Hello my friends. I confess to being in a state of shock! I had to put fuel in my car today…. I have done a grand total of 550 miles since March 18th. Oh, the contrast with last year when I went around Britain with the caravan. Oh well – here’s to next year!

So, shock notwithstanding – my desk today…

Have you ever seen anything as boring? The only change from last week is the piece of paper reminding me I have a 90th birthday card to make. And that’s it this week – I haven’t worked at my desk at all. I have spent the entire week, or so it seems, standing on a step ladder stripping 40 year old anaglypta wallpaper from the lounge walls, filling holes and painting. An L-shaped lounge has 6 walls – 3 are now done, the fourth will be painted tomorrow, the fifth is half stripped and then I need to move a load of furniture to tackle the last one. Then the exciting bits – carpet, curtains, lights….

The only other thing I have been doing is….

…. completely emptying my yarn stash! Last week’s 30 squares are now a blanket!Yep – there is nothing left in my basket of yarn. Completely empty. I think a break from crocheting squares and blankets sounds like a plan!

So that’s me this week folks here on a rather damp North Wales Coastline. Thank you so much for the compliments to my daughter and grand daughter last week. I hadn’t realized how alike they were until I took that photo!

Take care everyone. Stay safe. God bless you.


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  1. You are amazing with the decorating! Don’t want to come and help me do you….. although with the amount of “stuff” it’s a bit tricky to get to anything to do any (hence it not having been done for a very long time) Love the blanket, it’s beautiful – but I bet we soon hear of you re-filling your yarn basket. Have a lovely week and be careful up the ladder. Helen #4

  2. A lovely tidy desk!
    Excellent work with the decorating and I love the blanket. The orange squares really stand out!
    Keep Safe and Stay Well! Susan #6

  3. I would be taking a break from crochet too! You’ve done a marvellous job. Staggered that you’re tackling the lounge all of a sudden, good lord, we have 25 year anaglypta to come off our lounge walls, but there’s only four of them and we aren’t even thinking about it just now! Golly, making a card for your friend will feel like a relaxation therapy! TAke care and for goodness sake be careful on any step ladders!

  4. Wow Margaret I can’t imagine your yarn basket empty. Enjoy a well earned break from crocheting. Hope the rest of the decorating goes well. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

  5. Oh well done on all the decorating – I quite stripping wallpaper, I find it quite therapeutic! Hope the rest of the decorating goes ok, I bet it’s looking lovely and fresh. Considering the blanket was made from odds and ends, it looks remarkably coordinated, like the greys and oranges together, great combo!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  6. Ugh to stripping wallpaper. Hope you have one of those steamers to help you. Actually I used to quite like doing that job but now it is a definite Ugh!
    Not like you to be void of crafting so I expect next week will see a totally different desk.
    Lovely blanket!
    Blessings, Neet 3 xx

  7. Hello Dear Margaret. Thank you so much for taking time out of all that to email me ( I will reply to the last one shortly)
    I cannot imagine doing what you are with your lounge- would be completely beyond me now.
    Love the blanket. I am making squares on and off. Take care. Anne X #16

  8. Blimey Margaret that’s a marathon not a decorating project!! It always sound easy when you say – I’m going to decorate a room – until you get down to the nitty gritty and it’s such flippin hard work. Good on ya!! Take care and keep safe. xx Jo

  9. Hi Margaret, sympathising with the paper stripping. When we moved into our house, every single wall had wood chip, and that is a nightmare to strip! Good job on clearing the wool stash, lovely blanket. We’ve barely used our car too, I don’t think we’d have filled it up for a couple of months if Doug hadn’t been going to the hospitals so much. He’s doing a lot of the taking them to appointments at the moment. All is going well though. Stay safe, Have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #7 X

  10. ooh I feel your pain -our whole house was wallpapered and a lot of it in that ghastly stuff- i remember how horrible it was to get rid of. I also had a lovely suprize when i finally got it off our bedroom walls and found that someone had tried to pain and awful mural over it – Took quite a few coats of paint! Glad you are almost there xx The throw is lovely .
    Sorry I am late . Soojay #18

  11. What a lovely bedspread. You are so very talented. Stripping wallpaper is one of the most painful tasks you can do. You just get into it and the aches subside and you are finished; until the next wall!
    So now is the time to replenish your yarn! A lot more fun.

  12. Nothing wrong with an empty desk and well done on emptying your yarn stash and making a lovely blanket. That is an accomplishment. Sounds like you also accomplishing a lot of home improvement. When we bought our house there was awful wallpaper in our kitchen. It was some work getting it off. So well done for you.
    Stay well, my friend.
    Belinda #30

  13. I am so impressed with your decorating – will you give us a peep when you have finished? I love the blanket – it is gorgeous. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#8)

  14. Ahhh, the pleasure of using up yarn! Reminds me that I have a metric ton of crochet squares to make and stitch together… something else to add to the long list of the WIPS….

    Happy WOYWW day!

  15. Hi Margaret, just popping in to say hello! We’ve saved a load of money on petrol since March – my husband usually does a 110 mile trip to Bristol 3-4 times a week! – and we’re putting all that money towards a summer house. Love the crocheted blanket it looks very homespun – bright and cheerful! Happy belated! zsuzsa #23

  16. Well the desk may be boring, but you certainly haven’t been, Margaret! Love the stash-busting blanket, and well done with all your decorating. That’s quite a task. Thank you for visiting. Originally I was only going to do two needle books but decided on three when I realised that 2 sets of 3 pages were going to be too thick, but 3 sets of 2 were perfect! It’s taking me about a week to do each tiny carpet and then there’s the making up to do. The recipients know it’s not an overnight job!

    Happy belated WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #12

  17. Your work area looks a great. I love the crocheted blanket. Jealous…that’s one thing I could not get a hold of. Dorlene #29

  18. My desk is pretty similar except I don’t have a 90th birthday card to make LOL
    Super blanket and
    Thanks for the visit BJ#11

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