Hello my friends – another Wednesday – and here in Britain, it’s Day 100 of Lockdown. Certain measures are easing a little – and then some being put back into place as case numbers spike in some areas. However, that’s not what we are here for. We want to nosey around other people’s art spaces – so why not join us at https://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/ and have some fun. We’re a friendly crowd!

As usual, my workspace has moved around the house depending on what I have been up to. So, let’s start here…

… What is this, I hear you ask? An empty embroidery frame? YES! Thanks to our wonderful enabler, Julia, who boldly went where no man has… well, you get the picture. Her local embroidery shop had opened up and she generously offered to go get the skeins I needed to complete the sky and snow. Hence…

…. Yay! Finally finished. The second of the UFOs I set myself for the WOYWW anniversary challenge. It has only taken 25 years to complete!!! I’m thrilled and relieved it is finally done – and convinced I will never even attempt another one – even if I thought I might have another 25 years in which to do it! Now all I have to do is find a frame for it.

So, having finished that… what to do now with Lockdown still firmly in place, and a cupboard (or 2) still having UFOs in situ. I did a bit of digging around then…

…. I moved a few bits to my workspace on the landing and put them into this orange folder/wallet thingy. It now contains a few cross stitch pieces. Started and never finished – some tiny, some… considerably larger. The first one you can peep at the back of the desk – a piece of pale green AIDA, stitched and ready for a card – but it needs me to get the iron out first! What other work spaces are represented in this picture? The bag on the floor contains the very last of my DK yarn, and another blanket on the go – usually done downstairs in the lounge whilst watching TV, but is up here so I can watch a programme on I-player. By the stairs is a pair of trousers – that’s the mending done, also now awaiting the iron! There’s a box of DI there on the floor, not put away after an inky session.And on the desk are a number of boxes I have been playing with tessellating. Triangles and hexagons. I have it in mind to make an unusual advent calendar. 24 boxes needed – but moving them around, it seems 25 are needed to complete some of the shapes – so I am still playing!

So just the one from the C&G course this week. An embroidered sample. The fabric is quite fun – take some stiff card and cut a hole in it. Wind thread first one way then the other. Take a different thread and sort of weave it through and around those initial threads. You now have a canvas upon which to stitch. Just a range of different stitches on here. Couching, french knots, cross stitch, chain stitch…

And finally… For those of you who have never been there…

Part of the view from the top of Snowdon. The blue at the top of the picture is the North Wales coast – or part of it. Because it’s the highest place, of course, there is a 360degree view. Stunning on a day like this one, absolutely impossible on a day when the cloud cover comes in! I have been up there and seen the coast of Ireland, and the next time couldn’t see the hand in front of my face. And it changes incredibly quickly. You can set off from the bottom, walk up in sunshine, get to the top and suddenly the sun disappears, the temperature plummets and you are wondering how on earth you are going to get off the mountain safely. No wonder they train here for the Himalayas!!

So that’s it from the North Wales coast this weeks, folks. Keep counting the days. Keep safe. God bless each one of you


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  1. Well done on the finished projects – especially the 25 year old canvas! I hope you find a suitable frame for it, it deserves display now it’s finished. Love the view from the top of Snowdon – what a view! Stay safe. Helen #1

  2. Yay you finishing that project Margaret and kind of Julia to source the skeins for you. Love the sampler, looks simple but undoubtedly not. We actually had quite a decent view from the top of Snowden the one occasion we climbed it bk (before kids). Not sure how we managed to get my dad up there though, he and mum walked down next to the train tracks as he couldn’t face the way we came up. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  3. Congratulations on completing your tapestry, My UFO are still awaiting rug wool and tapestry wool but they will get finished. Looking forward to seeing your next project. Ani

  4. Yes, spectacular views from Snowdon but like you say, it can change quickly. Would not like to be there as you describe it when you couldn’t see much.
    My word you have been busy but well worth it. Lovely of Julia to get you the skeins and brilliant that it is now finished. John would have been proud of you, probably is as he looks down. Will you frame it yourself or get someone to do it? I imagine it has to be stretched and all that, easy to get out of line if not careful.
    Take care, have a good week and God Bless
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  5. Now that is an amazing view and as I have read quite a lot of books set in Wales it is truly beautiful to see a photo of the real Snowdon. Well done for completing your 2nd UFO you have definitely been focused in getting so many projects to completion.
    Have a lovely creative and safe week.
    Sandra de @10

  6. Oh well done on completing the tapestry – good old Julia for getting you the skeins of wool (I’ve been to that shop many times when I loved in Wiltshire and it’s a really nice small business so good to support)..If you have any suitable fabric why not make the tapestry into a cushion, or is it too big for that? I’m going to coin a new acronym – INUITS – It’s No Use In The Stash…..I too am on a mission to empty the JanCave wardrobe of all things fabricy and yarny!
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx
    PS Gorgeous pic of Snowdon xx

  7. Now isn’t that a magnificent view of Snowdon..
    You must be so proud of yourself for finishing that tapestry, so kind of Julia to go collect those missing skeins, I wouldn’t know where our local shop was there’s not many of them around anymore sadly. Hope you find a beautiful frame to display it.
    Lovely weaved card, I have some ATC’s for this somewhere with no clue which part of the house they are hiding, maybe something else to try and find..!
    Thanks for sharing WoywW take care Hugs Tracey xx

  8. Yayyyy congratulations on finishing you must be so pleased . It ‘s fab – you need to gert that framed now. Gorgeous photo of Snowdon . Have a great week . Soojay #11

  9. Well done on the 25 year old canvas – marvellous achievement! Love the embroidery sample too.
    I have set off up Snowdon in bright sunshine to find the top shrouded in mist – and then see it clear!
    Stay safe!
    Susan #12

  10. An empty frame! What a grand feeling it must be! Well done you, its a lovely piece of tapestry work too isn’t it. Gotta hand it to DMC, their colours are wonderfully consistent over 25 years, can’t tell at all the area thats only just been finished. Jan’s idea for a cushion is nice, I have a couple of stools that my father commissioned to show off two tapestries that my Mama did, is that an option? More a bench in terms of size for yours I suppose!! Gosh that C&G sampler is lovely, but they never made it easy – not exactly a pick up and stitch thing was it! Stunning view from Snowdon, I’ve never been, but totally understand the visibility thing – climbed a few wonderful places in the sun only to turn round and find the view obliterated! Keep well missus, nearly there I’m sure. Xxxx

  11. Hello Margaret!
    Congrats on finishing your UFO! Looks lovely and it is a big achievement! I used to do these things but my mom always used to finish them for me as I ran out of steam! I find that “stiching canvas” very interesting! I am learning how to do various stitches as it would be handy for my needle felting!
    Love and hugs

  12. Morning, Margaret!
    Super many congratulations finishing your UFO ????☕️
    It is so nice!! I do not understand why you aren’t going to make another one?? hehehe… oh, I do indeed. It is a great working place you have. I wish I could have such a size too. If I could crawl up to that mountain, wow, then I will be fit to do anything. Great photo!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #20

  13. I too have a very old half completed cross stitch project. It was purchased for me for my 21st birthday when we had 2 mischeivous cats. This year I turned 46 and the cats are long gone,replaced with almost teen children… I know I’ve gone so badly wrong that I fear I can’t come back from it. And I don’t like the design anymore! It may have to be binned… I want to start a Thailand dancer instead! Have a lovely week, Lisa-Jane #15

  14. Hi Margaret, loving your finished canvas and I bet you are too, however this just makes me feel guilty as I know I have something similar unfinished. Your desk looks busy so I’m guessing there’s plenty going on there. Thanks for taking us up to the top of Snowdon never been there before. Wishing you a very happy and creative woyww, Angela x20x

  15. Well done you for finishing your projects….I’m sure I have several that could do with finishing but I have little time or inclination to finish them right not. Maybe there will come a day? I love the view from the top of Snowdon….we took my mum up there on the train many years ago…she loved it too.
    Annie x #13

  16. Your stitchy work is glorious Margaret especially that little sample on your woven threads – clever stuff! Now my Snowdon story goes back a long, long way. I went Youth hostelling with school when I was 9 or 10. We climbed all the way up from Bryn Gwynant YH in wonderful sunshine with just my school shoes and a plastic pack a mac. When we got to the top the clouds came down and it snowed – in June! It was a wonderful trip and I have never forgotten the scenery, flora and fauna and the fun and laughter. Thanks for reminding me. xx Jo

  17. Hello Margaret! I love seeing your completed UFOs. I, too have been still feeling the inspiration to include UFOs in my crafting rotation since our anniversary. It is just the best feeling when I finish things. Your embroidery work is magnificent. Thank you for that splendid view of Snowdon. I have never been but it looks so lovely. Today we are experiencing much-needed rain. So I have the tea kettle going to replenish my tea adventures while I work today. Thank you for sharing and stay well, my friend.
    Belinda #31

  18. I’ve only seen the view from the top of Snowdon on the telly! The only time I went up it was lashing it down (went on the train). Like you said, couldn’t see my hand in front of my face, but still went to the summit to say I’d been, and then sat dripping in the cafe for half an hour until it was time to go back down.

  19. Whoop Whoop finished the tapestry, how good is that feeling and a super UFO sorted too. Still loving your C&G items, what a great idea. Thanks for the visit BJ#23

  20. Well done, finishing your 25-year-old UFO, Margaret! Join the club – my green cardigan was 25 years old too! In answer to your question, oooh yes, still plenty more UFOs to go – they will probably keep me going for the rest of my life! I love your C&G sample piece – stunning! It’s really nice to be seeing these week by week.

    Thanks for visiting. I’m glad you like my 2 completed knitted UFOs.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #7

  21. Thank you for the visit. So many stunning photos. I went back quite a few posts, as time and mood hadn’t been my thing for awhile. Your outdoor photos are so beautiful. I’d love to visit. It always feels good to finish old projects, hope you get it framed and hung. Your C*G sample piece is gorgeous. Enjoy a great week and Happy WOYWW

  22. Hi Margaret, congratulations on finishing the canvas, and how lovely of Julia to get you the threads you needed. I really do think I am going to have to bite the bullet and finish my cross stitch birth chart for my 7 year old grandson- how did he get that old?? Lovely view of Snowdon. I have probably been there as a child – we seem to have gone everywhere in Wales! Good luck with your remaining UFOs – I will get going with mine when I am not in my potting shed, when it gets finished! Have a lovely week, Heather xx #16

  23. I love the finished tapestry – it looks fantastic. So typical of Julia to buy the needed threads for you. I love the view of Snowdon. One day i will go on that train! I wasn’t allowed to as a child – I had to walk only, and have wanted to go on it ever since. We were supposed to be going this summer – the plan was to go up Snowdon by train so that Tim could manage it, but with the current situation we decided that it wouldn’t be possible so will have to do it another day. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  24. Hi Margaret – so satisfying to get all those jobs out of the way, and the finished tapestry looks fresh as a daisy after 25 years in the making! I recently went through a little pile of mending in about three quarters of an hour – it had only been sitting on my desk for a year or so!
    I love the embroidered sample, and have really enjoyed reading about all the other C&G projects too. Makes me want to go and do some classes! ‘O’ level needlework was 40 years ago now, but the skills I learned then have stood me in good stead.
    Have a great week.
    Amelia #30

  25. What a gorgeous tapestry! Congrats on getting it completed!
    The embroidery sample is beautiful! Love the assortment of stitches.
    We’re finally getting some clouds and hope there is rain.
    Thanks for popping by and God bless!
    Carol N #29

  26. Happy Belated WOYWW and thanks for your earlier visit. Yes, I certainly have lots to keep me busy. Just how I like it. Keeps me distracted from my pain and other symptoms. Congratulations on finishing that canvas. I had to finish one off for my older sister once (she had started it to give it to my mum, but soon lost interest) and it definitely wasn’t my favourite way to be crafty. I still haven’t started the monthly embroidery kit that I received last month, and the next one will be here soon! (I have sensibly decided not to continue with the subscription, as I would never keep up with each kit.) Lovely piece of stitching – and great fun to make your own canvas. Still not been up Snowdon. It would have to be the train – up and down – for me. Ali x #18

  27. Embroidery/stitches on a card… I could do that and use that card in my art journal… great idea! Oh, and YAY for finishing the UFO and HOORAY for Julia for finding/sending the things you needed to do that. What a lovely tribe of women we are! Big hug from Holland, Marit #26

  28. Wow! Great pictures on your post! I love how clean your space looks and congrats on finishing another UFO. Have a wonderful week!

  29. Hello Margaret, I am intrigued by the Beautiful embroidery sample. Cut a hole in stiff card, understand, wind wool around card, okay, but How big a margin around the hole? Did you mount it behind another layer of card? I would like to give this a go. x Angela #38

  30. Hello Margaret and thank you for your lovely comments. Lovely makes you have shared. I have several unfinished projects and I think one or two more than 25 years old -oh dear.
    That view is stunning. I climbed Snowden many years our sons were quite young. we walked and climbed a lot in those days.
    Take care Margaret. Anne x 25

  31. Hi Margaret! Congratulations on finishing your tapestry! Hopefully it will find a place of honor in your home once you fine a frame for it. I’ve been watching Escape to the Country lately, I love it. They have gone to Wales a few times, what lovely views, and the homes are incredible! Must be so nice to actually live there. Thanks for your earlier visit, have a great week! Lindart #34

  32. oh how lovely of Julia to source them and it looks fabulous, such a sense of achievement I bet. Loving your C&G updates, I toyed with the idea last year but decided I really do not have the time, but its great to see your course work.

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