Month: March 2020



Good morning my friends. I do trust this finds you well, and not going stir-crazy having to adapt to a new normal! It’s a strange time we are going through; a time when we are realising how important family and friends are; a time when, because of modern technology, we are able to make contact in new ways and therefore not feel too isolated in our aloneness. I have spent the past week doing a load of different things – knowing how important it is for me to have half a dozen different projects on the go at the same time… So, my desk isn’t photographed this morning because it is empty. Project 1 has been to do some tidying up in the craft areas – so my dies, card and paper are now all sorted and labelled appropriately. It’s amazing how a card making fest leaves the whole place completely upside down. All is now sorted. Weyhey!

Project 2 has been…


… a blanket ready for when the next team go out to Uganda. The off shoot being a further stash bust!

Project 3…


… knitting some cannula covers for preemies and teenies. This was shown me when I was with Chris last week – so I took a copy of the pattern home and used a bit more yarn! They don’t take long, just a plain strip in DK, 26 stitches and 36 rows, then sew up the side. Pop it over the cannula in a poorly tiny babe’s arm and two good results – baby is warm, and distressing sights for mums are covered nicely. Now I simply have to take them with me when I next go shopping and put them in the post.

Project 4 has been…


… a few Easter cards for the hotel. No, they aren’t open as normal, just have a few lonely vulnerable people with them who need support at this time. They have gone into lockdown but thought some cards for the folks to send out would be a good idea. I have been asked by the church to keep them in my radar, especially as one of the proprietors has gluten and dairy issues so I pop to the shops, get what she needs, then deliver them to outside their home. It’s the least I can do to help in these difficult and pressured times.

Project 5 has been…


… a couple of jigsaws. The other photo I took was all blurred – so, in deference to LLJ’s professional eye when it comes to photography, I haven’t shown that one!!!

So that’s me this week folks. Predominantly staying in and around my home. Snowdonia was literally snowed under with tourists last weekend so, despite a longing for a good meander through its beauty, I stayed well away. Snow is forecast for the heights this weekend, and frost even here down at sea level. Do take care of yourselves, be sensible and stay safe.

God bless, dear friends – you are important to me.

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Hello my friends. Goodness – two consecutive weeks! Whatever is going on? It has actually been quite a week – Step inside last Thursday was not too busy, but a couple of incidents made us all feel a little wobbly – however, that’s now in the past. I then bagged up all the cards – only to discover I had fibbed!! I thought I had made 170 – but I discovered I am three short – only 167!! On Sunday I led the worship at church, then headed straight off across Britain to visit Mr and Mrs D -0 in order to discover all about their home when, and if, they go off on their boat. I came home yesterday late afternoon after the Government suggestion that folks do not make unecessary journeys in the current climate. Thought it best to be back in the homeland! So  a quick trip to a craft shop to “stock up” on depleted stash following my card-a-thon… and here I am back again. My desk shots therefore show only the boxes of cards all ready to go to their various recipients, and one showing what I hope to have a go at whilst being more at home than usual. Last night our church leaders sent out a message to say that we were closing the doors indefinitely. That is so hard, but I understand the necessity. Church family has been part of my life since before I was born. We used to joke I was practically born on the back pew – my mum actually starting in labour while celebrating Harvest Festival – so it will be strange not to celebrate on Sunday as usual with everyone else. So, my two photos will say it all this morning!


So that’s me this week folks. Take care of yourselves – stay safe; and may our Loving Heavenly Father grant you His peace at this most unknown time, as daily we face empty shelves in the shops, more rstrictions, and more media claims (both false and true) of what is happening around this beautiful world which God has made for us to so enjoy.

God bless you

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Good grief! It’s that bad penny!! I have been MIA for so long. I realise I haven’t posted since the week before Christmas – and we are now a third of the way through March! Sorry, my friends. Life has been a bit silly – I spent January doing virtually no craft work at all, couldn’t get my head in gear. Most of February was spent down in Buckinghamshire caring for my daughter and her family following an op. She is now back driving, so I could come home! March (and the odd day in January and February) has been spent manically trying to make 170 cards for several outlets. I have just this morning counted them… SUCCESS! Done it! Phew. So, to my desk – the very reason we are here…


Hmmm… looks amazingly tidy. Can’t imagine why, ‘cos in reality, it’s not. Ah – just looked at the real thing – the worst bit is off the bottom of the picture. Obviously couldn’t face the chaos when I took this first thing Tuesday morning. So, glue – still upside down; an empty cutting mat; glass cutting mat with scrap paper for stamping, ruler, scissors, blade; a tin ofmetallic cpencils; new CD player – basic, but it works. My old one died the death; family photo – three years out of date now, but no less loved because of that. The youngest of the grandies is 14 today – which makes me feel incredibly elderly!; box of peel offs; large plastic basket with all the completed cards. A triumph I reckon.

So, that’s me, apart from having made a blanket whilst with my daughter, knitting a cardigan for a two year old, doing some jigsaws – family fun at Christmas, and I now have started another blanket. Still stash busting – and still failing on that score. The trouble is, I shopped in Aldi when with my daughter – and their yarn is just so lovely… yes, you’ve got the picture. But I have to say, the large red bag of yarn does look just a weensy bit emptier..


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