Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and staying safe. I managed to visit everyone last week, which was just SO good – but, oh Kathryn – I do wish I could comment on your post. Your work is so very beautiful. My desk this week looks distinctly lacking in energy! I haven’t managed to do any more to the robin from last week because…


…Do you remember playing with these ideas when you were young? A friend from church who works for an organisation supporting people with special needs asked if I could come up with some simple craft ideas for the clients as the organisation were putting together newsletters each week to help with the long hours in the house. So, I have come up with these, provided templates and worksheets. Quite takes me back to when I was teaching and providing worksheets for the pupils! Told my elder daughter… and yes, the charity she works with are doing the same thing – so all the details have winged their way across the border!


My addiction is showing… Yes, I have completed another jigsaw in the early evenings – the light is good until I need to turn on the electric lights – and when that happens…


… I’m busy doing this baby blanket for a couple who come to my church twice a year. They provided the yarn, I simply provided the time and the crochet hook. Two long rows crocheted together and the rest of the squares are there on the arm of the settee waiting to be put together. Then I will simply crochet round and round the outside until I have used up all their yarn. Then I shall need to find something else to do when I turn on the lights in the evening!

So, that’s me this week folks. I have only been out once all week – apart from gardening – because I didn’t need any shopping – so I shall be braving the rigours of the queues on Thursday in preparation for the Easter weekend.

Have a very special Easter. Remember that Jesus came into a world torn apart with strife, conflict, hunger, prejudice – not unlike today, really – and He lived and died, then rose again – for you and me.

Take care. Stay safe. God bless you.


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  1. Nope, I don’t remember those ideas – well sort of remember the largest one but I used to just let my pencil walk all over in wiggles and squiggles and then colour them in. Not a cue how you did the foldy one but it looks nice. We did a foldy thing that we used to play with and it gave you little teasers when you stopped on a certain number of squeezes. Sounds a bit gibberish but I know what I mean.
    Have a good week ahead, keep that lovely crochet going and take care, stay well.
    Blessings, Neet xx2

  2. That reminds me I have some squares to sew together. Not long to go now and you won’t be turning the light on. Keep busy and safe. Ani #12

  3. Happy WOYWDW
    Those squares are great and remember doing them when I was young, Love the blanket and am crocheting a blanket for charity and it has to be 50 inches square so doing it in 7 in squares. Stay safe and healthy,

  4. That’s the perfect craft project isn’t it? Someone else has bought the yarn and the resulting blanket has a definite purpose – win win in my eyes! The jigsaw made me smile, I haven’t done a ‘proper’ one yet but am slightly addicted to the online ones I play on my ipad. Well done with making the resources, how lovely to know they’ll be enjoyed by people of all ages!
    Hope you are ok , keep safe and well and enjoy the Easter weekend.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  5. Happy Easter Margaret. Hope you get all you need at the shops tomorrow. I am braving the pharmacy later to collect prescriptions for the other half. It will be the first time I’ve been out for over a week. Love the blanket, it is so pretty. I might have to get a jigsaw out myself. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #5

  6. Great collection of projects and it also shows a true crafter who can put who hand to just about anything. Well done for completing the puzzle I have one that the family refuse to even attempt……. a large picture of hundreds of white golf balls. I plan to just leave it on the table and I am sure they will be tempted. Stay safe.
    Sandra de @13

  7. I’ve been thinking about picking up crochet in the evenings and your post reminds me of it – I should go look what yarn I have left and find me a pattern of some sort… one can only watch tv for so long 😉 Have a good day, stay safe! Big hug from Holland. Marit #23

  8. Hi Margaret, fab colouring, I do recall doing something similar. Folding a sheet of paper into 12 squares, then drawing an abstract design in the first, then copying to the other 11, changing the colours in each one.Have a lovely week, Stay safe, Hugs, Shaz #10 X

  9. I am loving all the ideas that folks are coming up with to do during these times. DDC sent some paperwork through to be printed out – she doesn’t have a printer – and they were colouring by numbers pages but you had to do sums to work out which colour to use. Some clever people about.
    I love that blanket, looks ever so neat, it will be appreciated I’m sure.
    My Scripture for today was James 4:7-8 did make me laugh but you see(?!?!) God has it covered.
    have a good week
    Christine #25

  10. Your crochet is lovely and will be loved I am sure. I have been busy making rainbows! happy Easter. Keep well and keep safe. xxx Jo

  11. Hi Margaret, oh yes I remember these idea’s my children would come home with projects on rainy days from school and I would rework them for playcare & my Parents with pre-school children. Activities for the mind are always good. That’s another lovely jigsaw, I have a double box to give to my Mum for Easter, will be a nice surprise for her tomorrow when I drop off her weekly shopping. Keep creating it’s lovely to see you are keeping occupied throughout the day. Easter Blessing & happy WoywW Tracey #24

  12. Nice mindful activities – how about some simple zentangling techniques or a little book? I recently posted a video on my FB page (TheKraft Project) but can’t seem to link in here. 1 A4 sheet and decorate how you like (it’s like the one I sent to Neet she posted it on her page today). Our jigsaw is coming along (might have to investigate another one). Even my son is having a go! Stay home, stay safe, stay well, Happy WOYWW Cindy #26

  13. Good morning Margaret! I am glad to see you have been busy. I do remember those crafts from when I was a child. We used to have so many variations of play with them. This pandemic is having us all reach into lovely things from our past. That is wonderful you are able to help the charity. The puzzle looks fabulous. Our puzzle just arrived in the mail. So we will work on it this weekend. I love puzzles. I think they are fun if you take your time. The baby blanket looks lovely. Stay well.
    Belinda #29

  14. I remember those little folded things! What a hoot!
    Love the little blanket. I haven’t crocheted in years!!!
    Beautiful puzzle.
    Hope you have a most blessed Easter! Thanks for popping by!
    Carol N #28

  15. Thank you for a lovely post, Margaret, and the reminder of why Jesus came to our world. I love how your projects so often benefit others! Your crochet blanket is so pretty – lovely delicate colours. The lady is going to be so pleased with it. Thank you for your visit, and I was exactly the same on Monday night, praying and weeping for Boris! I was so upset by the horrible things some people were saying in the public forum of the Internet. How would they feel if it was one of their family members who was ill and someone said such things about them?

    Keep praying, keep safe and well, and keep creating! Happy WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #17

  16. I remember all of those ideas – such fun to do. Love the baby blanket and the way you are keeping yourself busy. There are so many people to pray for at the moment that I have to write it all in a little book. I have also been praying for Boris. The saddest one for me is a family from our church where the wife died of a heart attack less than two weeks ago. Her funeral was today and only four people plus the vicar were allowed to attend, and even worse her poor husband has COVID-19 and was unable to attend the funeral either. Heartbreaking for him. I hope you are staying well and safe. Happy WOYWW. With love and God bless, Caro xxx (#20)

  17. Hi Margaret, I remember the paper thing from my childhood. My siblings and I used to play with them all the time. Wow, you are the jigsaw queen, it takes me months, make that years to complete a jigsaw! The baby blanket is a lovely idea, you crochet beautifully. I love how you always have so many projects on the go. Easter blessings to you. Have a lovely week and stay safe, hugs Heather xx #27

  18. I don’t know what it is about jigsaw puzzles but they’re so satisfying, aren’t they? But only if there are lots of details, some of them can be frustrating too. Yours looks like it has just enough details to not be too challenging. Lovely baby blanket – it’s nice that you’re donating your time. Keep safe, Margaret, especially when you visit the shop – something I’m not looking forward to! Thanks for your visit earlier – Happy Easter xx zsuzsa #16

  19. I think jigsaws are addictive, once you start with them you just want another. I have one which is a copy of the Ophelia painting by Millais and I’ve not had it out for years, might just have to get it out again. The projects bring back so many memories as we used to do this sort of thing with the children at the end of term. I have another one that you might like where you start with a a line that curves continually across the centre of the page and then you continue above and below the line with the curves sections touching as you go. You end up with a different pattern every time and then you can fill in the spaces with doodles or as they call it now Zentangles. If you want I could make you a sample of this. It’s easy to do but can keep you occupied for ages. Wishing you a happy woyww and lots of crafty thoughts to keep you busy, Angela x15x

  20. Bore da, you have been busy, love the colour of the blanket.
    The jigsaw looks good too,
    Bless you
    Chris #8

  21. Ah yes, I remember them well. We used to write such silly things in the paper game 🙂 Lovely jigsaw, my husband is the one for jigsaws. Stay busy and stay safe x Angela #35

  22. I remember them, but not sure I could come up with the folds for the foldy thing! I’ve seen some wonderful ideas on Pinterest and FB.. putting toys in the sun and drawing around their shadows to make bigger ones to colour in, just simple stuff that is a little bit genius! Well done on the puzzle, I’ve done a few on my tablet but the one on the dining table has been covered with Barts papers. No bad thing, it forces me into doing something that actually needs doing!, I love the stitch you’re using to join those blocks, that’s really sweet and lacy. Pretty colours. I have no fear that you won’t be able to find something to do under electric lights. If I’m wrong, ring me…I’ll send all my UGOs over. Xxxxx

  23. Oh would you believe, the day I join in for over a year’s absence, the broadband breaks! Yep we were without for 24 hours but now it is fixed, horrah!

    Loving the craft ideas and wish I could get into my jigsaw again. Did over 20 last Summer but have been flagging since the Autumn so understand the lighting issues. Super crochet, great to use up the yarn provided.

    Thanks for the visit BJ#19

  24. Your house sounds so peaceful! Jigsaw puzzles, making worksheets, crocheting, lovely! Neat to know that your ideas are being spread around the world! In regards to tides on the Great Lakes, we do have tides, they are just not as pronounced as ocean tides, so they are almost unnoticeable! The highest one, in the spring, is only 10 cm! Have a lovely Easter, keep busy, stay safe! Lindart #29

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