Hello my friends. First of all a heartfelt thank you to all who named those plants on my post last week – Erigeron or Sea Daisy, and Jerusalem or Turkish Sage, they are indeed. Thanks too, to our esteemed leader, who, in my comments, succeeded in giving a biology lesson as to the origin of the red poppy!! Brilliant fun! Thanks Julia. What craziness is this, you may ask, if you have happened here by accident – it’s a world wide blog of magnificent proportions, so go find us at https://stamping-ground.blogspot.com/

My desk as is on Tuesday afternoon. Some stamps and dies, card stock and envelopes, inks, duster brushes, acrylic plates, and astonishingly empty cutting mat – just the scrap paper on which I lean when stamping, a couple of Christmas cards made to try out new stamps, DST, glue, hairspray, loo roll, spray bottle of water, family photo, my pudding and a panad ( a Welsh cuppa), and my computer. Hmmm… a messed up carpet from where I keep moving my computer chair back and forth – oops! And finally…

…. YES! a sheet of photographs printed off ready to use. Now this may not seem much to many of you – but for the past three weeks my computer and printer have sulked! They have refused to speak to one another. It’s an elderly computer, and an even more elderly printer – but they ain’t broke, so why fix or change ’em!!! The printer worked perfectly one day, then refused to work ever since. I have turned the modem on and off (It’s a wireless printer); I have turned the printer on and off; I have turned the computer on and off. What I have not tried, until yesterday, was to turn all three off, then turn the modem back on, go have a panad, turn the printer on, go have a panad, THEN turn the computer on. YAY! Success at last. Honestly, it’s worse than having a child who is a fussy eater!

So many of you commented last week about the C&G embroidery – and yes, I will endeavour to get a better picture of the fire screen, because you are right – it didn’t show the layers properly – and many of you asked to see some more of the course work. So, at the risk of boring you senseless (scroll to the bottom of the post if this happens), here is a bit more. One of the themes we had to explore was Folk Culture and religion. I chose Judaism as it is full of symbolism. I picked out the Star of David, the Pomegranate elements in the Temple, and the Embellishments at the top of the Temple pillars.

Sorry – the photo is refusing to load the right way up. It should be landscape not portrait! However… The design board for the finished item – which was to be a large cushion. You can see the thoughts on why these elements were chosen, the fabrics and their colours, the threads, a range of glitzy fabrics and a string of beads, a large tassel, and the drawing for the cushion.

When God gave the instructions for the making of the Temple He spoke very clearly about the materials to be used, and they were all opulent and rich. Gold, silver, red, blue, fine embroidered work, the best artisans were to make everything… So, I used silk for the cushion, dyed it with Markel pens, then machine stitched in red over it.

So, a close up of the embroidered pieces. The gold cord was couched down in the shape of half the Star of David. It went all round the cushion at both ends. The Pomegranate seeds were made by placing fabulous, shiny fabric pieces randomly between two sheets of dissolvable fabric, and then free machine embroidered. One piece was made using white thread, and one using gold metallic thread. It was washed gently, which dissolved the extraneous fabric, and then all were cut out. The gold stitched pieces were left unadorned, but the white ones were encrusted with beads at the end. Everything was made using rich, royal colours, to echo the colours in the original Temple. The scroll shaped piece was made with un-dyed silk, then simply machine stitched with a close zigzag stitch. The leaves in the centre of the cushion were made with white silk, and coloured with fabric paint, using a handmade stamp of the star shape. Dorset buttons were made for the centre of the end of the cushion, and decorated with a handmade tassel using the same reds, blues and gold threads as used in the main part of the piece. This was the first of the four finished pieces I made.

So that’s me this week here on the North Wales coast, folks. Still limited to 5 miles for a trip to a friend’s garden, still staying very local. I ventured forth into the big wide world this morning to go do my food shopping – eek!! – the town was heaving. Cars everywhere, people everywhere! It hasn’t looked so busy since March – but our non-essential shops have been allowed to open this week – so they have – and folks have flocked to them. So, for everyone still missing the beauty around us on this set of islands we call Great Britain…

… the river at Beddgelert – probably around 35 miles from me here – taken on a glorious sunny day when I was allowed to go further than those prescribed 5 miles.

Take care, my friends. I’ll be around to visit during the day – although I have to finish the tasks I needed to do in Llandudno on Tuesday, which I didn’t do because I bolted for home!!

God bless you.


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  1. I don’t blame you for not wanting to stay out if it was really busy Margaret. I visited a supermarket yesterday for the first time in nearly three months and although it was fairly quiet was very nervous. Beautiful cushion, thanks for explaining the symbolism and methods. Glad your printer and computer are talking again. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

  2. I am venturing to Kew on Saturday (by train) with a booked time slot and hoping it won’t be too busy – although in the open air it should be fine. I don’t blame you for running for home from busy shopsthough. Well done on sorting the printer/computer issue. Take care and stay safe. Helen #2

  3. We seem nearly back to normal here just hope things don’t go wrong and they have been too hasty. Like you go to supermarket then home. Love the cushion and the explanation with it. My printer always plays up after Windows has done an update sometimes I have to uninstal it and reinstal. Have a good week. Ani

  4. I really loved seeing the cushion and your explanation about the design process and construction, so interesting – you are a talented lady! I don’t blame you for running for home when faced with all those people, G and I feel no desire to head into the maelstrom either, too soon in our opinion.
    I’m glad you were one of the winners, it should be with you fairly soon!
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx

    1. I havent yet been ‘into town’, for all the reasons you explain, I know it will just make me cross. My poor Mother in Law is getting a bit desperate though, so we ventured to a garden centre last Friday. Had a nice browse and she enjoyed the change of scenery very much. However, having not had to go shopping for the last 12 weeks, she hasn’t had any practice at one way, distancing, sanitising handles etc…it was very alien for her, and she happily waited for me in a less busy spot whilst i paid and sorted the trolley etc. Your desk looks so prepared and calm, I really would like to be able to emulate that! My word Margaret, that cushion and its design are absolutely gorgeous, as you intended, so rich and fine. What a journey from concept to completion too, these C&G courses aren’t for the faint hearted are they! I’m delighted that you got your printer to shake hands with the PC again….I’m going to o try the same thing as I’m in the middle of the longest Panad you ever had, trying to make things work. The scan and cut isn’t a necessity, but I NEED the printer to work and its so frustrating., one minute its printing a page and the next it isn’t. I almost hate wireless technology!!

  5. I Love your desk – looks so bright and lots of lovely light. I am another not wanting to rush into town . The biggest store I have been to was our local garden center – and I picked a time that wasn’t too busy – I have no wish to be in the bigger towns – so lucky to live in the country side.
    Glad you finally got your printer and Pc to stop sulking and finally talk to each other – Its such a pain when that happens.
    Have a lovely week – enjoy the weather .
    Soojay #17

  6. I don’t blame you bolting for home, we still haven’t been to any shops yet and only go out to very isolated places in the New Forest for our walks – I’m afraid it all feels a little too soon and a little too rushed for my liking. I love your cushion – it’s absolutely beautiful, and it’s so interesting to see the planning and work that went into the design before hand. C&G demand a very high standard that can really be seen in your beautiful work.
    Hope you have a good week, stay safe,
    Diana xx #16

  7. Oh my goodness – I just imagine how busy you have been with those electrical units – my roommate has problems with her computer for a long time – Hopefully, all will work out for you again. What an embroidery and stitches – wow – I love the view of the river too. When all this is over with the corona thingy I am sure I will visit England again.

    Have a superb week!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #21

  8. Your cushion is amazing. I love it. Such talent. I am right there with you for not liking the busy shops. So far I’ve only been to Lidl once very briefly since lockdown and am in no hurry to go out into the madness any time soon. I’m happy to enjoy the peace of the countryside and we are pleased the campsites are opening back up soon so we can get out in the motor home.
    Annie x #12

  9. Glad you managed to get that printer working in the end. Wireless devices can be tricky – mine always forgets the IP address and a nightmare to connect – in the end I just connected it with a wire. My keyboard is driving me crazy too – old technology is more dependable – that’s what my husband says about cars as well – not that everthing is computerised it’s more difficult to get things fixed. That’s a fabulous cushion – so luxurious! I’m not happy about the crowds either – I think there will be a second wave if we’re not careful. I’m doing my bit by staying at home and honestly I’m not missing going anywhere – I’ve got everything I need right here! Take care Margaret and happy WOYWW – zsuzsa #24

  10. Your embroidered cushion is stunning and always interesting to learn about the reason why and how symbolism is used in different cultures. Enjoy your time away and stay safe.
    Sandra de @23

  11. I know EXACTLY how you feel about the shopping. I have only been out to a ‘proper’ shop once . . . . it will take some time for me to get used to it. I have visited a large wharehouse, they were sooooo careful, loved it.
    What a beautiful piece of work you have created. I love all the symbolism . . . .
    Christine #25

  12. Oh gosh you made me laugh so much with your printing problems – it’s like you have to sneak up on it. I feel your pain! Stunning projects this week. I don’t plan to be out in the shops any time soon, I don’t like shopping much anyway!! Stay safe, stay well, happy woyww, Cindy #11

  13. I love your cushion and your explanation about it.
    I wished my printer came back to life but I had to order a new one. It was about 3 years old but it got LOTS of use and I went through a lot of ink.
    Glad you’re able to get out more. Our town is open with stipulations. I struggle with breathing with the masks so try to hurry through my errands.
    Have a great week!
    Carol N #27

  14. Hi Margaret, I’ve been having IT problems myself this morning. The monitor I use for work that worked fine yesterday has given up on me. It worked yesterday! I haven’t ventured very far away from home, and I don’t plan on doing so either. I didn’t like town centres and shopping centres at the best of times – I like smaller shops. I will go to Leeds to have afternoon tea in a couple of weeks, but aside from that, I’m staying home. Lovely picture of Beddgelert – I could be tempted to have a stroll round there in the summer. Your cushion is beautiful, a true labour of love. Have a lovely week and stay safe and well, Heather xx #4

  15. Hi Margaret, don’t you just hate it when computers get the sulks on. My one does this occasionally and sometimes it’s better after it’s had a sleep. Only this morning I came down, switched it on ready to look at the desks and out popped some printing! Hee! Hee! Loving your cushion and gorgeous photo too. I told mum you’re all thinking about her and she sends hugs. Have a lovely and creative woyww, Angela x19x

  16. Hi Margaret, so many beautiful pictures today, the details and explanation for the cushion were fascinating, thank you for that. Glad you finally got your printer, modem & pc to play nicely again, it’s so annoying when there is absolutely no reason for them not speaking! Love your organised desk, and the final scenic pic is a real beauty. Stay Safe, Have a lovely week,Hugs, Shaz #5 X

  17. Hello! I love the angled shot of your desk. It looks productive and tidy. I have had the same problems with my wireless printer and finally, my husband fixed it. Not sure what he did just know it works and that is enough for me. That pillow you made is glorious and I like all the background stories for its creation. It makes it even prettier when you get the backstory. Things are opening up here in phases but I am very cautious because so many people are not wearing masks and social distancing outside. I hope everything goes smoothly over there. The photo of the river is lovely.
    Stay well.
    Belinda #30

  18. Hi Margaret! I loved seeing the design plan for that magnificent pillow! It’s amazing how you put it all together, so intricate, so beautiful!
    I haven’t been brave enough yet to venture to a grocery store, I have my groceries delivered since hubby went into hospital. Thanks for your encouragement, your hubby has gone through a lot! Glad there is “no-pain” to look forward to! And thank you for looking at all those pictures of my journal, it did take a long time, I started at the beginning of the month. Have a wonderful week, Lindart #29

  19. Hello Margaret, that is a beautiful cushion. I got slightly sidetracked after I read your post, to go and remind myself of Beddgelert, haven’t been there for a long while. Your work desk looks so tidy? Modern technology- only good when it’s working1 God Bless Angela #33

  20. Thank you so much for sharing the details of your Temple-inspired cushion, Margaret – a real work of art! I have been fascinated by Judaism for many years and have studied the symbolism beginning with the Tabernacle in the Wilderness and how every aspect of it is fulfilled by Jesus and His Church – prophetic picture language! The Jewish culture is so rich, continuing into our day and there is much to be learnt from it.

    Sorry you’ve had tech problems this week. We tend to have a love-hate relationship with our computers – love ’em when they’re working, hate ’em when they’re not!!

    Thank you for your visit. Several people were amazed at my patience continuing to work on the cardigan, but my view is that to give up now, would mean wasting all that time and energy that I’ve already put into it. Also, I hate wasting good materials!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #26

  21. Hi Margaret, YAY for getting all your electronic’s sorted out and talking to each other again.
    oh yes, we are seeing that here too so much traffic its hard to believe this used to be fairly normal to see so many vehicles on the road. here we are also seeing lots of travel trailers and campers and motor homes besides regular vehicles and delivery trucks.

    ~Stacy #32

  22. Happy WOYWW (just made it!). I love seeing a long view of your crafty table. Your cushion is amazing. The colours are so rich. I have been to one supermarket so far – Lidl on a very quiet evening – and the butchers in St Davids. Otherwise. I have only been out on my bike by myself. Definitely not rushing out anywhere. Ali x. #35

  23. I am sure I commented on your page last night – but can see nothing now – so here goes again!
    First that is one gorgeous, luxurious cushion!
    I can sympathise over the printer/computer business. Having just moved house and country none of my ‘technology’ has been working the same as it did. Finally I am getting somewhere with a new desktop and a new printer (even though it was cheap…)
    Finally – North Wales – love the picture of Beddgelert – a favourite place. We lived on Anglesey for several years when our kids were small – so we have many memories of the North Wales coast and Llandudno.

  24. Wow the cushion and all the scrumptious detail. I love the OT, you captured the temple details really well, pomegranates and tassels, YAY! Amazing.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#15

  25. Oooo that lovely cushion and wonderful explanation of your processes – well done you – what a little work of art. Yes, we are with you on keeping out of all the masses of folk who feel the need to fill shops and places to go. Our well distanced walk at Attingham was quite enough for me. While ever 1000 people a day are still being infected, I will be happy at home. Stay safe. xx Jo

  26. So glad that all your electronics were speaking to each other! Love the cushion – it’s stunning. Happy belated WOYWW. Stay safe and take care, with love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#9)

  27. Such a rich post Margaret, and thanks for ‘explaining’ the cushion, very intersting! Since I am a guest-designer at a Dutch challenge group, I use old photos ’cause I have no photo (print) paper left and the printer doesn’t print good colours anymore (I guess it’s even wayyyy older than yours!) However, it’s kinda fun to try and find very old photos for each theme/challenge… Thanks for visiting my blog earlier this week, sorry I’m late with my visit back to your blog: finally time fell into place with my mind, yay! Have a great weekend, hug from Holland. Marit #28

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