Happy 11th anniversary my dear friends. I trust you are keeping well and safe, and for those who have been ill, are now recovering speedily. Firstly, many thanks to dear Julia who has faithfully brought us this blog link-up for the past 572 Wednesdays. You can find her at https://stamping-ground.blogspot.com She has done her best to keep us in line, encouraging us, drawing us out to greater artistic endeavours – and not least of those is this celebration today. Setting us the challenge of delving deep into our cupboards where we might find our unfinished – or even unstarted – projects, she has challenged us to finish one! So, did we take up the challenge? I for one certainly did – and here’s how I got on…

I learned a lot about scrapbooking from this challenge – the main thing being that you simply never finish! I had decided to finish the scrapbook I gave to my hubby for our Ruby wedding anniversary in 2012. I learned that I could have done hundreds of pages – but in the end, decided to keep it true to its original intent – a celebration of 40 years together. No good adding photos of the family as they are now, or indeed adding the pictures of our actual Ruby family celebrations. They hadn’t happened when I started the album. SO… here are the pages I added in order to complete what I had set out to do


It wasn’t the emotional roller coaster I had imagined – in fact it was a time of sheer joy, delight and thankfulness to my Father God, as I looked back on all our time together. There was so much more I could have added – but that will have to wait! Having achieved what I felt was success, I turned my attention to the other – very long term – unfinished project that I wanted to tackle. That HUGE tapestry. I added yet another “workspace” to my home by sitting on the bed in the main bedroom to do this. The light there is spectacular! And, oh boy, did I need good light. I had forgotten how similar some of the colours were. I confess that I haven’t finished it – for one thing, I ran out of ecru wool, and for another – there was SO much to do. But, here’s the comparison…

I have managed to completely fill in the bottom of the picture, and work up the right hand side almost to the sky line – that’s when I ran out of wool – for the snow! Two trees on the right are now complete, the bushes in the background are done. I’m pleased with how far I got – but am ready to try out something else, as sitting on the bed to do this means incredible backache! Sorry about the apparent striations on the picture… not sure what happened there. The disappointment is that the basket of threads doesn’t look any emptier!!!

So, my friends, that is life here on the North Wales coast. Unlike many areas, the lockdown is still very much in evidence here. I have just noticed there are people out on the golf course for the first time – but we still should not take our car in order to travel and then exercise. We can only exercise straight from the house. The police are at the border with England, as you are able to now use your car – but we ask you, for your sake and ours, please don’t come. We are around two or three weeks behind South Wales here, and they are two or three weeks behind London. In a hugely tourist area, this is so hard for us to say – but we must.

I will endeavour to visit everyone this week. Kathryn – I do come, I do look, and I think your art work is stunning – but I can’t comment… I’m so sorry – but apart from yourself, I think I can comment on everyone else. Take care of yourselves, and stay safe.

God bless you all, and thanks so much for indeed being a piece in the picture which is my life. I appreciate you.


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  1. what a feast of projects for us this week! I love your family pages, and am so glad it gave you pleasure to do. Well done on the tapestry, you seem to have got lots done – do you never stop “doing”?!! Lots of love Helen #2

  2. That certainly was a UFO to tackle. But you did it and you will look back on it and each time your heart will fill with love. Well done Margaret.
    As for the tapestry, hope you get some wool to finish it off before too long, could be a project to finish for Christmas. What a wonderful hanging that will make.
    Have no intention of travelling anywhere. Restrictions have not been lifted for us as yet so it is still a stay where we are situation and I just wish everyone else would so we could get rid of this terrible virus once and for all.
    However, let’s be happy and share this momentous occasion – happy anniversary.
    Blessings, Neet xx 5

  3. Wow, that was one incredible UFO. It’s lovely, though. I tried to enlarge the photos, but they wouldn’t enlarge. It’s late night here and I was hoping to read your sentiments.

    And it seems you aren’t the only one who can’t finish a project because you have no wool.

    Our state has opened slowly, unlike some other states that are going full guns. I understand your concern. I won’t leave my home because it’s the only safe place I know. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  4. Love your scrapbooking pages, and what lovely memories. you were so lucky to travel with your husband. The Tapestry is well worth finishing but a shame you can’t sit in comfort to do it. Know what you mean about the light but hey keep on with it.
    Thank you for your friendship and may God bless you and your family. Ani #1

  5. Morning Margaret,
    Love that scrapbook, hope to see it all one day, good memories remain very special joys in our lives, and the scrapbook can remind us of those gems we have forgotten.
    Bless you for sharing
    Chris #8

  6. Well done on the scrapbook achievement, so precious laying down your memories in photos and journalling and I’m sure the tapestry will get finished when you get some more wool.
    Hugs BJ#13

  7. Your scrapbook must have been a delight to have worked on over the weeks, things like this will become even more of a treasure as people store more and more photo’s online. Thanks so much for sharing and keep up the fabulous work with the tapestry, it will be wonderful framed when completed hope you can get those needed threads before Christmas.
    Happy 11th WoywW Anniversary bessings Tracey #10
    P.S that jigsaw piece was a clever addition to your woyww lockdown piece stay safe x

  8. I love the picture and words at the top of this week’s post, Margaret – a lovely thought. Your UFO is a marathon task but well done with the progress you have made. I am so glad that the scrap book turned out to be such a joy to work on. John would be so pleased!

    Happy 11th anniversary WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #19

  9. Happy anniversary Margaret. Running out of wool/thread seems to be a common theme this week. Your scrapbook pages are great, especially the one with the pull out concertinas of photos. You have achieved a great deal! Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #15

  10. Margaret you have done a lovely job with your scrapbooking – I am yet to tackle that challenge! I think your picture is amazing and as much as you have done already looks really good so keep at it maybe just a few minutes a day! We have a bit more freedom here in the South East of England but vulnerable people like me and Alan don’t enjoy that freedom much!
    Love and hugs and a big thank you for your friendship and I have not forgotten the lovely crops you have organised!

  11. Hi Margaret. I failed hopelessly to comment on any blog for the past 2 week [mask making demands were just too much so I’m hoping everyone will forgive me. I’ve taken the morning off from mask making [I actually worked harder yesterday to allow it!!]. I really love your show and tell today especially the tapestry.
    Thanks for your love and friendship over the last 11 years.
    Annie x #11

  12. Happy 11th Bloggyversary!! Well now Margaret, what a beautiful way of finishing a UFO, that scra[ooking is wonderful and I’m so pleased you enjoyed doing it. So many memories of a life together, it’s marvellous. The tapestry will get done eventually, at least you rescued it from the back of the cupboard!
    Thanks for all the fun and friendship, I’m glad we got to meet via WOYWW.

  13. Happy anniversary and what an amazing accomplishment of projects and LO’s completed. The scrapbooks will be so very much appreciated once people can get together again. Stay safe and keep creating.
    Sandra de @16

  14. What a marvellous pages. I do hope he is happy about them? They are really looking great. And the images with the embroidery – WOW – That means a lot of patience.
    In Denmark, we are closing up slowly but it seems that some do not understand the seriousness about that virus. Unfortunately!! At my house we are doing good – no one has been sick so far 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW Anniversary
    Mariane #25

  15. Da iawn, ti!. I don’t know how you have the patience for tapestry – I couldn’t do it. I tried cross-stitch a few years ago and was only doing a tiny Christmas tree but I never finished it.

  16. Oh Margaret – I love your post today. So much love and care on show. Your WOYWW celebration “jig saw” is lovely – great sentiment. Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous artwork over the years and for the fun and friendship. Happy 11th bloggyversary! xx Jo

  17. Love your post today the pictures are lovely and have made me think about doing a journal to send to my granddaughter with pictures of her son Noah for when I send the cot blanket I am going to be knitting,

    Stay well and safe,

  18. Happy 11th Anniversary WOYWW. I love your UFOs. The scrapbook is just wonderful. So many happy memories. That tapestry is incredible and well done for getting backache in order to do what Julia asked! I used to love doing tapestry and actually signed up to an embroidery club starting in June, as never learnt more than a few of the basic stitches. Enjoy this sunshine and stay safe. Ali x #18

  19. How lovely to finish the scrapbook , so glad to was not a task but a pleasure to do. As for the tapestry – it is glorious, i do hope you can find some wool to finish it. Have a great week and stay safe xxx Soojay #27

  20. What a beautiful book! I’m sure John was watching you and had so much pleasure alongside you. God Bless you.
    Well done on the tapestry, one thing I can’t do cos of the bits of wool – wool is not my friend – Love the difference photos.
    Take care and stay safe
    Happy Anniversary
    Christine #31

  21. Happy WOYWW anniversary dear and WOWZAH, that’s quite some work you got done in a week! The fact that you had so much fun while making it, is something extra to treasure, so YAY for you! Big hug from Holland, Marit #32

  22. Thank you for visiting, Margaret. Nice to know that I’m not the only one with an overwhelming number of UFOs! Also that someone out there might even have one that’s older than mine lol! Thank you for your good wishes for our anniversary on Sunday, and I’m glad you liked the card I made for my hubby’s birthday. I need to make another one now for the anniversary!!

    Shoshi x #20

  23. Happy 11th WOYWW, isn’t IT amazing, Margaret!? ? I for one am very glad to have met you because of WOYWW, and my time with you was sooo full of magnificent memories, real provision of the Lord, too like yours to Canada, never been there, my neice has lived there for five years or so and is still there, was coming home this month but we’ll be locked down prob till Dec Jan with overseas travel. Beautiful scrapbook indeed.. loved seeing it.
    Yes your bedroom is superb lighting, beautiful work, mych progress made on tapestry, second WOYWWer who ran out wool too!
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love, in these different times.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X 7

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  24. Hi Margaret, love the anniversary card, fab job. You’ve done an amazing job with the scrapbook, how beautiful those memories are. The UFO has come along spectacularly, and yes, I can imagine it has caused you some serious backache. Still resting my arm as much as possible, and I think it’s finally working, no pain at all today, first time for weeks. So treating it gently by visiting via my tablet so I can sit on the sofa and rest my arm on that, rather than sitting at my pc. We’ve all made so many friends we would never have met if it wasn’t for Julia, and we treasure every one of you. Sending much love from us both, Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #12 X

  25. Aw Margaret, that ATC is just perfect, we will trade them at the crop or some point, promise! You e done so well with the UFOs, I don’t know where to start! OK, the tapestry….I’m so sorry your established work area made your back ache, that’s horrid. I don’t actually believe that you have to suffer for your art! You’ve done such a good job, a real chunk finished, isn’t the difference amazing. Frustrating about running out of snow wool, there’s a shop near me that sells it if you still have a band and know the number or colour I’ll be happy to trot over and see if they e got it. The scrapboook is AWESOME. I love children’s pages showing a baby and as ‘now’ photo and their birthdates, what a brilliant idea. And the folded book of photos from the Canadian tour…brilliant way to multi photo a layout. Am so glad that you enjoyed doing it, I hope you won’t leave it so long again?!! Xxxxx

  26. Wow Margaret, you certainly got stuck into your UFO’s big time this week! How lovely to finish the scrapbook and that it was a positive and happy thing to do, bringing back so many happy memories. I am impressed with the size of the tapestry and how much you managed to do to it, although what a shame the best place in the house to do it gave you back ache – I hope your back is recovering now and not giving you too many problems.
    Hope you have a good week and Happy WOYWW Anniversary,
    Diana xx #28

  27. Hello Margaret – thank you for your earlier visit!! I am not a great scrapbooker, it always ends up being so much effort but the sense of achievment when you finish is worth it. Great that you’ve picked up your tapestry too – I’m eyeing some stitching with mixed feelings – not my strong point!! Happy WOYWW, stay safe, stay well, Cindy #26

  28. Your UFOs are looking great! What fab memories with the scrapbook and the tapestry, oh my gosh! Hope you have a great 11th anniversary! Thanks for popping by and God bless ya!
    Carol N #34

  29. Hi Margaret! I love your scrapbook pages, simple and to the point without tons of extra “stuff” I can totally see how you would have enjoyed this project! You did a great job on your tapestry, too bad you ran out of yarn, but there doesn’t seem to be much left to do. Happy Anniversary, I am so glad to have “met” all you wonderful people! I feel I have friends all over the world now! Stay safe, Lindart #40

  30. Hi Margaret, didn’t you do well with your UFOs! Your scrap pages are lovely – you must feel chuffed to have finished the album at last. The memories that scrapping brings back is why I enjoy making pages too. And well done for persevering with the tapestry despite the discomfort – it’s lovely. Here in Scotland, we are still in lockdown too – we are behind London by several weeks too and so it’s in everyone’s best interests. Hugs and stay safe. Elizabeth x #36

  31. Happy Anniversary! I’ve finished my marking so can now pop round the blogs and comment. I am so pleased that you managed to make such good progress on the album – those pages are gorgeous and full of lovely memories. Thank you for all your kind support and friendship over the years. Take care and stay safe my friend. With love and God Bless, Caro (#19)

  32. Oh Margaret, the pages you have completed to finish the album are so nice, ( I tend to lean very CAS as far as scrapbooking goes so, I love that you let all the photos shine and the fold out one was really interesting too.) and WOW on that tapestry I can see the progress made 🙂
    Happy Anniversary,

    ~Stacy #38

  33. Wow, that’s a lot of pages done, Margaret, and I really like those fold-out sections. It must have been lovely working with all those wonderful photos and memories. The tapestry is impressive as well and not something I could even attempt. Love those strong colours in it. Some people are still not taking the partial lockdown seriously and behave as if we were back to normal. I am really concerned that there will be a second wave – I hope I’m wrong. Stay safe Margaret and make the most of the situation. Thanks for visiting earlier! xx zsuzsa #30

  34. Hello Margaret, happy anniversary! you have been busy this past week. Love the colours in your blanket, your tapestry design reminds me of one my husband did a few years ago, another lovely winter scene. Some great scrapbook pages, do those photographs lie flat when the book is closed? Love Angela #44

  35. Happy 11 year anniversary. You got a lot finished for your scrapbook. So fun! Have a great week. Dorlene #41

  36. Hello Margaret.. Thanks for popping by. A rather belated Happy 11th WOYWW Anniversary. Anne x

  37. Hello Margaret! First off thanks for the visit. I am slow to get around because I am preparing my veggie garden so I pop on my computer between sessions. I am so happy to see your scrapbook because a few weeks ago I decided to get back to it. I also think this pandemic has made me value scrapbooking even more. So thanks for sharing your lovely pages. Stay well and I will see you next week.
    Belinda #39

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