Hello my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and coping with all that is happening in this beautiful world. Thank you so much for the lovely comments last eek. You really are a great bunch gifted in encouragement! As is my usual self I have been working in lots of different areas this week. I have even ventured into the garden, cut half of the lawns and already filled up my brand new, shiny garden waste bin. It’s no longer brand new or shiny! It’s full.

However, undaunted, I came indoors and worked at my desk on the landing here in North Wales with my lovely country, sea and mountain view. I made a few more Easter cards ready to send to friends and family…


This is a mix of having fun and making mistakes! The die I used was meant to cut out from the front of the card so I could put something behind it. Uh-oh! Failed – I accidentally put the edge on it so cut it off the card. Rethink necessary… so it’s now behind the front card, stuck into it instead. Then a play with some DI inks and chalk. Oh well, not too bad!


Some of you were kind enough to ask questions about the daffodil die I used for the Easter card I showed last week. It is a Paper Cuts die by Cathie Shuttleworth with Creative Expressions. She has a style which I really like, so admit to having a fair few of her designs. She is well worth a look!


My next work desk has been a large rather tatty piece of hardboard balanced on a footstool in the lounge! Yes, another jigsaw. I think I may be addicted…


So on to the desk on my lovely landing. Completely cleared of card making, and out came the pergamano. I love this, and freely admit to not doing enough of it. The big plastic RUB holds all the tools, I see a fancy pencil sharpener which turns the cutting edge rather than the pencil, the pencils I am working with, a daylight lamp, the project itself and a few bits of the usual detritus! I am working on a coloured piece designed as a workshop by Christine Coleman. It was printed in the Parchment craft magazine in December 2006 – no, I’m not a speedy worker. I treated myself to the correct Polychromos pencils and eventually set to. I did a couple of small pieces under supervision, as it were, by Christine herself when I went on a pergamano course two years ago. Never done it on my own before… so it’s all a bit hit and miss. I decided that the best way for me was to place the parchment actually over the top of the picture in the magazine – that way, whilst it wouldn’t be perfect, at least the perspective would be good!! Sorry and apologies to all you REAL artists out there!

This is where I have got to – I’m taking my time and enjoying each little step


S0, basically, that’s me this week folks. Did any folk in Britain go out last Thursday evening to applaud our beautiful NHS? I thought I would be the only one in our area, but determined to go out whether I looked a bit of a twit or not. Oh my word! There were a good number of my neighbours out, and we could hear the clapping and cheering all around the hillside on which we live. It was such a powerful and emotional moment. These folks are putting their lives on the line for us. What a sacrifice. “Greater love has no man than this: to lay down one’s life or one’s friends.”  So today I leave you with a picture of my favourite place on earth – Snowdon, and have included a verse from the Bible. In these troubled, difficult, strange times He says we are welcome to call on Him – He’s big enough to cope with our screams, our cries for help, our desperation, or our love.

Take care my dear friends. Stay safe. God bless you abundantly.

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  1. Beautiful parchment work Margaret, I am very impressed with your colouring. I do hope that things will settle down enough for you to visit Snowden again. We clapped for the NHS from our bedroom window and there were scores of people doing the same. Someone even let off fireworks. Same again this week, but for all key workers. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #?

  2. Wow to the jigsaw! That is some feat! And in a week!
    Lovely dies there Margaret, I might just have to look for one of those but would end up with more as one would not be enough given sight of your collection.
    So glad you are keeping your ever busy fingers going strong, the parchment is lovely and I know how time consuming it is, maybe I will get my tools out and have another session myself – I could easily do that from my chair when times are not good.
    Love the final picture – of Snowdon. Beautiful words from the scripture.
    Take care mhy lovely
    Neet 2 xx

    1. The clapping and cheering could be heard all around out town and just after it died down, someone up the hill played Auld Lang Syne through a speaker, so incredibly touching and thoughtful – and very emotional too. It was a wonderful thing to be part of.
      Well done on rescuing your ‘mistake’ though I’d never have known if you hadn’t said! The dies are pretty, I can see why you like her style and the robin is beautiful!
      Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  3. Bore da, Margaret,
    Lovely picture of Snowdon, getting withdrawal symptoms, thank you for sharing and those words from psalm 18. Very encouraging.
    Bless you, Chris #11

  4. Hi Margaret, I love those Creative Expressions Dies and have a couple myself. The card you made worked really well mistake or not. Loving the jigsaw too and the little robin is lovely. Take care and have a happy and creative woyww, Angela x18x

  5. Hi Margaret
    Those creative expression dies are lovely aren’t they. I have a couple and love them. and your colouring is beautiful. It doesn’t matter how you get to the end result if you enjoy it.
    Jigsaws are very relaxing aren’t they. We always have them on the go at Christmas.
    Have a lovely week and take care
    Love Lisax #19

  6. Your card is beautiful and your pergamano just stunning! I ordered a jigsaw for my daughters birthday – she may like it or throw it at me – we shall see ha ha. Yes we were clapping in a little town – couldn’t see anyone else but we heard lots .
    Take care and Keep safe . soojay#21

  7. Thanks for the visit! Oh yes jigsaws are going down a treat with hubby when he can’t get in the garden – I love them, but I need really good light and I have discovered I don’t like to share! As he wanders over immediately I start to try and do our one I find I get up and go and do something else! I also feel he needs something to keep him occupied whereas I have a million things I could be doing so I’m leaving it to him as he gets bored. I asked him to help clean the kitchen cupboards I couldn’t reach the other day and he’d done it all in a couple of hours. Would have killed me! So if i play my cards right I could get the whole house cleaned without lifting a finger……. We did go out and clap on Thursday, felt a bit daft as we are in a dead end close but the neighbours we talk to all the time all came out so it was nice to have a wave (though I’m not sure 8 o’clock in the dark is very sensible!!). My daughter sent some videos from friends who live in high rises in Central London – it was quite amazing to hear the noise across the city and fireworks etc. One good thing about this horror, they won’t be able to sell off our NHS, they’ll get lynched. Stay safe, stay well, Happy WOYWW Cindy #20

  8. Oh Margaret it’s so lovely to see you’re finding plenty to keep you busy with. I love robins so will be watching your progress with interest. I feel so blessed for my crafts and this wonderful group we belong to…we have so much to thank Julia for don’t we?
    Stay safe and keep busy my friend.
    Annie x #6

  9. Hi Margaret, I do love the Paper Edger dies, I have a few Christmas ones. Also love the jigsaw, I can remember shops like that, and indeed had a Saturday job in one where you bought coffee beans loose, and had them ground for you, things like cheese and bacon all cut for you, nothing at all prepacked! Love the Robin, you’ve done a beautiful job with that. Stay safe and have a good week,Hugs, Shaz #7 X

  10. Hello Margaret, love the robin, you seem to have been busy all over the house 🙂 My husband loves jigsaws, me not so much, I don’t have the patience. Beautiful picture of Snowdon. Angela # 22

  11. Certainly did go out and clap – like you I thought i might be on my own but not at all. you sound as busy as ever – love the jigsaw.
    just taking a break from work, trying to not get back too soon, need a proper break!

  12. The card is gorgeouis and if you hadn’t said anything I would never have know you had made an error, so you saved the day beautifully! The photo of Snowdon is stunning, what beautiful scenery. Yes we were out clapping the NHS, it was an amazing show of gratitude and appreciation. We look over Southampton water and the ships were all sounding their hooters and one of the liners had a massive NHS lit up along it’s side. It was incredibly moving and like you I was rather expecting to be the only one out in our road but everyone was there at their gates – a real community spirit.
    Hope you have a good week and enjoy the pergamano – stay safe and well,
    Hugs, Diana xx #13

  13. Love the Easter card and those dies would love them, [note to self I do not need ant more lol] I love Snowdon as well send a love day there with my late hubby,
    Stay safe and well

    Lilian B #9

  14. I have been thinking of starting a jigsaw (I have two lovely ones in the closet and haven’t puzzled for years) maybe I might take them out one of these days to start doing something as I find it difficult to get creative lately. Your cards look awesome and never mind you ‘copying’ – I copied a lot of ‘scrapbook layouts’ and you can only learn from that. Have fun working on it, that’s the most important! Thanks for your visit to my blog earlier, take care and stay safe!

  15. That picture of Snowdon is breathtaking. Quite lovely. Immense power, places like that. I love the jigsaw too, I really like these ‘shove everything relevant in the picture’ puzzles, makes them a gift to work on doesnt it. I have a very tricky Christmas one staring at me at the moment…It needs the extended dining table and I’m supposed to be doing the month end (BArt still working, in his shed, in the field, on his own). I may have to just do the edge sorting to sort of state my intention before the weekend! Your pergamono looks fantastic Missus, you are so patient, and of course you should lay it over the one in the book., you mean there’s another way?!! I’ve been shopping with my three lists to Tesco this morning. 2 of my ‘customers’ each wanted the 3 for a £1 dolly mixtures and as 3 is the personal limit and despite having 3 lists I couldn’t show that they were eldelrly or key workers, I could only have one lot of 3. Not a problem, but if there’s a run on Dolly Mixtures, I’ll eat my hat! Hope you dont encounter over much red tape in your multiple shoppings! Keep well dear ga, and love to you. Xxx

  16. What a serene and beautiful picture of Snowdonia and thoughtful caption – it gives us hope doesn’t it. I noticed on the news that the wild goats are having fun in Llandudno – we saw some up on the Orme last time we were there I think. You are having a really creative time with your cards _ I have one or two to do but mine will be fabric based – I just can’t cope with card and paper – I’m far too messy! Take care and keep safe .xxx Jo

  17. So nice to see you doing a bit of everything Maragret, my Mum would love that jigsaw, i’ve had to order her a couple more after she finished the 1000 one I brought her for Mother’s Day. How lovely your Robin looks so delicately coloured with those sharp pencils, it’s an activity I can easily lose myself in for sure.
    I’d almost forgot about Easter, I must make sure I remember, no excuse at all..
    Take good care of yourself & keep on creating it’s always wonderful to see @ WoyWW Tracey #25 xx

  18. My Mum is doing jigsaws as well at the moment. I love your cards and your Robin. Clapping for the NHS was wonderful – lots of people round here joined in and we even had some fireworks. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay well, With love & God Bless, Caro x (#17)

  19. Hi Margaret, lovely busy post from you. The robin is stunning, I’ve not tried parchment craft yet – I’ll add it to my list for when I retire. It was quite an emotional Thursday with everyone applauding … several people let off fireworks too, Your post has reminded me, I have a half finished, and a brand new jigsaw somewhere- I must find them, and finish one at least! Have a lovely week and stay safe, Heather xx #33

  20. What a beautiful, encouraging post, Margaret. Your final photo, with the Scripture verse, is just lovely… I love your Easter card, even if it was a “mistake” (doesn’t look like one to me!!) and your dies are really gorgeous. Thank you for your visit, and I had to laugh at your comment that my Celtic knots would drive you mad – there you are doing that absolutely fantastic Pergamano, and I could say the same! I’ve always admired it, as you know, but feel no desire to do it myself! The colouring on your sweet little birdie is perfect. Great stuff.

    God bless, keep safe and well, and keep smiling!
    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #26

  21. HI Margaret, I am totally impressed with the sharp tips you are getting on your pencils. ( mine never seem to get that fine) and that scene you are working on is beautiful too 🙂 ~Stacy #29

  22. Your coloring is beautiful! I absolutely LOVE your picture of Snowdon with the Scripture. Your card mishap turned out beautiful and the dies are gorgeous! Thanks for popping by and I hope you have a blessed week!
    Carol N #27

  23. gorgeous colouring of the little bird and I think your card turned out brilliantly. Lovely dies as well. This week has seen me do lots of gardening and fill up our bin to capacity no room for even one more weed. Now I’m looking at setting up a veggie patch. Amazing what we can find to occupy the time. Stay safe and keep crafting.
    Sandra de @16

  24. I just finished a mystery that took place in Snowdon! The author described it as very beautiful. I love your bird, you did great with it! we’ve had a jigsaw sitting on the table since Christmas, very difficult, so we don’t work on it often. Yours looks like fun! Thanks for your visit, stay safe, and have a great week, Lindart #34

  25. Hello Margaret! I am embarrassed to say I did not know what pergamano was so I had to google it! I love learning about new crafts. Yours is magnificent. I love it. So perfect for spring. Oh and I love the dragonfly die you shared. I have to put that on my wish list. They are gorgeous. I love buying dies. They are so magical. I ordered a few puzzles and one arrived today. I plan on working on it over the weekend with my husband and boys (well they may or may not want to join in).
    Stay well.
    Belinda #31

  26. Impressive jigsaw.. yes knew you were addict.. and know the piece of timber you do them on.. love those dies.. certainly drool worthy but think no look here. Our dollar too low for looking. That parchment colourung is simply amazing work of love Margaret.
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless you and all you love, and keep you well in strange, uncertain times. In God we trust.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

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