Greetings my friends from a very warm Wales! I do trust this finds you well and staying healthy. To those who have been poorly, I hope you are beginning to really feel better, able to do more, and generally able to cope. I have spent the week essentially playing… Playing with new things, trying out some new techniques, binge watching tv, and generally being very relaxed. Apart from when I was up a set of steps painting the shower room ceiling, that is! So, this has been my desk this week…

Never played with these dies before – given to me by Mrs D, I thought it was about time…

A different day and my desk looked like this. I have done needle felting before – but never 3D – so this little fellow was something completely new. He’s rather cute and is now sitting a-top a pencil pot on the shelf on my landing workspace. I haven’t dared to take him outside into the garden yet, in case he is mobbed by the bluetit, goldfinch, sparrow and blackbird families out there!!

Yet another day to try something else… I had a play with some box dies, making and attempting to decorate these two. They currently only stand 1/2 inch high, but that could be remedied by making sides for them. I do wish I was as good as so many of you with the 3D art stuff – I keep trying to be more adventurous, but they always end up rather flat…

So, apart from making some more Christmas cards, completing the two orders for cards I had started last week, continuing with the next stash busting blanket – 20 squares done now – finishing decorating the upstairs shower room, and doing a little more to that large tapestry…. I seriously reckon housework is over-rated!!! Hardly done any. Not been shopping – didn’t need any. …. you see, I told you I had spent the week playing!

Thought you might like a little view of some flowers now open in my garden. It’s looking lovely and bright. The iris in the top picture is not at all spectacular – pale beige coloured, insignificant flowers – but oh my word! The seed heads give the most amazing bright red colour right through the dark days of winter. I have lived here in this bungalow now for 8 1/2 years – and there has not been a single day in all that time when there was no colour in the garden. Whoever planted it up did a great job!

So, to quote Shazsilverwolf… “And finally…” a view of Snowdon, taken on a day trip (not this year!) on the Welsh Highland Railway. I arrived in Porthmadog and went for a walk out along the Cob – a long sea wall – and there was this glorious view in front of me. God promises in the Bible He goes to prepare a place for me… I reckon this view would do me for eternity.

So that’s me this week, folks, here on the North Wales coast. Not had to fill up with diesel yet – still can’t go far, but can now meet outdoors with friends up to about 5 miles away from me…. might just do that

Take care. Stay safe. God bless you.


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  1. Wow you have been busy this week Margaret, no wonder house work took a back seat lol. Cool boxes and I like the open book card too. The flowers are lovely! Stay safe (especially when up ladders) and happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

  2. wow look at all those new things you’ve been trying! and ceiling painting too!! I love the montage of the garden pics, that’s very clever . Have a good week. stay safe. Helen ‘#3

  3. Was looking at those Nestability dies on Amazon.es this week order them and a few more only to be told at checkout ‘don’t deliver to Spain’. Your flowers are beautiful and that view is nearly as good as the mountains behind my house, Have a good week. Filled my car up this week cost 34€ normally 50€+ Ani #2

  4. Oh dear Margaret, painting ceilings does not sound like a job I would like to tackle, even when 100% fit. Reminds me too much of a failed attempt at papering one years ago. Three attempts!
    My words, what a lot of different crafting is going on in your lovely home. I had no idea you would be doing needle felting. That is something I would love to do but have not been successful with. So I will trade a lesson on mixed media for one on needle felting some day when this is all over.
    Take are my lovely, I like your chosen place – so peaceful and beautiful too.
    Neet 9 xx

  5. Weather permitting we’re having my sister and brother in law tot come for garden cuppa at the weekend; it will be good to see them! Outdoors is not over rated any is it – that view of Snowdon is spectacular…and you cant see anyone scrambling up it! Don’t ask me about 3D stuff, I rarely go near it and since i was made wonky, the assembly never looks as good or precise as it should,! Take my hat off to you – the ceiling painting is a sod of a job,, at least though, you’ve had time to take with it, there have been a few lockdown advantages! Love the robin , he’s very lifelike and in our garden, its the robins that rule the space, the blackbirds and tits are very wary. I don’t know if they’re fighters generally, but this mama robin seems to take on anything! Well I assume she’s a defensive mother, I don’t know for sure, just allowing her the benefit of the doubt as all the others are rearing babies!

  6. Oh WOW, Margaret,

    That is a great, great card!! And the little Robin – it is so nicely done!! – England is a beautiful country (As Denmark) with a lot of different landscapes!!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #8

  7. What an interesting post, Margaret. I think you are great at the 3-D stuff – these pictures are fabulous! And I can never forget the amazing 3-D parchment Advent calendar you showed me once. I made a book-style card for Mum’s 90th birthday. I love your little felt robin – so cute, and so realistic! He will keep you company in your craft room I am sure. You will see from my blog that we’ve had some drama with mobbing birds this week! You have a spectacular view to share with us there. I love mountains!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #14

  8. Busy lady Margaret. Beautiful photographs and gorgeous crafty stuff. I especially love your needle felted robin, he/she is a sweetie. Have a great woyww and hugs from rainy Lincolnshire, Angela x15x

  9. Lovely crafting and love the little robin, What a lovey lot of colour i our garden and the view in stunning, lots of happy memories of Snowdon and Porthmadog with my late hubby,

    Happy WOYWDW say well and safe

  10. I feel quite revived now after reading all about your splendid week and I fully agree that housework is over rated. A tidy house is the sign of s bored housewife or so they say..
    We did our courting 40 years ago in Porth Madog. My brother in law ran Greenacres caravan park at the time and now his daughter works there. Happy days.
    Take care, stay safe Margaret.
    Lynn xx 17

  11. Wow Margaret, your creative mojo is certainly on a roll, you beat me hands down! I love what you’ve been getting up to especially that little needle felted robin, he’s so cute! Kudos for painting the ceiling too, that’s the one bit of decorating I detest, will happily do anything else but ceilings are a pain. Look at those flowers in the garden, you’re right, a plants woman def had put in a good foundation there, a lovely variety of colours.
    I;m glad you’re keeping well and hope you enjoy meeting up with some friends, that’ll be a novelty for us!
    Hugs LLJ 5 xxx

  12. Oh Margaret the variety in your week is a delight and the photos of the your flower garden are spectacular. But, the 3D robin is the masterpiece of the week. What a beautiful little creation to have in your creative space. Enjoy the outdoors we have certainly been blessed by our creator.
    Sandra de

  13. Such a lot of lovliness on your desk today…cute little robin [my fav bird]. Your garden, like ours is giving you lots to smile about. Such wonderful colours.
    Annie x #6

  14. Happy WOYWW. I love that first card, and the robin is super-cute. I still haven’t picked up my latest needle felting project for weeks now. By the time I sit down in the evening I just haven’t got the energy to tackle the next bit,, which is a bit more complicated. We have got grass in our back garden now and will need to start mowing it soon. The wildflower meadow seed did not germinate, so we ordered some fresh and hubby hopefully sowing it tomorrow. Ali x #23

  15. Ah – a lovely post today Margaret – what’s not to like – gorgeous flowers, Snowden and a robin! Perfect. Enjoy stepping out into the big wide world again – even if it is only 5 miles. xx Jo

  16. Well done you for trying new things, I hope to try a few new techniques with my cards . . . the book one of yours is gorgeous. Speaking of gorgeous, love the little robin! Thanks for sharing all your flowers, beautiful selection.
    God Bless you and yours
    Christine #26

  17. Why Margaret what a busy and productive week you have had!! I do adore your robin, that’s the second needlfelt project I’ve seen today which makes we think I should get mine out and have another go. I am at this very moment looking at the turquoise cone I did about 4 years ago – it was supposed to be a mouse, but hasn’t progressed very much!! (It’s a lovely cone though.) Happy WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, Cindy #24

  18. Hi Margaret, beautiful cards there. The robin is absolutely awesome, so realistic. Love the garden photos, you do have some lovely plants. Never tried making boxes of any sort, so well done on those. Lovely view of Snowdon. Have a lovely week, Stay Safe, Hugs, Shaz #12 X

  19. Nice play with the book nestie dies – I’ve got some but not used them in ages!!
    Have to say the heat has really killed me as I’m still getting hot flashes all night so on top of the heat it has been horrid.Lovely and cool today though yum! The shoulder won’t be getting better on it’s own unless God decides it is time for a miracle as I have calcification of my tendons so it seems to be getting worse… Such a condition can rectify itself but that is usually in weeks not this long! Thanks for the visit BJ#19

  20. I love the boxes and the book card, but the little robin won my heart – he is adorable. Take care my friend. I hope you have a good week. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#7)

  21. You got quite a bit done this past week! The book card and box look fascinating! And love the felted bird! We’ve been quite hot, 104*F was a high recently. Been getting some evening dry thunderstorms, need rain but our monsoon season is a bit off yet.
    Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #27

  22. Well done on all your crafts. Love the little robin. I bought a little kit from Lidl a couple of months ago to try needle felting, it’s on my to do list:) Your garden flowers are beautiful, have to say it’s been a rainy day here, but the gardens do nee the rain. Happy WOYWW, Angela # 30

  23. Thank you for your return visit, Margaret – so glad you like my knitting projects. I think I will be able to rescue the black one OK. I agree with you – we always hate it when our kitties catch birds, and somehow it’s not so bad when they catch mice. They can’t understand our logic! They are only doing what comes naturally to them but it turns them into different characters while they are doing it! The whole garden was sparking with tension while it was going on and I felt so sorry for those poor beleaguered blackbird parents! I did have a lovely birthday, and I’m glad the weather was as it was, and not like today. I felt quite deprived today, not being able to sit out in the garden!

    Shoshi x #14

  24. HI Margaret, just playing sounds really nice 🙂 with a spectacular view too. Love all the happy color in your garden shots too. ~Stacy #31

  25. Wow, that’s quite some things you accomplished in a week… painting a ceiling, wowzah – that’s such a hard job! I love the flowers in your garden, I am jealous at gardeners and people who are able to plant flowers that bloom all year in different shapes and variates (is that the right word?) I can imagine you are grateful for that! Thanks for your visit to my blog yesterday, happy – belated – woyww and a hug from Holland. Marit #20

  26. HI Margaret! That little bird is the cutest little fellow! Well done! You certainly have been busy, whew! Your flowers are gorgeous, many more than | have. My little garden is quite small. What a spectacular view you found, I hope someday to visit Wales, it looks like an awesome place! Thanks for your visit, have a great week, stay safe, Lindart #32

  27. Happy VERY Belated WOYWW, dear Margaret ? .. soooo slow to comment. Days are simply tooo short!

    Wowsers on your robin… ohhh I want that pencil… that is soooo clever.. don’t go knocking your 3D work when you can create that??

    Be interested to see what your bathroom decoration is like.. if done.
    5 miles that’s not far.

    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X #23

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  28. Ps meant to say wanted to do the welsh highland railway but it never worked out.. but if it’s same did maybe is? Did travel from Manchester to Conwy by train and did see Mt Snowden I think. One I was wanting to do was small steam train near Bodnant Gardens. Hugs Shaz.xx

  29. Good morning, Margaret.
    Lovely pictures. Love that die from Mrs. D. I don’t do a lot of 3D art unless you count my junk journals. I do have plans for a Halloween set later this year… hopefully.
    Yes, those ephemera folios will make getting things out to play much easier.
    Hope to see you tomorrow, Creative Blessings ~Kelly #29

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