Month: November 2020



Hello my friends. Thank you SO much for the concern shown by yourselves during my 3 week absence. I have had emails, phonecalls, plus an extra visit to my site, leaving a further comment. Thank you. Yes, I have been fine – but my poor computer almost proved terminally ill!! In the end, as I kept getting the blue screen of death!, I called in a repair man. Remember Kevin? He spent hours sorting out this new site for me. Well, fully masked up, with me in a mask as well, he came round, took the tower apart, took things out, put things in… et voila! He tells me it is SO old it is definitely doing more than creaking… but should keep me going until Christmas. (Sshh! I still use Windows 7) Guess what my present to myself this year is going to be?

So, to my desk… At 9.15 Tuesday morning, my desk was empty, neat and tidy. I know – boring, huh? I had finished making cards, making presents, wrapping and writing… so I tidied up. Then I had a request for some devotion themes for Advent from my elders… well, serves me right, really. After all, it was my idea to have some.. so, I had been praying a little about it, when first thing this morning, when I woke, suddenly, all the ideas came. Pencil, paper and Bible were rapidly brought together and an hour later, lots were scribbled down. By 9.25 this morning my desk looked like this…


Hmmm… 2 HUGE A4 folders of songs, Crudens concordance, Bible, notes from VERY early this morning, and computer at the ready. Yes, there is a change that end of the desk. I have brought the tower up from the floor. It seemed sensible having watched Kevin grovelling around under the desk last week. I am pleased to say that the devotion themes are now all with the church leaders for scrutiny and their decisions. Great sigh of relief.

I have been busy whilst not contacting yourselves… made Christmas ornaments, finished advent calendars, prepared birthday cards… but I can’t show you any of those, I’m afraid. It would spoil all the surprises. I have been knitting! Nearly finished a sweater I started earlier in the year, just the neck rib to do now, then sew in the sleeves. Jigsaws have been a good go-to during our second Welsh lockdown, and they are now winging their way around Britain for others to do. One was a crime puzzle – you got clues, 1000 pieces, but no picture to go on! I haven’t got a photo of that… why ever not? No idea. But I have also done these…


And that, my friends, is that. Just a photo of Wales for you. Taken from my landing window the other evening… Oh wow!


Take care of yourselves, and stay safe.

God bless you.


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