Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and having had a lovely and special Stay-at-home Easter. On Easter Sunday morning I joined many others across the nations outside on my drive and sang two of the most popular Easter songs/hymns. I had decided to invite my immediate neighbours, so wrote them a letter explaining it, made them a card, and put a few mini Easter eggs into a box. Then on Sunday out we all went and sang aloud about the resurrection. It was surreal, but a good time. Then on Monday I received a thank you card for doing it – sent by a neighbour who appreciated the sense of hope. I was very blessed.

The rest of the work has been a mixture of doing at different “desks”…


…The jigsaw board!


…I managed to finish that blanket.


… I finished the colouring on the robin, and it is now upside down on a diagonal grid to do the embossing. This is going to take some time!!


… Having finished the blanket, I had to have something in my hands when I sat with the tv in the evenings. So decided to make some more of the little cannula covers for preemies and teenies.


… Having agreed, along with my daughters, that there is absolutely no point in my house being on the market at this present time, I took it right off the for sale register. Then set to, to do some decorating. Now, what you must understand is that I am possibly one of the world’s worst decorators. I’m too impatient – hence the marks on the glass in the photo. I decided to start small. The front porch. It’s about 5×4 feet – has three doors (only 2, fortunately which need painting). So, I have emptied, rubbed down, hoovered, sanded, and now given the walls two coats of paint, and the doors have had one. It takes SO long to paint a door – especially one which needs painting on both sides and has two panes of glass in it! I’m actually stood on the drive to take this photo! Hopefully tomorrow I can put a little colour on the walls. Still trying to decide if they need another coat of white first. I’ll make my decision tomorrow.

So there you have it, folks. I have even made some bread and cakes this week – keep me going whilst decorating! I played a game of Perudo with my family via Whatsapp – crazy and not exactly a comfortable environment for me, but great fun nevertheless. Fortunately, we had just achieved a winner when our time was up and everyone disappeared!

Take care my friends. Stay safe. God bless you.

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  1. Gosh Margaret, that robin and the Parchment Craft Design will be something special when finished. I might have a look for my parchment bag before too long, it is something I could do whilst sat in my chair,
    I love how busy you always are but painting and decorating is the last thing I would have thought of you doing. I think you are right though to take the sale off the market, gives you a bit longer to enjoy that beautiful home of yours.
    Blessings, Neet 2 xx

  2. What beautiful parchment work Margaret. Glad you are finding plenty to keep you busy and that you found a way to celebrate Easter safely with your neighbours. The porch is looking good. Hope you don’t run out of paint. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #7

  3. My word, you’ve been busy, Margaret. Well done completing the pretty crochet blanket, and your parchment picture is beautiful! I always admire your fabulous work and shall never forget your visit when you showed me your stunning Advent calendar. What a lovely way to celebrate Easter Sunday, and like you, we sang a couple of favourite Easter hymns and my hubby did a little Communion service for the 2 of us at the same time the Church was doing their Facebook one. We aren’t on Facebook so can’t join in unfortunately, but lots of emails are going back and forth with cheering news, recordings of excerpts from previous services etc etc. Keep up the good work with the decorating, and I am sure a little work with a razor blade will sort the paint on the glass! Everyone’s houses and gardens are going to look so spick and span after this is all over so I am sure when the time comes, you will have no problem selling.

    Stay safe and well, and God bless,
    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #1

  4. Happy WOYWDW

    You sure have been busy, I know what you mean i have to stay busy and am knitting another blanket for my granddaughters baby, She wants another two [already knitted two ] Hope the decorating goes okay,

    Lilian B # 8

  5. Lovely to see all you’ve been up to Margaret. I liked your idea of singing outside your home for Easter – that must have been a very uplifting experience for everyone involved. The blanket you’ve finished is beautiful, such pretty colours, and I also love the robin you’re doing – he’s going to look absolutely stunning when you’ve finished. I do have parchment on my list of things to learn – perhaps one day. Well done ongetting stuck in with decorating – I don’t mind doing walls, but hate doing the the woodwork! Hopefully by the end of lock down I will have done a little bit of decorating, fingers crossed!
    Hope you have a good week and stay safe and well,
    Hugs, Diana xx #16

  6. Well you have been a very busy lady since last Wednesday, The parchment work is gorgeous, the blanket super cute and Painting woodwork is amazing. Have a safe and creative week .
    Sandra de @10

  7. Oh I am an impatient decorator too Margaret!! I know that preparation is the key and blah blah, but I just want to dive in and start painting. So kudos to you for doing it properly! We have had a virtual family quiz for two Sundays running now, it’s been fun with us all having to research a separate round – some of the questions have been very esoteric, thats all I’m saying!
    That was a nice thing toi do with your neighbours, we stood outside on Monday and sang the We;lush National Anthem with everyone else here.
    HUgs LLJ 5 xxx

  8. Hi Margaret, agree having a house for sale at the moment is pointless. Love how you have lots of different things on the go. I tend to flit between crafting, reading and colouring. Love the Robin parchment, thats beautiful. I agree, I hate the slow process involved in decorating. Have a good week, Stay safe, Love & hugs, Shaz #8 X

  9. That parchment work is coming along nicely, it will be lovely when finished. Shame you have had to change your plans but everything is in limbo right now I guess. I hate decorating and I no longer do it. I also can’t bear for my OH to do it – it takes forever because he is a perfectionist. Unfortunately he is not a good decorator so perfection is a little hard to achieve. Keeps him out of mischief though I suppose!! Stay safe, stay well, Happy WOYWW Cindy #12

  10. wow you have been busy! . I bought my daughter and son a jigsaw each ( its been a while since they did any as they are both in their 20’s- they have learning difficulties so i couldn’t make them too hard. daughter has finished her 200 piece but my son’s is 3D so he is still at it. good luck with the gaming .Take care and keep safe Soojay#19

  11. Oh Margaret – we would make a great team at decorating – as long as there was someone to come along and clean up the mess!! I am hopeless – I like doing it but I am too slap dash whereas G could paint in his suit and not a drop goes where it shouldn’t. Each to their own – we all have our strengths! Stay safe xx Jo

  12. I was wondering if you were still trying to sell… Fingers crossed we can get back to normal soon….. your posts always make me smile, (love the jigsaw and the robin is coming along! ) Well done on the door painting – but please take care! (not to mention putting us to shame!) Love to you xx Helen #4

  13. What a great blessing on Sunday morning…. I usually listen in to the Service on Radio4 most Sundays. I don’t think any of my neighbours would appreciate a Christian Hymn, I sent a Christmas Card to a new neighbour just after she moved in and she was swiftly round to return it explaining she didn’t celebrate Christmas!!
    I don’t blame you taking the house off the market, I think there will be a big demand for new homes after all this.
    Love the thought of playing a game online. I saw my daughter and grandsons last week thanks to whatsapp, thought I would cry but managed not to.
    Stay safe and blessed
    Christine #22

  14. You have been hard at work Margaret. Door painting is very hard work, not that I have done any, but can imagine!

    Your Robin is going to look beautiful, what with knitting and jigsaw puzzles you must keep busy. Stay safe x Angela #24

  15. The parchment robin is really going to be something special. I love the idea of your neighbourhood all singing together outside – we sadly didnt do that, although I sang inside with gusto for our online service. I can’t sing Thine be the glory without crying at the moment – it was Gran’s favourite hymn and we had it at her funeral – it was the one that she requested. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe! With love and God Bless, Caro x (#3)

  16. HI Margaret, Ooh that sounds like a smart thing to not having it listed at this time and I love the colors in the blanked on the bed too 🙂 ~Stacy #30

  17. Thanks for your visit, Margaret – the reason I got the #1 slot was that I had an awful night (only about 3-4 hours’ sleep) and went on the computer first thing and just waited for Julia to open up shop! Glad you liked my drawings. Have fun with the decorating!

    Shoshi x

  18. What a busy bunny, lovely jigsaw, I’m really struggling with a boat one at present! Glad you’ve finished the blanket and also found something else to occupy for fingers.
    Thanks for the visit BJ#20

  19. Your parchment looks wonderful! Great puzzle and a beautiful blanket! I hope your home sells quickly when you put it on the market.
    Thanks for popping by and God bless!
    Carol N #27

  20. How wonderful to organize the “sing along” We’ve been keeping ourselves busy with lots of puzzles and games. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not that bad. But we are fortunate that we are still working and receiving a pay check unlike many others. Have a great week. Dorlene #32

  21. I watched the Easter Sunday service by The Bishop of Europe on youtube. I am like you need knitting for evenings as I can’t just sit and watch tv or I fall asleep. I suppose it makes sense to withdraw your house at this present time. Have a good week and keep safe. Ani #15

  22. Love all your little “stations” Great way to keep busy! Your bird is coming along beautifully, I can’t wait to see it finished! I think many of us are cooking and baking a lot these days, so much for losing weight! Stay busy and stay safe! Lindart #28

  23. Good morning, Margaret
    Lovely projects. I am not a fan of painting (household) but at times those things must be done. Your finished projects are pretty. I keep saying once the studio is done, there will be a puzzle table in the corner. We shall see. 🙂 About my planner shelf.. I’ll have an answer for you and alink to my youtube video this week. Look forward to seeing your smiling face. Creative Blessings! Kelly #26

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