Hello my friends. Well, what a rapid week that was! But what changes we are seeing here. My heart goes out ton[places in Britain struggling at the moment. Places in the North of England with more and more restrictions. Areas of Scotland really struggling. 17 parts of Wales in restricted areas – we can’t leave our county or travel into another area except for emergencies or essential travel. Mr Drayford (our first minister) doing his best to get Mr Johnson to agree that people from a hot spot in England shouldn’t travel to a low area in Wales – with no joy as yet…Thank goodness we have something other to think about! Being creative.

I have been a busy girl this week – so here’s my desk. This was taken Tuesday – and what a dull day it was at the time.


Currently in pergamano mode! You can see the large RUB with everything piled in and on it; the pattern I was attempting (unsuccessfully) to do lying on top of my case of tools; glues, DST, a roll of glue dots, scissors, blade, ruler; and on the black embossing mat the piece I was working on, specs, and kitchen roll for covering the piece when working so as not to get the natural grease from my hands onto the parchment. I have to say that the pattern in the magazine and the finished item are nothing alike! Made a very basic mistake – AFTER I had started the pricking… so to redeem it I have changed things. Hoping Alison Yeates won’t mind!! (Pattern maker!)

However, I have been busy doing lots of other things. Remember those brusho backgrounds? Well, I found the photos!! Finished!

The top two are pergamano cards, and the bottom one is a bridge card. Never heard of the idea until I went across to peek at some of our Carol’s (Stampin’ Carol) videos – and thought I would have a go. Great fun! Thanks Carol.


The first of the baby blankets from the two filled carrier bags of yarn. And the start of the second… and yes! Those two large bags were filled with the yarns!! I fancied a change from squares this time – so these are hexagons.


Apart from that I have been doing jigsaws… (and watching tv)


A Pollyanna Pickering image – and look out Julia… It WILL be coming your way for your MIL.

Finally, a gorgeous Thomas Kinkade image – sent to me by our Julia. The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that there is a piece ofte outside missing. I messaged Julia and asked if she had put it into her pocket so she could “put the last piece in”. Hilariously, it was on her floor… so it is going into the mail to complete it. Thanks Julia. I really enjoyed that image – being a Christmasaholic


So there you have it folks – life in semi lockdown. To cap the week I have learned a new life skill – not new to almost every one of you, I imagine, but new to me. I have just successfully registered and placed an order for an on-line click and collect grocery shop at Asda – and so, I will get round to visit you all – but I got a slot for tomorrow, so need to go get a month’s worth of food!! I’m feeling quite proud of myself for achieving that…

Take care dear friends. God bless you.


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  1. I wish people could be sensible about travelling out of area without being told Margaret. we will end up in a full lockdown again if people continue to be selfish and thoughtless. I go nowhere apart from work. Gorgeous jigsaws and the blanket and cards are beautiful. Stay safe and happy WOYWW Sarah #3

  2. Morning Margaret – good to see the fruits of all your labours! very productive. I totally agree with your first minister, I think people should be banned from leaving the top hot spots, how irresponsible it would be to travel – I just saw pictures on the news of crowds in Liverpool streets last night all jammed together before tier 3 starts there – blooming idiots! makes me so cross. We’ll never get rid of this thing if people carry on like that. Well done with the click and collect! Helen #1

  3. Love the blankets and all the rest. Hate the state of the world right now. Why must people rebel against safety? Makes no sense to me. Thank goodness you got your shopping booking. Stay safe and well and craft away!

    Mary Anne (5)

  4. Lots of lovely things here today,, Margaret, and am sure the rescued pergamano will pass must knowing your skill. Sorry there is so much lockdown everywhere over there. Think we are blessed here. Our borders been closed and think that’s helped lots. Not good or those wanting to travel.
    How I chuckled re the nibble of missing piece of the jigsaw. Glad it was chased up before it went AWOL, nothing worse.
    I’m going to have to get going our churches AGM tonight. Will be first time to one since ill but made it to evening church. It will just be a lot later.
    Happy WOYWW.
    Thanks for sharing, and God bless, Shaz in Oz.x #6

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  5. Happy WOYWDW Margaret, Its always good to stay busy in times like these and glad you have lots to keep you going, Love all the cards. I love puzzles as well but only do them on line,

    Take care and stay safe

  6. What a wonderful mix of activities – the cards are absolutely beautiful – I love the pergamano ones, they are stunning. I’ve never heard of a bridge card so will be off to investigate that shortly – I do love that deer die cut. The blankets are very pretty, you are certainly making a dent in those bags of wool.
    I think a lot of people are feeling frustrated with the situation at the moment, and I do get fed up with the images on the news of people not taking any notice of the social distancing rules – no wonder we are having spikes of it.
    Stay safe and well and well done on the internet shopping – a much safer way to go at the moment.
    Diana xx #10

  7. Hi Margaret, love your baby blankets. I never know whether to prefer one big blanket or little pieces with the sewing up to do.
    Glad you’ve sorted out Asda.
    Stay safe and happy WOYWW
    Lynnecrafts 15

  8. Oh well done Margaret, that first registering and actually shopping online takes hours doesn’t it! It’ll cut back your time out of the house but really, not wandering a round a supermarket is probably a very good idea at the moment. The puzzles are fab, the PP is just lovely isn’t it. Hey, instead of saying it was a bit of a mistake, just tell us you’ve designed a new Pergamano pattern! You have really,! It’s going to be amazing, I am always fascinated by how one gets in the mood to do Pergamano.! I have a neighbour friend who’s looking to give away some yarn, mauve and some odds….prolly 6 – 8 balls. Would you like it or are you submerged at this point?!

  9. We have been having Asda orders all through [well since we first managed one because of me being extremely vulnerable (their words not mine)] and will start paying for them at the end of this month rather than go in a shop. Too many people in our town with problems to risk it. We haven’t been in a single shop since just before 15th March but we manage so we carry on.
    Love the jigsaws, wish I had the patience (and the room) to do one – I just do a 64 piece one on the computer each night (well two or three of them).
    Those Brusho cards look really good – surprising how something so simple can look so good yet we spend ages faffing about at times. I must try some like these – I adore them.
    Not in a league with your parchment perhaps, but then I doubt I will go back to that craft as I don’t have the same patience these days – I want quick results.
    Keep Wales safe and keep others out. I just wish our borders were closed too for Covid.
    Hugs, Neet 14 xx

  10. I’ve had a busy morning…been to the hospital for blood tests, back for a late breakfast and then had to shorten 3 the 3 nurses dresses and a pair of jeans before I could start my blog visits…so here I am a little late today.
    It’s so good to see you’re keeping busy and coping with all the madness out there . We are indeed blessed that we are creative and are rarely bored cos I’m sure it helps a lot.
    Stay safe and well.
    Annie x #13

  11. Happy WOYWW. You have been busy. All of the cards are fantastic. I used to do a bit of Pergamano, but decided that getting all the necessary tools etc was an expense too far at the moment. I worked in a craft shop in Fishguard that specialised in Pergamano, with a large department of all the patterns/stash. Workshops were held regularly, with some ‘famous’ tutors’. I was always too busy working or with the ponies at that time to join in. It is a craft that I definitely admire. You are very quick with the jigsaws. I always lose patience. I do enjoy doing them with our 6 year old granddaughter. She is very clever with puzzles and does the ones that are several years above her age group, which suit me. Well done for getting your first Asda order done. I was doing online grocery shops for my mum for most of the first lockdown (Tesco mostly to be delivered to her, or for a volunteer from her area in Oxfordshire to go and collect). She has managed to get a regular delivery slot herself now (was finally put on the correct list for those who are ‘vulnerable’ – she is 77 and has asthma), and is very happily doing a fortnightly order. I have been shopping online with Tesco for 11 years now (their longest standing customer in Wales) and recently Morrisons started delivering in our area too, so I alternate between the two. At least one delivery per week. I have done Click n Collect in the past, if I was going to be in town anyway or during lockdown when we struggled to get a delivery slot. It is all very easy and quick. I book slots for several weeks in advance and can always cancel them if not needed closer to the time. Ali x #9

  12. Hi Margaret, I do love all the cards, the Brusho ones are lovely, the Pergamano gorgeous. Beautiful job with the blankets, the hexagons make a nice change. And those jigsaws- you have so much patience. I do agree with your first Minister- if people within those areas are not allowed to leave them, then outsiders should not be allowed in. Do a job properly, or not at all. Stay safe, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 X

  13. Oooh, I love those inky backgrounds and the ribbons really compliment them. Lovely projects all around – the birdy jigsaw especially looks like it might have been fun to complete. Well done for ordering groceries online. Once you do it, you really don’t want to spend all that time in the grocery store. We’ve used Tesco’s for over a decade – and they have doubled their capacity during lockdown. Still, you have to order 4 weeks in advance. If ASDA ever let’s you down, try Tesco’s. I must say, we are really not affected by the Covid restrictions, and as long as we can work from home, we’re not really bothered by the rules – it’s just life as usual for us. I feel sorry for people who have lost their jobs though. Stay safe – Happy Wednesday xx zsuzsa #20

  14. Margaret, YOU ARE a busy girl!! I am in love with your cards, particularly the inky ones!! They are great!! And lovely Christmas cards!!! I also love your baby blanket makings. I have to get back on my blanket that has been tabled for quite some time!! I’ve been lazy! LOL Your puzzles look like hours of fun!! Our family growing up were puzzle people, so I love them! Have a great rest of the week! Felicia #22

  15. Lovely cards & blanket. I love the Brusho effect, especially to make autumn cards. Just the ticket. I tried crotchet once but my squares ended up as triangles. I’ll have to try again during these dark evenings. Take care. Hugs from Sue #23. xx

  16. Your cards are gorgeous! I’m glad you enjoyed my videos and tried one of the folds! I love seeing your puzzles. Reminds me of my mom before she died. She’d have her table by her chair covered with puzzle pieces.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #25

  17. Loving the beautiful cards and those puzzles look great. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#12)

  18. You’ve certainly been busy this week, Margaret! What a lovely collection of cards. The Brusho ones are a great success with their explosions of colour. Your Pergamano work is exquisite as always! I so admire that. The birdie jigsaw is my favourite – what a gorgeous picture. And you’ve been busy with crochet, too! Did you actually sleep at all this week lol!

    Thank you for your visit – the recipient of the first book certainly appreciated all the work that had gone into it, and I am sure the second one, on Sunday, will as well. As for the vegetarian “meatballs” business, I don’t really know the answer to that one! The recipe I made this week is officially called “Italian Okara Meatballs” (which they aren’t! – and also, not sure what is specifically Italian about them) so I am calling them “Savoury Okara Balls” – perhaps people don’t like to call them just “balls”? Lol! “Sausages” is a word that says more about shape than content, to me, and you can certainly get vegetarian sausages. I suppose it’s to do with these things being a recognisable shape to people. It also helps people who are transitioning from meat- to plant-based eating. I didn’t have a problem with this, but I sometimes visit a website where they devise recipes that mimic the meat versions. Quite a lot of work is involved to achieve this, and for me I prefer the more honest approach of just cooking with plants which aren’t trying to look or taste like something else! “Meatballs” are a definite thing – all one word – and I suppose they ought to be called “Veggieballs” or something like that? I heard this week that Ikea is about to launch them in their restaurants. Their Swedish meatballs are part of the whole Ikea experience and they are recognising that an increasing number of people are abandoning meat – they say the new recipe is as delicious as the original. It would be interesting to try them. I made some more of my “Savoury Okara Balls” today – really tasty!! A thought has just occurred to me – for centuries, “mincemeat” (as in mince pies) has not contained any meat! Go figure… There’s also a huge thing going on in the EU at the moment (clearly instigated by the dairy industry) to stop people calling non-dairy milks “milk” – e.g. almond milk, soya milk. We’ve had coconut milk for yonks and they aren’t complaining about that! (Sorry for all this rambling – I don’t suppose you are any closer to an answer to your question after all that lot haha!!)

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #17

  19. Well done on placing that online order, they have been a true lifeline to many people I know. I’m so glad to found the brusho photo’s my favourite if the purple bow it’s like it frame the pattern like a bouquet, most beautiful.
    Have fun with all that is crafty & stay safe Tracey #11 x

  20. Fabulous projects on display this week. This Corvid situation is such a worry , nearly all the local schools have had cases. My grand daughter’s year is now off for a fortnight. Church opened last week, but I didn’t go, I don’t know when it will end! I have yet tried my Brushos. Loved your cards. Angela #29

  21. Hello Margaret. so much going on and all so lovely. Those brusho cards are gorgeous. Glad you are keeping busy. Take care and stay safe. Anne x #33

  22. Hi Margaret. You thought you were late! well I’m even later. Been in the garden all day today and just catching up on the visits. Lots of interesting projects here today. Looks like you’ve been one busy lady. Have a lovely creative woyww, Angela x19x

  23. Wow! You have a lot of finished projects and I love the variation. It sure has helped during this pandemic to have our hobbies. Wishing a wonderful week and good health. Dorlene #30

  24. My goodness you are one busy bee!
    Your craft space looks very organised and I can’t believe how varied all your crafty creations are!
    Thanks for the snoop!
    DO take care and stay safe!
    Chrissie #24

  25. Hi Margaret! Lovely cards! My favourite Brusho card is the bottom left one that looks like a spray of flowers! You’ve been creating up a storm! The blanket is beautiful (I love yellow!) and those puzzles would make my eyes go bonkers! You will enjoy the grocery delivery, I’ve been doing it for a few months now and love it! Sometimes, though, I still have to go to the local grocery store to get things they didn’t have, but I’m only spending 10 minutes in the opposed to an hour, so worth it! Have a wonderful week, and thanks for your visit! Lindart #28

  26. Ohmy, there’s so much to see on your blog today, you have been busy! I do love those brusho-cards, great colours!! Thanks for your visit to my blog last week. In the Netherlands there were stricter rules announced in order to get the covid-number down but I am allowed to stay working at location – pfew! That’s a release! Stay healthy and happy! Love from Holland. Marit #2

  27. Margaret I am so sorry to hear about the lockdown. My town is a hot spot (we are categorized as red) and it’s frustrating because I still see people without masks. When we do that and social distance, things seem to improve. Your cards are beautiful. Every time you mention Brusho I get the urge to take mine out. It just might happen. They look lovely on your cards. But wow, the puzzles blow my mind. I don’t know how you are able to do those puzzles with so many dark colors. That’s incredible. Stay well, my friend.

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