Good morning my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and not going stir-crazy having to adapt to a new normal! It’s a strange time we are going through; a time when we are realising how important family and friends are; a time when, because of modern technology, we are able to make contact in new ways and therefore not feel too isolated in our aloneness. I have spent the past week doing a load of different things – knowing how important it is for me to have half a dozen different projects on the go at the same time… So, my desk isn’t photographed this morning because it is empty. Project 1 has been to do some tidying up in the craft areas – so my dies, card and paper are now all sorted and labelled appropriately. It’s amazing how a card making fest leaves the whole place completely upside down. All is now sorted. Weyhey!

Project 2 has been…


… a blanket ready for when the next team go out to Uganda. The off shoot being a further stash bust!

Project 3…


… knitting some cannula covers for preemies and teenies. This was shown me when I was with Chris last week – so I took a copy of the pattern home and used a bit more yarn! They don’t take long, just a plain strip in DK, 26 stitches and 36 rows, then sew up the side. Pop it over the cannula in a poorly tiny babe’s arm and two good results – baby is warm, and distressing sights for mums are covered nicely. Now I simply have to take them with me when I next go shopping and put them in the post.

Project 4 has been…


… a few Easter cards for the hotel. No, they aren’t open as normal, just have a few lonely vulnerable people with them who need support at this time. They have gone into lockdown but thought some cards for the folks to send out would be a good idea. I have been asked by the church to keep them in my radar, especially as one of the proprietors has gluten and dairy issues so I pop to the shops, get what she needs, then deliver them to outside their home. It’s the least I can do to help in these difficult and pressured times.

Project 5 has been…


… a couple of jigsaws. The other photo I took was all blurred – so, in deference to LLJ’s professional eye when it comes to photography, I haven’t shown that one!!!

So that’s me this week folks. Predominantly staying in and around my home. Snowdonia was literally snowed under with tourists last weekend so, despite a longing for a good meander through its beauty, I stayed well away. Snow is forecast for the heights this weekend, and frost even here down at sea level. Do take care of yourselves, be sensible and stay safe.

God bless, dear friends – you are important to me.

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  1. Wow, lovely knitting and such a lot of it going on at your home. Was thinking the other day how lovely to be in isolation where you are, such a lovely area surrounding you to look out of your windows at.
    You are good and kind Margaret, shopping and knitting and card making – love the diecut image there.
    Take care and stay safe and well Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  2. wow, you’ve been keeping busy (no surprise there then!) I am up and ready for my day’s work (right here, where I am sat!) but ought to eat something first! Take care lovely lady and stay safe. Helen #5

  3. Morning, so you finished the blanket and the cannula covers, and that Easter card is lovely. Well done, you have been busy, but then you always are.
    Keep safe in your trips to the shops for M & D, you are a long way from family.

  4. Great projects and I imagine any card making will create quite a big array of bits and pieces. Even when I paint I land up with brushes/paints/ water and tissues everywhere. Enjoy your time as you continue to make some amazing projects and send some love to those little premie babies when you mail your package.
    Sandra de @6

  5. What a lovely lot of projects you have done this week i think its what we all have to do, Keep busy and not get bored,

    Stay safe and well,

    Lilian B #13

  6. Wow you certainly haven’t lost your mojo, crocheting, card making etc and even a jigsaw. Keep up the good work but you must also think of yourself in these uncertain times. God bless. Ani #14

  7. I love that blanket and your little wristlets will be so appreciated. I have looked at making them for dementia patients but they need to be quite exact – length, twiddles etc so I need to get my head round it. Hope you are managing to keep safe and not too isolated. I noted your comment about thinking out loud – lol – well we all do that don’t we!! xxx Jo

  8. What a lovely post Margaret! You have been keeping busy which seems to be exactly the right thing to do – I suspect that all us Deskers have immaculate and very well sorted craft rooms now, lol! The little cannula covers are so dinky and the prefect thing to just whip up but my favourite is the blanket, so cheerful and you may have just been using up stash but it looks so coordinated and beautiful. A lovely thing to send out to Uganda!
    Keep safe and well lovely gal, it was good to catch up.last week xx
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxx

  9. Hi Margaret, great job with the cannula covers. I know from experience how much the Neo Natal units depend on knitters to have clothes etc for tiny babies. Love the blanket, great stash busting job. Stay safe,Have a good week, Huge hugs, Shaz #1 X

  10. Hi Margaret, pleased to see you’re keeping busy., lots of lovely makes. I am kind of tidying up as I move stuff into the new cabin I am trying to get rid of a few things but I am amazed at the stuff I didn’t know I had! Sending you best wishes for a happy and creative woyww, Angela x3x

  11. It was so lovely to talk to you this morning….thanks for ringing. I’m sure we will all be searching out those ‘if only I had time’ projects before this is all over and our stash will be well and truly busted too….happy times.
    Stay safe and keep crafting.
    Annie x #15

  12. Wow you have been busy. I think of all these things I need to be doing and I wind up tending to my little yorkies who have me well trained. But I’m all about making sure they have good exercise and it keeps me moving as well. Stay well and thank you for your delivering supplies to your friend.
    Glenda #18

  13. You are a productive crafter – what a beautiful blanket, I think the colours work so well together. I love the Easter card you made , what a fabulous die that is, quite stunning and not one I’ve seen before. I saw Snowdonia on the news – we had a similar situation down here with the New Forest – unbelievable really.
    Stay safe and well and keep up the amazing projects!
    Hugs, Diana xx #22

  14. Hi Margaret. You’ve certainly been busy there. I admire anyone who can knit so beautifully. I always make quite a lot of Easter cards but a lot of them will not be used this year now. Still they’ll be ready for next year.
    Have a good week and stay safe

    Hugs Lisax #25

  15. Hi Margaret! You are quite a busy lady! I love the blanket and had to look up cannula covers. That is such a nice project and will be greatly appreciated. I haven’t made any easter cards yet but will need to get to it. I ordered a few puzzles this week. Should arrive within a week depending on delivery delays. It’s good to have projects to pass the time. I feel grateful for my hobbies. There is always something to do.
    Stay well, my friend. You are important to me too!
    Belinda #33

  16. Lovely projects as ever, Margaret. The prem baby cannula covers are a brilliant idea, and the blanket is just gorgeous – I’d be loath to part with that one! Well done indeedy. I love your simple white die-cut Easter card – very effective, and that jigsaw looks extremely difficult to do! It’s a lovely picture, though.

    Keep safe and well, and God bless you – you are everyone on here are important to me too! We can all boost each other up and share some joy.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #35 (a bit late in the day for me!)

  17. Wow! You have some great projects going! Beautiful blanket and great cannula covers. And the puzzle is pretty cool!
    Glad you are able to get out and help others!
    Thanks for popping by and have a healthy week.
    God bless!
    Carol N #28

  18. Hi Margaret –

    That’s a great assortment of projects – no danger of getting bored.! Tidying, sorting, crochet, knitting, card-making and jigsaw puzzling, all interwoven with a lot of kindness and thoughtfulness for others along the way. Just what is needed right now.

    Have a good week!
    Amelia #36

  19. Good to see you’re keeping yourself busy. I am thankful for my crafting hobbies since it is great for filling in time. I’m still working remotely from home, but not able to do everything without all my files & equipment. But it’s all good. Dorlene #32

  20. Thanks for your visit, Margaret. Yes, I’m having fun with the Celtic knots. I could have used any of my other drawings to experiment with, but for the moment these are fun to play with! If I want, I can cut up the painted ones and use them for card toppers, or print out the digital ones, but for the moment they are just nice to have as a record. Eventually I may bind the pages into some sort of an album along with some other artwork.

    God bless,
    Shoshi x

  21. Hi Margaret – you have been busy!! I think we are all doing a bit of sorting out – its a way of imposing order in a disorganised world! We too love a jigsaw – have a new one to start but its been too nice the last few days, we’ve been in the garden. Happy WOYWW (I’m late I know) keep well, keep safe, Cindy #23

  22. What a great selection of projects you have been engaged in this week. I love your Easter card especially. I hope the vulnerable people at the hotel are OK. As a community, in combination with our church we have ‘street heroes’ . These are people you can contact for help should you become ill or need something. We have leafletted all 100 houses on our street, and others have done other streets. We also each have someone special from church to look out for (especially the over 80s). It seems to be working so far. My hubby is doing OK – life isnt that different for him except that Alex and I are home all day meaning he struggles to sleep when Alex isnt being quiet – juggling their individual needs can be a challenge. Happy Belated WOYWW. Stay safe my friend. Take care, with love & God Bless, Caro xx (#15)

  23. I can’t explain why I’m late Miss Margaret, I think it has something to do with having a bit more time!! I’m loving that you know yourself well enough to know that you need more than one thing on the go, that will certainly help. My word you are actually prolific!! Love the blanket…if I ever tackle another, I might have to get a lesson on the edges..mine are ‘straight enough’ rather than ‘straight’! The overnight frosts have been pretty hard, but I’m OK with that, we have had a glorious week of sunshine – something to remind us, huh, that however much we screw it up, there is a constant. My mother in law is gamely going through all our puzzles to check for piece completeness before we set another swap round in motion – one of the things I miss actually, calling into a charity shop with a few bits for them and coming out with a few bits for me!! It makes me smile that you have a hankering to meander Snowdon and such environs when you have the sea on your doorstep too. How different we are in our sameness! I could not stay away from a windy and slightly savage sea any more than a flat calm beach holiday sea!!

  24. Thanks for your visit, Lots of fun photos. Reminds me we haven’t yet gotten out a puzzle this season……decluttering and there is a mess everywhere. As I can’t take and drop off any of it as donations yet. love your card. I have a few waiting to be written in and dropped off to the Manor where mother was. So many there never had visitors and that is now on restriction. So mail is nice. Monday’s forecast is SUN and 60’s so maybe we’ll have some green grass and flowers popping up. It’s been dreary here for too long of time. Keep Safe and Blessing to you and yours.

  25. Hi Margaret, oh boy are you busy 🙂 That has to be such a good thing, I admire your patience on that puzzle that would totally make me pull my hair out haha. ( because, I can walk away from them and hubs cannot so if he gets one out he doesn’t do anything else until its “done”) and that makes him cross eyed that I can walk away from it. people are funny. Love the Easter card too, ~Stacy #31

  26. Sorry to be so late getting back to you – I know we are all struggling right now and all my good intentions for prompt replies went clean out of the window. Your blanket is just gorgeous & how lucky the recipient will be! Take lots of care, love Debbie xXx

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