Hello my friends. Had a bright idea during the week – and it looks like it has borne fruit! The size of the font is now as it should be… Yay!!! I do trust this finds you well and safe. Despite being a woman of a certain age, I have not yet had my vaccination – and this morning, have learned that my YOUNGER daughter – aged 44 – has had hers today. HUH!! Grrr. (Love her really!) So I shall continue to stay home – and keep warm. Today is the complete opposite of Monday’s sunshine and high temperatures, when I was out walking in glorious weather. Oh well, it is still only February.

So, my desk today. I have done a load of sorting. The hardware is now tucked into a corner, and the rest of the desk tidy. It’s waiting for me to make some Easter cards. Three of us decided that everyone in the church should receive a card this year – so we would divide the church list between us and get cracking.


I know – it’s just not right is it, – an empty desk like that… but it will see some action soon, I trust! I have been busy in the lounge, though. The front of that pink and white sweater is now finished and I have started on the back, and one of Julia’s “fiendishly difficult” jigsaws has been done. Your comments about my jigsaw addiction are fabulous. I know I do them quickly – it’s just the way my brain works. I look at a single piece and can see just where it should go – no idea quite why my brain works like that… but there we go. This one, however, was different. Normally I start at the edges then set to on the inside. Oh no – not with this one. Start with the inside, then the border – and then the edges!


I have also been busy with the cross stitch. Again, your comments last week had me in tucks of laughter – one person even suggested that, actually, I was sewing a dragon… So, here’s a picture of the whole thing for you to gaze at… Sorry about the photo – the picture is taken from the pattern book – and it’s on shiny paper!


Ultimately, my stitching should look like the above – but on a larger canvas, so I can stitch the 24 numbers and small rings around the image in order for it to be an advent calendar. So far I have stitched the girl in the green coat, the baby on her shoulders, and part of the boy pushing the sledge. He hasn’t got a head yet, poor boy. Slow, but steady progress now the light is improving. The image will suddenly “pop” when I add the backstitch outlining – but I leave that until the end.


So that’s it from the North Wales coast on a wet and miserable Tuesday afternoon. The wind is blowing a hooley, and has already taken one of my fence panels! Can’t do anything about it until the wind drops and the shops open in order to get another panel. Good thing I get on with my neighbour.

Take care everyone. Stay safe. God bless you.


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  1. It is weird how the vaccination thing is going – I know of younger friends who’ve had theirs and I am still waiting (but at only 62 that’s ok,) I’d have thought you should be soon…. Loving the finished jigsaw and the ongoing advent cross stitch Take care and stay safe. helen #10

    1. That’s a lovely idea to do the cards for the church and it uses up some stash too – win win situation! That jigsaw is a cracker, I do them quickly too and can see where the pieces go but I haven’t got the holy for them at the moment. I’m trying to get that blanket finished!
      The wind is strong down here too, hope you manage to get the fence fixed soon!
      Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  2. You really need to get on to your GP or the national vaccination online booking site Margaret – you shouldn’t still be waiting for your vaccine. Our youngest gets his jab on Saturday as he works in a care home and finally booked his appointment. Love the latest jigsaw! The advent cross stitch is coming on really well too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #11

  3. These vaccinations are a bit all over the place with variations in different areas – maybe ‘Wales is different to England? Why I would not hazard a guess but ‘maybe’. Guess it will come when it will come which is how I regard the second one and the immunity does not set up for two weeks after and not fully until the second jab. then there is talk of the Oxford one needing a third – so confusing but I have stayed in for almost a year now, what will a few more months do? Thinking it will be after Autumn for me.
    I wonder what we will walk out too after all this isolation? Scary.
    On a nicer note your stitching is coming on lovely, looks as if it will be a very special Advent Calendar.
    The idea of the card making is a lovely one -mdo you need any help?
    Hugsm, Neet 13 xx.

  4. I think you should have a chat with your GP surgery too, i’m sure you should have had a notification by now Margaret, here’s hoping you get your vaccine very soon. I’d have started on the inside first with that jigsaw too, what a feeling that is when you place the last piece in. Yes the light certainly helps with stitching, I used to sew lots in front of the fire in Winter but now find Spring in much kinder on the eyes. Sending best wishes your way this WoywW Tracey #4

  5. Hi Margaret – ring your surgery – you should have had your jab by now. My mobile no. is linked to my surgery so I got my offer quickly. Let’s hope you can get “done” soon – it really is our only way out of this mess, I think. Your little cross stitch pic is going to be lovely – I just don’t have the patience for it but I love to see it. Great jig saw fun – how clever must your brain be – human brains are amazing and all so different! x Jo

  6. You should phone your GP, Margaret. I saw something on social media the other week (a Welsh site) saying that, if you hadn’t already had a vaccination and were over 70 to contact your GP.

    Well done on that jigsaw. I had a round one once, that was a plate of chow mein. Funnily enough I couldn’t actually eat a chow mein for ages afterwards!

  7. That corner of your desk looks like a hacker’s workstation, Margaret! I can see why you would start in the middle of that jigsaw – the edge is all the same colour! Well done you, it doesn’t look easy at all! When I worked on my circular puzzle, there were times when I would stare at it for half an hour without finding a single piece – then all of a sudden, bam, bam, bam I found a dozen pieces all at once – as if my mind needed that time to process the information. Very weird! Great progress on the cross stitch as well – I can now see where it’s going – I couldn’t work it out last week LOL! Have a lovely week, Margaret! xx zsuzsa #27

  8. I’ll echo the others – give the surgery a call. How luck of your daughter though! I couldn’t manage that jigsaw but I did manage to complete a 500 piece one this week that I was jolly pleased about. Do you enjoy the backstitching part of cross stitch? I love the way it comes to life but I find it very tedious!! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #14

  9. We are 67 and we had our vaccine about two weeks ago but we are also registered as carers for my mum so don’t know if that makes any difference but it should be your turn pretty soon. Loving the tidy desk and the Jigsaws too. I’m the other way round untidy desk and jigsaws still in their boxes. Have a lovely week and happy woyww, Angela x19x

  10. That is definitely a puzzler of a puzzle! WOW!
    I looked back at your sweater – gorgeous!
    Love the cross stitch! I still have a Christmas stocking to finish from years ago!
    Thanks for popping by and hope you get your shots soon!
    Carol N #3

  11. Sometimes it’s nice to sit and admire an empty desk.
    Before I start any project I have to start with a clear space. Clear space equals clear brain in my case.
    Hope, you get your jab soon Margaret.
    Take care
    Lynn xx 22

  12. I’m guessing your daughter isn’t in Wales as she’s got her vaccination before you, but I could be wrong. Curious that you haven’t had your call up yet, maybe you ought to make some enquires just in case they have missed you for some reason. I’m still not sure whether to have one or not as I don’t do well with any medications as am phobic about being sick.
    Oh my goodness I can see exactly why you had to do the jigsaw from the inside out! I’ve not done one since Christmas but have a friend’s one waiting for me when I get back into the jigsaw mode.
    Happy WOYWW and thanks for the visit BJ#1

  13. Hi Margaret, Is there an NHS site for Wales where you can book directly? I know it’s separate from England, but we’ve both had our 1st jabs. I’m in group 4 and my husband is in group 5. I hope you get yours soon.
    Your cross stitch is lovely, beautiful detail.
    Take care, stay safe and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 23

  14. Well done getting your desk organised, Margaret. It all looks very tidy. That jigsaw is amazing. I adore the National Gallery. I was trying to identify the pictures on the jigsaw but only managed the Arnolfini Marriage – one of my favourite paintings of all time – it is so mysterious. It’s the first one I featured in an album of fine art that I began several years ago but never finished – I also did Holbein’s “The Ambassadors” – another mysterious painting full of symbolism, that I love. One day I’ll get that album finished. The jigsaw does look very difficult. I love the ornate frame around all the paintings. Your cross stitch is coming on well, too.

    Thank you for visiting. The spring flowers are lovely, aren’t they. Yes – making good progress with the kitty throw. Today I’ve been working on the embroidery on the cat stitch squares and hope to get that stage finished tonight.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #15

  15. I’m really late in the day doing my visits this week…I’ve just crawled out from under a pile of Memory bears.
    Sorry to hear you’ve not had your vaccine yet…we’ve both had ours. Hope yours comes soon. Love how your x stitch is coming along.
    Annie x #18

  16. HI Margaret, I am smiling to see the stitching you have been up to and seriously I would have cried if someone gave me that puzzle. 🙂 funny how that works eh? ( have my fingers crossed you can get in for your shot soon) ~Stacy #34

  17. Very interesting that you did the puzzle inside out! I must admit to always starting with the edges…
    There seems no rhyme nor reason to the order of the vaccination programme. I have heard several stories similar to yours. The roll out has only just begun here in Victoria- but my husband and I must be still on an NHS database as we have both had texts and reminders to get the jabs in Derby. Here my husband is in one of the first vulnerable groups, being 70… but I am in a different category being 18 months younger. Will just have to wait and see! They soon caught up with us for bowel cancer tests!!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Susan #8

  18. Hi Margaret, have you phoned your doctors and asked about your vaccine? We had ours last Saturday, my husband had a phone call to book him in- he is two years older than me. He asked if I could go at the same time. It’s great your daughter has been able to have hers, some areas seem to be getting through the age groups quicker than others. I bet it’s cold and windy on the sea front! Angela #31

  19. Have your age peers locally had their jabs? I think it might be time to check in with your GP , dear gal. You’re not on the blower to them all the time, so they won’t mind at all. Gah, just seeing that gallery jigsaw has emended me…not a brilliant puzzle for dark days or bad night light, for sure! a we’re currently doing the gardening one that I photo’s for you the other day, it’s so much easier because it’s sooo busy! That’s a lovely undertaking for a church, yes my word, your bench will need to some action soon then…you’ll have them ready in good time, knowing you! Well done with the font size, it’s wonderful!

  20. Have you tried the online booking? http://www.nhs.uk/covid-vaccination ? If you CAN book it will let you do so. If you have your NHS number it’s faster. Good luck!

    Loving the x-stitch and that puzzle! OMG. I had one that was a large gum-ball machine, filled with many100s or coloured balls (but only about 6 or so different colours) and all on a large field of pure white. Dear lord it totally did my head in, that. This one looks a challenge but clearly you mastered it! Well done.

    Oh no! I’m late for WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  21. Hi Margaret! I feel for you re the vaccination – we were told yesterday not to expect over 60s to be vaccinated until JUNE! My Mom is 86, and her hubby is 90, and they haven’t been vaccinated yet either. Their group might get vaccinated in a week or so, but we’re not holding our breath. Its going very slowly here in Canada.
    You are so busy with so many great things! The cross-stitching is looking awesome, that puzzle is -well-WOW! And Easter cards for everyone? That’s a big job! Can’t wait to see them! Have a great week, thanks for your visit, Lindart #36

  22. Hello Margaret. Thanks for popping by. I really think you should contact GP or NHS as suggested above. You really should have received it.
    Well done with the jigsaw. Anne x 37

  23. Hi Margaret, sorry I’m so late! I agree with others, it’s worth checking in with your GP to make sure you don’t get missed, I thought they’d been saying on adverts that you should if you’re over 65 and haven’t yet received yours. How lovely to see your desk all tidy and organised and ready to be trashed! Good luck with the Easter cards. Have a great weekend. Annie C

  24. I’m hoping to get the vaccination next week. It will be a relief for sure. Good luck on the Easter cards. I look forward to seeing them! Sorry my visit is so late, but there is more time on the weekend for me to visit. Dorlene #33

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