Dear friends. hello. I do trust you are continuing to stay safe and well. To those who have been ill – I hope you are really recovering. Why are we hare? To see our desks – in all their glory and mess. So, here goes…


…From top left to bottom right. A basket of inks and brushes; my basket of ATCs received; a pile of boxes with card making projects; a scrapbook, glue, light, clutter not yet put away; empty cutting mat; plastic box of peel-offs, blade, scissors, ruler, tweezers; pile of papers to practise stamping; guillotine; the church’s Lockdown contact list. on the floor is a nearly full waste bin – must remember to put that out this week with the recycling!

So, Julia, you really threw down the gauntlet this past week, didn’t you? I decided I would take up the challenge. You know me, not content with one project on the go… have to have one in each room! It took some hunting in the unfinished-symphonies-cupboards-and-drawers!!; but I got there. Two ideas of things I had started and never, ever, finished!


It must be over 20years ago when John and I bought this tapestry. It was to be a Christmas present for my brother and his wife. Yes, well… let’s just say he hasn’t got it yet! It was the first thing to come to mind when Julia threw down her challenge to us all. So the first thing to do was put the tapestry frame together – easier said than done… I couldn’t remember how to do it!!! However…


… after a lot of messing about. Here it is up and ready for action. Yes, we don’t do things by halves here. It is 24 x 20 inches! You can see by the photo how much is still to be done, as it shows the carpet and quilt through the canvas! I’m going to have my work cut out to even make an impression into it.

So, not content with that… I added a second unfinished symphony. I wonder if Beethoven and co worked on more than one at a time?? Now you must understand that I am NOT a natural scrapbooker. Some of you are – and produce the most wonderful pages. I don’t. Mine are boring in comparison. However… for some unknown reason, when John and I celebrated our Ruby wedding anniversary in 2012 – YES 2012! – we decided that, as there was nothing we needed, we would each make something as a gift for the other. John produced a lovely collage of photos of our life together. Me? I decided to make him a scrapbook of our life. WHY? I ask myself??? However, I set to – not realising how long these things take. This is where I got to…

Yes. Those last few photos do indeed tell the story. Some photos chosen, and simply pushed into their wallets; some pieces of paper simply telling what that page would have been; and a pile of stuff not yet allocated. So I am going to try and finish the whole album. It may well prove to be an emotional roller coaster – but that’s called life. I would like to finish it because we had such a fantastic life together and to document it for the sake of my girls (not to mention me) would be special.So there you have it folks. Life on the North Wales Coast. If it’s OK with you, I think the lockdown should continue so I can get some more of my unfinished symphonies – and my unstarted symphonies – done. Hop[e that’s ok. Do take care, my friends, and stay safe.

God bless you all.


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  1. Morning Margeret,, I am sure that you will crack on with both projects immediately and get loads done…. I haven’t dug out my project yet, I am sure there are plenty I could find.. eek! I blame not having time apart from evenings and the weekend when I do – nothing! Much love, stay safe. Helen #1

  2. If I know you Margaret that tapestry will be finally going to its new owner at Christmas and the scrapbook will be finished too. I only managed 3 pages in the one I started for my parents’ Golden Wedding Anniversary and that was well over 5 years ago. Good luck with your projects. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #5

  3. WOW the scrapbook is gorgeous already and will be even more so when you finish it. How exciting. I do 12×12″ albums of day to day stuff but only stated that back in 2003 so to make up the difference (other than the usual stick in photo albums I have kept since I was 17yrs old) I started an 8×8 Family album and do at least a page a year of the 3 of us although I did add a wedding page and pregnancy page at the beginning too.

    I’d just finished reading Joshua in my Bible in a Year Plan so googled Joshua/Bible Journalling and came up with the house idea there. Can’t believe how this painting in a Bible really helps me get to know my Bible so much better.

    Thanks for the visit BJ#2

  4. Maragret I really love the idea about the *Life together* scrap book it’s a must to complete as it will be a sure celebration of life and love together. I did smile about the tapestry as I have one too but i’d need more than two weeks to finish it as you are so far ahead than me!!
    Have fun creating, keep safe & happy Woyww Tracey #6 xx

  5. Maragret I really love the idea about the *Life together* scrap book it’s a must to complete as it will be a sure celebration of life and love together. I did smile about the tapestry as I have one too but i’d need more than two weeks to finish it as you are so far ahead than me!!
    Have fun creating, keep safe & happy Woyww Tracey #6 xx

  6. Happy WOYWW. You definitely don’t do anything by halves. However, I have an idea. You can do the tapestry whilst watching tv in the evenings, and the scrapbook (which will make me cry, let alone you and the girls!) can be a daytime project. I have suddenly remembered a UFO that I can do in the evenings, so will get that out of the cupboard later – a needle felting kit that I started and then stopped whilst waiting for eyes to be delivered! Ali x #13

  7. My word, Margaret, you’ve set yourself a challenge there with the embroidery. An achievement to set the frame up in the first place! The scrapbook is such a lovely idea and I am sure it will bring back so many happy memories of a long life shared together as you continue to work on it. I am so glad that I was able to meet John on two occasions, and also that I own one of his little pyrography pictures. I will always remember tapping you on the back at the craft show, and you turning round to find me with a red rose in my mouth!!! That was a fun day. I started a big album about Dad while he was still alive, which I never finished, because I had to set it aside and make a small one for my niece after he died, and your post reminds me that perhaps that is one big UFO that I need to tackle. The WIP is taking up a whole banana box which is occupying a whole shelf in my studio.

    Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #7

  8. Happy WOYWDW

    You sure are busy and like you I have so many things I need to do, I to keep saying I am going to do it and as yet still not even started them I really want to start a journal about my late husband and think its the next project,

    Stay well and safe,

  9. Morning Margaret
    I’ve sent you an email regarding that book you asked about.
    I’m glad to see all you PHDs (projects half done)
    I’m going to dig out mine later. Send someone to find me if o don’t reappear by teatime haha
    Stay safe and see you next week
    Lynn xx 16

  10. I take my hat off to you with those UFOs Margaret, especially the tapestry which will take some doing! The album will be marvellous, yes, you’ll probably shed some tears doing it but you had such a wonderful time together, it’s got to be done. Your family will adore it too xxx. I have no idea what to do for mine, I honestly don’t think I have any UFOs, more crafts I miss not doing like painting for example. I shall have to have a ponder! Meanwhile all is well in the opposite end of our beloved Wales. I’ve been doing DuoLingo to brush up on my very rusty Welsh. Now I know how to say that I’m going to have a carrot curry at a party in Aberystwyth next week, lololol! Well, you never know, it might come in handy one day…….
    Hugs, LLJ 12 xxxx

  11. Well I have to hand it to you Margaret, you really have laid down the UFO gauntlet….I was thinking of some cards that weren’t going well so got shoved in a drawer, or a certain hot chocolate tub being used as a bin finally getting a makeover.! But…you’re right, it pays to be ambitious and the scrapbook will not only be enormously satisfying to finish, but a lovely lovely way to indulge in some stirring of memory, and John would enjoy you enjoying that. eight years since your Ruby,, good grief. Love that you both independently settled on a similar gift. That’s love that is! The tapestry is fab…..and nearer finished than started, so that’s going to be a erm, piece of cake. Had to smile at the assembly of the frame, some things just aren’t in the old muscle memory are they….I don’t even know where my tapestry frame is, and I can’t remember if there’s anything that should be on it!! I have my doodle type embroidery to finish, but it’s become the thing I do whilst I’m sitting with Mum, so tend not to pick that up at the moment, and finishing it in a fortnight would mean going without food or sleep anyway, and that’s never going to happen! I know lockdown seems to be going soft at the edges, but please carry on as you are!

  12. Oh my those are two huge projects – but won’t you feel a great sense of satisfaction when they are done!! I have several unfinished cross stitch projects but can’t see really to do them these days. I keep looking to see if I can salvage that bits that are already done!! Good Luck!! Stay well, stay safe, Happy WOYWW Cindy #18

  13. Wow!! So impressed with that tapestry – already amazing , so looking forward to seeing it finished. Good luck on the scrapbook , it will be so worth it when its done .
    Take care xx Soojay#22

  14. Well done for finding the projects you plan to work on and taking up Julia’s challenge. The tapestry will be a treat when finished. When I used to scrapbook (many decades ago) I did an album for my mother. Needless to say energy soon waned and rather than do a page for every significant event I would do a double spread for a broad topic i.e. children, grandchildren, friends etc. Got through it quickly other wise it felt like a never-ending story. Haha
    Stay safe and keep crafting.
    Sandra de @9

  15. Hi Margaret, we have similar unfinished symphonies. Mine is a cross stitch birth kit, for my eldest grandchild who turns 8 this year … it’s gathering dust somewhere, and is nowhere near finished. It will be a challenge, to say the least! For now though, the garden beckons as it’s too lovely to be indoors. I’ve also got some scrapbooking to do, Julia’s pages are inspirational to me. Thanks for stopping by my blog – I doubt I can go as far back with my family history as you have done, but I’m determined to give it my best shot. Have a lovely week and stay safe and well, Heather xx #20

  16. Hi Margaret, wow, that certainly is an amazing tapestry! Reminds me of buying a cross stitch kit a few years ago for my youngest sons then girlfriend. I have this awfully inconvenient thing about not really thoroughly checking dimensions, I tend to still think in imperial. Mostly they generally turn out to be metric, lol. Anyhow, bought this kit assuming the dimensions were metric as they were quite big numbers. They turned out to be Imperial, and it was enormous! Almost blanket sized! The scrapbook sounds like a beautiful idea, and I’m sure it will become a treasured possession for all of your family. Have a lovely week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #8 X

  17. Love the thoughts of that tapestry being attacked and finished. I think I would enjoy doing that. Not sure about the LO’s though, I can imagine a lot of laughter, smiles and tears. But in the end it will all be worth it and you will have something wonderful to pass to your girls. Also along the way you will enjoy the tears as much as the smiles I am sure.
    Hugs, Neet x

  18. Oh Margaret, I think you are going to be most thrilled with finishing the album if its time for that to happen. and I like the movement the diagonals have across the pages too 🙂 (( HUGS )) ~Stacy #27

  19. That tapestry is beautiful! I’m sure you will feel so good when it is finally finished! And your scrapbook pages are really coming along nicely, another thing to be cherished by family! Stay well, stay safe, and have a great week! Lindart #28

  20. Your tapestry is beautiful so far! So much detail!
    Hope you get your scrapbook pages done. We take so few pictures of us that it would be hard to make even a few pages.
    Thanks for popping by and God bless you!
    Carol N #26

  21. My WIP (since 1999) has been put to one side in favour of gardening …
    I love the idea of scrapbooking John’s life, so lovely to look at for you and the girls. It wont matter if the tears stain some of the pages, it shows the love. Enjoy yourself creating a finished article.
    God Bless you and keep you safe
    Christine #29

  22. Hello Margaret! Haven’t been around for almost a year but I am back and very happy to have had a little snoop around your blog – I see you have taken up the challenge – I have too so we will see how it comes out! Oh and you have been so good with the scrapbooking – I think that will be one of my challenges!
    Lots of hugs Cardarian #34

  23. That is definitely taking the challenge to the max! I am thinking of doing something with wool which is WAAAY outside my comfort zone and has been put off for years. We will see! Happy WOYWW! Stay safe and take care, with love and God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  24. Thanks for visiting, Margaret, and lol at your comment about me not stopping – in fact I find it really hard getting started! I’m an extremely slow starter in the morning and often don’t achieve a thing other than eat breakfast all morning. I make up for it later and stay up till the not-so-wee small hours! So glad you like my drawings and the card – the recipient was very pleased with it.

    Shoshi x #7

  25. Good Morning Margaret, thank you for your visit. I really love that paper cutter on your desk. I regret not buying one at a estate sale, the old wooden one we used in school. My plastic has 2 cracks so on the look out WHEN things get back to normal can do a few resale shops. I am excited about Julia’s idea, I’ve 2 really waiting to do and no doubt several in drawers ! You have a great start and your photos/mementos etc will be a real treasure when finished. Have fun with it. Stay Safe and Wishing you sunshine and happy moments.

  26. Sorry for the late visit don’t know where the days go to. Love the idea of your scrap book and when finished what lovely memories to leave your family. As for the tapestry don’t think my eyes would cope these days. I have found something similar watch my space on Wednesday. Stay safe. Ani #11

  27. Hi Margaret
    I’m very late with my visit this week, I’m so sorry. The beautiful weather distracted me but I made it and I’m glad I did. What a lovely post. Well done on finding two beautiful projects. It was the scrapbook that caught my eye though. Don’t put yourself down. It isn’t for others, it’s for you and it will be such a wonderful record for you and for those that follow. I found my Mum’s after she passed and they are so precious to me, I sat a cried when I looked through them as she’d written things in them she’d never said out loud to me. Such a gift.
    Take care and stay safe
    Hugs Lisax #24

  28. Oooo…. I just commented at Julia’s that I cannot think of any UFO and here you point one out to me… I have indeed an album and (very old ancestor) photos laying on top of my closet – I planned to make a lovely scrap album, including the family tree and all, and I haven’t even started… Good luck finishing your album! Oh, and sorry for being so late with my visit, time seems to speed even more in lockdown… love from Holland, Marit #25

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