Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and able to get out and about as you are permitted. Can you believe it is our 11th anniversary next week? How quickly that seems to have come around – I wonder how many of us have taken up the challenge set by Julia to complete an unfinished project? And whether any of us have actually finished it yet… I certainly haven’t! However. Our desks this week…


On my desk on the landing this week is the yarn and started blanket I am currently working on. I think I found that glorious random yarn in Aldi when I was shopping for my daughter back in February. It is gorgeous – and SO soft! There’s a little stack of dies on the cutting mat, which I ordered from Joanna Sheen – well, they had this fantastic sale…. and right in the background is the scrapbook – but I’m not saying anything about that at the moment – that must wait until next week.


So the reason there is a new blanket is because this lovely beige, cream and brown one is now finished and waiting to go on the poile (rapidly growing) for Uganda! I have been sitting crocheting in the evenings whilst binge watching Death in Paradise! It’s all there on I-player. I missed most of it when it was originally on as we didn’t have a tv then. It’s a great fun series – and the chief inspectors are becoming more eccentric with every series!


These are the dies I bought the other day. I was impressed how quickly they arrived – so once I have “finished” (???) my projects for next week, made 25 cards for the hotel, and generally tidied up again, I can continue with some more Christmas cards!

And that’s about it here on the North Wales coast. Except for a little walk around the garden. I had some fun with the macro lens, and it will prove to you that my large garden is indeed escaping from me!


Do take care, my friends, and stay safe. Wales is still off limits, as the laws here are different from the laws in England, so a little glimpse of Llynnau Mymbyr near Snowdon. NOT taken this year!!!


God bless and keep you all.


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  1. I was photographing dandelions too at the weekend (see my “other” blog) I haven’t even started a project for next week… fear it’s not going to get done! Love the new blanket, very snuggly! Take care, stay safe and enjoy the dies! Helen #1

  2. Lovely photos of your beautiful part of the world …. currently reading a set of medieval mysteries set in Wales and found your photos perfect. I am always amazed at how productive you have been in 1 week. Lovely project as always.
    Sandra de @ 5

  3. Dandelions are a good source of food for bees Margaret so nothing to be ashamed of in your garden. Nice new die stash. I have quite a few of those too. Lovely blanket on the go too. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #11

  4. Gorgeous blanket, Margaret. I love the colours. The new one will be fun as well, with the lovely new yarn – that was a find! Nice to see some Welsh landscape too., and your garden close-ups are beautiful. My hubby hates dandelions but they are so beautiful, especially the clocks!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #4

  5. Morning,
    Love the blanket, beautiful colours, and those dies are great, have fun making Christmas cards, I think I have one of those, so will be good to see what you make with them
    Bless you

  6. It makes such a difference with the feel of a yarn as to how much you enjoy the project – at least it does with me, lol! If it’s at all scratchy, I just can’t do it. I’ve got a lockdown blanket on the go as well but it’s going slowly as I seem to have other things to do. I realised this morning that when I read your blog, I can hear your voice in my head, it’s lovely – and no, I don’t think I’m going mad…much!!!
    Hope you’re doing ok lovely gal.
    Hugs LLJ 9 xxx

  7. Good luck in finishing the blanket and the project for next week. I love north Wales and have lovely memories off the trips myself and my late husband took there,
    Stay safe and well, ,

  8. Hi Margaret, I love Death in Paradise and watch it lots. I shall think of you next time I see it. Looks like you’ve been pretty busy this week and nice photos too. Have a lovely woyww and good luck with the UFOs. Hugs, Angela x16x

  9. Your macro lens is fab, lovely pics. I read that it’s is right to leave dandelions to turn into clocks because they are the bees favourite early flower. I have no trouble getting behind that! That collection of new dies will certainly spark your mojo, as much as a good tidy up works, I’m afraid something new works even better for me! I can see that you’re keeping busy, that blanket is lovely,. Hope you’re also keeping well and fine. Xxxxx

  10. G’morning Margaret!
    I can only say WOW WOW WOW 🙂 You made such lovely things, I love to watch “Death in Paradise” myself. It is interesting to see what the new person do for characters when they come on the set. The colours of the yarn .. WOW and the views you have. I love it all.

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #21

  11. Beautiful colours you’re crocheting, i don’t envy you joining all the squares. I am hoping to get to the ‘chicken shop’ this week, necessity more than anything, they need food. It is out in the countryside and only used by the country folk so it is not usually crowded, I’m looking forward to going out although I will only be in the car . . .
    I think dandelion heads are really pretty, love your photo.
    Have a good week and stay safe
    Christine #23

  12. What a gorgeous view you ended on there! That is a stunning photo. Don’t worry about the dandelions – they are good for the bees!! I have to admit theyare only allowed to grow in my wild bit though. Looks like you will be kept busy with all those new dies – hoping to have all my christmas cards done by the end of lockdown but haven’t got back there yet. Stay well, stay safe, Happy WOYWW Cindy #24

  13. Hi Margaret, well at least I can comment on your on my iPad, so many I can’t and lots of week my resolve to visit all fades with eye strain on mobile. Maybe should’ve and android table.oh well. Life marches on, your crotchet is stunning colour well done. I rarely go to our Aldi but brought two favourite tools there, my large guillotine, and clip on magnifying glass for calligraphy and other things. Both indispensable!
    Looking forward to seeing UFOs, that’s a huge tapestry well done this far!
    Thanks for Sharing, God bless and keep you, and all you love, hugs Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  14. Yummy soft blanket in the making and yet another finished. Can’t wait to see your UFO next week too. Thanks for the visit BJ#7

  15. That blanket look soo soft and snuggly , as does the square you are in the process of creating. I am feeling a bit cold at the moment so can visualize snuggling up with those. Enjoy your new dies – when you get chance. Take care and stay safe Soojay #27

  16. That orange yarn you crochet with looks fabulous. I also love the natural browns/beige of the other blanket – I’m all into nature-colours at the moment. Wales must indeed look beautiful this time of year… it’s been decades since I visited Wales and I was in love with the environment right away! Take care lovely one, stay safe. Hug from Holland, Marit #20

  17. Such a lovely busy blog post – the blanket is beautiful and I love the wool for your new one – such a gorgeous colour. Lovely photos of your garden too, we always keep the dandelions for the Guinea Pigs – they love them.
    Stay safe and well,
    Hugs, Diana xx #21

  18. Hi Margaret, great selection of dies there! I love dies for making fast cards! I need to figure out what my UFO will be for next week. Love the garden shots, and the Snowdonia one. Have a lovely week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #10 X

  19. Gorgeous random yarn there Margaret. Annie is always telling me what fab yarn they have at Aldi – must venture out when I feel more inclined! Your Snowdonia photo is lovely – makes me want a nice long hillside stroll. Stay safe and take care. xx Jo

  20. Love the blanket the colours are great. The miracle of that weed called the dandelion, absolutely stunning. Well done on your cards for the hotel wish I could get in the mood. Have a great week. Ani #12

  21. Keeping busy sure helps the time pass. Beautiful yarn and blanket! Love your photos, too. I’ll have to check out your shows. I’m always looking for something good to keep me company when I’m crafting! Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful week!
    Carol N #28

  22. I suspect you gave us a clue the other week as to what you are going to do with that new album of yours. I will tell you next week if I was right.
    That is a nice selection of dies you have, and the wool looks lovely, someone will love it when they have a soft blanket to snuggle up in. What a lovely way to use your talents.
    I like your photographs, especially the puff ball, they are so pretty and I love it when I find a nice rubber stamp of one. Or even the individual seeds to stamp close by.
    Take care, enjoy yourself
    God Bless
    Neet 3 xx

  23. Wow! You have been busy! The blanket sounds wonderful and soft yarn is so comforting. Have a wonderful week! Dorlene #33

  24. Gorgeous blanket and lovely dies you have to play with. Loving your photographs. Happy WOYWW. Stay safe and well and take care my friend, with love and God Bless, Caro xxx (#6)

  25. Thanks for your visit, Margaret, and I’m glad you like my teddies project. I am sure my hubby will have fun trying to identify them all!

    Shoshi x #4

  26. HI Margaret, Ooh those dies look like they will be fun to play with and make gorgeous projects with, Love the soft colors of the blanket and I love the details you got with your lens 🙂 ~Stacy #30

  27. Hi Margaret! Death in Paradise is one of my favourite shows. I just finished watching Psych, all 8 seasons of it. You would like that one too, I think! Those squares do look very soft and cozy, and well done on the blanket! It’s very masculine, so many blankets seem to come off as feminine, so perhaps it will go to a man! Keep well, stay safe, Lindart #31

  28. Hello Margaret, in answer to your question I am reading a medieval series written by Sarah Woodbury set in Wales during Owain Gruffudd reign of Gwynedd. (loosely historical and I am enjoying the series immensely}
    Sandra de

  29. Hi Margaret! Sorry I am a bit late commenting! Even though we are still in a lockdown I seem to be as busy as ever! I think that blanket you made is lovely and all those dies will come handy for Christmas cards! The flowers are lovely!
    I have finished my UFO yesterday! See you Wednesday!

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