Hello my friends to this, the Christmas week episode of WOYWW. Thank you so much to everyone for all your comments last week. They were great fun to read. The good news here is that I found the missing folder! Yes, Julia, it was indeed in a place I had already looked. The not so good news is that the poem wasn’t in it! I can only remember the first verse that I wrote. Oh well, never mind.

Anybody here in Britain knows this week “What a difference a day makes”!! I know that I had already taken the decision not to travel to Nottingham and meet up with my family for Christmas Day, but I cpuldn’t have gone anyway! Wales is now in lockdown again. Local travel only, can’t cross the border into England, only very limited mixing on Christmas Day, shops are shut… So very difficult for many who live on their own and don’t cope well with prolonged periods alone.

So let’s have a look at my desk this week and think about something different!


So, what have we got here… Scissors, needle, 2 pairs of glasses, lots of bits of knitting, the pattern for Mr Jolly Jingle, and there on the left… his left foot! Yes, I am still working on finishing him. The idea was to get him to the local children’s hospice – but that won’t happen now. I’m not allowed to travel that far! But I have been busy continuing to make him up.


He’s getting there. Mr snowman and his Christmas tree are stitched together and on his head; his scarf is finished and the bells are attached to the end; the holly and berries are now on his hat; and a long walking cane is attached. This will hold the lantern currently sitting on my desk awaiting the second mistletoe berry. A robin will sit on the branch of the cane, and a parcel will hang from it. His other hand will hold a stocking filled with knitted candy canes. On his shoes will sit Christmas puddings; and his pocket will have a letter to Santa. I have just, as I write this, realized I have sewn his pocket on the right of his jacket and it should be on the left!!! Obviously not reading the instructions carefully.

Last week Sue commented she would like to see my new Christmas jumper – so here you are, Sue! Nothing too bold – quite subdued, really…


I have finished and am currently wearing, a sweater I knitted for myself. It’s beautifully warm and cosy! Sorry about the photo. How do you take a picture of yourself, first thing in the morning, when all the lights have to be on because it is so very dull outside?! Anyone who has met me knows that my hair is usually quite short… this shows the result of lockdown on and off since March! It now can make quite a presentable ponytail as you can see… The beauty of it is, that even at 70 it still has its red colour! Much faded these days, but still there (mostly!)


So that’s about it here in Wales this week. The weather forecast for Wednesday is rain and more rain, so I will be able to get around to lots of visits to you all.


Whatever you are doing this Christmas Day, be it staying at home, celebrating in a minimal way with some family or friends, or even not celebrating at all, I wish you a day filled with peace and joy. To me it is one of the most important days in the year – the day I celebrate and remember that a baby was born. Born into a world filled with disharmony, wars and rivalries. Born in a stable, homeless, dispossessed; his family and nation under the rule of a harsh regime. He came because He loves each one of us, and proved that He wanted to see our relationship with God re-established, through His death and resurrection some 33 years later.

Take care each one of you. Stay safe. God bless you all.


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  1. Morning Margaret and Happy WOYWW both jumpers are great and yes, I know the feeling about lockdown hair, should have had mine cut yesterday……. oh dear! I love b Mr Jolly Jingle, he is fabulous. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, I will be alone but that’s ok I am used to spending time alone. Take care and stay safe. Helen #1

  2. Happy WOYWW. I love Mr Jolly Jingle. My older sister used to knit fantastic characters. I didn’t inherit that skill. My knitting is confined to rather messy scarves and other easy projects. My hair is also too long now. I should have gone to the hairdresser a couple of weeks ago, but that was when I had suspected Covid. I am resorting to tying it back most days. Haven’t had it cut since the first lockdown finished. Merry Christmas. Your virtual pub quiz sounds fun. None of my family are interested in getting involved with Zoom. Ali x #5

  3. Mr Jolly Jungles will be good company and raise a smile with his happy face and colourful accessories, my Mom has knitted many of these lovely characters, they go down very well with everyone she has gifted them to. Your red jumper looks so warm and cosy. Take care & stay safe this Christmas.. Seasons WoywW Greetings Tracey #6

  4. Sorry you won’t be able to take your knitted work of art to the children’s hospice Margaret. He is amazing. Love the jumpers too. Merry Christmas and here’s to a better 2021 for all. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #11

  5. IMG! I love Mr Jingle even more this week, and your Christmas Jumper is a vision. Lockdown hair – LOL! we have all been there, some of us are still there! I can but echo your advice and say I am taking it myself – staying at home, celebrating in a minimal way with immediate family. This year, anything else would be madness.

    Merry Christmas to all of WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (3)

  6. Happy Christmas and wishing you everything you wish yourself.

    Love Mr Jingles, Great jumper and I know what you mean about trying to take a picture of yourself,

    Stay safe and well,

  7. Well, I normally hate clowns but Mr Jingle is lovely, he would make anyone smile! I think all the little details are fab and the hospice children will love him when you’re able to get him there. Your Christmas jumpers are lovely, the hand knitted one really does look cosy and as for the Rudolph version is I’m glad the red nose pom-poms are higher up the chest, it would have been ‘interesting’ otherwise!!
    I’m sorry all your plans have gone belly=up Margaret, I know the family will celebrate virtually with you on the day, they’re fab like that aren’t they? It’s going to be a very different Christmas for so many folk this year.
    Nadolig Llawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda
    LLJ 7 xxx

  8. What a shame `Mr Jingle cannot go to his new home. Will you save him for next year? Such a lot of work has gone into making. him and he still has things to go on him … a real piece of work from your busy needles.
    Sortry you could not be with hyour girls but I just wish others took a leaf from your book and obeyed the rules that are laid down for our own sake.
    Stay Safe and Well – HappyTrue Christmas
    Blessings, Neet 8 xx

  9. Your knitting is really lovely…Mr Jingle and your jumpers.
    I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas and hopefully 2021 comes with better news for all.
    Annie x #12

  10. Well Mr Jolly Jingle is looking fabulous and what a lot of details – it’s a shame he can’t get to his new home this Christmas but I’m sure he’ll be very appreciated and loved when he does. Your Christmas jumpers are lovely – I especially love the red one as it’s definitely my favourite colour – you can’t have too much red at Christmas!
    I hope you have a lovely Christmas despite the new measures, with lots of Zooming with your family! Stay safe and well,
    Diana xx #18

  11. Mr Jolly Jingle looks adorable, Margaret, with so many little details added and still planned. Cute jumper as well! It’s a bummer that so many family plans had to be shelved but I think we all agree that it’s better to stay safe! It’s not worth risking the health and even lives of the older generation for the sake of a single family get-together. There will be other times for that when things eventually return to normal as I’m sure they will. Have a lovely Christmas – technology now allows us to stay in touch with our family even though we’re apart. I’m planning to Zoom my parents on Christmas Eve! Thanks for your visit – best wishes for the New Year! xx zsuzsa #21

  12. Mr. Jolly Jingle is adorable!!! Such a work of love! And your jumper is so pretty as is your red sweater! (My hubby is 74 and his hair is still red!) I hope your Zoom goes well, we’re doing that, too, but on Christmas Day.
    God bless you and Merry Christmas!
    Carol N #29

  13. A blessed Christmas to you Margaret x. My camera takes terrible pictures indoors, one day perhaps I will learn the manual controls! I use my IPhone for most quick shots in doors and out and about. Now I can’t get out and about like before, my lovely camera doesn’t get the use . Stay safe and have a great Christmas x Angela #19

  14. Jolly Jingle is too cute ~ He will make a wonderful gift to give next year. Your sweaters turned out beautiful ~ Enjoy the warmth of them and of the holiday ~ With love, Karen #32

  15. Hi Margaret. Mr Jolly Jingle is coming along nicely. A shame he can’t get to the hospice in time for Christmas. I love the colour of your jumper- makes me think of Christmas just looking at it. Both my girls and families are now coming to us on Christmas Day for breakfast. It has been different year without the usual sleepovers this year and the children were hoping for a sleepover, but they will have to wait. Thanks for visiting earlier – I’ve had a busy afternoon, the stollen is proving/rising as I type this, the mince pies are made, truffles are made. I just need to wrap presents and make Mr M’s card. Hope you have a peaceful, relaxing Christmas, take care, Heather xx #30

  16. Hi Margaret, Mr Jolly Jingle is wonderful; what a shame he can’t make it to the children in time for Christmas! I’m sure he’ll be wonderful at any time of year.
    Hope you have a good Christmas despite the lockdown
    Lynnecrafts 22

  17. Thanks for your visit, enjoying your great photos. I love the grey sweater and Mr Jolly Jingle is adorable. I didn’t know areas were totally restricted like your going through, We don”t have much close to us for businesses/entertainment. Ten miles away has groceries, large hardware/ lumber/ McDonalds/big truck stop/ gas stations/ limited restaurants’ (you don’t know if they’ll be open or closed) So most of your shopping/dining out are at least 40 miles. When KMART closed we lost clothing/gift items/sewing/cosmetics etc . With a snow/ice/high wind forecast I think we’ll all be staying home for the holidays. Which is ok by me. May you and yours enjoy the time of this 2020 holiday season.

  18. Hi Margaret, I’m here at last. It’s been a busy day as the washing machine is feeling poorly and the second guy has been out to try and fix it and we think he has now found the problem but can’t complete the job until the new year. Following his visit we went to pick up the Christmas order from the supermarket. I think Mr Jolly Jingle might be a gift for the children next year maybe and both your jumpers look lovely. It’s pouring it down here now so that might keep people in a bit. Take care and have a happy Christmas. Hugs, Angela x10x

  19. Ah, your hair, Margaret – Lockdown Chic! The distinctive fashion of 2020! Mine is always long and I never go to the hairdresser’s these days so lockdown hasn’t made any difference to me! My hubby cuts his own with a sort of miniature hedge trimmer – what he’s got left, that is. Mr. Jolly Jingle is so much fun and I’m sure he will bring a lot of joy once he makes the journey eventually.

    Thanks for visiting – the kitty throw is coming along nicely. I just wish I’d thought of doing it long before I did, because I might have got it finished in time for Christmas then.

    God bless, have a lovely Christmas, and happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #25

  20. Mr Jolly Jingle looks great, and your two jumpers are lovely. Happy WOYWW. Wishing you a very special Christmas despite the circumstances. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#27)

  21. Hi Margaret, Oh my gosh those are amazing projects 🙂 Hopefully next Christmas things will be back to what we think of as normal. (( HUGS )) & Merry Christmas! ~Stacy #33

  22. Evening Margaret! Both your jumpers are fabulous and they look very warm. Now, that Mr Jingles looks amazing! So many add ons that woud also be just as brilliant on their own. I was told years ago by a friend with very long red hair that redheds don’t go grey they turn silver white. I’m not sure if that’s true but years on, even though she now keeps it short, its still a lighter red.
    Have a great rest of the week and a very Merry Christmas! Stay safe, Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #24

  23. Happy Christmas Eve Margaret!! Mr Jolly Jingle is so fantastic and such a lot of work! I think you can be forgiven for putting the pocket on the wring side, nobody will know! I am very impressed that you still have red in your hair – I have been going grey for years and stopped colouring it during lockdown – I prefer my new look actually. Lovely Christmas jumpers they look cosy. The kids are still waiting for results, so I am not sure what we will actually be doing tomorrow, they are determined not to put me at risk. I hope you grandees are OK, it is so worrying but better safe than sorry as you say. I had to laugh about your folder- it was nearly a week before I found my cutting plate, it was on the floor which is why I couldn’t see it. I finally trod on i t so that was OK. Must get my eyes tested again. Shame you didn’t find the poem though. I am glad that Christmas has special meaning for you – hopefully that helps with not being able to be with family. So I’ll close by wishing you too a peaceful, joyous day this Christmas. Saty safe, stay well, Love n hugs, Cindy xx

  24. Adoring Mr Jingle. Why don’t you mirror his scarf and other bits to offset the misplaced pocket? Not that it really matters, he is super amazing anyways.
    Have a Happy Christmas, Love BJ#17

  25. Wow! Your knitting skills are amazing! Great sweaters and love Mr. Jingles. How fun! Yes, we’re in a lockdown in our area too so it makes it hard to do anything. Part of me is fine with it since I’m nervous to go out, but it is hard to get things done. Luckily, we have some kids living with us so it was still a full house for Christmas just not as full as usual. Happy Holidays! Dorlene #36

  26. Mr Jolly Jingle is looking more and more awesome! He really is amazing. I hope you had a nice Christmas, the two of us and the cats did! Thanks for your lovely visit to mine.
    We are also all in lockdown now in Ontario, for 28 days. So we all seem to be in the same boat. We have 3 cases of the new strain of the virus here in Ontario as well. Have a Happy New Year, it’s GOT to be better than 2020! Lindart #31

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