Hello my friends. I think it is confession time! I have been MIA for four weeks now, and thought it was maybe time for me to put in an appearance before you thought I had left the planet! My excuses are decorating the lounge, and having half of my gorgeous family to stay. but first… my desk! NOT that it has seen a great deal of use in the past four weeks!

As I said… not a lot has been going on! You can see a guillotine, a pile of scrap paper upon which are a couple of finished cards which I can’t show you yet as the birthdays haven’t happened, a glass cutting mat piled high with boxes, some of which I am still deciding whether to tesselate and make advent calendars, and the coloured ones of which are filled with greeting cards and made as Christmas presents. Not a lot of signs of anything terribly busy or creative going on… so… off to other parts of the house!

Those of a nervous disposition should most definitely look away at this point, as I reveal the reason for working creatively elsewhere. This was my lounge carpet…

For eight and a half years I have called it my tropical underwater scene! I think the chances are that it was laid almost when the house was first built. There is every colour of the rainbow in this carpet, apart from a true red. So… time for it to go. I stripped all the walls, discovered that the previous decorator had signed his name and the date – 9/9/1983 – under the anaglypta wallpaper, painted and wallpapered! Then finally, out went the carpet and in came a new one. You asked for a glimpse… so.. ta-da!!!

Whilst all this was going on, one day the postman arrived with a fairly large parcel…

My daughter’s handwriting… and the parcel rattled… I couldn’t wait to open it!

A white box and a note from one of my grand daughters!

She had sent me a jigsaw, knowing how much I love to do them. I immediately set it up on the dining room table – adding to the utter chaos in that room! I had piled all the furniture from the lounge in there… Gwennan had taken a jigsaw, made it up, then painted her own picture on it for me!! Believe me – it was NOT easy – but I was determined to complete it. It took me each break time from being up step ladders! WOW!!

It’s just lovely – and so essentially Gwennan! Eventually the lounge was finished , new carpet laid, furniture back in the room, house tidied, and the family arrived. No opportunity to come up to my landing space as a grandson was sleeping there – so… not much else done apart from a lot of TV watching, family games, and parcel opening. My daughter’s mother in law had been knitting and crocheting again, sending three blankets and three cardigans for Uganda. My son in law had asked me for a list of any jobs I couldn’t do, and came armed with tools for the jobs! He put up new light fittings, curtain rails, mended bits and pieces… THANK YOU!!!

Isn’t that just lovely?

I’m afraid, Julia, that you are right… I couldn’t resist going into my local craft shop once it opened… and bought some yarn to make a blanket! I know – yes – I had only just emptied my yarn stash… but you see, I just couldn’t bear sitting watching tv with nothing to do…. It hasn’t got very far yet, but I’ll show you when it is done. I also opened another parcel… and discovered two more jigsaws to do… yes, the nice new, neat and tidy lounge is no longer! There’s a jigsaw board filling the empty space!

Well I woke early to write this, and now, despite a glorious pink coloured sky, it is raining here on the North Wales coast – the lawn must wait yet another day! I do trust you are all well and healthy.

Take care. God bless you.


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  1. Well hello you again! loving the new lounge – although sad to see the carpet go ! I quite liked it… Glad you’ve had family to visit (and help with jobs) What a fab jigsaw and very personal too. Happy WOYWW Helen #1

  2. The lounge make over looks amazing Margaret, well done. Love the hand painted jigsaw too. Glad you had time with family, always a good excuse for going MIA. Nice to see you back though. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #6

  3. That carpet reminds me of the one my friend has, very 60’s. Funny but now these carpets have been overtaken with plain ones. Ours is only 20 years old, top quality so still perfect condition but not a plain one and I long for it to start to wear so i have an excuse to replace. Bought to not show cat hairs when I had Tabs.
    Love the new look you have achieved, bet the family loved it.
    What a fabulous idea that jigsaw was from your Grandee and what a gorgeous blanket, so rich and textural too. That must have been some visit with all the gifts, the handyman and, of course the love and laughter.
    I feel sad in a way as your decorating brings you a step nearer to moving and it saddens me, it is such a beautiful home in a beautiful place. Hope you sell to someone nice.
    `Blessings, Neet 5 xx

  4. Happy WOYWW. Decorating is something I leave to other people now. We have got our decorator coming soon to do all the external painting before the winter, and hubby is promising to get some of the internal work done himself now he has more spare time (we even gathered some paint charts yesterday for him to choose colours for his office). Any internal stuff (every room in the house needs something, as it is over 7 years since we did the renovation) that hubby doesn’t get done, will pass over our to our decorator next year, plus the difficult plastering etc. You must be very happy to have got rid of that carpet. We have started viewing houses online as a possible purchase for stepdaughter, and some of the decorating is very similar! I love that jigsaw. Ali x #4

  5. What a great job you have done with the decorating Margaret, it all looks fresh and clean – the new carpet is a definite bonus too! How wonderful to have your family staying, you must have had a lovely time and I think Gwennan’s jigsaw is a brilliant idea – congrats on finishing it cos it must have been tricky. Worth it though!!
    I’m so glad you bought some new yarn, not only good for the shop but sometimes it’s nice to have a say in what colours you want to work with!
    HUgs LLJ 2 xxx

  6. Wonderful job with your decorating- and I love that jigsaw.
    Seems you have had a very busy week even if not on your desk!
    Happy WOYWW, Stay Safe, Keep Well! Susan #13

  7. Hi Margaret, wow!! what a fabulous jigsaw from your grandaughter, such a brilliant idea! Love your makeover as well, must have been a great feeling to have it finished and how good to have a helpful SIL. Happy WOYWWday :o) Annie C #16

  8. Well done for bringing the house into the 21st century! Though I would keep a piece of that carpet for old times sake – just a small piece! The jigsaw looks delightful – it might be worth framing it for your new wall. Lovely to see you again, Margaret! xx zsuzsa #18

  9. Hi Margaret, you’ve done a great job on the lounge decorating, it looks amazing. Smiling at you finding a date behind the wallpaper, we do that too! Stripping paper we once found a scrap of a very old wallpaper- was a sort of pale brown with a blue print on it, must have been donkeys years old. What a lovely gift that jigsaw is, a real treasure. So nice you were able to have family to visit, and thats a beautiful blanket, so vibrant. Stay safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #14. X

  10. Oh my life, you’re as busy as ever! The lounge looks marvellous, how amazing that changing the carpet makes such a difference! Love your choices, the wallpaper is so pretty. Gwennan is a genius, what a great idea anyway, but such a lovely lovely image to put on the puzzle, I love it! You must have enjoyed every piece, even if it was through clenched teeth because of the odd difficult spot….! I cant imagine you sitting in front of the TV without anything to work on, it must have been rather strange., Certainly understand why you had to get yarn, almost just to make watching telly feel normal again!

  11. Lounge is looking lovely – very smart!! I don’t like decorating but it’s always fun when it’s done. What a clever girl to make you a puzzle! I would never have thought of that, how clever. Have a great Wednesday, stay well, stay safe, Cindy #15

  12. Hi Margaret great to see you back but sometimes other stuff is necessary and that’s fine cos there will always be someone here when we get back. You have been busy but looks like it’s all done now. The jigsaw is brilliant, clever girl. The blanket is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing what you come up with too. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x10x

  13. Hi Margaret, Oh my gosh the puzzle with their art is fabulous. ( I cannot even guess how many hours you have into that) but, it is very very coo. 🙂 Love the new solid colored carpet too, that looks a little more peaceful for resting your eyes when you want a break too. ~Stacy #27

  14. Your lounge looks lovely Margaret. What a great present from your daughter although it looks very difficult x Have a great week x Angela #28

  15. I love the description your tropical underwater carpet, that really made me smile. Your new lounge looks lovely. We found a message from previous occupants written on the wall behind the old kitchen cabinets which was a great find.
    Having your family to stay must be extra special after the last few months. It’s good to be getting back to some normality isn’t it, which also includes some crafty shopping of course.
    Thank you for popping by earlier.
    Enjoy your jigsaws and take care
    Hugs Lisa x #17

  16. Your new room looks wonderful but I can imagine how much hard work has gone into achieving it! What a clever jig-saw – I would never have thought of doing that and such a lovely thought for Gwennan to do it for you so nicely. We are venturing into Wales for a few days next week so I hope the weather picks up and the Covid stays low! xx Jo

  17. My word that’s a tidy desk, Margaret – but how hard you have worked on the decorating! The sitting room looks lovely and the new carpet is a vast improvement! Funny about the decorator signing and dating it. I remember a house in London my sister moved into and it had the most unspeakably horrendous orange wallpaper with vast vases of flowers, and alternate widths were put on upside down lol lol! Over the top of the door the vases went sideways! They stripped it off the very day they moved in because it just wasn’t to be lived with, and underneath, written in large felt pen letters, was the legend “Bulldog George 1966.” Says it all, really, doesn’t it!! I’m so glad you had such a great time with the family. The new jigsaw is amazing – what a gorgeous picture she has done. It does look fiendishly difficult to do, though!

    Happy belated WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #12

  18. Thanks for the visit. Wednesday was a day of visiting the city, and Thursday working with garden produce. I’m doing “My” things today !! Tidy desk and fun photos of color.
    How fun to redo your living space. I’ve been waiting patiently, things here are starting to annoy me. Happy too that you had “family”, it’s a busy time but makes the heart happy. I won’t be having ANY of that for awhile. No travel state to state here for one son and the other trying to recover from the storm. Field work is just around the corner for us. Corn/Beans and we are just thankful we have a good crop…3 more weeks of fingers crossed. Have a great weekend, stay safe

  19. Welcome back! Lots of great photos and I love that puzzle. We love doing puzzles in our house. They can be a little stressful, lol, but mostly a great feeling when it’s done. Have a great week. Dorlene #26

  20. Wow! You have been busy! I love the new lounge, that carpet HAD to go! I hope you signed your name and date on the wall before wallpapering! That puzzle is beautiful and needs to be framed, what a wonderful gift! Thanks for your earlier visit, have a great week! Lindart #24

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