Hello there, my friends. Well, I didn’t do too well last week.. prepared the photos and everything… and then didn’t post. No excuse, just didn’t. So, sorry folks.

So I am trying again this week – the photo is the one I took last week because the desk looks exactly the same. I haven’t been near it all week. Just seemed to struggle with any enthusiasm. Terrible, but there it is. I rather gather many of you are in the same state… However – my desk

As you can see – not a great deal of interesting stuff to look at! The lens cover for my camera; my CD and radio; black pergamano embossing mat, used as the background for photos of my cards; DST, glues, scissors; a die; my mobile; and stuff piled on the floor (saves leaving the drawer open, thus threatening to fall to the floor and disgorge all the contents!)

So there you have it, folks, here on the North Wales coast. Restrictions became more intense this week, with Mr Drayford saying that unless we do as we are told we are only weeks away from a large lockdown again. Oh boy! The problem is, folks are tired of having their lives controlled in this way, with it feeling like the government is playing fast and loose with peoples’ lives – go to work, stay at home, stop going into school for 2 weeks, so parents cannot work… Sorry! Rant over!! There are so many millions of people in the world so very much worse off than we here in Britain!

I do trust you are all safe, from viruses, wars, fires, violence… Take care of yourselves.

God bless you.


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  1. Hope your mojo returns for you soon Margaret. So far (touch wood) no problems at our school although a lot of children are off for one reason or another. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #3

    1. Hi Margaret,
      Thanks for visiting earlier, and for your tip. I hope you find a craft mojo again soon – maybe something different will grab you.
      It is such a scary time. I’ve been shielded, and each step outside is frightening.
      Stay safe; happy WOYWW
      Lynnecrafts #10

  2. Hi Margaret good to see you today even if Mojo has gone awol… I agree about the restrictions becoming annoying – but much as they are we have to go with it to avoid worse…. here’s hoping things improve again soon! Stay safe. Helen #1

  3. Hi Margaret – no, not ill, you missed last week so missed the explanation. Kew were hosting “Run Richmond” fun run so didn’t let the non runners in till 11 am which I decided would mean trains and the gardens too busy for my liking (and would have missed the amazing early morning light ) so decided not to go. back again this week though!

  4. Nice to see your desk, very tidy! I’ve remained more or less locked down since early March but somehow, having it officially stated seems worse. Noting the cute elephant (?) card lurking in the background. Very sweet. Happy Woyww to you. Nice to join in again.

    Mary Anne

  5. Morning Margaret, our desks are always very patient are they not a great space waiting for you. The elephant card is very cute and happy. Yes it’s all very hard on us right now, having lockdown again in my area has had devastating impact on many lives again. I’m clinging onto my support bubble at the moment with my Mom so I can have a cuppa with her..
    Take care, Happy WoywW & stay very safe Tracey #6

  6. It is totally tedious being in a constant state of lockdown – just thank goodness for crafting in my case. Means get out of bed in the morning… However it has been relaxed that we can be out for two hours of exercise this week – one hour was just not quite long enough for our normal walks/cycle rides. We still have to keep to 5k – and no visiting. Such a shame when my oldest son was 40 last week – although he was probably quite pleased not to have the big party! At least the numbers are going down here in Melbourne, Australia…
    Happy woyww! Susan #8

  7. I think we used early lockdown as an excuse to get crafty and we’re a little over saturated! I hope so. Am also driven to distraction by the government middle of instructions, it really needs to be be more black and white, you can ask a small group of people to follow vague rules, but 63 million makes for a lot of misunderstanding and interpretation! Hope you’re enjoying the refreshed lounge , and am in no doubt Missus that one morning soon you’ll leap out of bed and feel a need to play with paper and inks. Obviously, when I say ‘leap’, ………..xxxxx

  8. Hi Margaret, lovely to catch up with you again! Sorry your mojo has temporarily deserted you. That is a cute elephant card on your desk! I fully concur with what you are saying about the Covid-19 situation. There is too much contradictory information relayed on a daily basis that no-one quite knows where we are at. I believe it is now gatherings up to 6 people only, but they can be from 6 different households – but my two daughters + families cannot meet as that would be 7 people, even thought just 2 households! Absolutely bonkers! Stay safe and well … and have a lovely week Heather xx #11

  9. It is madness isnt’ ti? I guess that some people can’t be relied on to use their common sense so the majority of us have to put up with the restrictions as well. I do think the Welsh government have handled the situation better than Boris et al. Don’t worry about the lack of Mojo, just do the things you enjoy – life’s too short!
    Hugs LLJ 7 xxxxx

  10. I think lots are suffering with lack of mojo just now….I think it’s the time of year but I’m sure Covid doesn’t help. If only everyone did the sensible things we wouldn’t be under threat of shutdown again. I’m lucky in that I get asked to make/do things I can do without my mojo to help. Stay safe my friend.
    Annie x #9

  11. I was only thinking of the poor folks in America – having to contend with Trump and Covid (sorry had to get the first bit in) and now those terrible fires in parts of the country.
    Bolton has been in the news lately as we have been top of the list for a couple of weeks now and numbers are escalating but they have not restricted travel as yet – thank goodness.
    not surprised your mojo has gone walkabout with having to face the birthday without the family around. Here’s hoping your numbers go down and things can change a bit for you.
    Take care lovely lady
    Blessings, Neet 12 xx

  12. I did feel a bit vulnerable being out and about on our weekend away but we all thought it worth it and we were very careful. We stayed in a friend’s cottage so that was fine but it did bother me that not all the cafe staff wore masks. I just hope we managed to stay safe. The scenery was wonderful and the backdrop of those marvellous mountains takes your breath away! xx Jo

  13. Thanks for visiting me Margaret. As a newbie to WOYWW I’m forgetting firstly to remember it’s Wednesday & secondly how to link? Hence I’m Sue#17 & Sue#18.
    Hope you find your mojo soon. I think I’m buying more stash to see if my mojo is in the post ?
    Hugs, Sue #18

  14. Hi Margaret, I agree, mojo is hard to find lately, I’ve not crafted anywhere near as much as normal. Hoping the cards I’m working on now will give it a boost!Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  15. Hi Margaret. Thanks for the visit to mine. Just been watching the news and the poor people in India, people don’t realise how lucky they are to live in this country. The government don’t help but a Virus like this is something people have not had to cope with for a very long time here and it’s not going to go away easily. I feel there are a lot of people who are very naive or selfish about it and because they can’t do what they want they ignore advise and do it anyway which is why they have to be told what to do. it’s very sad. But that’s enough of that for now. I hope you feel more in the mood for crafting soon though I think lots of us feel the same. Desk in waiting I think! Have a happy woyww and hopefully some crafting too. Hugs, Angela x16x

  16. Our local governments dictate to us what to do. Our numbers are WAY down yet oodles of restrictions. Plus the riots and fires (many are arson by the rioters). We’re still working and my classes are doing great.
    Hope you have a wonderful week.
    No # for me as Julia’s Mr Linky disappeared for me.
    Carol N

  17. Thanks for your kind words earlier Margaret x. It is only just dawning on me that I might not be using the new blogger thingy at all and have been lulled into a false sense of accomplishment ?. It is certainly different than before but still a bit familiar- time will tell I guess but if I suddenly disappear again then you will know why. Happy WOYWW’ing. Love Debbie xxx

  18. Hi Margaret, I think you’re right, a lot of us have been struggling with our mojo. Happily, mine has returned – for scrapping, if not cardmaking which seems to be on holiday still. It does seem that we are heading for another lockdown up here too and our First Minister is losing patience with people who ignore the recommendations that are intended to get life back to normal as soon as possible. Like you say, there are so many suffering so much more. Have a good week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #18

  19. Hi Margaret, it’s a strange time we are living in. It’s a worry for a lot of people, yet some are not bothering to be careful. Stay safe x Angela #27

  20. Why is it that when most people’s mojo goes AWOL, their desks look pristine and tidy? The less I use my desk, the more untidy and chaotic it becomes – and that applies to the whole studio, which degenerates into a dumping ground. I need a Mary Poppins to come along and wave her umbrella over it or whatever, and watch everything miraculously leap back into place! I am sure your mojo will return in due course. I totally agree with you over the covid business. Too much control and intervention from above, death of common sense, ignoring of a lot of excellent science not reported on MSM. Don’t get me going…….

    Thank you for your visit – so glad you like tiny carpet #3. I’m actually planning on doing 6 in all! Watch this space, as they say. Sorry to hear the butternut squash soup would be such a disaster area for you. I can’t imagine life without fruit – I eat several pieces at every single meal!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #15

  21. Yes, all these restrictions have been switching from one thing to the other. I believe our area has slowed down as far as new cases so at least we can see that it works. Hang in there! Thanks for your earlier visit. Dorlene #24

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