Hello my friends. Goodness, that week went by pretty quickly. Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by and commented last week. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, cards, presents… WOW! What a time I had. I managed to meet up with my whole family here in Wales last Saturday. Because we are all in one bubble/extended family group, it was perfectly legal for the 10 of us to meet up outdoors. The weather was cold, crisp but bright; my daughters had designed and planned, with military precision, the whole time. All sorts of plans came and went, but we decided Horseshoe Falls near Llangollen – just this side of the border, a place to walk, and lots of space to have a family time of games and picnic.

Now, you have to understand that we are completely barking when all together…so the girls planned a tournament of silly games. We laughed, we talked, we howled with fun, we looked stupid – yes we had a great day. Games included a tennis ball in the foot of a pair of tights. Tights put on the head… knock down 5 skittles with the ball and don’t use your hands; a scavenger hunt; and the largest laugh of all – place an After 8 on your forehead and get it into your mouth using only your facial muscles! One son in law managed it in 3 seconds!

However… back to sanity – or at least, what passes for sanity in this house! Two desk shots for you this week – and both are upstairs. The first was taken halfway though a bit of a cardfest – using lots of my own printed photos. You can see peel-offs, gems, leaves (yes! Having a use-up-stash session!); inks and brushes; the usual ruler, blade, scissors, glues; and there in front of the green cutting mat is the little pile of cards.


The second desk shot was taken around an hour later when I was playing about with some brushos as card fronts. I was, I admit, having a great deal of fun! The scrap paper on the green cutting mat is now soaked through, having liberally sprayed the card with water. You can just see four efforts up near the guillotine, drying out. They are now under a heavy weight flattening out. Please take special note of the guillotine – Canu Camilla would be so proud of me to know that I have been regularly using it. I have finally (I’m a mere 70 years old) mastered it. It has taken years. And for someone with a mathematical and musical brain I don’t know why I could never figure it out – but I couldn’t. However… now I have. Yay! At the far end of the table is a bag and some coloured shapes. These are Christmas ideas, and will hopefully come to fruition over the next few weeks. On the floor is an order from craftstash, again a Christmas idea and present… note to self – TIDY UP before you stand on it!


So these are my efforts! Looks rather like a summer flower border!

So, that’s me this week folks here on the North Wales coast. To everyone who lives in an area with extra restrictions – oh, I wish you well. I feel for the poor folks who have just gone off to university – almost straight into isolation. Ouch! All the hopes and dreams of uni life, gone in an instant.

Take care, each one of you. Stay safe and well. God bless you.


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  1. Ha! I just got done putting my Brushos in little bottles. I tried the poking a hole in the top and struggled to make it work. You’ve done well. Lovely colourful splashes and yes, they DO look like a floral boarder. Look forward to seeing what you make of them!

    Happy Woyww
    Mary Anne (1)

  2. I am so glad that the plans all came off – what a fab birthday celebration that looks – well done on the planners! I love your brusho experiments too – wonderful bursts of colour. Happy WOYWW Helen #3

  3. Glad you had such a fun time with your family Margaret and just before extra lockdown rules come in too. Looks like you have been having fun with the Brushos. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. sarah #5

  4. What a fantastic birthday party you had. It will certainly be one you remember. I know the After Eight game but have never heard of the ball in the tights one and the pictures that conjures up are hilarious. I can just see you swinging your booty Margaret as you try to aim the ball in the right direction – and with force. Must be lovely having such a caring family around you who plan things like that.
    Good to see the desks back in use and yes, the Brusho backgrounds do look like an array of beautiful flowers. Such a great product.
    Take care my lovely lady
    God Bless, Neet 8 xx

  5. Good to see you had time with the family, it’s so important to keep connected but very difficult for areas of local lockdown. Love your brusho backgrounds, yes they do look like bursts of summer and beautiful just as they are. Stay safe & keep creative.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #7 xx

  6. Oh my word!
    Your space looks so organised and tidy… I think I have space envy!
    Your Brusho work reminded me that maybe I should dig them out again.. I love Brushos, although it took me a while to realise it!
    Have a great day and stay safe
    Chrissie #15

  7. So glad you had such a great birthday with the family!! The games sound right up my street, I love daft things like that and would have joined in with the madness as well, lol! Just as well it was last weekend as you wouldn’t have been able to do it now, I was shocked when I saw that virtually the whole of North Wales is now in lockdown again. I feel for the small businesses and everyone who is shielding.
    Those brusho backgrounds are fab, I love the bright colours and abtstractness (is that a word?) of it all.
    Hope the flowers are still blooming away!
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  8. What fun your birthday celebrations sound! I love silly family games like that. The brusho backgrounds are great… I only have a few brushos but do love them. Mental note to self to get them out and play! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#14)

  9. I honestly can’t follow the rules any more so I don’t know what’s legal or not – the good news is, I can work from home again, so I’m happy! Looks like you had a fun time with your family in a lovely setting – yes, it does look a bit cold! It must have been fun playing with your Brushos too – you know that reminded me that I have some too somewhere and I’ve never used them in any of my projects. Must dig them up! Enjoy your week, Margaret! zsuzsa #21

  10. Hi Margaret, so happy my disaster gave you a good laugh! Your birthday meet up sounds like a lot of fun- life should be about having good times with friends and family, too many people who won’t let themselves do that! My ex husband was like that- terrified someone would laugh at him. Love the Brusho pieces- I do think they look fab with a ‘less is more’ approach. I repurposed an Amazon delivery box for spraying in- just cut it down to about 6″ high. Got fed up with Brushos and sprays getting everywhere.Stay safe, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz X #6.

  11. How wonderful! We have had to postpone our family party in the park but will have to remember some of those games for next year LOL. Loving the brusho card fronts – and yes, they do look like flower borders!! Stay well, Stay safe, Happy WOYWW, Cindy #22

  12. Oh I love a bit of Brusho – used it in school – always worked well and made lovely backgrounds for craft work. Your happy family get together sounded perfect. So glad you managed it – it sounds like areas of N Wales are restricted now so who knows what will happen next!

  13. Margaret, what great fun!!! Oh my goodness, it looked like you had a ball!! I LOVE family time and when my family gets together, it sounds like our time is much like yours! I wouldn’t give anything for family time!! How wonderful!! I love your “efforts” for the week! Yummy colors!!! They would be great as is with a sentiment (yes they do look like a summer flower border! LOL) or with further crafting!!! Just lovely!! Happy WOYWW and blessings, Felicia, #26

  14. Happy WOYWW and thank you for your earlier visit. I didn’t tackle the walk down to the actual beach at Mwnt, as I knew it would be very horrible getting back up again (especially as we still had about 15 km of cycling to do – and the very steep road up from Mwnt!). Sadly there are a lot of beaches near us that I can no longer get down to, either because of steep steps or pebble banks. So happy that you could meet up with family for your birthday. The games sound fun, and now I want an After Eight! I don’t have any Brusho’s, but have done a craft workshop using them – and have about 3 bottles of Pixie Powders I think, that are basically the same thing. Using them for backgrounds is fun. I assume you will be going into Lockdown later? Pembrokeshire is still one of the low risk areas, thankfully. Ali x #8

  15. Hi Margaret. Pleased you had a nice birthday. The Brusho splatters look interesting and hope we get to see what you make with them. Wishing you a happy week and a very creative woyww, Angela x12x

  16. Margaret that sounded like so much fun. I love it! The weather looked nice too. I’m happy you had such a marvelous time. Aaa you remind me that I have Brushos too that I haven’t played with in too long. I must pull them out and play.
    Continue to have a wonderful week, my friend!
    Belinda #31

  17. I’m glad you had such fun with the family, Margaret. Love your brusho pieces! Thank you for your visit and I’m glad you are enjoying the progress of the latest tiny carpet.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #20

  18. Hi Margaret, your birthday looks like a lot of fun. I admire the organisational skills involved – the family did well. I do like your Brusho pieces, they do look like a flower border. Have a lovely week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #27

  19. Hi Margaret, belated happy birthday greetings. I loved reading about your celebrations and the games. I will add the After Eight game to our family holiday next year – the grandchildren will love it! I have some Brushos but not experimented too much with them yet, but when I do, yes it is fun! Thanks for stopping by earlier- we are in local lockdown, but fingers crossed there are no more changes in store to stop the wedding. It is now family only, no friends of the bride and groom, but they will be having an evening reception to coincide with their first anniversary – assuming covid is under control in 12 months! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #17

  20. Happy that you had a great time with family! Great memories!
    Love your busy desk twice! The Brushos are pretty cool!
    Thanks for popping by and have a most wonderful week!
    Carol N #24

  21. Hi Margaret! Nobody can accuse you of not having fun! Sounds like a great time had by all! I love playing with Brushos, you get some really neat patterns! Thanks for your lovely visit to mine, Lindart #28

  22. It looks as though you had so much fun! It must have been a wonderful day!
    I love Brushos – my daughter and I both have so much fun with them!
    Sorry I am late commenting… Happy woyww! Susan #13

  23. ooh that sounds like afabulous birthday and fair play for son in law for 3 seconds for the after 8!! that must be a new record 🙂


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