Hello my friends. I do trust you are staying safe and well. Thank you to so many who left lovely comments last week. I do so appreciate them all. It has been quite a week here on the North Wales coast. Mr Jolly Jingle has had to be consigned to the unfinished symphonies cupboard as I endeavour to use any hours of good light to continue with the large cross stitch picture – it’s coming on, but not exactly ready for framing yet! I have continued with knitting a sweater – not photographed yet… maybe next week? Nothing has happened (again) on my landing workspace – but…

… the study is an entirely different matter! I had really hoped I would be able to post using my new computer this week – I’m so near… but this comes from my trusty 12 year old machine! As you can see from the photo, the study is a mass of technology – some plugged in, some not, some defunct now, some hopefully to be re-installed. I did manage to get the printer to work today (Tuesday) – but failed with the scanner – a job for Thursday or Friday. I have taken everything except one small programme off John’s computer, so that can soon be removed from the scene of carnage. Nothing is in quite the right place yet, so the worktop is a mass of electrical leads – again, some being used, some I haven’t even investigated yet! Just a small government health warning here – don’t hold your breath until it is a complete work of art!

But it hasn’t all been work! I have sat and done some jigsaws. The large Christmas one, was, I think, bought from the local charity shop in the 2 weeks it managed to open! The four smaller ones are all the same scene – just in different seasons. They were fun to do. They are all now on their way to daughter number 2, who will then pass them on further.

So, that’s life in continued lockdown here in North Wales. Not a lot going on really, but I have to tell you, I am still not bored yet – frustrated sometimes (especially when technology won’t do what I tell it), excited sometimes (especially when we have a family whatsapp call), but not bored.

I will do my best to get around to you all – even if I can’t always comment, I do come peek.

Take care of yourselves. Stay safe. God bless you.


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  1. Morning my lovely! the set of seasonal jigsaws are fab! did they come as a set ? I was halfway through a comment when my pc froze and had to re-boot….. good luck gettingthe new computer ready for action! Helen #4

  2. Well I am impressed with you coming to grips with setting up a new computer. Well done Margaret!
    Love the jigsaws, the set of seasonal ones is lovely – what a great idea – did you do the in order starting with Spring?
    Stay safe and well my lovely
    God Bless, Neet 5 xx

  3. That’s the thing Margaret, no time to be bored! I don’t envy you the cables and computers and installing and uninstalling, its really not the work that my brain was made for! The puzzles are great, I like the idea of the same scene through seasons. I think congrats are in order too, getting your twelve year old to behave so that you can blog….clever you! Take care.

  4. Would love to mix all the pieces of those jigsaws up and do them all together. Good luck with your new computer. I don’t envy you. When mine updates these dates always have trouble with the printer afterwards it tells me it isn’t connected when I know it is! Ani #11

  5. Your technical desk sounds like mine. Some bits wireless, some bits are as old as the ark but still working. I keep thinking when we close the office I won’t need it but then find myself going to do a job on it as it’s easier to see on the computer screen than on my iPad . Awh well,.
    Have a lovely week and hope you get sorted soon.
    Lynn xx 7

  6. That is quite a commitment sorting the computer. They say it’s easy but we all know it can take time, so well done you for getting so far with it. The jigsaws look great and I’ve been very tempted to get some of my old ones out again. You take care and hope to see you on the new kit next week. Happy woyww, Angela x14x

  7. Love the computer picture with all the wires. Look forward to seeing the completed project! Also love the idea of the 4 jigsaws in different seasons. Stay safe and keep well!
    Happy WOYWW! Susan #12

  8. Hope you can start using your new computer soon! I know it’s always a bit scary to be starting with a blank page but soon your hard drive will be cluttered with all sorts of stuff – always the case! Wonderful jigsaws – I love the idea of the same scene in different seasons! I could never break a jigsaw I spent so long working on – although it totally makes sense to send them to someone else to have fun with – but I just have to preserve my puzzles – I can’t explain it, but when I look at them, I remember the way I felt while working on them. I still look at the first 1000 piece puzzle I ever did and I remember sitting at the table in our own house, having stolen an hour while my son was in playgroup getting ready to pick him up – the memories are so vivid as if they happened just yesterday. Then again, I’ve only ever done 3 large puzzles , working on my 4th – I guess when you do them all the time, it wouldn’t be practical to preserve them all. Stay well, Margaret! xx zsuzsa #18

  9. I do believe crafts & jigsaws must be top of the hit parade during lockdown. I love your season jigsaws. They’re very pretty & cheerful aren’t they. Great to have you back in blogging world. I didn’t manage to comment at all last week but hopefully will endeavour to pop into as many as I can this week. Big hugs, Sue#21

  10. I never get bored either, there’s always something to do/make/read/play! In fact, if we could squeeze a few more hours into each day that would be great! I’m sorry we live so far away because G could sort out your computer woes in a trice, sigh, hope you manage to get them up and running soon. Fab jigsaws, I’m sure your daughter will appreciate them.
    Hope the storm isn’t causing you too much hassle, while the rain is heavy, I think we’re missing the worst of the wind here.. Keep warm and safe!
    Hugs LLJ 16 xxx

  11. Well done you on setting up the new computer….you will get there….slow but sure. I love your jigsaws…we seem to have done so many lately I’ve actually lost count and, like you, we pass ours around the family when done.
    Keep busy and stay well my friend.
    Annie x #9

  12. Happy WOYWDW

    Hope you get the computer sorted soon, but glad you still have te old one , hope the new computer is not to different to te one you have now,

    Take care and stay safe,

    Lilian B # 16

  13. Happy WOYWW. Definitely not bored here either. I am making an effort to give myself time to just relax, at least on Wednesdays and Sundays. 2021 is going to be a very busy year for our farm business and other commitments, so I need to pace myself. I will be upgrading my craft room pc soon. I am 50 next month and hubby asked what I wanted, and I really need a faster computer that will cope with the graphic design software I use now (and will turn on quicker!). Going to get a bigger and clearer screen too. Probably going to the same business that I bought my current one from (about 8 years ago), as they are much better priced than Currys etc. Love all of those jigsaws. Ali x #26

  14. I think you deserve a gold star for tackling the computer problems yourself, I have a love/hate relationship with our scanner and swear it’s responsible for at least 20% of my grey hair! The jigsaws are lovely, I love winter ones but only if they don’t have too big an area of white snow in them!
    Hope you have a good week, stay safe and well,
    Diana xx #15

  15. Margaret, I TOTALLY feel your technology woes! I am NOT a techi, so it would be so hard for me to get new equipment and clean off the old! I have a hard time just getting a new phone every couple of years! LOL Good luck on all the moving around! I LOVE the puzzles! I really enjoy doing them myself although I confess it has been a little bit since I have done one. I tried to get my kids on board with puzzles as they grew up, but it was a no go…they didn’t “ding” or “chime” back at them, etc….LOL Stay safe and healthy Margaret! Blessings, Felicia #27

  16. I have had a miserable morning but I am finally off on my desk hop! I hate updating technology, if it breaks something I rely. I still miss AppleWorks LOL! Loving the puzzles – I may have to drag one out as for now we can all eat together in one room while there is no school for my daughter. The large dining room table is free for puzzles for a limited time!

    Happy WOYWW, with another late start
    Mary Anne (2)

  17. Ah, I have been foregoing my jigsaws to enable some computer redoing to happen on the table this past week or so! Have donated 2 unused laptops so far, through church and a third is pending. Hubby has rebuilt his PC as well and son probably fiddled with his too, so LOADS of electrical stuff going on here. Hope it isn’t too long before you are sorted with yours. Good job you mentioned the FOUR jigsaws being of the same picture (different seasons?) as I thought it was a duplicate photo first of all LOL.
    So the microwave – the plasterers used it for hot drinks and warming up their food – I thought it was well funny. They were here a few days sorting the ceiling.
    Thanks for the visit earlier BJ#13

  18. I hope you get your new computer and all the components working together. Gorgeous puzzles. Hope you stay healthy!
    Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #25

  19. Hello Margaret, I guess coffee at Abakhan is a no no for some time to come! No I’m not bored either, a bit dispirited some of the time as my shoulder is playing me up when I do anything except watch TV or read, which of course affects my eyes! I have been studying Revelations- such an amazing book! Every time I study it I feel I gain more understanding, which probably disappears just as quickly! Dennis did a lovely jigsaw this week, a scene with tigers, elephants, peacocks and a kingfisher! I told him that was my idea of heaven – if the wolf and the lamb can be together, why not the tigers, elephants and peacocks! Angela #6

  20. Hi Margaret, I hope you get your new computer and it’s peripherals sorted. I may be teaching you to suck eggs but labelling cables as you go eg keyboard lead, printer, can make it easier later.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your cross stitch project.
    Take care and happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lynnecrafts 22

  21. Hi Margaret, I hope you get your new PC to behave soon! I can plug things in, but the rest of the tech stuff – adding them to our home network, I leave to Mr M. I’ve no doubt I could do it, but why deprive him of the pleasure! It seems to be jigsaw season at the moment – I’ve just ordered a box full for my grandsons – they are really keen on them. I’m not bored yet, but I am still working full time, just from home. Too much on the go to be bored. Have a lovely week, Heather xx 28

  22. I hope the computer setup is soon completed, Margaret. I know how much work is involved. I’ve got literally thousands of files and I’ve reformatted hard drives several times over the years and it takes days to get everything up and running satisfactorily again. Your jigsaws are amazing.

    Thank you for visiting. I’m looking forward to getting the squares blocked and made up, but I have some decisions to make – whether to add the kitty appliqués before or after? The blanket is going to be pretty big and I’m thinking of laying it out on the floor in the flat but how on earth to stop my hubby seeing it once it starts to get interesting? Problems, problems!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #23

  23. Terrific Puzzles ~ Jolly Jingles is on Holiday ~ My desk has wires everywhere too my sister thinks I’m the only one in the world left with old technology ~ No ~ Enjoy your week! Love, Karen #33

  24. Thats right, no time to be bored! there’s just too much going on. Those puzzles are amazing, I bet they take a while to complete. Wishing you have luck with your computer…I’m on my new one and its so weird, I keep wanting to go back to my old one (but we’re right out of coal!) Happy WOYWW!? Stay Safe, Keep Crafting! ((Lyn)) #17

  25. Hi Margaret! I’m quite amazed at your puzzle skills, even together, hubby and I can’t stick to a puzzle. We have one on our dining room table (folded up so the cats don’t destroy it) that we started in 2019! You do sound like you are keeping busy, I hope you can get your new computer going! In regards to the waterbed question, the bed we have now is what they call “waveless”, it has lots of separate tubes filled with water, which means it doesn’t move as much, but it still moves a bit. The first one we had was one giant bladder, and I loved the motion, like being rocked to sleep on a warm cloud…Thanks for your visit, have a great week! Lindart #29

  26. Those jigsaws are wonderful! Good luck with the new computer set up – it is always such a pain to get everything to talk to everything else. Happy belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#8)

  27. Love the jugsaws, I only do them with Felix who hasn’t quite got the pronunciation correct yet!!
    I know exactly how the PC feels. We had sorted out a new laptop for me just before PJ died but they were out of stock when we came to buy it.. . . . . . I am now trying to use his laptop . . frustration can be the mood of the day . . .
    I have a lovely sunny day here although it isn’t warm enough to melt the frost. I hope that the weather hasn’t been too bad round your way . . .
    take care and God Bless you
    Christine #35

  28. We’ve been working on a lot of puzzles too. It’s a nice way to gather family around. Thanks for your earlier visit to my blog. Stay safe and healthy! Dorlene #31

  29. Hi Margaret, Apologies for being so late this week. Alan had his vaccine and has been quite poorly since. I enjoyed your interesting post and can identify with your problems with technology. Windows updated my PC recently and left my printers off. It’s been fixed now but I so wish they’d get it right first time. Hugs, Elizabeth x #34

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