Well, hello my friends – another Wednesday. Surely not? Already? But yes – a week has flown by. And you find me feeling thoroughly discombobulated! Another week, six months to the day when Britain went into lockdown, and now restrictions are really tightening again. Infection numbers are rising, local lockdowns are in place in many areas, and more are “on the amber alert list” – ie., “look out! You too, will soon not be permitted to move out of your area without a good reason”. Oh well… here we go again.

So what have I been up to since last week – not a lot really. My desk has moved around the house as I have done different things Upstairs I have actually made some cards – 2 birthday cards – 4 sympathy cards (for my daughter’s father in law died quite suddenly at the weekend) – and a great-grandma card. Needless to say I forgot to take photos of the sympathy and great grandma cards as I was in such a rush to get them in the mail!! However…


Downstairs, I have crocheted, inspected (but not yet done) my knitting, and spent time hunched over a jigsaw board.


But then, on Monday, a treat! You see, this week has been looming rather large in the calendar – it’s a big birthday – you know, the sort which changes the number on the front (oh, groan!). My family’s plans have changed so many times it is unbelievable – due purely to restrictions. The plan to go away – cancelled. The plan to meet at the elder daughter’s house – cancelled. The plan to all cross the border into Wales and meet up outdoors – being held loosely as the weather is changing. BUT – the elder daughter decided this wasn’t good enough. She had all the presents and cards… so we would meet. I had to cross the border into England, but we met for hot chocolate, a walk by the canal, and lunch at a place called Grindley Brook. A gorgeous little cafe with fantastic outside space by the water, lots of activity on the staircase of locks, and a beautiful sunny day to boot! How precious to see her – and yes, risk a hug! When you live on your own as I do now, physical contact is nil – and you don’t realise how important it is until it is denied. I have seen Joy only once since February – and if you knew my family you would know how unusual that gap of time is! So, it was really good to meet her. I’m still hoping that the whole family can meet come the weekend. It all depends. Currently it is still legal. Who knows by Saturday what will be permitted! So, a little reminder of the gorgeous day out.

Coming up the staircase
Stopping at the watering hole
A reminder autumn is close

So that’s me this week folks, here on the North Wales coast on a very dull and exceedingly wet Wednesday morning. Thank you so much to everyone who visited and left comments last week. They were lovely!

Take care of yourselves. God bless you.


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  1. So glad you managed to meet up with family for your big birthday Margaret (Happy belated birthday). Great cards. Osrry to hear about your daughter’s father in law though. Great cards and blanket. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  2. ah yes, the never-ending changes to restrictions… I know it is for the best but it does make planning things hard – not that i have anything myself, but I feel for you and for people planning weddings etc. hopefully your celebrations can still go ahead. I too, ,miss a good hug!! Helen #3

  3. It’s so hard on us all right now thank heavens for our creativity it helps pass away some of that spare time. You certainly have been busy Margaret, I love the blanket just in time for these colder nights that are coming. Happy belated & i’m so sorry to read about your Daughter’s Father in Law. Take care & keep positive Hugs Tracey #5 xx

  4. I’m thrilled you managed to meet up with family for your birthday…a very happy belated birthday from us. Hugs are so important aren’t they? Now we are back to caring for Theo on a Tuesday I am getting hugs too…how can you not when he needs his cuddles every bit as much as me? I think we will all suffer more from the lack of physical contact than not being able to sit in a pub after 10pm!!
    Stay safe my friend.
    Annie x #9

  5. Hi Margaret, what beautiful cards, that dolphin die is fab. Love your crocheted throw, the denim blue shades are gorgeous. I’m so glad you had a lovely day with your family, sounds absolutely perfect. These are such difficult times and as we go into winter I worry that some of us will become even more isolated. Thank goodness for crafting and the internet! 🙂 Have a great week. Annie C #17

  6. Happy Birthday wishes! I see brushos, right? Funny, I just decanted mine into little bottles with tiny tips for sprinkling, and used them for the first time (bought them easily 3-4 years ago….) just to test. I think I might be able to use my samples as a background, based on how lovely your card is.

    Not a huge crochet person, but I love crochet around knitting – it just adds the right stability to an edge and so much faster than ribbing, am I right?

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (20)

  7. Happy Birthday! I am so glad that you managed to meet with family for your special day. I really love the cards that you have shown. The blanket looks so cosy and lovely and I like the jigsaws. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#11)

  8. Happy significant birthday to you, Margaret! I hope you’ll manage to bring the family together this weekend. We don’t have much family around so, we’re not really affected by the restrictions, but I can image how difficult it is to plan a get-together when you don’t know what’s going to happen. The blanket is lovey – I’ve always liked stripes! Enjoy your week! xx zsuzsa #20

  9. Wishing you a Very Happy Belated birthday. Families are so precious, I have my daughter staying with me at present I have not seen her since her wedding in May 2019. Ani

  10. Many Happy Returns for the Big One – how lovely that you managed to meet up with your daughter and I do hope you have a get together of some kind with the rest of your family. Stay safe and have a great week,
    Diana xx #22

  11. Hi Margaret, and Happy Birthday, I hope you get to have a celebration of some order, at least. Lovely photos of your little meet up. Thats a lot of jigsaws completed, well done you. Love the blues in the blanket, gorgeous. Two lovely cards, I love Brushos when they are done like this, I do think that less is most definitely more with them. Stay safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #4 X

  12. Happy Birthday Margaret – where do those years go?!! So glad you could meet some of the family – let’s hope other events can take place – we so need contact with our loved ones just now don’t we. Your little blanket is fab and will be so cosy too. I love the card with the cutout at the top – so neat and stylish. xx Jo

  13. First off….Happy Birthday!!! What a blessing to have another year on this earth, even amidst the chaos!!! Second, thank you so much for visiting my blog and your encouraging words!! My goodness, you are a busy bee!! LOL So much craftiness going on and…..getting done it would seem!! I love your cards! I wish I were better at card making!! I make stabs at it, but somehow always fall short of something spectacular! LOLOL I am a knitter, so I totally appreciate your beautiful throw! Loving those colors for sure! What a beautiful trip and so glad you were able to go and spend precious time!! Thanks again for stopping in Margaret! Blessings, Felicia #25

  14. Happy belated special birthday, Margaret – glad you managed a meet-up. Lovely cards and crochet as always. Thank you for your visit – congratulations on your Christian anniversary too! It’s terrifying how quickly the years pass, isn’t it. I can’t believe it’s 36 years for me now. That’s more than half my lifetime lol!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #12

  15. Oh Margaret, I’m so sorry I missed your B ig Birthday, I just hadn’t realised – but I’m glad you managed to meet up with family and have such a great time, so pleased for you. Also in the light of future possible lockdowns. A chance to make the most of them all. I love the dolphin card a lot, that’s a real winner for me and the blanket is great, love all the blues.
    Sending you special birthday hugs, lovely gal.
    Hugs LLJ 8 xxx

  16. Looks like you had a nice day out, the weather has turned colder here and not so pleasant outside. The lawn is starting to get sprinkled with leaves, Autumn is here. Thoughts turning to Christmas and what will happen with restrictions then? Your dolphin card is beautiful x Angela #23

  17. Glad you had some time out! And looks like your birthday celebration was wonderful! Beautiful blanket and fun puzzles! This pandemic has been horrible and hard on so many. May God bless you with good health. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.
    Carol N #24

  18. Hello Margaret. Glad you got to meet up with your daughter and hope you get to meet more family for a special celebration before too long. It is all so difficult isn’t it. Lovely cards.
    We are trying to meet up with our eldest, he is in part of Yorkshire who have restrictions. He runs a virtual marathon soon and we had wanted to give support but who knows what will happen. Belated birthday greetings. Take care and stay safe. Anne x 26

  19. It’s lucky you’ve managed to meet up with some of your family as things are getting more difficult and I feel it may get worse. Nice crochet blanket, the photos and cards are lovely too. Wishing you a happy and creative woyww, Angela x15x

  20. Wow, Margaret! That sounds like some productive crafting to me and the birthday card with the dolphin is swoon-worthy! So beautiful. Sorry to hear about the loss for your daughter of her father-in-law. The pandemic makes loss even more difficult. I am sorry to hear the restrictions are coming back. I am convinced ours will very soon too. I have started to buy a little extra toilet paper and items that were in shortage last time. I think it will be more challenging in the winter months when it’s to cold to at least hang out in my yard. I try not to think of it yet. One day at a time and try to find some good things to think about like the fact that my boys (ages 13 and soon 17) are at the age they are still home so I can feel they are safe. Lots of craziness happening here on top of the pandemic.
    Looks like you had a wonderful outing. One thing this pandemic has done for most of us is to remind us how precious human contact is. Thank goodness for our crafts to keep us company.
    Thanks for stopping by and stay well my friend!
    Belinda #33

  21. Happy big birthday Margaret! So glad you got to meet up with your family., and I hope you’re ok for this weekend.

    I loved your blanket – so regular, that’s a real crochet discipline. The blues are lovely.
    That dolphin card is stunning.

    Have a great week
    Stsy safe
    Lynnecrafts #13

  22. Happy Birthday!
    And a lovely spot to celebrate!
    Liked peeking at your crafty creations – all lovely!
    Happy woyww, Susan #14

  23. I too forget to take pics of cards I create… I know the feeling of ‘rush getting them into the mail’… I hope you get to see your loved ones this weekend, it’s scary the Covid numbers are rising again – it’s the same here in the Netherlands… Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday! Have a great week/weekend, stay safe! love from the Netherlands! Marit #1

  24. Happy Belated WOYWW and Happy Birthday too. Hope you can all meet up at the weekend and the sun shines (I think the forecast for Wales is good, but not really noticed what will be happening ‘up north’). We had got some trips out planned, but taking the advice to only travel when necessary to heart. We feel so safe here in our isolated lifestyle, and don’t want to risk anything by going to look around shops. I do most of my shopping online anyway, so we will stay here, enjoy some local walks/cycling and, of course, do some crafting. You have certainly been busy. Love that dolphin card. Dolphins are one of my favourite crafting themes. Ali x #34

  25. You know you’re missing them, but you think you’re doing all right and then…the hug. Well, I could have cried when I finally got my arms around Jenny and it hasn’t been as long as you’ve waited to see Joy. so glad it was a beautiful day, I think it was the perfect choice for a meet. And they let you back across the border too which means you must have behaved! I do hope that Saturday shows up to be sunny and you can have that big number meet up. Meanwhile, the crochet looks fab, and look at all those puzzles. My mother in law could do with living next door to you, only yesterday she was bemoaning the fact that she’ll be starting to re-do the last lot soon!

  26. The weather took a turn on the Tuesday so we did an about turn and returned home after almost two weeks in the sunshine. So we are having the rain just like you are now. Good for the land though so we must be thankful
    So pleased you have had a lovely birthday. Wish I had known and I could have sent you a card.. I am hopeless at writing these things down – and it was a special one. It sounded such a special day and I like the fact that you had a bit of illegal activity. Shh!
    Hope the weekend comes off and you have a wonderful time with lots more shhh!
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  27. Hi Margaret! I love the photos of the canal, if I ever visit England I want to see the canals! I’m glad you at least got to connect with your daughter, and to get a hug! And yes, I did push the limit a bit with hugs with my DD too. and my new SIL. We are all very careful, so I hope it didn’t do any damage. We are halfway through the 14 days since returning from the wedding!
    I love the card with the dolphin cut-out on top! Fabulous! I often forget to take pics of my cards too, once I even tore open the envelope that was already to go, to take a pic of the card, but instead I put it in another envelope and sealed it up! How crazy was that! Thanks for your kind words about the wedding, it was definitely a project of love! Have a great week and stay safe! Lindart #32

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