Well, hello my friends. Where on earth did that week go? It hardly seems any time at all since last week’s wonderful show and tell! So, as time seems to be slipping inexorably by… let’s cut straight to the chase – my desk this week!

From top to bottom… the usual clutter of stamps, inks, dies and card bases when having a card-fest; dst, blade, ruler, tweezers, bone folder, pokey thingy, metallic colouring pencils, and three piles of cards. The ones in a bag are some of my own photos printed straight onto the card front. I needed some really quick “Thinking of you” cards to use myself. The other piles are for orders – some general and some more thinking of you. Three quarters of the way now to the two orders being accomplished!

These are a couple of anniversary cards I needed to make in the past couple of weeks. Great celebrations were had by both couples apparently!

Remember the pile of squares two weeks ago? Well, this is what they look like now – a soft, scrumptiously cuddly, cot blanket. I’m now 10 squares in to the next one – a real stash buster… using everything I have left. Multi-coloured, one round of this, one of that. We will await the end result.

A water iris in the garden pond – taken at sunset on Monday evening – and a few minutes later….

Taken from my landing window – the most incredible sunset. Wow! God is in His Heaven.

So that’s me here in North Wales, folks. Still in lockdown, and thoroughly enjoying playing… erm… I mean, of course… working! I have actually started to decorate the upstairs shower room as well as doing all sorts of artycraftystuff! Still not bored, and still on the same gallon of diesel I was 10 weeks ago!

Take care, dear ones. Stay safe. Those who have been ill, I trust you and your families are recovering. Thanks to Julia for a fantastic, fun filled week for our anniversary!

God bless you all.


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  1. An amazing sunset indeed Margaret. Well done on your prolific craftiness. Good luck sorting out your upstairs shower room too. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  2. Happy WOYWW. Gorgeous cards as usual, and that blanket does look super-soft. We miss good sunsets here. I have to walk up the fields to get a good clear view and normally leave it too late. I am definitely keeping busy. Need more hours in the day. Ali x #3

  3. Happy WOYWDW I really wish my desk ever looked that clean, Love the iris and that sunset is stunning,

    Take care stay safe,

  4. I’m so glad that you’re doing so well in these crazy times – I’ve enjoyed stepping back from the world a bit to be honest, though not going to band has been the biggest upset. You’ve been keeping so busy, I’m in awe….that blanket is great, love the soft tones – mine is a bit more in your face!
    Keep on being safe and well, lovely gal,
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  5. Stunning photographs Margaret.. Isn’t it a great feeling when we can make our paint go such a long way, i’m at that stage where I need to leave some painting for Autumn now it’s my usual time to freshen things up. Lovely cards and blanket, many have been making themselves a little comforter for when those cosy nights come to call.
    Take care & Happy WoywW Tracey #16

  6. Such a beautiful collection of cards but, the sunset is breathtaking. Like you I am enjoying the peace and quiet of staying at home and creating. Stay safe and keep creating.
    Sandra de @15

  7. Wow that Blanket is beautiful, it looks SO soft too. I hope my photos are as good as yours ( after some practice) when my new camera arrives- What a stunning sun set!. Have a lovely week. Soojay #27

  8. My word, I do believe its safe to say that Lockdown has been good for you darling Margaret, you were in such a whirlwind of do everything for everybody else that you were passing yourself on the way back! Now you can only do what you can do,, you’re busy doing stuff that I do believe has been mindfully good for you and helpful in recharging you!, as well as helping so many others as usual. Love the idea of printing your own pics straight onto card, why on earth havent I tried that? I’ve got some gorgeous photos from my garden this spring summer already, I may have to experiment! Your desk says to me that you know exactly what you’re doing and you’re getting it done. Mine will be messed up and turned over this afternoon – I have that dreadful thing to tackle…a card for a man, a deadline and no idea.!!

  9. A busy bee as always, you have made some lovely cards Margaret, I especially like the first one you showed us in detail. Then there is the blanket and you have started a new one. hats off to you my dear!
    Oh that sunset, it is simply beautiful and should be made into a card with a beautiful scripture superimposed on the top of it. That is wonderful.
    Gd Bless
    Neet 9 xx

  10. Oh Margaret what would we do without all our crafty activities!! Your blanket is so lovely – I can almost feel its cuddliness. The cards are great and a lovely way to keep busy with a beautiful result to pass on to the recipient. Life much the same here – lovely colours in our sunsets too and the blue skies have been wonderful. Nature’s wonders are so good for the soul. Take care and keep safe. xx Jo

  11. Beautiful blanket. Our irises are not even in bud yet and I just love them as flowers. That’s a brill photo of your yellow one. . . . and the sunset . . .wow!
    have a good week
    Christine #24

  12. Ooh your cards are lovely, that’s such a pretty die on the bottom of the red one and fab motifs on the gold and white. The little cot blanket looks so cosy and pretty and I love the soft orange colour.
    Love the out door photos too – what an amazing sunset!
    Have a lovely week,
    Diana xx #21

  13. Hi Margaret, wow, thats a glorious sunset, how beautiful. The Iris is so pretty, don’t see the water, or land versions very often any more.The cards are amazing, love the anniversary ones. The dies used are so pretty. Dougs working from home, instead of a 30-40 mile round trip to Birmingham daily, so we too haven’t needed to fill up for ages.Stay safe,Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #17 X

  14. I’ve finished the latest Memory bear so have a little time to pop round my favourite blogs 🙂
    We have Irises in our garden and I love them so it’s really lovely to see many popping up on the blogs today…your yellow one is gorgeous. Glad to hear you’re still not bored either…I think we are blessed to be crafters.
    Annie x #13

  15. Stunning sunset, Margaret.. remember the wonderful welsh sky from that landing! Like Christopher Robin half way up the stairs is neither up nor down!
    Well done on cards, lovely layering om first anniversary and very cheey second one and the blanket. Great stash busting.
    Happy WOYWW ?
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X 6

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  16. God sure is in the heavens…sunset here last night was beautiful too. As for my Bible Journalling, I have only just started so trying out various techniques but only if the verse means something to me. Google a lot and follow book examples too.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#11

  17. Hi Margaret!
    Lovely cards. I especially like the positioning of the words on the 50th anniversary. Sorry I didint get round last week. Still busy on the sorting/ reorganizing and time just got away from me. No desk for me this week so catching up on last week’s . Hugs & Creative Blessings! ~Kel

  18. Gosh you’ve been busy Margaret. All those cards and the crochet, well done. Sounds like you’re on a role with all the jobs. Nice photos too. Happy creative week and a happy woyww, Angela x19x

  19. The anniversary cards are stunning and i love that cuddly blanket. That sunset is gorgeous! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Happy WOYWW. Take care of yourself my friend. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#4)

  20. Super cards Margaret and you have made so many. I would actually like to make more cards and possibly sell them but cannot seem to get into that market. The blanket is lovely and that sunset is stunning. Take care Anne x 36

  21. A very organised and industrious desk, Margaret, and lovely cards too. Well done with the pretty blanket. What a wonderful sunset, too. Funny about the petrol – my hubby bought some this week, for the first time for ages! We must be saving ourselves a fortune… Thank you for your visit, and for your good wishes for our anniversary. Glad you like the cards. I don’t mind how much work I put into the knitting project because I look on it as an investment of time – once I get it right, it will be a template for future projects. I feel much better about the redone ribbing, which is going very well. I am definitely enthusiastic about finishing this particular UFO now!

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #22

  22. Beautiful cards! Busy desk! And gorgeous blanket!
    Hmmm, I’m full of adjectives today.
    Anyway, love the sunset and flower. I need to take more pictures of ours.
    Thanks for popping by earlier. I was busy with a plumber but problem fixed.
    Have a great week!
    Carol N #30

  23. Hello Margaret, I am commenting in the weirdest order this week so sorry I’m late. Yes we are great game players – at times when the kids were teenagers it was often the only time we all got together and talked!! We always play games when my extended family gets together but it’s hard as there are so many of us now. Love the anniversary cards! Thank you for your visit, Happy belated WOYWW, Stay well, Stay safe, Cindy #14

  24. Beautiful photographs Margaret. I have purple water irises in my ponds. I can’t believe how many weeks of lockdown have flown by, like you, still crafting ! Lovely cards. Angela #31 happy WOYWW x

  25. You’re making me tired just reading about all the things you’re doing! I don’t seem to have achieved much at all. It was lovely to chat on the phone the other day. xx

  26. Hi Margaret! Nice clean desk, but I can see you’ve been very busy! The sunset photo is magnificent! WOW! I love the cot blanket, beautiful! Glad you are enjoying lockdown, so am I! Have a great week, stay safe! Lindart #33

  27. We, crafters, don’t mind getting ‘locked’ as long as we have our materials around us, isn’t it? I love the soft colours of the blanket and wow, that’s an amazing sunset! I live in the middle of an (midievel) town so don’t get to see those lovely sunsets, it’s been a long time since I was on the beach that time of the day… Sorry I am late with my return visit, happy belated woyww, have nice weekend! Love from Holland. Marit #25

  28. ooh some great cards and love the cot blanket too and WOW what a photo of the sky. simply stunning
    Thanks for visiting my desk already this week

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