabbed and Mr Mojo has come back, those Easter cards are fab. Thank you for the offer of some cards but I’m a bit inundated at the moment (I feel very ungrateful saying that, sorry)
    Please could you email me Margaret, I don’t seem to have your email address, I’ll send you the details then.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxxx

  8. Good that you finally got your jab, Margaret! I was going to send you a link to the central hub in England to book an appointment, but then I realised you were in Wales, so it wouldn’t have worked. I can’t believe that’s your first attempt at Pyrography. It looks amazing! Lovely cards as well. Unfortunately the warm weather will not hold – they’re talking about the big freeze now! I remember there was one in March last year as well and all the new shoots on my Rhododenron dropped off – they came back though. Winter can’t last forever! Enjoy your week! xx zsuzsa #22

  9. I bought a pyrography kit last year. Have I used it yet? No! Well, I had a try on some bits of old pallet wood, but soon discovered that you have to use really smooth wood, which I don’t have. I shall use the sentiment stamp today and pass it on to Denise tonight. xx

  10. Hi Margaret, elegant Easter cards and both yours and John’s pyrography is great. You really have something to live up to, those badgers were stunning!
    I’m glad your mojo is back.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 11

  11. Gorgeous Easter cards Margaret, so elegant and beautful. I’m so glad the mojo is returning and your pyrography is lovely – I bet that card will be treasured. Your husbands art work is truly stunning – what an incredible skill he had.
    Hope you have a good week, stay safe and well,
    Diana xx #20

  12. Oh wow Margaret! You definitely SHOULD do more pyrography if that is your first attempt. I think it looks very professional and I’m sure John would be proud. His work is incredible too. Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #7

  13. Hi there Margaret – yes wouldn’t it be great if these fancy new washing machines could do something practical like fold the dried washing? We can dream I suppose, I’m still waiting for anyone else in the family to be able to get it out the drum…… How adventurous of you to try out the pyrography!! You did very well but I do agree John’s work is a hard act to follow! Love the subtlety of those easter cards as well. Good to hear you have had your 1st vaccination. Have a great week, stay well stay safe, love n hugs, Cindy x #18

  14. Super lighthouse you’ve done a great job there. I saw some pyrography on Ali’s desk last week so you aren’t alone in this endeavour. John’s items are gorgeous, certainly something to strive for. Love the cards too, would be good to see the blessing you used as I’m not familiar with it – probably could Google it I suppose – LOL.

    As for my photos the Family Album has 35 pages so allows for 70 LO’s. After it’s initial construction I add to it EACH YEAR – of photos of the 3 of us. So up to my new ones I had done 37 LOs and just did the 2 for last year to make it 39 in total. So nothing spectacular.

    Thanks for the visit BJ#13

  15. Ah Margaret your little pyrography lighthouse is really lovely – but then you had a good teacher. John’s artwork is stunning. I think I like the badgers best although the owl comes a close second! thanks for sharing. Glad to hear about your jab too. xx Jo

  16. Your Easter cards are stunning!! What a wonderful way to portray the Cross! And I love your wood burning. John did a beautiful job! I did some as a child but never did I do this good! Glad all is well with you! Thanks for popping by! Have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #24

  17. Margaret, you are simply the sweetest lady and it just comes out in your posts!! So glad you finally got the first round. We all have to look out for one another, don’t we!!!? You must stay healthy! 🙂 Your cards are gorgeous!! I love the cross effect that you got, so pretty and how about Circa Design producing two of your stamps???!!! How awesome is that! What a great company to reach out to folks like that!! Cardmakers know what they need and want so that was a brilliant idea for them!! I think your first round with the pyrography went well Margaret! So pretty! You keep at it and you will be a pro before long! I have dabbled in it a little bit, but nothing like John’s beautiful work! Love your photo, what a beautiful view!! You continue to stay safe and healthy Margaret!! Blessings to you! Felicia #26

  18. Hello Margaret, the pyrography is fabulous, love the badgers and the swan. Not something I have tried, I imagine you have to have a steady hand. Lovely photograph of the boats. Have a great week Angela #17

  19. Those cards are simply gorgeous! I may have to try something similar! John’s pyrography is amazing but yours is also lovely in its simplicity. Sorry I’m missing in action again this week – we have building work at ours and every evening I am having to move things round the house to make way for the next thing! I hope to be back next week. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. Caro xx

  20. Pleased to hear you’ve had your first vaccine Margaret that’s a relief. It surprises me that there are still people who don’t want it but I think they have read too many false information about it and thank goodness it looks as though it’s making a difference. The Pyrography pieces look lovely. Have a very creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  21. Wow! Those inked crosses are great. I love them and I’m sure your church family will too. Great photos on your post and I’m glad to see you got your appointment. I’m going to stand in a line on Friday to see if I can get one. Dorlene #30

  22. Your Easter cards are absolutely stunning, Margaret. Such a simple design but so effective. I love the limited colour palette and the touch of gold. Of course, having the Aaronic Blessing inside would be enough to do it for me! This has always affected me at a very deep level. I have it as a short song which I have sung on many occasions (unaccompanied) in Hebrew and English, and the Lord has used it to touch so many people, so it is very special.

    How absolutely lovely to see some of John’s work again! Do you remember that he gave me one, that time when you both came to visit us? I found it the other day when I was looking for some examples of Shaz’s work. I was remembering what fun we had – also at the craft show – remember the red rose? Happy days!

    I think it’s brilliant that you have taken up John’s pyrography tool. He would be so proud of you! Your first effort is brilliant, and what a lovely sentiment, too. I do hope we will see more of this in time. It must be quite a hard skill to master.

    Thank you for your visit – glad you like the progress on the cat blanket! There’s still quite a bit of work to do, but at least the end is in sight now that all 80 squares are finished. I think my hubby will be pleased with it!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #21

  23. I think your first try was fab! You’ve shown us your hubby’s wonderfully talented pieces, now show us his very first one…! Keep at it and I’m sure you will be as good as he was!
    The cards are very nice, I’m sure they will be appreciated by all. Thanks for your visit, have a wonderful week, and good luck with your jab! Lindart #29

  24. Hi Margaret, so pleased you have had your first jab – sounds like we were called for on the same day! I love the Easter cards – such a simple idea that looks absolutely stunning. Well done on your first attempt at Pyrography – it’s a great first effort. The work your husband did is fantastic – how wonderful to have a skill like that. Ah your photo of Conwy is making me itch to get out and about. We spent all my childhood holidays in Wales, with my father being Welsh, and then we took my girls there on our family hols when they were young … and now I’m taking my whole family this summer (fingers crossed). Have a lovely week, and stay safe, Heather xx #25

  25. Hi Margaret, oh so much to be pleased about, glad to hear you have gotten through for getting your shots out of the way and that looks amazing to me. The wood effect. and those Easter cards look amazing too 😉 ~Stacy #28

  26. That view from Conwy is a lovely reminder of many a holiday spent down there – days over there from the caravan in Treaddur. Beautiful

    Lovely cards, very classy, just perfect – I like simple and classy cards rather than something over fussy and these are definitely beautiful.

    Hugs, Neet 12 xx
    ps I do not remember the book Margaret – but I have some pyrography here from John.

  27. Hi Margaret
    Those cards are beautiful. How smart of you to use the ruler for masking! Genius! I also love the boat picture. Reminds me of a puzzle my mom and I put together when I was little. Loved all the contrasts of colors & shapes.

    I wonder if those temps had anything to do with the breeze from the warf. You live in such a pretty area.

    Thank you for thinking of me! Hugs Kelly #27

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