Hello my friends. I trust this finds you well and safe. I was missing last week – I was busy sorting. Julia thinks – probably quite rightly – that to be doing sorting this close to Christmas means I am completely nuts. … but, you see, there was a really good reason. Daughter number 2 suggested that we did a family advent calendar together this year. We, in turn, would post something on the family whatsapp group each day. It could be funny, serious, photos, videos, music… anything. I immediately knew what I would post. A poem I wrote nearly 20 years ago for Radio Wales. I knew where to find it! I knew which folder it was in. Could I find it? NO!! Have I searched for it? YES!! I have turned the house upside down, opened cupboards and drawers, hunted in boxes. Looked everywhere. Have I found it yet? NO!!!

This all means, of course, that very little artycraftystuff has been done. It also means that I have discovered lots more of my unfinished symphonies (large and small!). So today my desk has two faces – this morning (Tuesday) and this afternoon! Here goes…


So from left to right this morning, you could have just seen the unfinished symphony – a small cross stitch picture of a child on a sledge, a pile of thank you cards – in anticipation! – a folder which contains loads of family games and silliness which proved to be one contribution to the advent calendar, family photos, phone, two pairs of glasses, and a huge ruck in the carpet where I keep rolling the computer chair (oops!)


And by lunchtime … you can still see the edge of the folder, my phone, the family photos, the thank you cards and the green cutting mat. The cross stitch is finished and Mr Jolly Jingle has been unearthed from the cupboard with all his little bits and pieces and a carrier of wool in case I need any extra. He is the next project to complete!He still needs his arms, Christmas tree perched on his head, Christmas puddings on his shoes, a letter to Santa, and all sorts of fun bits. I shall try to get on with him – he should have been finished for last Christmas….

And that is about it from me this week. I have done and posted my cards, sent off all my parcels, decorated the house, done all the shopping, bought a Christmas jumper, so I can now relax and simply enjoy a few days off. Yes, I shall still keep hunting for my poem. No, I’m not travelling anywhere. I am staying put and not visiting the girls. So Christmas will be different. We are planning a whatsapp video call pub quiz between us – that will be fun as I simply adore quizzes!

Take care of yourselves, everybody. God bless you all.


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  1. I do hope that poem turns up before Advent is over Margaret. I have decided that it will be a minimalist Christmas until we can do it properly, so present wrapping is postponed for now. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

  2. Oh now I really must see that poem! I hope you find it soon, what brilliant plant you have for a celebratory Christmas from a distance. Love Mr Jingle. Good luck on the quiz.
    Happy Woyww
    Mary Anne

  3. I hope you find the poem in time… or you’ll have to write another! you sound very organised, I wish I was! I think you are very sensible not to get together at Christmas, as I am sure that if a lot of people do, then numbers will only rocket again… hey ho. anyway thankyou for your gorgeous card which I should have thanked you for previously. take care and happy WOYWW Helen #2

  4. I hope you find the poem Margaret, have you checked the fridge hee hee… it’s something I say to my Mom every time she can’t find anything, maybe you can compose another one for 2020 where you can compare how different things are 20 years on… ?
    A family whatssap, it’s a good way of all keeping connected, we too are not doing the family get together this year, here’s to 2021.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #8

  5. I know how you feel Margaret, I have lost two books and cannot find them anywhere i am packing to move soon [I hope ] and think I must have packed them, Hope you find the poem,

  6. A family calendar is a great idea. I have done one with the dogs for some time and use Vistaprint which is really easy to put everything together. Hope you find the poem that you’re looking for, It drives me mad when I loose something and know it’s there somewhere. Have a lovely WOYWW and stay safe, Angela x12x

  7. Mr Jolly Jingles is lovely and he will be even better when he gets his arms and bits and pieces. Clever you for knitting him.
    Lovely family idea with the Advent Calendar, what lovely daughters you have for thinking these things up to draw the family together.
    I know how you feel about the poem, I have looked for months for some cards I made, I would have had a huge stack had I found them months ago. Now I have lost the guard that goes inside my mask and I cannot find it anywhere – trouble is you tend to search the same spot time and time again don’t you.
    Happy days!±
    God Bless, Neet 16 xx

  8. As soon as you resign yourself that the poem is never to be found, that’s the exact moment that it’ll reappear..it always happens that way!! Great to see your work in action, the clown will be fun when he’s got all his extras fixed on. I’m glad you’re not travelling for Christmas, and know that you will enjoy all the family shenanigans on the day – your family is so supportive aren’t they?
    Take care lovely gal and keep safe,
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxx

  9. Missed you Margaret. Pleased it wasn’t the computer this time. Love your spacious work desk. As well as your poem I’d also love to see your Christmas jumper. Maybe next weeks theme could be What’s On Your Christmas Jumper!
    Take care, with Christmas hugs from Sue #20 xx

  10. Oh Margaret, I feel your pain….I really hate to lose anything. You just know it will be in the last place you look 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t resist. I really hop you find it soon.
    Annie x #14

  11. How frustrating to lose your poem, I hope you find it soon – and it looks like you’ve unearthed quite some treasures while looking for it – love Mr Jolly Jingle, he’ll look great with all the extras added.
    Hope you have a good week and find your poem,
    Diana xx #22

  12. I love the idea of your family advent calendar! Too bad you couldn’t find the poem – can you write another one? Looking for stuff can be very frustrating – especially if they no longer exist! Been there done that! On the other hand, it is a good opportunity to rediscover long forgotten stuff – been there done that too! It’s good that you can keep in touch with your family through technology even if you can’t get together physically. Thanks for your visit Margaret! Happy #602! zsuzsa #27

  13. HI Margaret, lots keeping you busy- and there is nothing more annoying for something you absolutely KNOW you have, but just can’t put your hands on it. I usually find it turns up somewhere I know full well I’ve already searched! Sounds like a very sensible plan to do an online meet up for Christmas, I think we’re far too close to getting this virus under control with the vaccine to push our luck now. Stay safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #6 X

  14. Hi Margaret, oh I do feel your frustration, I hate when that happens. Have you tried going back to teh first place you thought and looking again,that sometimes works for me 🙂 Love your jingly man, he looks so cute. I think this year’s going to be a weird one, but thank goodness we can connect online and hopefully next year will be much better! Have a good week. Annie C #28

  15. I do sympathise! It is amazing how much chaos you can create looking for just one little thing! Still you seem to have survived. Great advent calendar idea. Mr Jolly Jingle looks awesome, hope you get him done. Have a lovely week, stay safe, stay well, Cindy #26

  16. I hope the poem will be found! I usually find a quantity of goodies looking for something. Our kids have a video Meet planned for Christmas day. Been over a year since we’ve seen any of them. Anyway, thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!.
    Carol N #29

  17. Margaret, I am in LOVE with your family advent calendar idea!!! How awesome is that! Bringing all new memories to keep close to your heart to the table!! That’s what I call making lemonade from lemons! I sure do hope you find that poem, but I CONFESS, I have been in that situation on more than one occasion!! It’s rotten to be sure and even more rotten is when you NEVER find the said missing item!! Arrgghhhh!!! How cute is Mr. Jolly Jingle????? He really does need a couple of arms however! LOL Super cute! I pray you and your girls find lots of things to giggle and reminisce about and make new memories! The Merriest Christmas to you! Felicia, #31

  18. Mr Jolly Jingle is going to be adorable! It’s so frustrating when you can’t find something ~ I hope it’s unearthed soon! Your cards are completed already so you can relax for a bit ~ how wonderful. Enjoy your family zoom time & the season!

  19. Thank you so much for my lovely card. Mr Jingle already looks great. I hope that you manage to have fun via the What’sApp group. We have kept Alex out of school this week (school via electronics) so that he has been away from anyone outside the three of us for a clear 10 days before we go and see Mum. It is the safest way to keep her safe. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#13)

  20. Hi Margaret, I hate looking for something that you know you have, but can’t find! Two weeks ago I had a warm hat and I can’t find it. I am hoping inside it is the key to my sister’s house which has also gone missing, from the same day! Enjoy your week x Angela #5

  21. Hi, Margaret!, I am on a similar journey trying to find a poem I wrote back in 1996! The Hubster asked about it and I couldn’t find it on my computer or in any of my journals. I hope you are successful!

    I love your workspace! I am trying to work out a configuration in my space that will allow me to have a long, open work area like yours. Your WhatApp plan sounds like fun!

    BTW, I answered your question about my name in my #601 post, so if you have a chance you can check it out since it is addressed to you! :D)

    Chana Malkah, #34

  22. I have also been sorting these last couple of weeks wool mostly. But during this I have found my residencia certificate now to be an important document if I venture out of Spain. Thank you for your card I managed to get to the po on Tuesday to pick my post up had about three weeks post. Hope you enjoy your Christmas I am spending it alone as don’t want to mix. ANi

  23. Oh that’s a pickle about the poem. I wrote a few when I lived in Dublin when I was 18yrs (1982) but all since lost, just a memory and a feeling of what I wrote in those heady days. We’re not going anywhere either, which is all rather pleasing, as I hate traveling. Mother disowned me last Christmas so it’s all been quiet from Wales this year, yup a year with no communication. Oh well, her loss. Loving Mr Jolly Jingle, hope you get all his “bits” sorted before Christmas.
    I’ll be scrapping LOL.
    Merry Christmas if either of us are not around/forget next week BJ #25

  24. Hi Margaret, I do hope your poem turns up. I really get quite frustrated with myself when I can’t find something I had a day previously- I would have no hope whatsoever after 20 years! Mr Jingle certainly looks a fun character to have around – I’ll have to content myself with making blankets for now, as my new found talents won’t stretch to following a pattern to make anything. Thanks for stopping by earlier, I will always be there to keep you company as one of the crafters with unfinished symphonies- and I don’t think we are alone either! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #30

  25. The grandchildren always want to join in with our ‘pub quizes… “What is Peppa Pigs favourite colour?” I hope you find your poem! You’ll have to do a video of you reading it when you do! Stay safe! Thank you for my snoop! Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #24
    PS..It’s red by the way!

  26. Thanks for visiting. Oh I know your pain, the Lost… I do think I spend more time looking than I do creating. I wish you luck finding your Poem. It is fun go get the unfinished done and on their way. I am keeping my winter crafty stuff out and will work on projects for next year. Seems I will be having HOME time extended. Our area is a mess with Covid, so being safe. We are going nowhere. And I don’t have a problem with my time alone. Have a good weekend.

  27. Christmas will be different for most of this this year, but just think of the celebrating next year! I read on FB yesterday, someone said no wonder the roaring 20’s happened, it was right after the Pandemic was over! Maybe we will have a roaring ’21-’22! I love your elf, I’m sure he will be much happier with arms! Have a lovely week, Lindart #33

  28. Oh I was sure it would have surfaced by now! You have to stop looking now, because you just know that it will make itself visible as soon as you decide not to need it anymore! Mr Jingle is wonderful, if a little armless! He won’t take you long to finish at all will he. I realise how different it will be, and how ‘sensible’ doesn’t exactly sound fun, but it will be ok, and I firmly believe that you are doing the right thing. It’s so important to stay well.. talk about the year less travelled, what a contrast. I rather suspect you’ll be racking up the miles again by the time these pandemic days are declared to be over!

  29. Ah unfinished symphony… guess they’re here too, Margaret!
    Is Mr Jolly Jingle finished?
    Lovely desky share sorry I’m late… again… ? I’m still recovering from visitors and trying to get motivated for next or really this week now!
    Praying Syd Covid outbreak doesn’t spread as it is messing with folks plans here too. Sadly ???
    Thanks for sharing, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  30. ooh i am SO pleased I am the only one who cant find stuff!! I hope the different Christmas goes ok and great idea about the virtual pub quiz, I may suggest this to mine as we arent seeing anyone either.

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