Hello my friends. Goodness – two consecutive weeks! Whatever is going on? It has actually been quite a week – Step inside last Thursday was not too busy, but a couple of incidents made us all feel a little wobbly – however, that’s now in the past. I then bagged up all the cards – only to discover I had fibbed!! I thought I had made 170 – but I discovered I am three short – only 167!! On Sunday I led the worship at church, then headed straight off across Britain to visit Mr and Mrs D -0 in order to discover all about their home when, and if, they go off on their boat. I came home yesterday late afternoon after the Government suggestion that folks do not make unecessary journeys in the current climate. Thought it best to be back in the homeland! So  a quick trip to a craft shop to “stock up” on depleted stash following my card-a-thon… and here I am back again. My desk shots therefore show only the boxes of cards all ready to go to their various recipients, and one showing what I hope to have a go at whilst being more at home than usual. Last night our church leaders sent out a message to say that we were closing the doors indefinitely. That is so hard, but I understand the necessity. Church family has been part of my life since before I was born. We used to joke I was practically born on the back pew – my mum actually starting in labour while celebrating Harvest Festival – so it will be strange not to celebrate on Sunday as usual with everyone else. So, my two photos will say it all this morning!


So that’s me this week folks. Take care of yourselves – stay safe; and may our Loving Heavenly Father grant you His peace at this most unknown time, as daily we face empty shelves in the shops, more rstrictions, and more media claims (both false and true) of what is happening around this beautiful world which God has made for us to so enjoy.

God bless you

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  1. Stay safe Margaret. I don’t think there will be much gallivanting from anyone at the moment. Sorry to hear that church is closing for the moment, but understand. Happy WOYWW. Sarah #2

  2. Glad you got back home a sensible decision to make. Lots of tourists have been trapped in Spain. What a lovely stash of cards perhaps at the end of this lockdown I will have as many to show. Our priest is doing virtual prayers and readings as we are are lockdown and church was closed last week. God bless. Ani #7

  3. So sorry to hear that Emmanuel is closed, understand why but you will miss it so much, as will many many folks. Wonder if you could set something up via the internet? Stay safe though.
    Oh dear Margaret, you were three cards short, not something to sorry about. 167 is still a great number.
    God Bless you and keep you safe
    Neet xx 1

  4. We are hoping that our church service will be able to do something online. Plenty of young ones in the congregation with IT skills to get it happening. Stay safe and keep crafting.
    Sandra de @4

  5. Happy WOYWW. Whilst I am at home, safely away from so much of the world, all is normal. However, it will be interesting to go out today for some groceries and see how the local shops are coping. I think they may be more busy than usual, as I suspect I am not the only one who will be avoiding the large supermarkets. I want to go early, so going to see when they open and get the car out of the garage. Enjoy your crafting, as usual. Ali x #9

  6. Morning Margaret, what a mammoth amount of cards just think of all the pleasure they will bring. Glad you stocked up on your stash so you can carry on regardless. So much of our everyday life now has to change I worry for those that may find it hard to adapt to it all.
    Stay string and know that your faith is with you always even behind closed doors.
    Happy WoywW Tracey #10

  7. Hi Margaret
    What a lot of cards. I thought I made a lot but you’ve beaten me hands down.
    It’s going to be hard not being allowed to go about our normal business isn’t it. I spoke to a neighbour yesterday….from a distance to offer help if she needs it….and she said much the same about not going to church. Maybe something can be arranged online, you never know.
    Take care
    Hugs Lisax #18

  8. I thought of you yesterday when the news came out about churches closing for services – I’m sure in these days of technology that someway will be found to circumvent the problem – you won’t be the only one who misses it so much. I’m glad you’re safely back home, i know you’re the sort of person who will just get on and find things to do! And 167 is a perfect number, so much more interesting than the rounded 170 🙂
    Hugs LLJ 8 xx

  9. Well done on the cards – 167 is quite enough I think! So sad to hear churches are having to cancel their services – a time when folk need to get together. Your final message gives us hope. xx Jo #15

  10. Hello Margaret,
    Happy WOYWDW stay well and safe, It is hard to know what true and what is a lie, Just have to hope things are going okay, WOW 167 cards well done.

    Lilian B #18

  11. Michael was almost born at church too! I was in labour but the contractions were about 10 minutes apart. I went into hospital in the afternoon. I’ve got plenty of craft supplies to keep me happy for ages. If I run out of card blanks I have cardstock and spare envelopes. xx

  12. Hi Margaret, glad to hear you are well. That’s an amazing number of cards, even if you were three short! That’s a very interesting die on your desk, look forward to seeing what you make from it. Stay safe, and have a good week, Hugs, Shaz #6 X

  13. Good forward thinking Margaret, getting stocked up on craft stuff. I have just heard on the news that thee BBC will be putting on a virtual Church service on Sundays – it comes amid a huge amount of filming being stopped until further notice.
    Stay safe and happy crafting,
    Hugs, Diana x #17

  14. Oh dear.. these are strange times and all we can do is sit, craft and wait… we’re not homebound completely in Holland (we are still alowed to go outside) but social isolation, yes. And the place I work closed its doors (as do the schools, pubs, restaurants, churcehes and most shops) and since I cannot do my work at home, I am unemployed now. It feels strange to have no job all of a sudden… I’m glad I have my online friends! Take care, stay healthy! Big virtual hug from the Netherlands! Marit #21

  15. It’s hard when something you are so used to suddenly stops, but we are so lucky to be living in a time of computers and communication. Perhaps your church will do online Sunday sermons? At least they can keep in touch. Your cards are certainly plentiful, whether 170 or 167 – impressive either way! I see you have some new toys to play with, so that’s good! Stay safe, have a great week, Lindart #26

  16. I have plenty of craft supplies and am actively holding down the fort in my craft room! I always isolate myself during cold and flu season so this isn’t much different for me!
    Stay healthy my friend!
    Glenda #19

  17. I’m glad you got to see Mrs D before things shut down more and that you have replenished your stash ready for more playing. It is hard that the churches have shut although I understand why. We must just keep praying for folk and looking out for the older and more vulnerable members of our congregation. Stay safe. Happy WOYWW. With love and God Bless, Caro x (#14)

  18. Dear Margaret, it’s so sad to to hear about this enforced physical separation from your church family (however necessary it might be to protect you all in the long term), but hopefully phone-calls and online companionship will help to keep loneliness at bay. Glad you managed to re-stock your card-making supplies before battening down the hatches!
    Take care and stay well.
    Amelia #32

  19. 167 cards, you are a crafting machine!!! I am truly inspired. I love seeing them all stacked up in the baskets. It feels nice, right?
    Hunkering down at home with my husband and boys. It feels like a bad science fiction movie. I still can’t believe this is happening. I watch only a little news because it is quite depressing. I have been in my craft room and reading my books to pass some time and of course time with my family.
    Stay well.
    Belinda #30

  20. That is an amazing batch of cards!! You go girl!!
    Our area is under the same restrictions. The “snow birds” (non residents who winter here) are going home early but our store shelves are still very limited or empty due to panic buying. And our church closed for 2 weeks then the pastor will re-evaluate. I have to clean it tomorrow then who knows when next.
    Thanks for stopping by and have a healthy week!
    Carol N #24

  21. Ah Margaret, the Church closure will be strange….but I know you and you won’t get used to having extra time because of it! Try not to absentmindedly cater for 50 odd once a week! Thank goodness we have internet and each other. Hugely impressed by the card marathon effort, good grief. I wonder if it will require as much brain power to work out that new die! Keep well , keep away!!

  22. Lovely sis to see you two weeks in row, have missed you and wondered how you are as pray for you each night. Obviously Mr and Mrs D must be ok if thinking/ hoping of going on boat.
    Sorry for late visit! ? it’s par for course these days. Our church is continuing, as groups of 100 allowed. They took out every second seat for social distancing, 80 in main church. Overflow in hall. And it will have live streaming. So all rules covered.
    Thanks for sharing, and praying much that God may bless you and all you love, and keep you well in these troubles times. In God we trust.
    Hugs, Shaz in Oz.x #16

    {Wonderful Words of Life – Shaz in Oz}
    {Calligraphy Cards – Shaz in Oz}

  23. HI Margaret, ( a lot of churches here are streaming services online now) It was just a stray thought to see if that was something maybe you all could work on doing too for your church family. that is still an amazing number of cards. ~Stacy #27

  24. Hi Margaret, that’s a very interesting looking die. No doubt by next week you will have several very interesting items to show us! You really are amazing with your marathon card making – my efforts pale into insignificance. It doesn’t stop me buying crafting supplies though – I joke to Mr M that I am stocking up ready for retirement, whilst I can afford to. It is sad that the Church is closing, but definitely better to be safe than sorry. Who knows when normality will be restored. Stay safe, and have a lovely week Heather xx #13

  25. Fibbing over three cards … honestly,, what is the world coming to! Think we can forgive you as 167 is an amazing number to have made!
    Sorry I am late getting back to you – total meltdown day yesterday when I had to look into H’s beautiful big blue eyes through the letterbox and tell him “not today” when he asked to come in. His mommy was dropping us some fruit and bread into the porch – how do you explain all this to a five year old! I cried non-stop for 8 hours after he kissed me through the front window. Happy WOYWW’ing & crafting. Love to you, Debbie xXx

  26. Well done, getting that trip in before the restrictions started to hit, Margaret. My goodness, what a lot of cards! I had to laugh at the idea of you nearly getting born in the middle of a church service lol! Thank you for your visit – sorry you had problems commenting. Sometimes my WordPress anti-spam thingy is a bit over zealous so it might have been that, but I got your comment OK. All is well so far here – my hubby has done an emergency run to the over 70s slot at Sainsbury’s to fill the gaps in my Tesco delivery, and he said every OAP in Torquay was there!!!

    Happy belated WOYWW and God bless,
    Shoshi x #22

  27. Hello Margaret, sorry I am so late this week – life’s got in the way. Sigh. Such a shame that your trips have to be curtailed but it seems you have already made plans to compensate for having to stay home. That’s an impressive amount of cards, even if it is three short of the 170 you thought you had. I can’t compete as I now concentrate on only making Christmas cards – scrapbooking is my current preference. Sorry to hear you church has closed but it is, as you rightly say, for the best. Take care and stay well. Hugs, Elizabeth x #31

  28. Hello, dear friend! Thank you for the stop by this week. Always lovely to see you. That is quite a stash of cards you had. Good that you could get a visit off to Mr & Mr. D before the shut down. I can only imagine how hard this is for so many people used to going/ doing. Definitely opens up more crafting time on our busy schedules. Hugs & Creative Blessings, ~Kel #25

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