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Hello my friends. I confess to being in a state of shock! I had to put fuel in my car today…. I have done a grand total of 550 miles since March 18th. Oh, the contrast with last year when I went around Britain with the caravan. Oh well – here’s to next year!

So, shock notwithstanding – my desk today…

Have you ever seen anything as boring? The only change from last week is the piece of paper reminding me I have a 90th birthday card to make. And that’s it this week – I haven’t worked at my desk at all. I have spent the entire week, or so it seems, standing on a step ladder stripping 40 year old anaglypta wallpaper from the lounge walls, filling holes and painting. An L-shaped lounge has 6 walls – 3 are now done, the fourth will be painted tomorrow, the fifth is half stripped and then I need to move a load of furniture to tackle the last one. Then the exciting bits – carpet, curtains, lights….

The only other thing I have been doing is….

…. completely emptying my yarn stash! Last week’s 30 squares are now a blanket!Yep – there is nothing left in my basket of yarn. Completely empty. I think a break from crocheting squares and blankets sounds like a plan!

So that’s me this week folks here on a rather damp North Wales Coastline. Thank you so much for the compliments to my daughter and grand daughter last week. I hadn’t realized how alike they were until I took that photo!

Take care everyone. Stay safe. God bless you.


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Hello my friends. Went AWOL last week – sorry. Couldn’t get my head round the week at all having spent the most amazing day on the Sunday actually seeing my whole family! I almost didn’t recognize my youngest grandchild – he had shot up about 6 inches and his voice had dropped from treble to nearly bass! It was the biggest day I had had since lockdown began in March,and I drove as many miles in one day as I had driven in the whole of the previous 16 weeks – but oh it was SO worth the effort! We celebrated Bethany’s 19th birthday, all took our own picnics, played French cricket, Perudo and went for a good walk. Just couldn’t resist this picture!

To think my hair used to look like that! One of my daughters and the birthday girl! Memories, huh?? Anyway – to the reason for being here – my desk!

At the front here is the latest blanket – the last of my yarn! 30 10 inch squares being now crocheted together. An empty cutting mat as I had just finished a birthday card, and toward the back is a pile of green card and paper used in the making of said birthday card. July/August is a hectic birthday time in my family, so I have been busy!

Just a few of the many! I promised you I would show and tell how I made that sample the other week for the City and Guilds… so, here goes!

Take a piece of thick card – mount board is ideal, and cut a hole in the centre. Then using ordinary sewing cotton wind this over and over the card. Tie off the two ends when you have a good number of threads in that first direction. Then turn the card through 90 degrees and repeat. You now effectively have four layers of threads running in two directions, some on top of the card, some below.

Now using your sewing machine set to free embroidery with the feed dropped, sew a grid around and over these threads you have wound, ensuring you “capture” them all. You have now made yourself a piece of “fabric” upon which you can sew. It is possible to use many different stitches on this “fabric”, beading, sequins, couching, even French Knots. Just ensure that your needle goes in and out through different thread points! Mount your final piece how you prefer, leaving the original card in place – otherwise, if you cut the piece from that card it is liable to fall apart – it isn’t stable in the same way as normal warp and weft fabric.

So that’s life here in North Wales, folks. Why not join us in this gander around the world snooping at people’s workspaces. We’re a friendly bunch, mostly pretty crazy too! Go to and follow our hostess with the mostest to come along.

I leave you with a Welsh view – the harbour at Porthmadog – a lovely train journey or car ride from my home. What an amazing privilege it is to live near so much glorious countryside. Take care my friends. God bless you all.


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Hello my friends. I hope this finds you well and safe. Some countries and cities are needing to go back into Lockdown as I write, due to a surge in Covid-19 cases – whilst we here in Wales are slowly easing out of it. I can now drive more than 5 miles from my home… so, weather permitting, I hope to cross the border into England come Sunday, and finally see my family. It’s my eldest grand daughter’s 19th birthday, so it would be good to celebrate with her.

My desk this week has moved around the house, as usual! Firstly, here is the desk on my landing…

… hmmm. Particularly uninspiring! Right in the distance is a small pile of photos ready cut out to put onto card fronts. I had just finished a commission which came this week for more cards, so had done a tidy up. There are a few cards next to the pile of photos, they are for Christmas presents; an empty cutting mat; pile of scrap paper; the orange wallet hasn’t been opened all week; a card sits on top from Camilla – I like the design, so am keeping it handy to try something similar; then some papers; a cassette of Hoffnung – sent this week by a friend who tells me we had loaned it to her – apparently! The piece of paper by the keyboard are my directions to the venue where I aim to catch up with my family. And that’s it for that totally boring desk top!!

But… the lounge is a different matter. I LOVE Wimbledon – my life’s unfulfilled ambition is to go there – and this past ten days the BBC have been broadcasting old finals as there are no live ones this year. We didn’t have a TV for over 30 years of our married life – our girls wanted to play rather expensive musical instruments, so said they would sell the TV and video to buy them!! – so consequently, I never saw all those final matches – and now, my afternoons are being spent on the settee, feet up on a footstool, crocheting squares and watching old tennis matches. The pile of squares is growing!

The little sewed sample from the C&G course I showed you last week caused a huge amount of interest – thank you! I intended to make a further one and show you how it was done – sorry!!! Tennis got in the way – I’ll try again next week… But I have got a photo of a different sample – not such weird techniques on this one!

This was based on a photo I had taken of a stream. You could see items on top of the water, floating in the water, and lying on the bottom. So this piece was lots of layers to represent that – shells, rubbish, fishermen’s line, are all on top, then under that are some bits and pieces – some of which look jewel-like through the “water”. I seem to recall there were three layers of fabric, some of which I turned back to reveal the underneath, using the cathedral patchwork technique.

So there you have it folks – me this week. If you have found your way here by accident, then why not peek at a few more desks around the world – link in with our esteemed leader, who sometimes manages to keep us in control. will find us! We’re a friendly bunch. I shall leave you with a photo of the sunset in Llandudno. The land mass is the Great Orme a large headland at the Western end of the town. At this time of year the sun sets over the sea on the North Shore here…

Take care, everyone. God bless each one of you.


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