Hello again, my friends. I think the past 7 days qualifies as TW3 – That Was The Week That Was. A week ago we couldn’t get cool enough, and the temperature inside my home never dropped below 25 degrees. Then it was all change! Suddenly the heating was automatically cutting in as the temperature plummeted, the winds blew, the rain squalled. And now? Warm again! Oh well – good thing we can’t go far! So, to show you my desk…

Hmmm… a distinct lack of artistic endeavour going on here! But a little peak at the right hand end of the desk…

The next stash busting blanket – half crocheted together so far. Keep doing a bit every time I sit to watch catch up! So has the left hand end of the desk seen ANY action this week? Not a lot!

You see, it took me three days to do this – and it’s only A6 size! You get your template, find a dice and 12 coloured pens, inks, felt tips, paints.. Assign two colours to each number on the dice then keep throwing and colouring appropriately! The latest project for the guy at church to email out to his care contacts. He is thrilled!

I did actually make an anniversary card for our Camilla

I had a bit of fun playing with those new dies I showed you the other week. And I have continued to plod on with that HUGE tapestry. I will get it finished… So, that is about it! Not a lot else going on here on the North Wales coast. But I did go hunting specially for you to find a photo of the local area at this time of year. Not taken this year, obviously!

The laburnam arch in Bodnant Gardens – about 7 miles from my home. A National Trust garden, normally open to the public to see this glorious show. With last week’s heat and then the wind and the rain, I expect it is now over, but this is it in all its glory.

So, from North Wales. Take care my friends. Stay safe. God bless you.


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  1. well, you have done more than I have, this week (as usual) it’s just been work and tv here… I did open the journal…. and then shut it again! Love that stained glass window, what a fab way to pick the colours for it! Bodnant looks amazing, ; that laburnum arch is fabulous – I hope you’ll get to see it next time ! Have a good week. Helen #1

  2. What lovely cards Margaret – I love the die cut you used on the anniversary card, it’s so pretty. The photo of Bodnant’s Laburnam walk is stunning – that has really cheered me up this morning and brought back lovely memories of a visit there many years ago. What a fun way of colouring too – it’s a very effective window.
    Hope you have a good week, stay safe and well,
    Diana x #5

    1. I think the Laburnum Arch rivals the Wisteria Arch in Japan somewhere! Easier to visit too! What a show, but as you say, very weather dependant and very transient on that basis! What a clever idea with the colours and the dice! It didn’t steer you wrong at all, and I can see why that stained glass window took you quite a long time to do…small enough squares?!! Considering you haven’t done anything at your ‘paper’ desk end, those are some lovely cards you’ve already produced from those new dies., I can see you getting a lot f production from them as the mood and indeed the approach of the season takes hold. Good buy! Bet the tapestry is close to finish now, you are good to revolve your projects!

  3. Stunning photos of the Laburnum walk. Once again beautiful projects and I will say it again…. you achieve so much in one week. Stay safe and not too hot this week as you create.
    Sandra de @7

  4. Hi Margaret, your desk has a lot more going on than mine! I would love to learn to crochet, I had a similar blanket as a child, all squares that my mum had put together. But .. I would start it and never finish. I never have enough time. I shall have to go to Bodnant next year – the arch looks beautiful. Great cards too. Have a lovely week and stay safe, Heather xx #3

  5. I sometimes wish my desk looked like yours as when I start I don’t have to clear a space lol. Love your cards, That picture of the Bodnant garden is lovely

    Take care and stay well and safe

  6. Bore da Margaret, lovely picture of Bodnant, it’s amazing what we miss when we are denied access to it, and we take it for granted normally. The Laburnam arch was always the thing we always took visitors to.
    That stained window colouring would drive me mad, but it looks lovely
    And I love the Christmas cards
    Chris #6

  7. Morning Margaret. What a fabulous photo of Bodnant. We have never been there but I will be adding it to the places of must see when things are open again. Clever idea for the stained glass colouring with the dice. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #17

  8. I remember a holiday when we visited the laburnham tunnel in all its glory – the thing I remember most is the intense bussing of all the bees! I love that stained window and what a great idea about throwing the dice as getting a truly random pattern is quite hard to achieve I think. I’ve just finished a Lockdown crochet blanket too!
    Hugs LLJ 12 xxx

  9. what lovely cards. We are still cold here in East Anglia but should get warmer soon – hope so – i have resorted to finding my cardi again. The photo of the tunnel is beautiful!!
    Have a lovely week. Soojay #20

  10. WOW WOW WOW … The Bodnant’s Laburnam is so so awesome!!! I would love to take a walk there!!.
    Your cards are just so great!! Simple and effective. Love it !! I would love to have a desk like yours too ?
    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #22

  11. A very tidy desk, Margaret, and lots of gorgeous crochet. I love your stained glass window! What a fun project. Your cards are all fabulous, especially the delicate die-cut anniversary card. Beautiful work. So glad you were able to get out and walk in that beautiful garden. We had a little outing along the clifftop the other day in the sunshine – it was glorious!

    Thank you for your visit. So glad you like my jumper. I finished the ribbing late last night and it’s come out looser than before but I’m happy with it – it will just give the jumper a slightly different look from before. The mis-shapenness of it doesn’t seem to show, either. I have decided to leave the sleeves as they are because when I tried it on, they don’t seem to be too long any more. So it’s really nearly finished now andwill definitely be ready to wear next winter. Onwards and upwards to the next UFO on the list!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #14

  12. marvellous card to colour and what a brill idea for doing it!! Love the anniversary card for Camilla.
    have fun and stay safe
    Christine #25

  13. Morning Margaret
    You have such a lovely workspace, I am quite envious!! Love your crochet too. I remember a blanket my Mum made when we were very young just the same. I often wonder what happened to it.
    I love Bodnant. We went in the summer so missed the laburnum walk at it’s best. A good excuse to visit again.
    Have a good week
    Hugs Lisax #24

  14. Hi Margaret, so many lovely projects on your desk today. What a fab idea that colouring is!Love the cards made with those dies, beautiful. Just realised you have the same IKEA tables as desks as I use, lol. I’m really observant, aren’t I? That laburnum arch is quite stunning, maybe by next year it’ll be back to life as normal, and people can visit again. Have a lovely week,Stay Safe, Hugs, Shaz #13 X

  15. Wow, that is one tidy desk! Glad to hear it did get some action this week, your cards are beautiful! And your project looks like a lot of fun (the colouring squares). Your crocheting is coming along well, at least it can keep you warm during those cold spells! Have a great week, stay safe, Lindart #29

  16. Hello Margaret, it is quite cool here, I think I need a blanket over my legs! Those are lovely cards. The window is a great idea, those squares look tiny! Your wool looks quite fine, the last time I crocheted a blanket I did it in chunky wool as my hands cope better with a thicker needle. God Bless, Angela #28

  17. HI Margaret, oh WOW that arch is so magical 🙂 ( it was snowing a little here on Sunday am so, I totally get the wonky weather thing) The stainglass image looks really fun the way the dice told you to color it. ~Stacy #30

  18. It was a lovely card, too! Diolch yn fawr. The National Trust have put some stuff on YouTube, including the Laburnum Arch which has now ‘gone over. I’ve taken to putting one of them on to have in the background with lots of lovely bird song. I like your idea of throwing a dice to decided which colour to use on that lovely window.

  19. Your weather sounds different to ours. I am sat in a long sleeved thin jumper and a cardigan and I think the heating has kicked in too.
    Love the arch, I have walked through that many a time when we had the caravan down there, I used to wait for people to pass so I could get it peopl-less but then just as I clicked someone would appear.
    Love the dice and colouring idea, what fun! And what lovely cards you have been making. Always busy hands doing God’s work one way or another.
    Blessings, Neet 11 xx

  20. Wow!! That arch is stunning! Some of our pay to enter gardens are starting to open here so people can get a change of scenery. I’m happy at home doing my crafting though! I’m sorry I left off the pic of the card on my blog this morning, I wasn’t fully awake, but it’s there now and I’m so glad you mentioned it because I was able to put it right before too many people were wondering where it was! Have a good week! Lisa-Jane #22

  21. Oh the laburnum arch is amazing, and I love the die colouring activity, all goes to show how any number is just as likely every time you throw the die. Hubby has given me some of his water based white undercoat as I didn’t have any white acrylic left sadly. Not sure I’ll be able to match the blue though, oh well. Thanks for the visit BJ#21

  22. Love your die cut cards! And the dice-colored arch… oh my!!! That is sooo colorful! Love the Gardens. Very nice blanket. I remember my mom crocheting and knitting many many years ago.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!
    Carol N #27

  23. I love the cards and the stained glass window effect is gorgeous! Happy WOYWW. I hope you have a good week. Stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#9)

  24. Happy Belated WOYWW and thank you for your visit earlier. I am itching to sit down and go through the Bible Journaling book properly, but need to get my final zine finished and photographed for a blog post today. I have a Bible Journaling group on Zoom this evening. Such a friendly community and lots of beginners like me. At least I have craft experience, and this is useful for those who don’t know about gesso. different inkpads etc! I decided to start blogging seriously, as I am always answering questions on Facebook. I might as well make some money whilst helping others! The sun is out here this morning, but very windy. We really needed that rain yesterday. The fields are very dry. Ali x #16

  25. I’m late visiting desks this week! As usual – a lovely array of cards Margaret – it’s so good to have crafty activity to keep us busy isn’t it. This week I have been finishing off a seaside twiddler! I love the church window dice game – what a great idea. Take care and stay safe. xx Jo

  26. Hi Margaret,

    I’m just having a wander round the desks, on a ‘better late than never’ basis and have been catching up on your doings over the past couple of weeks. The stained glass window works so well, and I can imagine it was very addictive – just one more roll of the dice!
    I love the little needle-felted robin, and he looks very much at home keeping an eye on your desk from his perch on the shelf.
    As usual the crochet blanket is a joyous riot of colour, although I did love the previous peaches and cream one too!
    The laburnum arch is stunning – photos of pre-virus life remind me to look forward to post-virus life and appreciate it all the more when it happens!
    Take care, and have a good week!

    Amelia #34

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