Hello my friends. I was thinking this week about you all, and how saddened we all are about Shaz Silverwolf’s death – and it struck me forceably that the word “friends” is exactly how I see you all. I have been “meeting” with you all for several years – too many for this blog to still have online, as some early posts were lost when I had to change server – and so looked back. Every comment from Shaz was filled with encouragement. I met her in person for the first time on a Friday evening in November 2016. John and I had always said that we would go to the crop – but he never made it. So – in fear and trepidation – I decided to go down to Wiltshire (I had only had my car for a few days, and had never been to Wiltshire!!!) just 2 months after he died. Jan invited me to join her, G, Julia, Shaz and Doug for dinner on the Friday evening. Shaz obviously had been pre-warned I would be there, because Doug fell through the front door laden with goodies – two huge bags full of the most wonderful stash. She simply said she knew at lot of my work was for charity, so wondered if I could use any of it!! I have done, Shaz – thank you. So, just a couple of photos to show how I saw Shaz and Doug – she the hard worker and enabler, Doug an encourager.


I confess to having no desk shot this week as it looks exactly the same as last week – almost! Another layer has been added. The doorbell rang the other day for the delivery of a parcel… A complete surprise when I opened it. A prize give-away from a magazine. I have absolutely no memory of entering the competition – or when it was – but it’s a great prize. Nothing has yet been opened properly, though! Four 8×8 paper pads and five dies. They will be used when my mojo returns from an extended vacation – about the only one who CAN take a vacation at the moment!


But I have continued a little with the cross stitch – not done a huge amount, as the light hasn’t been good – but some progress. Two children now done apart from their heads! It’s beginning to look like something now – or perhaps I just think that because I know what it will eventually be….


I have, however, finished a jigsaw – another Thomas Kinkade.


I’m merrily knitting another sweater – have to do something in the evenings! Nearly finished the front – just another white section, then a pale pink half triangle at the top.


So that’s about it, folks, from the North Wales coast. It did strike me that I hadn’t added a Welsh photo recently – that’s probably because I haven’t been anywhere or done anything… but in case folk are suffering withdrawal symptoms – here’s my favourite view ever – Snowdon is the pointy one third from the right, and, in the foreground, the Twin Lakes – Llynnau Mymbyr


Take care, all. God bless you.


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  1. Hi Margaret, ah some tales of dear generous Shaz sharing bags of goodies, yes it certainly brought her joy and also those who received it as well. What a fab if unexpected prize so wonderful for you! Well done a blessing indeed.
    Well, it’s late now here ought to have stopped takes me so long to comment. I’m not the one liner. Praying Margaret, for you… and exceedingly grateful for your generous heart that made that crop in Llandudno possible. God blessed me in that miracle of a visit, then with you all, so thankful.
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you safe, and all those you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  2. Such sad new with Shaz passing but, also lovely to hear stories of meeting her through different get togethers. Looks like you have achieved quite a lot in your week. Love the final photo .
    Sandra de @28

  3. Love seeing all the photos of Shaz (and Doug) this week Margaret, thanks for sharing. I have a very similar jumper started and buried under a mound of UFOs somewhere Margaret. One day I may even look it out and finish it lol. Love the latest jigsaw. Stay safe. Sarah #6

  4. I remember that evening well – I knew that Shaz and Doug would be welcoming and ease you gently into the Crop experience especially as John had died not long before. The start of a beautiful friendship which has stayed all these years, we will never forget her. Xxxx. I’ve only been doing some crochet in the evenings too, so well done on knitting that jumper. The jigsaw is lovely, I’m having a gap from them at the moment as the dining table is full of photos! Gorgeous pics of Snowdon, I’ve missed going to see places, I hope you and the family make it to Pembs in the summer!
    HUgs LLJ 9 xxx

  5. Another story of the warmth and generosity of Shaz, i’m so grateful to read these today. What a lovely lady, a firm friendship forged that day.
    Your TK jigsaw is grand, his artwork is magical and you knitting looks awesome too, now wouldn’t that look great as a cushion cover too.
    Stay safe Hugs Tracey #3

  6. You never cease to amaze me with all that you do. That jumper looks awfully complicated but absolutely beautiful and I can just see you wearing it.
    What a lovely surprise and what a great prize – I can imagine the delight when you opened it and got out all those goodies.
    Lovely jigsaw, I can remember visiting a Thoma K shop when in America once, it was wonderful from the outside too. They certainly know how to do these things.
    Thanks for the picture of Snowdon, makes me long to come down to Llandudno again, you know how much we enjoy the area.
    Take care my lovely lady
    Blessings, Neet 1§7 xx

  7. A beautiful blog post Margaret – so lovely to read about Shaz and see the photos. How lucky to win that beautiful collection of goodies – I’m sure you’ll make some wonderful creations once the mojo returns from it’s holidays! Love the jumper, it looks an incredibly difficult pattern to do but very effective.
    Have a good week, stay safe and well,
    Diana xx #22

  8. It’s wonderful to read about everyone’s lovely memories of Shaz. She will be with us all for ever and will be so lovely when we can get together and celebrate her life. Your knitting looks very tricky – such a clever effect. Well done you on winning a competition – what ever it was! lol. xx Jo

  9. I’m sorry I’m so late visiting this week. I’ve been head down making Memory bears this morning.
    Such a beautiful tribute for a special lady.
    Hugs, Annie x #9

  10. Oh my I am nearly in tears reading all the lovely blog posts in tribute to Shaz.
    And what a super surprise prize, I’m sure your mojo will return soon.

  11. I’m so glad I made it to the 2019 crop – otherwise I would have never had a chance to meet Shaz. Loved reading about your first meeting with her. You lucky sausage winning all that stash, even though you don’t remember entering? Perhaps someone else entered you. Love the Kinkade puzzle – I’ve done the one you showed us previously and this one looks highly enjoyable too. I’m trying to work out your cross stich and failing miserably – I can’t see the two children – what I can see is more like a Chinese dragon LOL! I’m sure it will all become clearer as you work on it though. The knitting looks pretty and not something I would ever attempt! Hope you’re well Margaret xx zsuzsa #31

  12. I started off okay today with the visits, walked dogs and went into the cabin and now I don’t know where the time went to! Shaz will never have really left us because her blog will keep her alive for us and I can tell you it wont be the last time I pop over there for some ideas when I get stuck, God Bless her. I love the jigsaw and I’ve bought a few recently for myself as I’ve so enjoyed watching my WOYWW friends using theirs. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela,x18x

  13. Margaret, what lovely thoughts and photos of Doug and Shaz. I didn’t know either of them personally, but the loving and caring descriptions of she and Doug both from you all makes me so envious. They truly seemed to be the happiest of couples who exemplified what it means to be in union with one another. I know you all who were close to her will sorely miss her and she will be missed on our online community for sure! WOW the sweater is coming along and is gorgeous!! I have a lap blanket that I really need to finish up! Your puzzle is so pretty I love anything Thomas Kincade and I love puzzles so the two go together nicely! LOL Your picture took my breath away! What a phenomenal view! And a blessing to be able to see for sure! Have a wonderful rest of your week and stay healthy! Felicia #34

  14. Hi Margaret, lovely post from you – both the words and photos of Shaz, and all that you have been working on. Everytime I see someone post a picture of a jigsaw, I make a mental note of how I used to enjoy doing them, and I should get one of my jigsaws out of the cupboard – but I never do! One is still in the cellophane wrapper! I love the colours in your blanket, I have a similar mix to try on a gingham crochet pram blanket – when I have finished the JanBlan and the 3 baby blankets I currently have on the go. Take care and God bless, Heather xx #19

  15. That first photo of Shaz is great, what a look of concentration on her face! We really will miss her hugely. She was always so generous, with her time, her friendship, her encouragement and enabling.
    What a great prize – the best for being so unexpected! Take care and stay safe. Helen #2

  16. Nope. No. That puzzle is a hard no from me. I can only do high contrast! I love the way that cross stitch is coming along. Much love on this difficult day, Lisa-Jane #7

  17. Lovely pictures of Shaz and Doug, beautiful memories.
    Another jigsaw, I reckon you do about five to each of my one!
    Good to talk this morning. Take care and God bless you
    Chris 15

  18. Lovely photos of Shaz, Margaret, with her head down, getting really stuck in to whatever she was doing, with Doug in attendance as the great encourager! I am so glad you had that opportunity to share a meal with them. I am also very glad to have met them both in person. I am going to miss her so much – she was such an encouragement to me when I needed it and I have always found her style and creativity (both personal and in what she made) really inspiring. I shall definitely be using her blog as a resource for inspiration and instruction, and I am so glad that Doug has greed to keep it going. I still can’t really believe she’s gone, and am finding the whole brutal lottery of cancer difficult to deal with at the moment – I have to accept that it is God’s will that I survived (I have a great friend who constantly says to me “Spared for a purpose!”) and of course I am grateful for that, but find it very difficult to process the fact that our dear Shaz did not win her battle.

    Your knitting looks highly complicated! I think I’d tie myself in knots, trying to work that pattern. Same with the jigsaw – far too difficult for me!

    God bless and have a good week,
    Shoshi x #25

  19. Thank you for your visit and lovely comment,

    Love the pictures of Shaz and Doug, , Well done on your win even if you cannot remember entering it was a nice surprise

    Just love the jumper, I have done that years ago, but not sure how to do it now,

    Love the picture, North Wales was a favourite with Late Hubby and mine,

    Take care and stay safe,

  20. Love the entire lac style of that knitting! Very clever. I’m sorry I’m late, it’s normal but nevertheless, it’s definitely not Wednesday! Gosh what a lovely prize, those papers look gorgeous. I haven’t heard of the designers but will be looking further, the Jane Shasky in particular look very much my floral cuppa! Amazing what one can discover by blogging. Lovely pics of Shaz, indeed a rare one of her doing stuff at a crop. Must have been in the 30 seconds while we all drew breath!!

  21. Hello Margaret. Thanks for popping by so lovely to ‘see’ you. I am late returning your visit. Where does time go??? Even in Lockdown.Love your memories of Shaz.
    You are certainly keeping busy. Your knitting is amazing. Take care. Anne x 33

  22. Congratulations on having a win, even if your don’t remember form when! I won a heat gun many years ago, since I already had one, I put in a drawer and there it stayed. A couple of times I thought about selling it, but I didn’t, luckily as I over heated mine and then it came in very handy. A beautiful view of Snowdon. It reminds me of our last holiday in Scotland. The coldest May they had had for years, our view from the caravan was similar although no loch. We have been doing the rest of the U.K. since. Angela #21

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